WP Bulk Editor – Bulk Editing Plugin For WordPress

WP Bulk Editor is an offline bulk editing plugin for WordPress that lets you make multiple post edits on your website …

WordPress is one of the easiest to use web publishing applications available. With WordPress, all you have to do is think, write and publish.

Whether you run a business or a personal blog, there is a lot to blog about. After a period of time, you can end up with dozens, hundreds … even perhaps thousands of published articles on your site … especially if you collaborate with others.

How do you bulk edit hundreds of WordPress posts?

(How do you bulk edit hundreds of WordPress posts?)

WordPress Bulk Editing Plugin

What happens if, let’s suppose, after a period of time, you have a couple of hundred of published content on your website and realize that you have to replace a word, phrase or hyperlink that appears throughout your site’s content?

If you are a geek who likes tinkering with code, you could do search and replace modifications within your WP mysql database.

Fortunately, if you are a non-technical WordPress user, there is a plugin that lets you make bulk changes to your posts and pages without having to access mySQL databases and files.

WPBulkEditor – Bulk Editing WordPress Plugin

WP BulkEditor - Bulk Editing Plugin For WordPress

(WP BulkEditor – Bulk Editing Plugin For WordPress)

Plugin Description

WP Bulk Editor is an offline bulk editing WordPress plugin that lets you change dozens of WordPress pages and posts quickly and easily.

WP Bulk Editor

WP BulkEditor is quick to install and simple to use. Once the plugin is installed and activated, it adds functionality to your WP admin area that is similar to the WordPress Tools > Export/Import section. You simply download a spreadsheet template with all of your site’s information, edit the template and then re-upload the document with all the changes you have made and your content will be updated throughout the site.

WP Bulk Editor

Go here to learn more: WP Bulk Editor

Benefits Of Using WPBulkEditor

Here are just a few of the benefits and advantages of using WPBulkEditor to make changes to your site:

Unlimited Number Of Posts & Pages You Can Edit In Bulk

This WP plugin lets you make changes to 1000s of WP posts & pages at once.

Edit WordPress Content Offline

The plugin lets you to do all of your changes offline. This is helpful if you intend to work in places where there is no online access, or outsource this job to collaborators without having to give them access to your web site.

Create Fast Backups Of Your Web Content

You can create backups of your WordPress posts and pages in seconds with this plugin.

Some additional benefits and advantages include the following:

  • Easy To Use: There are just three easy steps to using this plugin: export the data, modifying the data and saving your updated content, and reimporting the new file to your web site.
  • Import Content Quickly And Easily: You can import and export one, a few or loads of new WordPress posts with the click of a button.
  • Make Bulk SEO Changes: If you use a plugin like WP SEO by Yoast, you can easily make bulk edits to aspects of your product SEO fields.


WP BulkEditor Features

WP Bulk Editor provides a number of great features to WordPress users. Here are just some of these:

  • Fast and simple to install and set up. Goes to work in minutes.
  • Compatible with other plugins and themes. WPBulkEditor works with plugins like WP SEO by Yoast and e-commerce themes like WooThemes.
  • Newbie-friendly bulk replacement tool. Perform bulk replacements of affiliate URLs, misspelled words, etc. with no coding skills required. Note: MS Excel is a requirement for opening and modifying exported files offline.
  • Windows & Mac Compatible.WPBulkEditor allows both Windows and Mac users to use the exported .zip file on both operating systems.

WP BulkEditor

User Testimonials

Here are just some of the testimonials that plugin users have written about WPBulkEditor:

“Editing my WordPress pages and posts truly never was this easy!” Tim Jenkins, large blog owner.

Useful Tips

WP BulkEditor is not only useful for performing bulk search and replace functions on your current WP posts. You can also use it to update all of your WP sites.

If you have many affiliate hyperlinks pointing to dead destinations, for example, you can easily replace these useless URLs with working links.

Here’s another useful tip: Let’s say that you finish all posts on your company blog with a call to action that includes asking visitors to contact such and such a person (e.g. “For more details call Lucy on 1234-567890”) and this person leaves your business. You can easily replace the name of the departed colleague with the new contact person’s details, and do the same thing for email addresses, telephone numbers, etc. You can also duplicate posts with different city names for publishing on regional websites!

Product Support

The WP BulkEditor website contains a short video tutorial that explains how to use the plugin, and the developer can be contacted for support and additional questions, or for suggestions on ways to add new functionality to the plugin.

Plugin Cost

Last time we checked, the cost to purchase WP Bulk Editor is $49.00.

Note: The cost to purchase WP BulkEditor can vary, depending on whether there are any promotions or limited-time specials being offered. When we last checked, the product is selling for the amounts shown above. This may not be the actual price charged by the product developer when you visit the plugin site and there may be additional upsells or one-time offers after you’ve purchased.

Check the plugin’s website for the current pricing: WP Bulk Editor – WordPress Bulk Editing Plugin

Additional Plugin Info

For a demo video of the plugin in action, including installation instructions and tutorials, FAQs, support helpdesk, contact details and more, visit the WP Bulk Editor website.

We Recommend

If you need an easy plugin for performing bulk edits on your WordPress site, then WPBulkEditor is a great option to keep in mind. It is sold with a sixty-day, 100% risk-free money-back guarantee, which is backed by the merchant, so no matter what happens, you will be automatically refunded if you’re dissatisfied in any way with your purchase.


For complete details, check out the plugin here: WP Bulk Editor – WordPress Bulk Editing Plugin

Alternatively, here’s another WordPress bulk editor plugin you can check out …

WordPress Advanced Bulk Edit

WordPress Advanced Bulk Edit

(WordPress Advanced Bulk Edit)

WordPress Advanced Bulk Edit plugin lets you easily edit your posts, pages and custom post types individually or in bulk …

Advanced Bulk Edit screen

(Advanced Bulk Edit screen)

Some of the features of this powerful bulk editor plugin includes filtering posts by title, category, tags, description and excerpt, status, and post author. Bulk editing functions include appending, prepending and replacing text in text fields, increasing and decreasing by value/percent, setting, adding, and removing categories, and being able to copy values from one field to another …

Bulk Edit Select Posts screen

(Bulk Edit Select Posts screen)

Additional features include the ability to show/hide table columns, create posts and categories, delete posts and the option to delete images from the server when permanently deleting posts …

Delete images from server when deleting posts

(Delete images from server when deleting posts)

The plugin also includes support for custom meta fields and custom taxonomies, linked editing of selected products (quick bulk edit), customizable post limit, translation support and a powerful selection manager that lets you select posts via search conditions …

Selection Manager screen

(Selection Manager screen)

You can also export posts to a CSV file …

Export posts to a CSV file

(Export posts to a CSV file)

WordPress Advanced Bulk Edit supports the following fields for bulk editing:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Excerpt
  • Publish Date
  • Post Author
  • Post Slug
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Image
  • Status (draft, published, private, pending)
  • Post Permalink
  • Post Format
  • Menu Order
  • Comment Status

For full details, check out the plugin here: WordPress Advanced Bulk Edit

Additional Resources

To learn how to make global changes to WordPress post and pages, see the tutorial below: