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Optimizing WordPress

As time progresses and more plugins and content get added to your WordPress site, you may find your site’s performance becoming a little “sluggish.” Optimizing your WordPress site and database can help improve your site’s performance, make pages load faster on web browsers, etc. This section provides tutorials on optimizing your WordPress site or blog.

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WordPress Traffic Automation Blueprint – Part 5 (Optimization)

This is part 5 of a 5-part series on how to create an automated traffic generation system for your WordPress site. This tutorial explains how to optimize your WordPress traffic system once your WordPress site has been expertly configured and setup ...
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{{Monitor|Monitoring|How To Monitor} The Health Of Your WordPress Site From Your WordPress Dashboard|{Monitor|Monitoring|How To Monitor} WordPress Site Health From Your WordPress Dashboard}

Monitor Website Health From Your WordPress Dashboard

In this tutorial, we explore free WordPress plugins that can help you monitor your website's health from your WordPress dashboard ...
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