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Online Business Video Tutorials

You can access the online business video tutorials listed below inside the WPTrainMe members’ area (or purchase the videos for your own personal use here):


One of the most important digital business and marketing tools you can have for long-term profitability is an email autoresponder service like Aweber.

This video series walks you step-by-step through the process of setting up an Aweber account so you can start growing your subscriber list with email marketing, newsletters, and autoresponders.

You will learn how to use Aweber to set up autoresponders, newsletters and opt-in subscriber forms that can be integrated with WordPress for lead generation, user engagement, and client training.


  • An Introduction To Aweber (5:39) – This video covers important tools & features as well as the pricing structure.
  • Signup (3:18) – This video walks you through the signup process. You will learn how to sign up for a brand new Aweber account following a demo business & website used in all the videos in this series.
  • List Setup (9:27) – This video provides an overview of the Home page, your list statistics, the importance of using ‘swipe files’, and how to add a custom header image to your list pages. A set of ‘Copy & Paste’ templates is included for your custom confirmation email.
  • Global Text Snippets (6:20) – This video covers a useful automation feature offered by Aweber. The example of Global Text Snippets used in this video explains how to include ‘in-message’ advertising and in a later video in this series, you will learn how to use the Global Snippets for other ways to make money.
  • Create Web Form (7:13) – This video explains what a squeeze page is and walks you through the 3 steps of creating a Web Form: Design, Settings, and Publishing. You will learn how to add the Web Form code to your website as shown in the demo example.
  • Customizing Your Web Form (5:47) – Once your Web Form is installed on your site(s), you may decide to make changes to some of your form elements, such as the headline, or the background color, or some other change. This video shows you how to customize your form and how the changes are instantly updated on all of the web pages you have installed your form in.
  • List Importing (4:50) – This video is useful if you are moving from another email service to Aweber. You will learn various ways to import your subscriber list and what you should do BEFORE importing data.
  • Create Templates (9:17) – This time-saving video shows you how to create a template that you can use over and over and explains the difference between a theme and a template. You will also learn what to include in every email that you send out to help minimize unsubscribes and spam complaints. Copy & Paste templates are included.
  • Create Follow Up Messages (5:28) – This video shows you how to create and schedule follow-up messages to be delivered in the time zones of your subscribers. This video also covers important elements of your follow up messages like adding clickable links, the importance of image alt text and why & how to schedule your follow-up messages on certain days of the week.
  • Create Broadcast Messages (5:47) – When done correctly, creating broadcast messages is perhaps the most powerful monetization feature in your Aweber account. This video walks you through all the stages of crafting your broadcast message and using your broadcast archive page.
  • Blog Broadcasts (5:59) – This video shows you how to set up the blog broadcasting auto feature that automatically notifies your subscribers every time you post new content to your blog or website. You will also learn why this feature is easier and more reliable than using an RSS feed for keeping your subscribers updated on your new content.
  • Backup Your Lists (3:54) – Your subscriber list is one of your most important business assets. Backing up your subscriber list is an important part of your online activities. This video shows you how to do a backup of your subscriber list and includes useful tips on organization and the contents of your backup files. You will also learn about active & inactive subscribers.
  • Removing Inactive Subscribers (3:46) – This video shows you how to remove inactive subscribers and why removing inactive subscribers helps to improve your analytics and increase your revenue.
  • Create List Segments (5:10) – Creating segments is a valuable tool for your Aweber account. This video shows you how to create different list segments to improve your bottom line results. You will also learn what type of ‘inactive’ subscriber should not be removed from your list and how to handle this type of subscriber.
  • Copy Messages (2:35) – This video shows you how to save time creating follow up or broadcast messages that deliver you great conversions or CTR (click through rates) with one of your messages, by making copies that can be used in the same list or even in different lists.
  • Sharing Messages (2:58) – Whilst the previous video shows you how to copy a single follow up or broadcast message, this video shows you a powerful time-saving and money-making feature within your Aweber account that many users are not aware of. You will learn how to copy and monetize all messages is a specific list. This includes the entire sequence of follow-up messages, plus your broadcast messages.
  • Split-Testing Web Forms (4:55) – This video shows you how to split-test your web forms, why you should split-test web forms, and what not to do when split-testing forms.
  • Split-Testing Broadcast Messages (5:26) – You should split-test broadcast messages for the same reasons you split-test your web forms. This video explains what is required before split-testing your broadcast messages and covers best practices you should adhere to when performing split-tests.
  • Statistics & Reports (5:56) – Message statistics and reports will help you improve your split-testing and get higher conversions and better results. You will also learn how to sort information that will help you better track the results of your follow ups & broadcast messages.
  • Subscriber Search (2:37) – This time-saving video shows you how to locate specific subscribers anywhere on your Aweber account, using various different searches.
  • Adding Video To Messages (4:44) – This video shows you how to add video to your email messages. You will learn what many people do wrong and the correct way to use this feature for improved results, and how to make the process of adding videos to email messages easier & faster.
  • Automation Rules (1:48) – This video covers a powerful Aweber feature when using sales funnels. You will learn how to use automation rules to automatically remove subscribers from your “free” lists when they become customers and add them to your “buyers” list.

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Are you planning to set up a membership site with WordPress?

This video tutorial series shows you how to set up and configure a WordPress membership site using a powerful, feature-rich, and FREE membership plugin called S2Member.

Note: S2Member also offers premium features via the S2Member PRO upgrade. You can use these video tutorials to launch your membership site with the free plugin version and consider upgrading to the premium edition of the plugin later.


  • Overview Of S2Member Video Tutorial Series (4:35) – This video provides a brief description of the content in the different videos in this series.
  • Website Preparation (6:32) – This video covers important aspects to consider when setting up a newly installed WordPress site, such as which WordPress Theme to use, adjusting permalinks, issues to avoid, etc.
  • Plugins: Installation & Configuration (8:54) – In this video, you will learn how to quickly install & configure the plugins that you will be using to set up your membership site. in the other videos, you will learn how to configure the S2Member plugin.
  • Required Pages (5:06) – This video covers required and additional pages like Legal pages, Contact page, Customized Login page & more.
  • S2Member: General Options (5:57) – This video covers the S2Member General Options page, adjusting settings on this page and other important considerations.
  • Custom Registration & Login Form (11:13) – This video covers customizing both the Login Form and the Registration Form.
  • PayPal Options (7:24) – This video shows you how to set up your PayPal options using the PayPal Sandbox, which is used to test your payment process without using your own money.
  • Restriction Options: Part 1 (6:52) – S2Member is all about restricting access to files & content on your site. In the next few videos, you will learn about different ways S2Member protects your files & content from unauthorized access. This video provides an overview of different possible restrictions and how to use these.
  • Restriction Options: Part 2 [Alternative View Restrictions] (4:07) – This video explains what an Alternative View Restriction is and when to use it.
  • Restriction Options: Part 3 [URI Restriction] (6:17) – This video shows you how to use the URI Restriction feature on your S2Member protected site. This allows you to restrict access to entire sections of your site. You can use this to make a forum on your site available only to certain paid (or even FREE) levels of your S2Member site – even make certain sections of your forum available to different S2Member levels.
  • Restriction Options: Part 4 (4:49) – This video explains how to use the Shortcode Conditional restriction option. The S2Member Shortcode Conditional restriction has many uses & you will see several of these applied throughout the video series.
  • File Download Options: Basic Setup (10:55) – Videos #08–11 show you how to restrict access to your site’s content (post, pages, categories, tags…). Videos 12-16 show you how to protect your sites files. In this video, you will learn how to go through the setup process required to protect files on your S2Member site.
  • File Download Options: Advanced (9:36) – This video shows you how to use the Advanced Download Restriction feature of S2Member. This feature produces time expiring URLs that are also locked to the IP address of the person that clicked on the URL. This prevents URLs from being passed around that expire in 24 hours.
  • File Download Options: Level Access (4:32) – In this video, you’re going to learn how to restrict access to a file based on a particular S2Member Level. By restricting the URL of the file itself, you can put the file’s URL anywhere on your site and when someone clicks on that URL, they will have to be logged into the ‘Level’ associated with the file’s restriction or they will not be able to access it.
  • File Download Options: Inline (3:17) – This explains what an Inline File is and how to make the proper adjustments based on your particular wants and needs. For example, if you have PDFs for your members, do you want that PDF to begin downloading or do you want it to open in their browser when they click on the PDF URLs? This video shows you how to configure this option.
  • File Download Options: Remote (4:37) – This video shows you a powerful feature called ‘Remote Header Authorization’ that allows you to send out restricted file URLs to anyone. When they click on the URL, a login box pops up asking them to enter their membership username & password.
  • Amazon S3 (8:05) – This video shows you how to add the speed and power of Amazon S3 to your S2Member site and explains why you might need it.
  • Amazon CloudFront (6:15) – CloudFront is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that allows sites to load faster in browsers. S2Member allows you to easily connect your S2Member powered site to Amazon’s CloudFront service. This video shows you how to configure the plugin to connect to the CloudFront service in a few mouse clicks.
  • Amazon: RTMP & Disable CloudFront (3:29) – This video explains what the RTMP protocol is and when you should/should not use it. You will also learn how to disable & re-activate Amazon CloudFront.
  • Amazon: Video Player (7:10) – This video shows you a FREE video player that works in all major web browsers, works with Amazon S3and CloudFront and maintains all the S2Member security features you will learn to configure.
  • Custom Capabilities: Packages (5:02) – In this video, you will learn how to take the capabilities of your WordPress membership site to the next level. S2Members Custom Capabilities allows you to restrict access to both content (posts, pages …) and files. By default, S2Member Framework has a maximum of 5 Levels – 1 Free Level & 4 Paid Levels. This video shows you how you to use Custom Capabilities with your content or ‘Packages’ and how to create an unlimited number of Levels using Custom Capabilities.
  • Custom Capabilities: Files (3:56) – This video covers Custom Capabilities for restricting access to Files instead of Content. You will learn how to use this feature on files stored in both the S2Member secure sub-directory and in Amazon S3 buckets.
  • PayPal Buttons (3:36) – This video explores the different PayPal button options. You will learn how to create a buy now button, a subscription button, an auto upgrade or modification button and even an auto downgrade or cancellation button. You will also learn how to create these for different Levels and Custom Capabilities.
  • Login Welcome Page: Setup & Customize (3:00) – Videos #24, 25 & 26 cover different ways to setup the required Login Welcome Page. Videos 04 & 05 covered the Login Welcome Page – the ‘landing’ page for your members when they log into your S2Member powered site. In this video, you will learn one of several different ways to set up this important page and suggestions on using other options.
  • Login Welcome Page: Shortcodes (7:00) – S2Member Shortcodes are a powerful tool. Shortcodes allow you to add product access URLs to the Login Welcome Page so that when someone logs in, they will only see the product URLs that they’ve purchased. The other URLs are invisible to customers. This video shows you how to use Shortcodes to further customize your S2Member Login Welcome Page. ‘Copy & paste’ templates of the codes used in the video are supplied.
  • Login Welcome Page: Redirect (7:37) – This video shows you how to customize the Login Welcome Page to display a different page depending on who is logging in. This feature allows you to provide members with a more customized & personal feel.
  • Automatic Level Upgrades (5:56) – This video walks you through the process of creating what is called a Modification Button and discusses the pros & cons of this feature. This allows members to automatically upgrade (or downgrade) themselves from one level to another.
  • Disable Incremental Level Access (4:31) – This video shows you what Incremental Level Access is, how to disable it, and the pros & cons of using this feature.
  • Custom Denied Level Access Notice: MOP Vars (5:32) – MOP Vars stands for Member Options Page Variables. This feature allows you to customize the process of denying access to people who try unsuccessfully to access protected content. In this video, you will learn how MOP Vars works and how to set things up so users will not only know why they were denied access, but they must do to gain access (e.g. become members).
  • Membership Setup 1: Drip Fed (5:25) – Videos #30-36 begin to put everything shown in the previous videos plus a few more tricks & techniques to create a specific Membership Scenario. You will learn how to set up a drip feed system within your S2Member site. A ‘drip fed’ system lets you automatically deliver new content to members on a timed basis. For example, if you sell content on a monthly membership basis, you can schedule your site to auto-deliver product #1 immediately after the first monthly payment is made, product #2 after members have been subscribed for 30 days, then product #3 after 60 days, product #4 at 90 days, and so on. If at any time a member stops making payments or cancels their membership, then everything stops. This is one of the powerful features that allows you to take membership scripts like S2Member and turn your site into a ‘hands-free’ business. A ‘copy and paste’ template is included to make things easier.
  • Membership Setup 2: Fixed Term PayPal Buttons (7:22) – This video explores another membership scenario. You will learn how to set up your site as a 12-month fixed-term membership so that members only make 12 payments and then they are no longer billed to gain access to the purchased product or level. This is not a default option in the S2Member PayPal button creation process, but this video will show you how to easily set this up and create a custom payment button.
  • Membership Setup 3: Welcome Page (5:33) – In this video, you will learn how to configure the Login Welcome Page with additional customization options.
  • Membership Setup 4: JVZoo Part 1 (5:18) – There are several ways to setup the payment page on your S2Member site. The next few videos show you how to put together a static sales page, connect it to a 3rd party affiliate service and then do a test purchase to make sure everything works flawlessly. This video shows you how to set up the static sales page. You still need to have your Member Options Page, but this method gives you more possibilities for generating free traffic and more sales by way of JVZoo affiliates.
  • Membership Setup 4: JVZoo Part 2 (7:29) – This video goes into detail on how to configure JVZoo settings to connect it with your S2Member site, how to create a JVZoo payment button, and how to place this button on your sales page.
  • Membership Setup 4: JVZoo Part 3 (5:20) – In this video, you will learn how to test your payment process. Once this process has been set up correctly, new members will receive an auto-generated password and an email containing their membership site’s login credentials.
  • Membership Setup 5: Members Option Page (3:40) – This video shows you another method of generating sales. This method involves not using a static sales page but setting things up so your traffic is sent to your Members Option Page where your PayPal buttons are located. This is just one of many ways you can generate sales from your Members Option Page. Hopefully, this video will help you come up with many more ideas for increasing revenue from your membership site.

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This video tutorial series shows you step-by-step how to set up an e-commerce store on your WordPress site using the Easy Digital Downloads e-commerce platform, as well as an overview of the WooCommerce WordPress e-commerce platform.


  • Overview of The Course (9:45)
  • Types of eCommerce [Digital vs Physical] (4:11)
  • Examples of Digital eCommerce Stores  (11:34)
  • Platforms to Integrate Into  (9:22)
  • EDD Membership Sites  (8:23)
  • EDD Marketplaces  (13:41)
  • Get Ideas: eCommerce Competitor Intelligence  (7:39)
  • Map Out Your Draft Sales Funnel  (12:32)
  • Finding Compatible – EDD Themes  (4:55)
  • EDD Extensions: Payment Processors  (7:25)
  • EDD Must-Have Extensions  (8:46)
  • EDD Extensions: Increase Your Profit  (14:55)
  • Finalize Your Sales Funnel Map  (7:51)


  • Install Easy Digital Downloads  (7:04)
  • Quick Overview of EDD  (14:15)
  • Creating Downloads  (5:45)
  • Create Thank You Pages  (4:58)
  • Integrate EDD Into Your Theme  (6:07)


  • Introduction to WooCommerce (14:52)
  • Adding a Product (21:37)
  • Adding a Variable Product (26:00)
  • Woocommerce Settings (29:13)
  • Installing WooCommerce (9:15)

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This video course shows you how to add a WordPress site to Facebook. This step-by-step video training course covers how to obtain and set up a free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for your WordPress site, how to change your site protocol from “http” to “https” (secure site) and how to set up a Facebook app and import your entire WordPress site into Facebook.

