WordPress Troubleshooting Help Resources

Need additional help fixing errors on your WordPress site? Here is a list of helpful WordPress troubleshooting help resources!

WordPress Troubleshooting ToolsThis tutorial is part of our WordPress Management tutorial series. In this tutorial, we provide a list of helpful WordPress troubleshooting help resources!

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WordPress Troubleshooting Help Resources

As the focus of WPCompendium.org is to empower WordPres beginners and non-coders to take control of their digital presence, it is simply beyond the scope of our tutorials to provide exhaustive tutorials on how to fix everything that can go wrong when running a website, especially when some of these fixes require advanced knowledge of WordPress or coding skills.

For this reason, the section below outlines the steps you can take and useful resources you can access for help and helpful information on how to troubleshoot WordPress errors and fix other problems with your site that we have not covered in our tutorials.


  • Most of the resources listed in this section can be accessed for free.
  • Some of the sites may require you to register as a member in order to access help and information.

If the solutions and suggestions presented in our WordPress Troubleshooting Guide or other tutorials haven’t helped you address the issues or problems that you are experiencing with WordPress, here are some additional places you can go for help or to search for solutions:

Search Google

If you get an error message, copy the generic component of the error message (i.e. do not include your domain or specific file names that are unique to your installation) and paste the string into the Google search field. Enclose the search string with quotation marks to bring back results containing your specific search terms …

WordPress Troubleshooting Tutorials

Go through the results and see if you can find a solution. If you can’t find a solution, continue with the next step, as shown below.


Tip: If you’re looking for a solution that resembles more of a tutorial than a specific fix (i.e. a “how to”), visit YouTube.com and try searching for a video on the subject.

Free WordPress Support

WordPress provides extensive documentation and a support forum. See the sites below if you need help:

  • WordPress Documentation – This is the official WordPress documentation site (called the WordPress Codex). Note: The WordPress documentation can be fairly technical and the content often includes instructions that require knowledge of coding (e.g. PHP).
  • WordPress Support Forum – This is a free support forum for WordPress users. You can get your questions answered for free here by members of the WordPress community, web developers, web designers, etc.

WordPress Support Forum

(WordPress Support Forum)

You can also search through these additional WordPress documentation resources:

Important Info

Note: Before posting your questions on the WordPress forum you will need to register as a user. There is no cost to register.

WordPress Developer Help & Support

If you have purchased a premium WordPress or Theme and you suspect these may be causing you issues, visit the developer’s help desk or support site.

Many Free WordPress plugins also provide forums for discussing support issues and troubleshooting errors …

Troubleshooting WordPress Errors

Additional WordPress Help Resources

You can also try searching through sites like Yahoo Answers and Google Helpouts

Google Helpouts

You can also join groups in social media networks that focus on helping WordPress users. For example, LinkedIn offers a number of helpful WordPress groups that you can join for free …

LinkedIn Groups

You can join a WordPress discussion group on LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

Join A WordPress Discussion Group

(Join A WordPress Discussion Group)

Contact Your Webhosting Company

If you cannot find a solution using the previous steps, contact your webhosting company for advice and/or assistance. Often, they will be able to assist you if the problem is related to settings or configurations on your server.

WordPress Services Directory

Visit our WordPress Services Directory and search through our directory of professional WordPress service providers. We have set up this directory to help WordPress users find services related to WordPress like web development, web designers, WordPress support, WordPress site management, blog installation and setup services, etc.

WPServicesDirectory.com - WordPress Services Directory(WPServicesDirectory.com – WordPress Services Directory)

Note: As the directory is still very new, you may not see many listings when you visit. If you provide professional WordPress services and would like to list your business in our directory, please go here for more information.

Hopefully, the above information will help you troubleshoot and fix errors with WordPress and better manage your website or blog.

WordPress Troubleshooting Tools

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What Causes WordPress Errors?

Learn about some of the most common causes of WordPress errors and how to address these …

Common Causes Of WordPress ErrorsThis tutorial is part of our WordPress Management tutorial series.

In this tutorial, you will learn about some of the most common causes of WordPress errors and how to address these.

To view all of our WordPress troubleshooting tutorials, go here:

Common Causes Of WordPress Errors

Below are some of the more common issues that can cause errors. Hopefully, if you are experiencing errors with WordPress, these will help you diagnose and fix some of the problems.


If in doubt, always contact your web hosting company first before editing files.

The White Screen Of Death

When the dreaded WordPress “White Screen Of Death” occurs, you will see a completely blank screen with no information displayed on your site …

The WordPress White Screen Of Death

(The WordPress White Screen Of Death)

To learn how to fix the WordPress “white screen of death” error, go here:

WordPress Fatal Error Messages

Issues with WordPress can result in a number of “fatal error” messages being displayed on your screen …

Fatal Error Message

(WordPress Fatal Errors)

Here are some of the more common WordPress fatal errors you may come across:

  • Fatal Error: Issue With A Plugin
  • Fatal Error: Call to undefined function
  • Fatal Error: Allowed Memory size exhausted
  • Fatal error: Maximum execution time

To learn how to fix the fatal errors above in WordPress, go here:

WordPress – Common Problems And Possible Fixes

Problem: .htacess file has become corrupt

Possible Solution: delete existing .htaccess file from your server and upload.htaccess file from a previous backup.

