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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Do You Provide Support For WordPress?

We provide free WordPress training for beginners. As a result, we do not have the resources to provide support for WordPress users.

Can You Log Into My Site And Help Me Solve XYZ Problem?

The short answer is no!

If you experience any issues with WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, or third-party software, please visit the vendor’s website and contact their support for help. If you purchased something that we recommended on and it doesn’t work for you, please contact the developer for support. If they cannot offer you support, then ask for a refund and look for an alternative solution.

WordPress is constantly evolving . Thousands of developers are constantly improving the WordPress software and working on developing new plugins, themes, and other third-party services and solutions. Keeping up with all these changes is challenging, especially as there is only one person looking after this site (me!). Some tutorials, therefore, may contain outdated information and some of the solutions recommended here may become obsolete or be replaced by newer and better alternatives.

Where To Get Help With WordPress

Our goal is to provide WordPress beginners and non-technical users with information that will help them take control of their digital presence and better understand the process of growing an effective business online. We publish tutorials on how to use core WordPress features and third-party plugins, themes, and solutions that should integrate and play well with WordPress.

If you cannot find the answers you are looking for in our WordPress tutorials, you can find help and support using the resources listed below:

If videos are your preferred method of learning, visit for dozens of video courses and hundreds of video tutorials on WordPress and digital business topics.’s video courses include links to our written tutorials plus additional resources, downloadable templates, and more!

To view some of the video courses you can access, scroll through the gallery below or click here

( – WordPress & Digital Business Video Courses)


Visit our WordPress Services Directory and search through our directory of professional WordPress service providers. We have set up this directory to help WordPress users find services related to WordPress like web development, web designers, WordPress support, WordPress site management, blog installation and setup services, etc. - WordPress Services Directory( – WordPress Services Directory)

Note: As the directory is still very new, you may not see many listings when you visit. If you provide professional WordPress services and would like to list your business in our directory, please go here for more information.

Free WordPress Support

WordPress provides extensive documentation and a support forum. See the sites below if you need help:

  • WordPress Documentation – This is the official WordPress documentation site (called the WordPress Codex). Note: The WordPress documentation can be fairly technical and the content often includes instructions that require knowledge of coding (e.g. PHP).
  • WordPress Support Forum – This is a free support forum for WordPress users. You can get your questions answered for free here by members of the WordPress community, web developers, web designers, etc.

WordPress Support Forum(WordPress Support Forum)

WordPress Discussion Groups

You can join a WordPress discussion group on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

Join A WordPress Discussion Group

(Join A WordPress Discussion Group)

Search Online

You can search online for help and support with WordPress. There are hundreds of websites and blogs dedicated to WordPress that contain tutorials created by WordPress web developers. Just go to Google and type in what you’re looking for (e.g. “fix WordPress error“, etc.)


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