After going through the contents of this video course, you will be able to add an entire WordPress site to a Facebook Page and control the content displayed on both sites from your WordPress dashboard.


  • Introduction (3:51) – This video introduces you to the WordPress to Facebook Page series of training videos and how to have your entire WordPress site installed inside your Facebook Page for free.
  • WordPress Theme Preparation (3:03) – This video explains how to prepare your WordPress site to display properly inside your Facebook Page.
  • Facebook Page Basics (4:23) This video covers the basics of setting up your Facebook page.
  • Free SSL Part 1 (3:52) – This video explains the different types of SSL certificates and which Free SSL certificate type you should use.
  • Free SSL Part 2 (4:23) – This video covers the benefits of using the recommended FREE SSL service as well as how to fix any issues that might arise during the setup process.
  • Free SSL Part 3 (5:17)  Once you have your SSL activated and working on your WordPress site, there are a few items that need attention. This video shows you how to get everything working correctly.
  • Free SSL Part 4 (3:36) In this video, you will learn how to force browsers to display an “https” URL instead of the old “http” protocol. It also covers how to fix your WordPress site in case something goes wrong when you try to force the secure version of your URL.
  • How To Set Up A Facebook App: Part 1 (1:50) This video is part one of the three-part segment on creating the Facebook Application required to install WordPress into your Facebook Page. In this video, you will learn how to create a Facebook Developers account.
  • How To Set Up A Facebook App: Part 2 (2:06) – This video shows you how to name your application and where to paste the special code required into your WordPress site to integrate the entire process.
  • How To Set Up A Facebook App: Part 3 (2:49) This video explains how to finish configuring your settings.
  • How To Set Up A Facebook App: Part 4 (3:50) The last video in this training series shows you how to tie everything together and how to make sure that everything works as it should.

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This video series shows you how to set up PayPal on your website to receive payments online with additional tips on using PayPal payment tools.


  • Mandatory Checkbox [Custom Code Supplied] (6:12)
  • Can’t Open File (4:11)
  • Create & Use iFrames [Custom Code Supplied] (6:07)
  • Create & Use PHP Includes [Custom Code Supplied] (4:00)
  • What Is PayPal (1:30)
  • PayPal-Different Account Types (4:08)
  • PayPal-Fees (4:50)
  • PayPal-Create An Account (4:32)
  • PayPal-Create Buy Button (7:00)
  • PayPal-Create Custom Payment Page (6:30)
  • PayPal-Upgrade To Business Account For Free (3:41)
  • PayPal-Mass Payments (6:34)
  • Using PayPal Sandbox (3-part video series)

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This video tutorial series focuses on how to use the Google keyword planning and research tool, understanding the differences between the old Google keyword tool and the new keyword planner, understanding the 4 main types of keyword searches the tool makes available, keyword search examples using the keyword planner tool, and niche market research for building a search-optimized WordPress site.


  • Google Keyword Planner #1 – Part 1 of this video tutorial series focuses on understanding the differences between the old Google keyword tool and the new keyword planner.
  • Google Keyword Planner #2 – Part 2 of this video tutorial series focuses on understanding the 4 main types of keyword searches the tool makes available.
  • Google Keyword Planner #3 – Part 3 of this video tutorial series focuses on keyword search examples using the keyword planner tool.
  • Google Keyword Planner #4 – Part 4 of this video tutorial series focuses on niche market research for building a search-optimized WordPress site.

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This video course will help you learn the basics of using Google Tools like Google Analytics & Gmail.


  • Gmail-User Interface Tour (6:42)
  • Gmail-Customize UI (3:38)
  • Gmail-Compose, Send & Receive (3:58)
  • Gmail-General Settings (6:55)
  • Gmail-Labels (4:22)
  • Gmail-Tabs Feature (3:00)
  • Gmail-Filters (4:27)
  • Gmail-Contacts & Groups (5:28)
  • Gmail-Labs (2:56)
  • Gmail-Analytics (5:54)
  • Google Analytics Account Setup (6:42)
  • Google Analytics UI Tour (5:05)
  • Google Analytics Customize Dashboard (7:05)
  • Google Analytics Add Users (2:22)
  • Google Analytics Creating Goals (10:12)

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This video tutorial series is only available inside the WPTrainMe Member’s Area.

