Copywriting Course Content Marketing Strategy Tutorial Writing Guide Launched launched a new 120-lesson course for anyone interested in writing website or blog content for effective marketing and traffic generation purposes.

Copywriting Course Content Marketing Strategy Tutorial Writing Guide, a WordPress and digital marketing resource website, launched a new 120-lesson course for anyone interested in writing website or blog content for effective marketing and traffic generation purposes. The course covers various aspects related to content strategy, writing tips, finding ideas and more.

Round Corner, Australia – September 12, 2017 /NewsNetwork/ —, a website offering a large variety of WordPress and internet marketing resources, launched a new copywriting and content marketing step-by-step course. Covering everything from beginner’s writing tips to sourcing ideas and traffic generation strategies, “Infinite Content Creation: A Practical Step-By-Step Course On How To Create Endless Content For Your Website Or Blog!” was recently launched on Amazon as an e-book and is also available as a free email course from the website.

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Internet content quality is one of the most important criteria for how much users trust a particular online domain. Studies have shown that websites with quality content generate considerably more traffic and have higher engagement rates compared to websites with automatically-generated or poorly written text.

The new e-book offered by was written by Martin Aranovitch, owner and founder of the website, in an effort to help blog and website owners create unlimited content for improved marketing effectiveness.

The course features 120 lessons covering important elements such as content strategy and planning, finding new ideas, writing tips and suggestions, guidelines for writing various types of articles and blog posts, as well as different content marketing strategies. Readers will also find resources on how to outsource their content writing jobs effectively, in order to benefit from professionally produced content.

Course author Martin Aranovitch emphasized the importance of the practical aspects of the course: “‘Infinite Content Creation‘ is not just a course of ideas, it’s a course of action. I have many years of experience creating articles, blog posts, tutorials, guides, reports, e-books, e-courses, videos, etc. and I understand the difficulties and challenges most website owners face when it comes to generating new ideas on a regular basis and turning these into published content.”

“Infinite Content Creation: A Practical Step-By-Step Course On How To Create Endless Content For Your Website Or Blog!” is currently available on Amazon as an e-book and as a 120-part free email course on the website.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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Address: PO Box 48, Round Corner, NSW, 2158, Australia

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Infinite Content Creation – Endless Content Ideas For Your Website, Blog, Or Newsletter!

Infinite Content Creation is a practical step-by-step course that shows you how to create endless content for your website, blog, or newsletter …

Infinite Content Creation

Infinite Content Creation - A Practical Step-By-Step Course On How To Create Endless Content For Your Website, Blog, Or Newsletter!

A Practical Step-By-Step Course On How To Create Endless Content For Your Website, Blog, Or Newsletter!

In the Digital Information Age, your business needs high-quality content online to drive more visitors, attract new customers, generate leads, and remain competitive.

Your business needs content for your website pages, blog, newsletters, product descriptions, post headlines, sales copy, social media, ads, articles, promotional pieces, news releases, customer training, FAQs, forum signatures, SEO (e.g. meta descriptions), etc.

“Infinite Content Creation” is a practical step-by-step course that shows you how to keep coming up with endless new content ideas and turn these into published content for your website, blog, or newsletter.

In this 120-lesson course, you will learn:

  • A content marketing strategy
  • A content plan
  • A content creation system
  • How to generate endless new content ideas
  • How to develop the habit of creating and publishing content regularly, and
  • How to turn your website into an automated web traffic machine.

This course will show you how to bring all of the above together, unlock your infinite content creation potential, and channel your ideas into published content that will keep your visitors and prospects interested and engaged.

“Infinite Content Creation” is a course of action and results, not just ideas. The author has spent years creating web articles, blog posts, newsletters, tutorials, guides, reports, e-books, courses, videos, and more, and understands the challenges and difficulties of generating new ideas on a regular basis and turning these into published content.

What The “Infinite Content Creation” Course Covers

In addition to being filled with practical methods for generating new content ideas, this course will show you how to get great results online whether you choose to write content yourself or outsource your content creation.

In short, this comprehensive course on content creation covers the following:

  • Why Creating Content Is Important
  • Content Writing Tips
  • Guidelines For Writing Effective Articles And Blog Posts
  • Content Writing Action Plan: The 5-Step Formula
  • Difference Between A Content Strategy, Content Marketing Strategy & A Content Plan (and why you need all three!)
  • What To Write About (and how to keep coming up with endless new content ideas for your website, blog, or newsletter!)
  • A Content Creation System That Delivers Results
  • Outsourcing Your Content Writing … The Right Way!

“Infinite Content Creation” will show you how to never run out of great content ideas and how to use quality content to drive more visitors and prospects to your website or blog, generate more leads and subscribers, and grow your business faster.

‘Infinite Content Creation’ Course Table Of Contents

'Infinite Content Creation' Course - Table Of Contents

(‘Infinite Content Creation’ Course – Table Of Contents)

Download ‘Infinite Content Creation’

You can access the entire “Infinite Content Creation” course instantly by purchasing and downloading the e-book from Amazon Kindle using the links below or get it delivered in email installments for FREE by registering here.


We recommend downloading the e-book from Amazon and registering for the FREE email course version. This way, you’ll get instant access to all the lessons immediately and receive a reminder of the lesson every few days in your inbox!

