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WordPress Plugins Explained

One of the main benefits of building a website using the WordPress content management software is that you can easily expand your WordPress site’s functionality using plugins.

About WP Plugins

Like most of us, you most likely use a cell phone. What happens when you would like to access something new on your device like a new application, game or a new business tool?

You download and install an app!

An app is a little software application that is very simple and easy to install and adds new functionality to any mobile device.

(Just like there are social sharing apps for smart devices …)

A plugin is similar to an app. You simply install and activate a little software application that provides new functionality to your WordPress site …

(… you can also find social sharing plugins for WordPress users!)

Generally, if you need to add new features to an existing site, additional cost is involved. Depending on the complexity of the new feature or enhancements, this cost can be significant, especially if website developers need to create new code or edit templates or develop scripts to integrate into your current set up.

This is also applicable to starting a new web site. Organizations tend to spend money for bells and whistles they may not need.

For this reason, we recommend a cost-effective approach when developing a online presence presence and WordPress plugins are ideal for doing this.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could:

1) Start simply and with minimal cost involved. Get a web presence up and running fast, then …

2) As the need arises, you can install new software modules with a couple of clicks of the mouse that integrate with your site, to give your website a completely new range of features and functionality, and also …

3) Cost not a single dollar extra to download and install on your website?

Well, this is just what WP plugins allow you to do!

Benefits & Advantages Of Using Plugins

Earlier, we compared WordPress plugins with mobile apps. In the same way that many apps are free to download and some apps may cost a little bit of money, the same is true of plugins.

In fact, loads of plugins can be downloaded to your website for free.

WP plugins that cost money are called Premium plugins. The good news, is that when you compare these to the price of paying for web development services to get similar features and functionality on your site, most Premium plugins are generally quite inexpensive.

Also, as WordPress makes its code publicly available, any person can create, modify and customize any portion of the code. This has allowed thousands of third-party software developers to enhance and contribute to the core software application.

Plugins – Powerful, Flexible … And (Many Are) Completely FREE!

Like themes, tens of thousands of great WP plugins are currently available to WordPress users … and many of these great plugins are 100% FREE!

You can view and download thousands of plugins from the Free WP Plugin Repository

As previously mentioned, you will find plugins that can do almost anything you want done.

WP plugin categories cover:

You can add features to a business online presence with plugins like:

As it’s clear to see, WordPress plugins give you virtually endless business scalability. If you are currently planning to build a web site for your business, or your existing web site isn’t powered by WordPress, then consider getting one added to your domain, or you could be missing out on some serious functionality.

If you’re still wondering just how powerful and flexible WordPress plugins are, let me show you how you can benefit by adding an inexpensive plugin to your website.

For example, if you want content protection, you can install plugins to make a section of a page inaccessible, or transform your WordPress site into a complete membership site with customized login details for users …

As mentioned previously, free plugins can be used to improve your website in so many different ways. From adding functionality that improve your business, your web users’ experience and your understanding of what is happening on your site …

To increasing your site’s visibility across a number of social media and search engines …

You can also add complex functionality to your site using inexpensive premium WP plugins. For example, you can purchase plugins that integrate and automate functionality on your website like customer testimonial and event registrations management …

And also run a custom bookings and reservations system online … all for a tiny fraction of the cost of paying web developers to design the same functionality for you …

Additionally, you can take advantage of built-in WP commenting features and plugins that can allow you to engage in various ways with visitors, customers and registered site members …

For example, your web visitors can:

You can even integrate sophisticated third-party applications within a WP “front end”. This lets you control your business sales and marketing, while your third-party application handles the technological areas …

WP Plugins – Additional Tips

As you can see, plugins are an integral part of WordPress and contribute to making WordPress the most powerful, flexible and scalable content management system in the world. Plugins also provide WordPress users with easy, simple and inexpensive ways to add instant functionality to their web presence without having to spend thousands of dollars on web development costs.

One last thing regarding plugins:

Whatever feature you want for your web site, you can be sure that a plugin already exists that will do just what you want, and that it will either be available for FREE, or if it’s a premium plugin, that it will be fairly affordable.

(Whatever you need done, there’s a WordPress plugin for that!)

And, if by chance this plugin is not available, then a custom plugin that does just what you want it to do can probably be created for your business for a very reasonable price.

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of WordPress plugins – what plugins are and how they can help to improve your website. See our published posts to learn more about using WordPress plugins.


"If you're new to WordPress, this can stand on its own as a training course and will stay with you as you progress from beginner to advanced and even guru status." - Bruce (Columbus, Ohio)


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