The Small Business Digital Manager – How To Get Better Results Online

Small business owners need someone who will step into their business, get things done, and deliver results … like a Small Business Digital Manager!

Before taking your small business online, we recommend downloading  “The Small Business Digital Manager” and completing our Website Planning tutorials.

The Small Business Digital Manager: Build A Profitable & Rewarding Career Helping Small Businesses Get Better Results Online!

(The Small Business Digital Manager)

How To Take Control Of Your Small Business Digital Presence And Get Better Results Online

Many small businesses struggle to get results online and need help and advice with areas like digital management and digital marketing.

Small businesses, however, need more than help and advice. They need someone who will look after their digital processes and actually ‘do the work’ that leads to better results, as many businesses also lack the time, resources, technical expertise, and digital skills to do this themselves.

Businesses often turn to outsourcing for help. As “The Small Business Digital Manager” explains, many businesses have no systems in place to manage the outsourcing process and can end up as “hostages” of their service providers.

Small business owners, then, need someone who will step into their business, get things done, and deliver results. They need someone who will do strategic planning, implement effective systems, organize, document, and manage their digital processes, and do or supervise work that leads to consistent and improved results.

Small businesses need a Small Business Digital Manager.

A Small Business Digital Manager (SBDM) is an asset that provides the small business with ‘hands-on’ services like strategic planning, digital systems and documentation,  web management, content creation, and digital marketing to achieve better results like drive more web traffic, get higher search rankings,  increase lead generation and improve sales conversions.

This seems like a tall order. As explained in the book, however, creating consistently better results online is a matter of knowing how to set up and organize effective systems and processes, how to work efficiently, and what specific actions to take.

The Small Business Digital Manager” provides a systematic approach and practical methods that will allow anyone to help a small business improve its results.

The role of the Small Business Digital Manager (SBDM) represents an immense and untapped global opportunity for millions of people to build a profitable and rewarding career helping millions of small businesses experience improved business results using digital processes.

Technical expertise is not required to excel in this role. All someone needs is to be self-motivated, organized, and be willing to embrace new challenges. Anyone looking for full-time, part-time, or flexible employment can become a successful SBDM: school leavers, students, stay-at-home, work-from-home, semi-retired, unemployed, professionals, consultants, contractors, freelancers, etc.

If you have a small business or plan to start one and can’t afford to employ someone for the role yet, this book will show you how to become the small business digital manager your business needs to get better results online.

If you are currently employed by a small business to help with its marketing or website, looking for employment, or researching opportunities to transition to the digital sector, the information and methods in this book will not only improve your results and increase your efficiency but also boost the value of your work and contribution to any business.

About The Book

“The Small Business Digital Manager” is divided into two parts:

Part one looks at why most small businesses use the wrong approach to take their business online, why this leads to poor results and loss of control of digital processes, and why small businesses should consider hiring a Digital Manager.

Part two explains the role of the Small Business Digital Manager (SBDM) and provides a practical description of the services performed by an SBDM to help put small businesses in control of their digital processes and deliver them better results online.

Why You Should Get This Book

One of the core systems used by a Small Business Digital Manager to create results for a business is setting up an expertly configured WordPress site 

Expertly Configured WordPress Site

(Expertly Configured WordPress Site) provides the tutorials on how to install and expertly configure a WordPress site, and “The Small Business Digital Manager” explains how to do the strategic planning and build the other systems that will allow someone to manage all of the digital processes for a small business and create better results online.

Additionally, a Small Business Digital Manager online course is available, that provides additional resources and information (video tutorials, downloadable templates, checklists, and documentation) to anyone interested in learning more about the role.

To learn why small businesses need a Small Business Digital Manager, download “The Small Business Digital Manager ” from using the links below:

Note: Even if you don’t own a Kindle device, you can still read “The Small Business Digital Manager” on your Apple or Android smartphone, tablet, or computer by downloading the free Kindle app from the Apple App store, Windows store, and the Android app stores on Google Play and Amazon.

WordPress For Beginners Can Be Read Without A Kindle Device

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The Small Business Digital Manager

Learn how to take control of your digital presence and avoid becoming a “hostage” of your service providers.

Please note: We have completely rewritten and expanded “The Digital Business Game Plan” and republished it as “The Small Business Digital Manager”

The Small Business Digital Manager: How To Build A Profitable Career Helping Small Businesses Improve Results Online

(The Small Business Digital Manager)

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