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Need Help With WordPress Installation, Expert Configuration, Or Maintenance?

We Can Help You With Our “Done For You” WordPress Installation, Configuration, And Maintenance/Management Services!

Dear Business Owner/WordPress User,

As stated in our ‘About‘ page, our passion is to help you create a digital presence that you can fully control, grow, and manage so you can respond quickly and easily to changes in the market place and gain the widest visibility online for customers searching online for your products and services. provides hundreds of detailed WordPress tutorials that take you step-by-step through the process of building and expertly configuring a professional website and show you how to manage and grow your business online with no technical expertise or coding skills required … absolutely FREE!

If you would like to save time and fast track the process or don’t want to do it yourself, we also provide cost-effective done-for-you WordPress installation, configuration, and maintenance services. We can install, set up, and/or manage your WordPress site. Please go through our ‘done for you’ WordPress service packages below and choose the option that best suits your needs.

Important – Please Read Before Placing Order

We encourage you to go through our DIY step-by-step tutorials if you want to learn how to build, configure, and manage a professional WordPress website or blog at your own pace. By learning to do it yourself, you will save thousands of $$$ on web development and maintenance costs and have complete control of your web presence.

If you are too busy to do it yourself and would like us to install, configure, and/or maintain/manage your WordPress site, then please keep in mind the following:

  • WordPress only. We will install (or install and configure) WordPress on your domain and keep your WordPress site up-to-date and backed up (if you choose our management services). We do not work with other website building platforms or web editing applications. We are 100% WordPress!
  • You must supply all the information we need to complete your service. We will perform the technical work on your behalf, but we require you to provide us with the information we need to install and/or set up or maintain your site. This includes content and artwork (e.g. business info, product/services description, logos, banners, video URLs, contact details, etc), as well as setting up external accounts and sending us login/access details, etc. We provide you with detailed checklists and instructions for providing us the information we need.

Why Choose Our WordPress Services?

If you have gone through any of our tutorials, you will see that our primary focus is to help website owners and WordPress users get results online. By choosing our services, you will save time, save money, keep your credit card details secure, and get expert help and advice on setting up a professional website or blog for your business or personal use that will help you get results.

We provide personal service that will save you time going through our installation, configuration, or management tutorials. We do not inflate the cost of our services by taking advantage of what you don’t know. WordPress is 100% FREE and we charge only for the cost of our time (i.e. labor). Your total cost for our services equals the price for the services listed below, plus materials (e.g. premium plugins, themes and 3rd party-services), which you purchase at the price set by the vendors themselves. This way, you save money and keep your credit card details secure.

WordPress Installation Services


The services and prices listed below are for installing and setting up WordPress sites for general business use only. Monthly services (e.g. maintenance) or additional support is not included and must be purchased separately.

If you have special requirements (e.g. setting up an e-Commerce or membership site, sales funnel pages, etc.) or need custom WordPress web development work or additional services performed that are not listed in our packages, please complete the ‘Quote Request’ form at the bottom of this page.

WordPress Installation Only

We will perform all of the tasks described in our WordPress Installation tutorials on your behalf.

Our service saves you time installing WordPress and includes:

  • Detailed checklists and instructions (i.e. what you need to provide us with to help speed up the service).
  • Configure your domain name with your web hosting account (setting up your domain name server).
  • Set up email address(es) for your domain.
  • Install WordPress on your domain.
  • Set up secure login details for the website administrator.
  • Clean up your WordPress installation.
  • WordPress Installation report.

After installation, we recommend completing our DIY WordPress Configuration tutorials to configure your settings and get your site fully set up and ready to launch, or see the next service offer below.

WordPress Installation & Basic Setup

We will install WordPress on your domain and configure your basic WordPress internal settings.

Our service saves you time installing WordPress and configuring basic settings and includes:

  • Detailed checklists and instructions (i.e. what you need to provide us with to help speed up the service).
  • WordPress Installation service (see above for more details)
  • Configure WordPress internal settings
  • Install and set up a WordPress theme of your choice.
  • Set up business pages as placeholders only (you will add your own content to these pages later). This includes:
    • ‘Home’ page
    • ‘Blog’ page
    • ‘Main Products/Services’ page
    • ‘About Us’ page
    • ‘Contact’ page
  • Set up navigation menus (header, footer & sidebar)
  • Post service follow-up consultation.
  • WordPress Installation & Basic Configuration report.

WordPress Installation And Expert Configuration Service

We will install and deliver you a fully set up, SEO optimized website ready to add and publish content.

Our comprehensive service saves you time and money installing, configuring, and setting up WordPress and includes:

  • Needs Analysis Consultation
  • Detailed checklists and instructions (i.e. what you need to provide us with to help speed up the service).
  • WordPress Installation service (see above for more details)
  • Configure WordPress default internal settings
  • Install and configure WordPress plugins (SEO, Social Media, Analytics, Error Redirection, Backups, Security, etc.)
  • Install and set up a WordPress theme of your choice
  • Set up navigation menus (header, footer & sidebar)
  • Integrate forms (e.g. opt-in lists, newsletter, autoresponder, etc.)
  • Set up business pages and add the information you provide to us. This includes:
    • ‘Home’ page
    • ‘Blog’ page
    • ‘Main Products/Services’ pages
    • ‘About Us’ page
    • ‘Contact’ page
    • Visitor site map page
    • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) site map page
    • Advanced 404 Error page
    • Legal Pages (Disclaimer, Privacy Statement, Terms & Conditions)
    • Set up additional pages if required
  • Set up SEO system, webmaster accounts and getting your website indexed for HTML, XML and AMP.
  • Set up and fully configure ‘WordPress Traffic Automation’ system.
  • Set up and fully configure ‘WordPress Backup Automation’ system.
  • Set up and fully configure ‘WordPress Security’ system.
  • Set up site monitoring service (notifies you if your site goes down).
  • WordPress Installation & Configuration report.
  • Post service follow-up consultation.
  • Also includes 1 x FREE professionally written press release, distributed to 220+ authority news, TV, radio, and media sites from (valued at US$365)

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WordPress Maintenance Services

Keeping your WordPress software, plugins, and themes up-to-date and your WordPress site data and files backed up on a regular basis is important. If you’re too busy to maintain or manage your WordPress site, we’ll look after it for you.

WordPress Maintenance

We will keep your WordPress software, plugins, and themes up-to-date and your WordPress site data and files backed up on a monthly basis.

Our monthly WordPress maintenance service includes:

  • Backing up your WordPress data and files to our secure online storage (weekly backups).
  • Empty trash – deleted posts, deleted comments, etc.
  • Managing comment spam
  • Keeping your WordPress software updated to latest version.
  • Keeping your WordPress plugins updated to latest version.
  • Keeping your WordPress themes updated to latest version.
  • Maintenance report & recommendations.
  • Email support & general WordPress assistance.

Contact us if you need maintenance for multiple WordPress sites.

WordPress Management

Contact us for a quote if you need active website management services for tasks like:

  • Adding & updating content to your site
  • Review website and web content performance (SEO, analytics)
  • Perform and review security audits

Additional Support & Consulting Services

Additional support or consulting services is available at $40 per hour.

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