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Do you provide WordPress services or products like:

  • WordPress Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Consulting, SEO
  • WordPress Support
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • WordPress Customizations
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Themes
  • or anything else related to WordPress?

We Can Help You Sell More WordPress Services And Products & Get More Clients Or Customers publishes high-quality, detailed articles and step-by-step tutorials designed to educate businesses and online users about the benefits of using WordPress.

We have already published hundreds of detailed WordPress tutorials on this site. Each article and tutorial on this site provides an opportunity to expose your products and services to a wider, growing online audience of prospective customers. is growing and attracting more visitors and new WordPress users every day. We can help your WordPress-related business get more exposure online, drive more leads and targeted prospects to your website, and get more clients for your services and products.

As we make all of our content freely available to gain the widest exposure possible, we rely on advertising, affiliate marketing, and donations to cover our costs.

We offer the following options to advertise and promote your business, products, or services on

  • Banner Advertising
  • Content Feature
  • Directory Listings

More detail on each of these options is available below:

Banner Advertising

This section contains information about our banner advertising options, including banner ad locations, pricing, additional info, etc.

Banner Advertising Locations

Banner ads display in the locations shown in the screenshots below: Banner Advertising Locations Banner Advertising Locations

( Banner Advertising Locations)

Banner Advertising Pricing

Ad TypeLocationPer Month (USD)
468x60Top & Bottom Of Posts$240
250x250Sitewide (sidebar)$180
125x125Sitewide (sidebar)$80
160x600Sitewide (sidebar)$150

Banner Advertising Info

  • Ads must be for WordPress-related products or services. We reserve the right to decline requests for products or services that do not comply with our advertising guidelines or that provide no benefit to WordPress users.
  • Banner images must be supplied by the advertiser in correct sizes and formats (.jpg or png).
  • We can match 468×60 banners to related content categories for better targeting.
  • Includes access to campaign details, statistics, etc.

How To Purchase Banner Advertising

  1. Decide which banner advertising sizes you would like to purchase (468×60, 250×250, 125×125, 160×600). We offer a 25% discount for additional purchases on each banner size (e.g. for split-testing ads).
  2. Advertising can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. We offer a 10% discount if ads are purchased annually. Choose monthly or annual billing.
  3. Do you provide an affiliate program for your product or service? We offer an additional 5% discount if you allow to promote your banners using an affiliate link.
  4. Once you have worked out the above options, contact us to discuss your advertising campaign using the form at the bottom of this page. Once details of your campaign have been discussed and agreed upon, we will send you instructions for payment.
  5. After payment has been made, we will send you additional information (e.g. login details for ad stats and reports) and begin running your banner ad campaigns.

*** Banner Advertising – Limited Time Offer ***

Purchase any banner advertising on and get a FREE Featured listing on our WordPress Services Directory (value = $70 p/year). Offer expires December 31, 2017.

Content Feature

In addition to banner advertising, we can feature your WordPress product or service in our content.

We offer the following Content Feature options:

  • Dedicated Tutorial
  • Overview
  • Featured Theme 
  • Reference Link

More detail on each of these options is available below:

Dedicated Tutorial provides comprehensive tutorials that educate users about the benefits of using WordPress products and services.

We can create a detailed tutorial featuring your product or service with step-by-step instructions, loads of screenshots, links to your site, and the following sections:

  • Introduction and context (i.e. what problems or challenges users experience in some area of their business so they can understand how your product or service will help them addresses these).
  • Overview and description of your plugin, theme, tool, service, or resource.
  • Benefits and features
  • How to install, configure, and use.
  • Useful and practical tips
  • Additional information (e.g. comparison of different editions, lists of add-ons)
  • Additional content supplied by you (promo videos, downloadable file).

The tutorial will be published on its own URL and linked to from other related tutorials on

To view examples of dedicated tutorials, click on the links below:

Dedicated Tutorial Information
  • We charge a one-time upfront fee of US$650 to create a detailed and well researched written tutorial about your WordPress plugin, theme, service, tool, or resource.
  • We offer a 10% discount if you provide an affiliate program and allow to link to your site using affiliate links in the content.
  • Our tutorials average anywhere between +2,000 to +5,000 words or more and require at least 5-7 days to create.
  • Any additional info you would like added, mentioned, or promoted in the content (e.g. promo videos, downloadable guides, etc.) must be supplied and hosted by you.
  • The content will remain published indefinitely on and become part of our WordPress training library. We retain exclusive rights to the content.

