Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

Use these WordPress Gutenberg content editor keyboard shortcuts to speed up your content editing or formatting tasks …

WordPress Gutenberg Content Editor – Keyboard Shortcuts

WordPress Gutenberg - The Ultimate Guide For Non-Technical WordPress UsersThis tutorial is part of our WordPress Gutenberg: The Ultimate Guide For Non-Technical WordPress Users series.


The WordPress Gutenberg content editor provides a number of keyboard shortcuts that will help you perform certain functions faster and speed up content editing or formatting tasks.

How To Access A List Of Keyboard Shortcuts

To access and view a list of keyboard shortcuts for the Gutenberg editor, click on the ‘More Tools & Options’ icon …

More Tools & Options

(More Tools & Options)

This brings up a menu with additional content editing tools and options …

More Tools & Options menu

(More Tools & Options menu)

Select Keyboard Shortcuts (or use this keyboard shortcut: Shift + Alt + H)

Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts

(Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts)

This will bring up a list of all the keyboard shortcuts you can use when working in the Gutenberg content editor …

WordPress Gutenberg Content Editor - Keyboard Shortcuts

(WordPress Gutenberg Content Editor – Keyboard Shortcuts)

Gutenberg Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

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The table below contains a list of all the Gutenberg content editor keyboard shortcuts:

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