101+ WordPress Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Non-Techies

101+ WordPress Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Non-Techies

WordPress 101+ Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Non-Techies101+ WordPress Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Non-Techies is a practical “no fluff” e-course that will help you become a WordPress power user fast with no coding skills required and save you time and money in the process.

Why WordPress Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Non-Techies?

Search online and you will find hundreds of websites with tutorials on how to customize and add new features to WordPress. Most of these sites are aimed at technical users like web developers and require coding skills.

Many WordPress users, however, are non-techies. They don’t want to become web developers or learn how to code, they just want a website that will help them grow their business and get better results online.

The tutorials on WPCompendium.org contain so much information that users often miss out on discovering some of the real ‘hidden’ gems of using WordPress. This e-course will help you become more aware of what you can achieve with WordPress at minimal cost and with no coding required.

The tips we’ve included in 101+ WordPress Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Non-Techies will help you:

  • Boost Traffic
  • Grow Leads
  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Conversions
  • Improve Engagement
  • Improve Security
  • And more … without touching code!

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