{Info|Important|Important Info|Useful {Information|Info}}

Plugin Developers: For additional information about getting a tutorial about your plugin to’s training library, go here:

Add Your WordPress Plugin Tutorial To

How To Order A Dedicated Tutorial

If you would like WPCompendium to create a detailed tutorial about your WordPress plugin, theme, service, tool, or resource, please follow the instructions below

  1. Contact us first to discuss your content and campaign using the form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Once your content and campaign have been discussed, agreed and approved, click the button below to place your order for a dedicated tutorial (make sure you get approval before making payment):

Order Dedicated Tutorial

(Order securely with PayPal)

*** Dedicated Tutorial – Special Limited Offer ***

Purchase our dedicated tutorial service and we’ll include the following at no additional cost:

  • A professionally written press release to promote the content, distributed to hundreds of authoritative online news and media outlets (value = US$395).
  • 6 months of banner ads: 468×60, 125×125, and 250×250 (value = US$3,000)
  • A FREE Premium listing on our WordPress Services Directory (value = $225 p/year).

Total additional value = US$3,600.

Note: This special offer is only available to a limited number of advertisers!

Overview (Included In Tutorials)

Many of our tutorials contain lists and overviews of plugins that perform specific functions or provide specific benefits for WordPress users.

Overviews typically include 1-3 screenshots, a brief description, and a website link.

We do not charge a fee for adding overviews to tutorials, but we would appreciate a donation (see donation form at the bottom of our sidebar menu) and will prioritize requests accompanied by a donation before considering free requests.

For examples of lists and overviews, see the tutorials below:

Featured WordPress Theme

Are you a WordPress theme developer? Would you like to have your theme listed in one of our “best themes for …” articles or tutorials?

  • We charge a one-time upfront fee of US$150 to add your WordPress theme to the content.
  • We offer a 10% discount if you provide an affiliate program and allow to link to your site using an affiliate link.

To view an example of our WordPress theme articles, go here:

Reference Link (Included In Tutorials)

Many of our tutorials provide visitors with links to useful WordPress plugins, tools, and services. Links normally display using bold anchor text and will either point externally to other sites or internally to other tutorials on our site.

We do not charge a fee for adding links to useful WordPress plugins, themes, tools, or services related to content in our tutorials, but we would appreciate a donation (see donation form at the bottom of our sidebar menu).

As per our external content guidelines, we prioritize requests accompanied with a donation before considering free requests and if possible, linking to your site using an affiliate link instead of a direct link.

Directory Listing - WordPress Services Directory

( – WordPress Services Directory)

Even though we provide hundreds of DIY WordPress tutorials for non-technical users, we understand that most businesses are short of time and need help or want ‘done-for-you’ services from WordPress experts and professionals.

Since we are a WordPress education site only, we are currently developing a WordPress Services Directory for businesses that provide services that will benefit WordPress users, like web development, web design, website management, web maintenance, technical support, online marketing, WordPress plugins, themes, etc.

Our WordPress Services Directory is search optimized and allows you to add a detailed description of your business, services, or products with images, links, videos, contact details with geolocation and more!

Many of our tutorials refer users to our directory for expert and professional WordPress services. If you provide a service, product, tool, plugin, theme, or resource related to WordPress, consider listing it on our directory.

Directory Listing Options

We offer the following directory listing options:

ListingDescriptionPrice (USD)
Basic12 months listing (1 category)$15
Standard12 months listing (4 categories)$30
Featured12 months listing (6 categories), 3 months Featured Category$70
Premium12 months listing (8 categories), 6 months Featured Category, 3 months Featured Home Page$225

Note: Listing in our WordPress services directory is currently by request or invitation only.

To list your business in our WordPress services directory, please use the form below and include a username for your account. We will create and send you login details allowing you to purchase your listing and add your details to our directory.

Benefits Of Advertising & Promoting Your Business On

  • We have hundreds of tutorials published and rank highly for many WordPress-related terms and keywords.
  • We’ll help you get your WordPress product or service in front of thousands of visitors and WordPress users each month with our banner advertising and featured content options.
  • We can create a detailed tutorial about your WordPress plugin, theme, service, tool, or resource. In addition to featuring your content on and incorporating it into our WordPress training library, we will also promote the content tutorial online. Additionally, WordPress users will be able to access it through our WordPress User Tutorials plugin.
  • We offer reasonably priced advertising and a complete and dedicated personal service.
  • We only work with a limited number of advertising partners. The more grows, the more traffic and exposure we will help you get!

As a WordPress education and training website, our aim is to build long-term relationships with advertising partners who can add value and provide complementary services to our users. We are committed to helping your WordPress product or service get more exposure online with

Advertise on and get your WordPress business, product, or service in front of potential new clients and WordPress users!

Contact us using the form below to discuss your advertising needs and work out the best solution to suit your budget.

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