Grow Your Medical Or Healthcare Business Online With WordPress – 2

This is part 2 of our series on growing a medical or health-related business online and provides a comprehensive list of WordPress plugins suitable for medical or healthcare-related businesses.

16+ WordPress Plugins That Can Grow Your Medical Or Health WebsiteIn Part One of this guide on ways to improve your medical-related business presence online, we provided in-depth tips and suggestions on the following topics:

  • Online Challenges For Health Services Practitioners
  • Opportunities For Health Businesses In The Digital Economy
  • Your Website Pages
  • Tips On How To Improve The Content On Your Site

In this section, we discuss more ways to grow your health-related services online.

Topics covered in this (and the next section) include:

  • Improving Traffic
  • Tips For Generating More Leads & Enquiries
  • Improve Search Engine Optimization, Increase User Engagement And Generate More Traffic With WordPress Plugins & Themes


To learn more about WordPress plugins and themes, see the articles below:

Note: WordPress medical and health plugins are listed in this section. Health and medical themes are listed in Part 3.

Ways Of Improving Website Traffic Using WordPress

Your web traffic is vital to your online business growth. This section will help you improve your web traffic using WordPress.

Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

There are loads of ways WordPress can help to optimize your health or medical website for search engines:

  • SEO-Friendly – configure the permalinks to create search engine-optimized web addresses for your article pages.
  • Tags – WordPress lets you choose the keywords that you want your article pages (posts) to be indexed for in the search engines.
  • Categories – Create SEO-friendly categories for keeping your content organized and easy to find.
  • Post Excerpts – WordPress lets you compose the description for your posts that search engines will display in their search results.
  • Images – add search-optimized titles to your images for better search engine results.
  • Internal Content Linking – WordPress provides a built-in feature that lets you easily link your content to other posts on your site
  • Pinging – WordPress can be set up to automatically notify other search directories immediately upon publishing new content on your site.

WordPress Plugins For Improving SEO, Increasing User Engagement And Traffic Generation

In addition to the built-in features of WordPress, there are various plugins that improve SEO, increase user engagement and drive more traffic to your website.

For example, you can install the plugins below to improve your SEO:

Use a plugin like Yoast SEO (previously known as WordPress SEO by Yoast) to improve your site's SEO

(A plugin like Yoast SEO (previously called WordPress SEO by Yoast) can improve your site’s search engine optimization)

Other WordPress tools you can use to improve SEO, increase user engagement and drive more web traffic to your website are to add a forum, newsletters, commenting, and social features. Here are a few more powerful plugins that can help:

  • BuddyPress – Set up an online social network on WordPress, with member profiles, user groups, messaging, activity streams, and more.
  • bbPress – This plugin allows you to run a discussion forum on WordPress.
  • E-Newsletter – Use this plugin to send email newsletters, track results and manage subscribers from your WP dashboard.
  • Disqus – Disqus lets you power discussions and increases engagement on your website.
  • Social Media Feather – This WordPress plugin lets you add social buttons and features that allow visitors to share your content online to your site.

WordPress users can easily add social sharing features to their site with free or inexpensive plugins

(WordPress users can easily add social sharing to their site using free or inexpensive WordPress plugins)

Generate Leads & Enquiries

Let’s now take a look at how to improve your sales and generate leads and enquiries online.

Add An Email Newsletter

Providing a newsletter is a great way to build a list of subscribers. It] provides many benefits including:

  • Drives targeted traffic to your site
  • Keeps readers from forgetting about you
  • Provides useful information and advice
  • Provides a targeted marketing channel
  • It’s a way to provide special products or services to a select audience
  • Increases interaction
  • Provides you with additional opportunities for your content to be shared with other potential customers

A proven way to get your visitors to become subscribers is to provide high value content and offer users free gifts or bonus items in exchange for their details. This can be a guide, tips for improving fitness and well-being, access to fitness applications, free trials, access to videos, podcasts, etc.

Contact Forms

A contact form provides an easy and simple way for readers to get in touch. Users can report issues, ask questions to specific departments, request a quote, give suggestions and more.

Contact forms provide many benefits and advantages including:

  • Reducing spam
  • Set up automated responses
  • Gives you control over what gets sent to you
  • Allows you to keep your email address private
  • They can be added to any page or post
  • Looks professional
  • Convenient for visitors

A popular contact form plugin is Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

(Contact Form 7)

This free contact form plugin is easy to install and set up and lets you add and manage multiple contact forms to your website, customize your forms and the mail contents, add fields, and more.

International languages, Ajax-powered submissions, CAPTCHA, and spam filtering is also supported.

Another option you may want to consider if you want to set up a website for a health center or medical clinic is to segment your contact form so prospects can select which practitioner they want to contact. This helps get their comment to the correct recipient.


Adding maps to your website helps your visitors and customers find you.

