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How To Add Your WordPress Plugin Tutorial To

As more websites are built using WordPress, more education and training about WordPress will be required to help businesses, bloggers, online marketers, affiliate marketers, and general website owners everywhere. provides hundreds of detailed step-by-step tutorials designed to educate non-technical website owners about the benefits of using WordPress to build, manage, and grow an effective web presence with no coding skills required and at minimal cost.

If you have developed a FREE or PREMIUM plugin, tool, or resource that will benefit most general WordPress users, we can help you gain greater exposure online.

Go here to learn more about the options we provide for adding content about your WordPress plugin, theme, tool, service, or resource on

WordPress Plugin Developers

This section is aimed at helping WordPress plugin developers get their plugin featured as a dedicated tutorial or plugin overview on

How WordPress Users Will Find Your Tutorials

Here are just some of the ways WordPress users will learn about your plugin … provides hundreds of FREE online tutorials that rank in search engines and attract thousands of visitors and WordPress users worldwide.

We have also developed the WPTrainMe WordPress user tutorials plugin, which provides WordPress users with ‘one-click’ access to our tutorials from their dashboard …

WPTrainMe - WordPress user tutorials plugin

(WPTrainMe – WordPress user tutorials plugin) is our WordPress video course site. The site contains dozens of video courses and hundreds of video tutorials. Many video lessons include links to our detailed written tutorials.

Free WordPress e-Course

We provide a comprehensive e-course with 101+ WordPress tips, many of which relate to using WordPress plugins …

WordPress Plugin Tutorials

Our WordPress Plugin Tutorials module show users how to install, configure, and use many WordPress Free and Premium plugins. We publish plugin tutorials under various categories, such as:

Our plugin tutorials focus on the benefits of using plugins to get better results online and are linked to from other tutorials on our site.

Getting Your Tutorial Published On

We can create a detailed and well researched tutorial for your WordPress plugin, theme, or any WordPress-related service or resource (not web development or web design services – we have a WordPress services directory for these.)

Our dedicated step-by-step tutorials include:

  • High-quality screenshots.
  • Plugin description with step-by-step instructions showing users how to install, configure and use the plugin.
  • List of benefits and features.
  • Additional sections with useful tips and information about expansion or add-on options, pricing, plugin support, etc.
  • Additional content supplied by you (e.g. promo videos, downloadable templates or reports, etc.)

To learn more about the options we provide for publishing content about your plugin on, go here:

Advertise On – Tutorial Publishing Process

To get your plugin tutorial published on

  1. Go through our Tutorial Index to view our plugin categories and read some of our existing plugin tutorials to familiarize yourself with our content structure, format, and tone,
  2. Refer to the ‘Dedicated Tutorial’ section of our advertising information page.
  3. Contact us with the information below to discuss getting your tutorial written and published on
Information To Submit When Contacting

Please provide the following information when contacting us:

  • Include brief description of your plugin, website URL, support, pricing, etc.
  • Specify how your plugin is distributed, e.g. Free, Premium, Free with ‘PRO’ options, etc.
  • Let us know if you can offer special coupon pricing to visitors and access to the plugin so we can document and take screenshots of installation, configuration settings, etc.
  • Indicate if you offer an affiliate program and include details on how to apply to become an affiliate.
  • Include any additional information that you consider relevant to users.

Questions? Need To Contact Us?

If you have read through the above guidelines and have questions, please contact us and include links to specific tutorials or pages if referring to published content on this site.


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