How To Customize Your WordPress Dashboard

Learn ways to customize your WordPress dashboard without editing code.

Your WordPress Site Administration AreaIf you not familiar with the WordPress Dashboard, go here for a tutorial about using your site’s administration area:

Is your website or blog powered by WordPress? If so, and you are logging in and out of your admin area on a regular basis, you may want to customize your WordPress Dashboard.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you a number of quick and easy ways to customize your WordPress control panel without touching any web code.

How To Customize Your WordPress Dashboard

How To Declutter Your WordPress Dashboard Section

As you begin adding more functionality to your site, the information in your admin can start looking very busy …

Customizing The WordPress Dashboard

Fortunately, you can customize your WordPress dashboard by hiding, minimizing and reorganizing your admin panels.

Hiding WordPress Dashboard Panels

The Screen Options feature is found in the top-right corner of your WordPress admin screen, in the header section …

Customizing The WP Dashboard

In the main Dashboard, clicking on the Screen Options tab lets you specify options like which panels of your Dashboard work area you want to view or keep hidden …

How To Customize Your WordPress Dashboard

By ticking or unticking boxes, you can organize your admin dashboard, and display only useful information …

How To Customize Your WP Dashboard Area

How To Minimize Dashboard Panels

As well as hiding elements, you can minimize content screens inside your dashboard area by clicking on the inverted triangle icon in the corner of a panel’s title bar …

How To Customize Your WordPress Dashboard Screen

This helps you keep your working space uncluttered. You can expand/collapse as much information in your dashboard as you want …

How To Customize The WordPress Dashboard Area

How To Reorganize Admin Content Blocks

You can also reconfigure the layout of your WordPress dashboard using “drag and drop” …

Customizing The WP Dashboard


Some panels in your Dashboard can also be further configured when hovered over with your mouse. For example, here is a panel showing only the expand/collapse icon …

Customizing Your WordPress Dashboard

Hovering over the panel’s title bar, however, displays the ability to further configure this panel …

How To Customize The WordPress Dashboard

As well as reorganizing scheme will take effect immediately …

Customizing The WP Dashboard

To learn more about customizing your WordPress admin colors, see the tutorial below:

Hopefully, now you know how to customize your WordPress Dashboard without touching code or adding any plugins. All it takes is just a few clicks of the mouse.

Customizing Your WP Dashboard Section


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