Problem: features on your site don’t work or display code instead

Possible Solution: Check to see if the feature requires a minimum “PHP” version (e.g. “PHP5” or “PHP7”) to be installed on your server in order to work. If it does, then check what version of PHP your server is currently using and ask your hosting provider to upgrade your PHP version if you are using an earlier version.

Also, some features require special server configurations, settings or components such as extensions or object libraries to work. Make sure that your hosting provider supports these if required.

Problem: WordPress Theme Uploader Fails

Possible Solution: If your WordPress Theme Uploader is trying to add the theme into the “uploads” folder instead of the “theme” folder, check to see that your account is configured for “PHP 5”. If you have PHP5 and the problem persists, you may need to raise the upload limit for WordPress (e.g. raise it to 10 MB if the current limit is lower).

This also applies to the WordPress Media Uploader, if you are experiencing problems uploading media files like videos, audios and large images to your site.

To learn how to increase the maximum file upload size limit of your WordPress site , see the tutorial below:

WordPress Hosting Problems

Some web hosting services are just not WordPress friendly. If you discover that this is the case in your situation, consider moving to a more sophisticated hosting provider that is well known for WordPress hosting compatibility.

If you need reliable web hosting for your WordPress site, then see this tutorial or check out the web hosting companies below:

Hopefully, the information above will help you identify and fix any problems you may be experiencing with WordPress.

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For additional WordPress error fixing help resources, go here:

Common Causes Of WordPress Errors

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How To Fix General WordPress Errors

Learn how to troubleshoot and fix general WordPress errors.

How To Fix General WordPress ErrorsThis tutorial is part of our WordPress Management tutorial series. In this tutorial, we show you how to troubleshoot and fix general WordPress errors.

To view all of our WordPress troubleshooting tutorials, go here:

How To Fix General WordPress Errors

WordPress errors can be caused by a number of factors, including errors experienced during WordPress maintenance or while performing upgrades.

This tutorial provides solutions and fixes for problems such as:

  • WordPress not saving changes
  • Posts or Pages not deleting
  • WordPress getting “stuck” after upgrades
  • Posts not accessible
  • and other WordPress-related problems and errors

Complete the tutorial below if you experience any of the above issues while working on your WordPress site or performing updates.


Always backup your WordPress files and database before performing any upgrades or installations!

WordPress Stuck On “Briefly Unavailable For Scheduled Maintenance”

WordPress Stuck On "Briefly Unavailable For Scheduled Maintenance"

(WordPress Stuck On “Briefly Unavailable For Scheduled Maintenance”)

If your WordPress site gets stuck displaying a “Briefly Unavailable For Scheduled Maintenance” error message, see this tutorial to learn how to fix this:

WordPress Not Saving Changes

If you find that your changes are not being saved, try forcing your web browser to reload the page from your server. Your web browser stores copies of web pages in a cache (i.e. a memory area), on your computer. To load pages faster, your web browser loads pages stored in the cache on each subsequent visit to the page.

If your web browser is loading a stored copy of the page from the cache, your latest changes may not show up, because the page being displayed is an old copy.

To force your web browser to load the page from the server:

  • In Firefox, hold down Ctrl and Shift, and then press the R key.
  • In Internet Explorer, hold down the Shift key while clicking the Refresh button.

Please note that these shortcuts may not work, depending on your browser’s setup.

If WordPress still doesn’t appear to be saving your changes after trying forcing your web browser to reload your pages from your server, then you may have downloaded a WordPress plugin that is affecting the way your browser cache behaves.

To learn more about browser cache, see the tutorial below:

If you suspect the problem is being caused by a plugin, then refer to the troubleshooting tutorials in our WordPress Plugin Troubleshooting Guide or contact the plugin developer to find out if other plugin users have reported experiencing the same problem.

If this doesn’t work, make sure that you’re using the latest WordPress version and that you haven’t edited files in the application that may have created errors in the application code.

Cannot Delete Posts Or Pages

Errors may be caused by a plugin that is interfering with the way WordPress deletes posts or pages. Run the plugin diagnostics to see if this fixes the problem.

To learn how to run plugin diagnostics, see the tutorial below:

Cannot Access Posts

If you cannot access your posts or pages, or if clicking on a post or page URL shows a 404 error, go to your WordPress Admin Panel and select Settings > Permalinks.

Click on the Save Changes button without making any actual changes …

WordPress Permalinks Settings

If you were using a custom permalink, retype the string in the “Custom” field and click on Save Changes.

Test your links to see if the issue has been resolved.

To learn more about configuring WordPress permalinks, see the tutorial below:

WordPress Not Allowing Custom Permalinks

Permalink problems can be difficult to solve. If you have recently installed or upgraded WordPress, your “.htaccess” file may not have been updated or configured correctly, or it may have become corrupted.

The “.htaccess” file is essential for creating permalinks.

If you see an error message during a WordPress installation related to the .htaccess file, contact your host to see if they allow WordPress to be installed or the .htaccess file to be accessed or edited. If so, you may need to change permissions on the .htaccess file to allow WordPress to gain access to the file …

WordPress Troubleshooting Tutorials

Important Info

Note: If the above doesn’t help solve your specific problem, see the tutorial section below:

WordPress Database Is Too Large To Back Up

WordPress Troubleshooting

If you experience issues backing up a large WordPress database, see the tutorial below for useful information on how to solve this issue:

Next Section:

Now that you how to troubleshoot and fix general WordPress errors, click on the link below to view the next section of our WordPress Troubleshooting Guide:

To learn about common causes of WordPress errors, see the tutorial below:

How To Fix General WordPress Errors

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