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Install WPCompendium’s WordPress Tutorials extension for Google Chrome browsers and access our FREE WordPress tutorials with one-click!

WPCompendium WordPress Tutorials Chrome ExtensionDo you use Google Chrome to browse the web? Then install WPCompendium.org’s FREE Google Chrome browser extension and access WPCompendium.org’s FREE WordPress tutorials with just one-click!

Download our extension for Google Chrome browsers by clicking the link below, or see our step-by-step tutorial:

To create a Google Chrome extension for your own website, go here:

How To Install WPCompendium’s WordPress Tutorials Chrome Extension

If you use Google Chrome to browse the web, you can install WPCompendium.org’s Google Chrome extension and access all of the tutorials on this website with just one click.

To install the extension, open your Chrome web browser, go to the Settings menu and select More Tools > Extensions

Google Chrome Menu

(Google Chrome Menu)

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the ‘Get more extensions’ link …

Get more extensions

(Get more extensions)

This will take you to the Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web Store

(Chrome Web Store)

Type ‘WordPress tutorials’ or ‘WordPress’ into the Web Store search box and press Enter.

Locate the WordPress Tutorials WPCompendium extension and click on the ‘+ Add To Chrome’ button …

WordPress Tutorials WPCompendium Chrome Extension

(WordPress Tutorials WPCompendium Chrome Extension)

If you’re having trouble locating the extension, you can refine your search. In the filters section of the menu, select the following:

  • ‘Extensions’
  • Categories > Blogging
  • Features > Free

Chrome Web Store - Filters Menu

(Chrome Web Store – Filters Menu)

To learn more about the extension, click on the title …

Click on extension title for more details

(Click on extension title for more details)

Click on ‘+ Add To Chrome’ to install the extension …

Add extension to Chrome

(Add extension to Chrome)

The WordPress Tutorials extension will be added to your browser …

WordPress Tutorials extension added to Chrome

(WordPress Tutorials extension added to Chrome)

To check if the extension has been installed, go to the ‘Settings’ menu of your Google browser and select More Tools > Extensions

WordPress Tutorials extension installed on Google Chrome

(WordPress Tutorials extension installed on Google Chrome)

After the WPCompendium extension has been installed, you will see a blue ‘WP’ button icon on your browser icon menu. Click on the icon to load our website into your browser and get access to all of the WordPress tutorials with just one click …

Click the WP icon to access our WordPress tutorials

(Click the WP icon to access our WordPress tutorials)

Useful Tip

To rearrange the position of the icon on your browser menu, simply click and drag the icon to a new location …

Click and drag icon to rearrange its position

(Click and drag icon to rearrange its position)

Create Your Own Chrome Extension

Do you have a website or app that you would like to add to Google’s extension library or sell in the Google Chrome Web Store? Extensions are an excellent way for users to bookmark and engage with your site. The traffic potential of providing a useful extension to over a billion Chrome users worldwide is enormous.

We created the WPCompendium extension in minutes using a very simple and easy to use online tool called Chrome Extension Maker

Chrome Extension Maker

(Chrome Extension Maker)

Chrome Extension Maker is a cloud-based service that allows you to create and submit unlimited extensions to the Google Web Store.

Inside the Chrome Extension Maker Member’s Area, you will find video instructions and a simple tool that lets you turn your website into an extension for Google Chrome by entering a few lines of information and uploading icon graphics.

After your extension has been created, simply download it to your hard drive, then click on the submission button to upload and publish your extension to the Chrome Web Store …

Chrome Extension Maker Member's Area

(Chrome Extension Maker Member’s Area)

To get your extension approved, published, and listed in Google’s Chrome Web Store, you will need to use a verified website and pay Google a small processing fee ($5). This fee allows you to submit up to 20 extensions.

For more details about creating your own extensions for Chrome, go here:

WPCompendium WordPress Tutorials Chrome Extension

(WPCompendium WordPress Tutorials Chrome Extension)


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