Download “Infinite Content Creation” from using the links below:

Note: Even if you don’t own a Kindle device, you can still access the “Infinite Content Creation” course on your Apple or Android smartphone, tablet, or computer by downloading the free Kindle app from the Apple App store, Windows store, and the Android app stores on Google Play and Amazon.

WordPress For Beginners Can Be Read Without A Kindle Device

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"I love the way your email series "Infinite Web Content Creation Training Series" is documented and presented. It is very absorbing and captivating. The links and tutorials are interesting and educational. This has motivated me to rewrite my content following the concepts I am learning from the email series." - Mani Raju,

Content Marketing With WordPress – Using Third-Party Content

In this tutorial series, we explore the challenges of creating 100% unique content and the do’s and don’ts of using third-party content in your content mix.

Content Marketing With WordPress - Using Third-Party ContentThis tutorial is part of a series of tutorials we provide on content marketing and web content creation! We recommend subscribing to our FREE content creation course to learn how to create great content for your website or blog.


Content Marketing With WordPress – Using Third-Party Content

In the content creation process, sometimes you will come across situations where you will want to use or include third-party content (i.e. content created by someone else) as part of your own content.

This includes:

  • Using Private Label Rights content to save time writing content yourself,
  • Quoting someone verbatim or referencing sections of text from another site (e.g. publishing research findings, definitions of terms, etc.)
  • Publishing products or service descriptions, summaries, etc.
  • Publishing news items, industry updates, etc.
  • Creating training content about third-party products or services,
  • etc.

In this tutorial series, we explore ways to repurpose content and the do’s and don’ts of using third-party content.

The Challenge Of Creating Original Content

Online content publishers and SEO experts often have very different views about publishing “unique” content  on websites. Whenever possible, you should definitely aim to publish high-quality unique content on your site and publish often if you want great results.

The problem, however, is that creating high-quality original content on a regular basis takes a lot of time and can be very expensive. Many businesses don’t have

Consider this example:

Let’s say that you own a small business (e.g. a local travel agency) and outsource your web management and web marketing to a local web agency. Let’s also say that this web agency has advised you to only publish 100% original search optimized content in order to rank well in Google.

Here’s the problem …

Your local web agency has the easy part – giving you advice! It only takes a few seconds to say the words “If you want to rank well in Google only ever publish 100% original content!” The problem is how do you actually implement this advice? Is your web developer going to create this original content for you? Most likely, not. They are not travel experts, they are a website agency, so they will probably just farm out the work to a freelance article writer and add a commission.

This creates a couple of additional problems.

First, depending on your budget, the articles written by a freelance writer will probably not be quite as in-depth as the article that you would write if you had the time to write it yourself. Creating a great piece of content with depth, substance, and detail can take many hours to write, if not a day or two or more. How much time do you have available to write your own content? If the doors of your business are open and there are clients to be serviced, then you are probably busy enough as it is.

But it gets worse …

Your web agency has probably also advised you to maintain an active social media presence. This means creating content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

If you have been instructed by experts to:

  1. Only use 100% original content,
  2. Publish content often, and
  3. Maintain an active social media presence,

This creates a logistical problem when it comes to creating 100% unique and original content. For example, if your content marketing strategy involves publishing content to your blog 2-3 times a week and posting content to your social media sites on a regular basis, how much unique and original content will you need to create every month?

A lot! That’s the problem with hiring experts to tell you what to do when they have no vested interest in your business. If their income does not depend on the success of your business, there’s no reason for them to lose sleep helping you figure out how to solve your business problems.

So, even though you should definitely aim to publish high-quality content that is unique and original and publish often if you want great results online, there are many reasons why this may not always be practical or doable.

How much unique content can you create with a busy schedule?

(How much unique content can you create with a busy schedule?)

If we go back to the local travel agency example, travel agents often receive regular newsletters, updates, and marketing information from airlines, hotels, and other tourism-related services. This information could easily be rewritten, recompiled, expanded upon, and repurposed into new articles and given a unique perspective or angle. Summaries and excerpts can then be created from these articles and posted to social media with a link pointing back from the excerpt to the main article published on your WordPress blog or website.

Although not 100% unique per se, these articles would be original and unique enough to serve a practical business purpose and could be put together in a fraction of the time it would normally take to create a 100% unique piece of content. You could then establish a realistic “mix ratio” of original, rewritten and repurposed content for your business that would allow you to publish new content to visitors on a regular basis and maintain an active social presence.

Ultimately, how much of the content published on your website or blog is 100% unique is something that you have to decide as a website owner or web content manager.  There’s no point asking someone whose business depends on selling you additional services what to do unless they are actually going to do the work themselves and be responsible for creating the results you want.

With this in mind, the purpose of this section is to help you become aware of different methods and tools that you can use to repurpose existing information into high-quality original content that is unique enough and good enough for most practical purposes.


Our expertise is helping people build a digital presence they can control and manage using WordPress. We are not SEO experts and, like most people, we are not privy to the secret inner workings of Google’s search algorithm. It is up to you to decide what type of content you will publish on your website and whether using content that is not 100% unique will help your business or not. We personally use all of the methods described in this section wherever we feel that it’s appropriate to do so.

Using Third-Party Content – Tutorials

This tutorial series is divided into the following sections:

Click on the individual tutorials above, or click on the link below to start learning more about different methods of creating content for your site using third-party content.

To learn more about rewriting existing content, go here:

Content Marketing With WordPress - Using 3rd-Party Content

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