A map is a very useful tool for several reasons:

  • Maps improve local SEO
  • Allows customers to better plan their visits or appointments
  • Displays location of events

Maps help your visitors and customers find you

(Adding a map to your website helps your visitors and clients find you)

Below are some plugins that let you embed, customize and display Google maps on your site:

Improving SEO, Improve User Engagement And Increase Traffic Generation With Plugins

WordPress Plugins

WordPress lets you add a number of plugins to your website that will immediately make available a range of functional tools for visitors. Here are just some of these:

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar

(Booking Calendar WP Plugin)

The Booking Calendar plugin lets you add online bookings to your site. This flexible plugin is well supported and has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It is suitable for a range of medical-related businesses, such as dental practitioners, specialists, health spas, booking yoga classes, etc.

Booking Calendar WP Plugin - Overview

(Booking Calendar – Overview)

This bookings plugin works right out of the box. Your website visitors can check availability of services you offer and make a booking quickly and easily. Site administrators and visitors receive email notifications. Booking Calendar is also widget-ready, and offers multi-language support. A premium version is also available with many extra features and functionalities.

To learn more about this WordPress plugin, go here: Booking Calendar Plugin For WordPress

Event Espresso – WordPress Event Registration And Ticket Manager Software

Manage Event Registrations Via The Web Using Event Espresso Plugin For WP

(Manage Event Bookings Automatically Using Event Espresso Plugin For WordPress)

If you plan to run health or medical seminars, then you need a plugin like Event Espresso.

The Event Espresso online event registration plugin allows you to easily schedule an event and start receiving online bookings in just a few minutes

Event Espresso

(Event Espresso – WordPress Event Registration & Ticket Management System)

Event Espresso is a versatile and feature-packed application that gives you full control over the event registration management process.

Go here if you want to learn more Event Espresso: Event Espresso – Event Manager & Registration System For WordPress

Calculator Pro Calculators

Calculator Pro Calculators Plugin For WordPress

(Calculator Pro Calculators)

Calculator Pro provides a free collection of 400+ calculators. You can embed these into your pages, posts, or sidebars using shortcodes. Internationalization is supported.

Note: Most of the calculators aren’t specifically designed for health or medical-related usage, but there are several you can include in your website, including:

  • Body Statistics – e.g. Blood Volume Calculator, Carbohydrate Calculator, Goal Weight Calculator, Metric Body Fat Calculator, Skinfold Body Fat Calculator, etc.
  • Calorie – e.g. Daily Calorie Calculator, RMR Calculator, Calories Burned Running Calculator, etc.
  • Fitness Tests – e.g. BAI (Body Adiposity Index) Calculator, Bruce Treadmill Test Calculator, etc.
  • Miscellaneous – e.g. One Rep Max Weight Lifting Calculator, Blood Donation Calculator, Pregnancy Calculator, Target Heart Rate Calculator, etc.
  • Nutrition – e.g. Carbohydrate Calculator, Water Intake Calculator, etc.
  • Weight – e.g. Ideal Weight Calculator (kg), Weight Loss Calculator, etc.

Visit the plugin site to learn more about this plugin: Calculators Pro WP Plugin

Calculated Fields Form

Calculated Fields Form - WordPress Plugin

(Calculated Fields Form Plugin For WordPress)

Calculated Fields Form is great for creating forms with dynamically calculated fields to display the calculated values, such as:

  • Health & Fitness Calculators
  • Ideal Weight Calculator
  • Pregnancy Calculator
  • Calorie Calculators
  • And more

The plugin is also available in a premium version with many extra features.

More information: Calculated Fields Form WP Plugin

Weight Loss Tracker

Weight Loss Tracker Plugin For WordPress

(Weight Loss Tracker WP Plugin)

Weight Loss Tracker is a simple plugin for WordPress that lets logged-in users record their weight periodically. The results are then shown in a graph and table.

Weight Loss Tracker Plugin - Graph

(Weight Loss Tracker Plugin For WordPress – User Graph)

The plugin allows users to insert target weights and provides support for various weight formats: Metric (Kg), Imperial – Stones & Pounds, Imperial – Pounds only.

Go here for more details: Weight Loss Tracker – WordPress Plugin

Simple BMI Calculator Widget

Simple Body Mass Index Calculator - WordPress Plugin

(Simple BMI Calculator)

Simple BMI Calculator is a simple plugin for WordPress that installs a widget on your website that can be configured and customized to match your theme.

As well as Simple Body Mass Index Calculator, there are a number of other WordPress plugins you can look at that perform similar functions:

  • BMI BMR Calculator  A BMI and BMR calculator that saves calculation data for logged-in users and gives an overview to the trainer.
  • BMI / IMC Calculator  A simple calculator that displays your site user’s Body Mass Index
  • Calotor Calorie Counter – Lets visitors calculate their basal metabolic rate, based on age, sex and weight.
  • And more

Go here for more info: Simple Body Mass Index Calculator Widget Plugin

Drug Interaction Data Plugin

Drug Interaction Data

(Drug Interaction Data WordPress Plugin)

Drug Interaction Data Plugin for WordPress can be used to display information about drugs, including what the drug is used for and what other medications the drug is known to interact with.

