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The More Block lets you set an excerpt or teaser for your content with a link that users can click on to read the rest of your post or article …

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks – More

WordPress Gutenberg - More Block

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More Block Description

The More Block lets you set an excerpt or teaser for your content with a link that users can click on to read the rest of your post or article.

Add 'Read More' tags to WordPress using the 'More' Block

(Add ‘Read More’ tags to WordPress using the ‘More’ Block)


Your excerpt will display on your main Blog Page and on your archive pages.

How To Use The More Block

To add a More Block:

  • Click where you want to insert a ‘read more’ tag and either:
    • Click on the ‘Add Block’ tool in the Editing Toolbar section and select a ‘More’ block (in Most Used or Layout Elements section), or
    • Add the ‘More’ block in the Content Area.
  • Your excerpt will be automatically created.
  • Use the More Block Editor or Block Settings section to edit your ‘Read More’ tag and set options for your post excerpt.

Let’s go through the above steps:

First, create a new post or page or open an existing post or page and either:

Click on the ‘Add Block’ tool and select a ‘More’ block …

'Add Block' Tool - Add More Block

(‘Add Block’ Tool – Add More Block)

Or, select a More Block in the Content Area

Add a More Block from the Content Area

(Add a More Block from the Content Area)

After adding a More Block, your content will be broken into two sections:

  1. A short excerpt or “teaser” (visible to users), followed by
  2. The rest of your post or article, where users need to click on the ‘read more’ link to view the rest of the content and continue reading.

There is nothing more to do unless you want to edit or customize your ‘read more’ link (see ‘How To Edit A More Block’ section below).

After adding a ‘Read More’ tag:

  • Edit and configure block settings,
  • Save, publish, or update your post or page.

How To Edit A More Block

To edit a More Block:

  • Click inside the More Block to select it.
  • Click on the “Read More” tag to edit the link text pointing to the full article.
  • Use the Block Settings to hide the teaser before the “More” tag.


Depending on what type of content you are creating, you can use the “read more” link to create a compelling ‘call to action’ …

Edit the "read more" link text.

(Edit the “read more” link text)

Note: You can edit and customize the “read more” link of every post where the More Block is used.

You can also hide the “teaser” section (excerpt) before the “read more” tag …

Hide the teaser before the "read more" tag

(Hide the teaser before the “read more” tag)

When users click on the “read more” link, they will only view the content added after the More Block …

Only the section after "read more" is visible to users

(Only the section after “read more” is visible to users)

Remember to update and publish your post or page to save your settings.

How To Remove A More Block

To delete or remove a more block:

  • Click inside the More Block to select it.
  • Select the ‘More Options’ tool in the Block Editor.
  • Click on ‘Remove Block’.
  • The block will be removed from your post or page.

Remove a More Block

(Remove a More Block)

Additionally …

  • You can reposition your block using the ‘Move Up’ and ‘Move Down’ arrows or the Drag and Drop handle tool (see our ‘How To Use Blocks‘ tutorial if you need help with this step).
  • You can also convert More Blocks into Reusable Blocks.

More Block Tools, Options & Settings

The More Block includes tools, options, and settings for:

  • More Block Editor
  • More Block Settings

More Block Editor

More Block Editor

(More Block Editor)

The More Block Editor includes tools that let you perform the following operations:

  • Change Block Type (See ‘More Block – Additional Info’ section below.)
  • Edit Link Text
    • Click on “read more” block to change the link text
  • More Options

More Block Settings

More Block Settings

(More Block Settings)

More Block settings include:

  • Block description area
  • Hide Teaser Before The “More” Tag
    • Turn On/Off

More Block Settings

(More Block Settings)

More Block – Additional Info

  • The More Block cannot be converted into other block types.
  • Installing plugins or themes on your site may add new functionality, options, or settings to More Blocks.


Congratulations! Now you know how to use the WordPress Gutenberg content editor More Block.

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