Our Guest Blogging Video Tutorials series covers the following:

  • Guest Blogging – Introduction
  • Guest Blogging – Finding Blogs
  • Guest Blogging – Next Steps
  • Guest Blogging – Contacting Blog Owners
  • Guest Blogging – Your Offer
  • Guest Blogging – Benefits Of Hosting Guest Blog Posts
  • Guest Blogging – Guest Guidelines
  • Guest Blogging – Guest Practices
  • Guest Blogging – Host Practices
  • Guest Blogging – Conclusion
  • Guest Blogging – Additional Guest Blogging Videos

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This video tutorial series is only available inside the WPTrainMe Member’s Area.

Our Using PLR Video Tutorials series covers the following:

  • Using PLR – What Is PLR
  • Using PLR – PLR Marketing Funnel
  • Using PLR – Product Names And Hosting
  • Using PLR – Editing A PLR Minisite
  • Using PLR – Creating A Minisite
  • Using PLR – Creating eCovers
  • Using PLR – Rebranding PLR eBooks
  • Using PLR – Rebranding PLR Videos
  • Using PLR – Setting Up A Squeeze Page
  • Using PLR – Editing A PLR Sales Letter
  • Using PLR – Setting Up An Affiliate Program
  • Using PLR – Uploading Your Files

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This video tutorial series is only available inside the WPTrainMe Member’s Area.

Our List Building Video Tutorials series covers the following:

  • Introduction To List Building
  • List Building Basics – Part 01
  • List Building Basics – Part 02
  • List Building Strategies
  • List Building – How To Set Up Squeeze Pages
  • List Building Methods – Gifts
  • List Building Methods – Exit Popups
  • List Building Methods – Piggybacking
  • List Building Methods – Integration Marketing
  • List Building Methods – Click Banking
  • List Building Methods – Free WSOs
  • List Building Methods – Bartering For Leads
  • List Building Methods – Buying Advertising Space
  • List Building Methods – Integrated Cross-Promotions
  • List Building Methods – Viral PDF Reports
  • List Building Methods – Giveaway Events
  • List Building Methods – Product Launches
  • List Building Methods – Online Forums
  • List Building Methods – Blogging
  • List Building Methods – Article Videos
  • List Building Methods – Safelists
  • Maximizing Your List Profits – Special Offers Part 01
  • Maximizing Your List Profits – Special Offers Part 02
  • List Building Profits: Follow-ups
  • List Building Profits: Ad Swaps & Solo Ads
  • List Building Profits: Pay-Per-View & Cost-Per-View
  • Additional List Building Information – Broadcasts
  • Additional List Building Information – Emails Read
  • Additional List Building Information – Rinse & Repeat
  • Additional List Building Information – Using Autoresponders
  • List Building Income – How To Create An Easy, Proven System To Suck In Leads
  • List Building Income – Free List Building Methods
  • List Building Income – Paid List Building Methods
  • List Building Income – Maximize Your Leads And Sales Conversions

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This video tutorial series is only available inside the WPTrainMe Member’s Area.

WordPress Membership Blueprint covers some basic member area setup fundamentals, as well as how to set up a membership site to help promote your brand and grow an active, loyal, and excited community of members.