Drug Interaction Data Plugin For WordPress - Data Results

(Drug Interaction Data Plugin For WordPress – Database Results)

Information about drugs can be displayed as a widget or inside your posts and pages. The data is provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

More information: Drug Interaction Data WordPress Plugin

PubMed Posts

PubMed Posts

(PubMed Posts Plugin)

This plugin adds a dashboard widget that lets you crate posts from PubMed articles, plus a search widget that lets visitors search for posts with specific data. It also includes an editor that changes the layout of data in the post content.

PubMed comprises more than 25 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.

More information: PubMed Posts – WordPress Plugin

MJM Clinic

MJM Clinic - WordPress Plugin

(MJM Clinic)

MJM Clinic was designed for medical and health care related websites. You can add service pages with booking forms, provide information about health conditions and symptoms, add case studies, link  indication tags to services, etc.

Visit this website to learn more about using this WordPress plugin: MJM Clinic WP Plugin


Treato Plugin For WordPress

(Treato Plugin)

This plugin lets you embed the Treato healthcare search engine into your WordPress sidebar so you and your users can search a vast drug database and see what patients are saying about different drugs.

Treato collects and analyzes experiences sourced directly from patients from related forums and blog posts, then aggregates the content to generate useful insights about users’ medications, diseases and symptoms. Users receive valuable insight about over 14,700 medical conditions from over 2.2 billion collected posts.

Visit the plugin site to learn more about this plugin: Treato – WordPress Plugin




HealthTap Concierge allows consumers to consult with real doctors, clinical psychologists, etc. via text chat or HD video from any mobile device, personal computer, even smartwatch.

With the plugin installed, users can type in a health question and based upon their location and type of question, they will receive a list of doctors in their geographic area who specialize in that particular topic. They can then choose a doctor, chat using text or video, or send questions.

More info: HealthTap Plugin For WordPress



(Trend MD Plugin)

TrendMD lets you add the TrendMD recommendations widget to your site. The TrendMD recommendations widget is used by scholarly publishers to grow their readership and revenue by allowing people to discover, read or cite scholarly content from your journals or websites through personalized recommendations.

For more information, go here: Trend MD WP Plugin

WP Nutrition Facts

WP Nutrition Facts - WordPress Plugin

(WP Nutrition Facts)

WP Nutrition Facts is a simple plugin that lets you add a nutrition facts table into your pages and posts, allowing your site visitors to learn about the nutrient content of food in a standardized format.

WP Nutrition Facts - WordPress Plugin - Nutritional Facts Label Creation

(WP Nutrition Facts – Label Creation)

This plugin uses the Canadian Food Inspection (CFIA) nutrition labeling regulations.

For more information, go here: WP Nutrition Facts WP Plugin

WP Ultimate Recipe

WP Ultimate Recipe

(WP Ultimate Recipe Plugin)

If you run a health or fitness website that provides nutrition or healthy eating advice, a great way to add content that will engage your readers is to publish healthy recipes.

Plugins like WP Ultimate Recipe let you add delicious and healthy on your site.

Other recipe plugins for WordPress include:

  • Recipe Card – Create and publish beautiful recipes that your site users can print, save and review.
  • EasyRecipe – Lets you easily add recipes to your site with features like cut & paste, plain text recipe auto conversion, live custom formatting, Google Recipe View formatting, automatic ratings and conversion from other recipe plugins.
  • ZipList Recipes – Easily format recipe text and add images. Includes additional SEO and Google Recipe View formatting features.
  • And many more.

For more details, go here: WP Ultimate Recipe – WordPress Plugin

Awesome Fitness Testimonials

Awesome Fitness Testimonials

(Awesome Fitness Testimonials WordPress Plugin)

The Awesome Fitness Testimonials plugin allows you to showcase fitness and wellness testimonials, reviews and case studies, before and after photos, etc. on your health and fitness-related site.

Visit the plugin website to learn more about this plugin: Awesome Fitness Testimonials – WordPress Plugin

Exercise Images

Exercise Images by Everkinetic

(Exercise Images – WordPress Plugin)

This plugin lets you display exercise diagrams on your site.

Exercise Images Plugin For WordPress - Image Database

(Exercise Images Plugin – Image Catalog)

To learn more about this WordPress plugin, visit this website: Exercise Images – WordPress Plugin

In the next section of this detailed article, we take a look at medical and health themes.

How To Grow A Medical Clinic Services Business Online Successfully


This is the end of part 2 of this step-by-step article on ways to grow your medical or health-related business online.

Click here to continue reading: How To Build And Grow Your Medical-Related Business Online Successfully With WordPress – Part Three


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