WordPress 3.8 Update

In version 3.8, WordPress introduced a redesigned WP administration area. The new WordPress 3.8 redesign does not affect any of the functionality of WordPress as described in the WPTrainMe tutorials. It is only a cosmetic change.

WordPress released version 3.8 on December 12, 2013.

In version 3.8, WordPress introduced a complete new redesign of the WP administration area …

WP Admin Area

The new design is a cosmetic change and affects only how the WordPress administration pages look. It does not affect any of the functional aspects or features of WordPress described in the tutorials.

New WordPress Features

Essentially, administrators can customize the look of the WordPress Dashboard by selecting a global color scheme in the User Profile section …

Edit WordPress Profile

WordPress now lets you choose color schemes for your administration pages, so you can work in a colorful environment to suit your own personal taste …

50 Reasons To Choose WordPress

The redesign includes not only changes to the administration color scheme, it also changes the typeface, and adds icons to dashboard menus and elements …


The ‘Themes’ section also has a more streamlined grid design …

Themes Section

Additional improvements make it easier to work on WordPress across all devices …

50 Reasons For Choosing WordPress

For full details of the new WordPress version features and changes visit the official WordPress news release page below:

Note: Apart from the changes mentioned above, the new redesigned WordPress admin does not affect any of the functional aspects or features of WordPress described in the tutorials.

Video: Version 3.8 Changes

Note: All images shown above were sourced from WP v. 3.8 release material.

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