  • Introduction – In this video you’re going to be given a quick overview of the entire video course as a whole. You’re also going to be given a list of all the things you will need in order to make things work, and be shown how it all works. We also explain the importance of being in the right mindset before implementing the system so that you can be successful.
  • Mind-Mapping Your Layout For Best Conversions – Every membership layout is different. Before you think about conversions, however, you need to have an idea of how you are going to apply this to your own membership site. Mind-mapping allows you to see and visualize exactly how the system will impact your site.
  • ‘Must-Have’ Membership Pages – There are specific pages you can add to your member’s area that will help to increase your community’s retention rate and improve future conversions. Having the correct membership pages is vital to creating a user-friendly and positive customer experience.
  • Getting Your Community To Interact – Getting your community to interact with you is a great sign of trust. Creating trust with members is important, especially if you plan to sell or promote additional products or services within your membership. In this video you are going to learn practical methods that you can apply to get your community to interact with you and ultimately trust you.
  • Effective Communication – When your member community interacts with you, you need to make sure that you have systems in place that provide effective communication between you and your members, and possibly between each other too. In this video you are going to learn about setting up your WordPress site for effective member communication.
  • Increase Cohesiveness Through Training – Cohesiveness is measured by how well your customers are staying in your member’s area and how well they enjoy coming back to your site. In order to increase cohesiveness with your membership, you have to consistently go the “extra mile” and continually gain your members’ trust. Providing effective training is a great way to increase this factor. This video explains some practical ways to provide member training.
  • Increase Member Interaction – There are many different methods to increase interaction with members. In this video, you are going to learn more practical ways to further increase interaction with members, with the aim of improving membership retention and building more loyal subscribers.
  • Action Paths – Once your customers are interacting with your member’s area and with you (and possibly with each other), it’s time to take a step forward and focus on action paths. Action paths are essentially ways to get your members to take positive action in a way that not only helps them succeed, but where they feel like they have actually got value from your membership offering.

    Unfortunately most customers buy products and don’t do anything with what they have purchased. You want to avoid this by helping them take action and helping them succeed with your product. If you can do this successfully, you’ll increase your chances of gaining customers for life.

  • Basic Branding – Branding is a key factor to success, especially if you want to build a community that will buy from you over and over again. You want to make sure that your company, product or personal brand is kept prominently in the minds of your members. Unfortunately many membership site owners pay little to no attention to branding, and this can hurt you in the long run, especially when there’s not a lot to do as far as basic branding is concerned … just 10 minutes or less is all you need! In this video, you will learn some basic aspects of membership site branding.

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This video tutorial series is only available inside the WPTrainMe Member’s Area.

Sales Video Formula explains how to create your own sales video from scratch and covers the following:

  • Module 01: Elements Of High Converting Sales Videos – This video covers the 4 ‘P’s to successful sales video creation and provides an overview of the simple 5-step process you can use to create your own sales video, plus expert tips on how to make a successful and highly engaging sales video without the need for special effects or fluent language skills.
  • Module 02: How To Create Your Sales Video In 5 Easy Steps -Learn how to create an effective sales video without the need for costly software, hardware, or professional voice over talent.
  • Module 03: Sales Video And Page Optimization – This video discusses the ideal length of a sales video and why shorter or longer video duration times can decrease the effectiveness of your sales video. Also covered in this video are how to use simple images and animations to boost your video sales optimization, and how to increase your signups and sales using an effective CTA (Call-To-Action)!

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This video tutorial series is only available inside the WPTrainMe Member’s Area.

Mass Video Formula explains how to create growing online exposure for your products and services using videos and includes the following sections:

  • Overview: Using Videos To Get Massive Traffic (7:10) Introduction to the power of video marketing.
  • Keyword Research Before Getting Started (3:37) Competition and search analysis.
  • Types Of Videos That Go Viral (8:00) Characteristics of videos that work. Case studies of videos that get millions + views.
  • How To Create Your Own Simple Video For Marketing (6:10) Walkthrough of the equipment, tools, and software you will need.
  • Uploading And Search Engine Optimizing Your Video (5:04) Search engine optimization for YouTube so that people can find your video easily on the Google and video directory search results.
  • Using Videos To Promote Products And Services & Grow Your Sales (4:21) The art of leveraging video infomercials to promote products and optimize your conversion rates.
  • How To Distribute Your Video On The Internet (8:02) How to mass distribute your video for maximum exposure. Using tools like Tubemogul, Traffic Geyser, Video sales letter, affiliate embeds, etc.

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