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How To Install WordPress

You can save hundreds (even thousands of dollars) learning to install WordPress yourself … WPCompendium.org shows you how!

This module provides detailed tutorials and checklists that show you exactly what to do before installing the WordPress software and takes you step-by-step through the WordPress installation process. The installation process described in our tutorials also assumes that you have no coding or web development skills.

The video below shows you how easy installing WordPress can be when you learn the steps involved in the WordPress installation process …

Here is a list of our WordPress Installation Tutorials …

Quick WordPress Installation Guide

Quick WordPress Installation Guide

Want to create your own website? Our Quick WordPress Installation Guide shows you how to create a professional website or blog with WordPress ...
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WordPress Digital Business Blueprint

The WordPress Digital Business Blueprint That Saves You Money

Learn how to save money on web development costs with our proven WordPress digital business blueprint! ...
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WordPress Installation Overview

WordPress Installation Overview

This section provides an overview of the WordPress installation process and the step-by-step tutorials we recommend you follow to install a WordPress website or blog on your own domain ...
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What {You Need To|To} Do {Before|First Before} {Installing|You Install} WordPress

What To Do Before Installing WordPress

This section explains the three stages of installing a WordPress website or blog on your own domain ...
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Domain Names: A Primer For Beginners

Domain Names: A Primer For Beginners

Learn more about domain names in this primer for beginners ...
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Register A Domain Name

How To Register A Domain Name

Learn how to register a domain name for your website or blog ...
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How To {Quickly Find|Find} {Keyword Rich {Domain Names|Domains}|{Domain Names|Domains} With Relevant Keywords} That Are Still Available

How To Find Keyword Rich Domain Names Quickly

Learn how to find keyword rich domains that are still available quickly using the easy method shown in this step-by-step tutorial ...
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{Using cPanel To Manage Your WordPress Hosting|cPanel Overview For WordPress Users|Overview Of cPanel For WordPress Users}

Using cPanel To Manage Your WordPress Hosting

This tutorial provides an overview of the benefits of using cPanel to manage your WordPress web hosting ...
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How To Set Up {Web Hosting|Webhosting} For Your WordPress Site

How To Set Up Web Hosting For Your WordPress Site

Learn how to set up a web hosting account for your WordPress website or blog ...
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{How To Set Up A Nameserver For Your Domain Name|How To {Set Up {A Nameserver|Nameservers|A Name Server} For Your Domain Name|Point Your Domain Name To Your Web Host|Configure Your Domain Name Server|Set Up Your Domain Nameserver Settings}}

How To Set Up Nameservers For Your Domain Name

Learn how to set up nameservers to connect your domain name with your webhosting account during your WordPress installation ...
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How To {Create|Add|Set Up} {An Email Account|Email Accounts} In cPanel

How To Create An Email Account For Your Domain Name

Learn how to create an email account for your domain name and how to forward emails from your domain name to another email address ...
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Subdomains, Addon Domains And {Parked Domains|Domain Aliases}

Subdomains, Addon Domains And Parked Domains

Learn the difference between using subdomains, addon domains and domain aliases ...
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Decide Where To Install WordPress

Where To Install WordPress

Learn the difference between the WordPress self-hosted and hosted options and where to install WordPress on your domain ...
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Decide Where To Install WordPress

How To Integrate WordPress With Google Services

Learn how to create a Google account and how to integrate your WordPress site with various Google services for more traffic and better results online ...
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{{{Preparing|Creating} {Initial Content|Content}|Content|Initial Content} For Your {New WordPress|WordPress} {Site|Site - Checklist}|WordPress Site Content - Checklist|{{Your|Your New} WordPress Site|New WordPress Site|WordPress Site} - {Initial Content|Content} Checklist}

WordPress Content Checklist

Use this WordPress content checklist to help you prepare the initial content you will need to get your new website launched ...
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How To Install {WordPress|WordPress On Your Domain} Using cPanel

How To Install WordPress Using cPanel

Learn how to install WordPress on your domain in minutes using cPanel with no coding required ...
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How To Install {WordPress Manually|WordPress Manually On Your Domain} {Using FTP|}

The Famous WordPress 5-Minute Installation For Non-Techies

Learn how to perform the famous WordPress 5-minute installation in this step-by-step tutorial for non-techies ...
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How To Transfer {Data|Files} Between Your {Computer|Hard Drive} And Your {Server|Hosting Server|Web Server}

How To Transfer Files Between Your Computer And Your Server

Learn how to transfer files between your hard drive and your server in this step-by-step tutorial ...
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How To Configure File Permission Settings On Your Server

How To Configure Server File Permission Settings

Learn how to configure permission settings for files and directories on your server ...
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{WordPress Installation|How To Install WordPress} Video Tutorials

WordPress Installation Video Tutorials

Learn how to access our library of WordPress installation video tutorials ...
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How To Create A WordPress MySQL Database

How To Create A WordPress MySQL Database

Learn how to create a MySQL database for WordPress using cPanel's MySQL Database Wizard ...
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How To Install WordPress Tutorials – Additional Information

Learn how to install WordPress on your own domain with no coding skills required.

Note: If you need help getting started, we recommend starting here.


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WordPress Installation Guide

(WordPress Installation Guide)

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