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WordPress Customization Video Tutorials

You can access the WordPress customization video tutorials listed below inside the WPTrainMe members’ area (or purchase the videos for your own personal use here):

How To Use CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) allows you to control how web pages and page elements display on your screen. This video course walks you through the basics of using CSS & CSS3.


  • CSS-Intro (2:41)
  • CSS-Syntax (3:56)
  • CSS-Inline (4:34)
  • CSS-Internal (2:51)
  • CSS-External (4:59)
  • CSS-Link Styles (5:07
  • CSS Comment Tag (2:26)
  • CSS The ID Selector (2:37)
  • CSS The Class Selector (4:04)
  • CSS Validation (3:49)
  • CSS Changing Font Size (4:00)
  • CSS Changing Font Color (7:20)
  • CSS Changing Text Alignment (3:00)
  • CSS Changing Font Family (5:21)
  • CSS Changing Font Style (3:34)
  • CSS Adding Text Shadow & 3-D Text (4:04)
  • CSS Creating A Content Box (3:44)
  • CSS Add Rounded Corners To A Content Box (4:04)
  • CSS Add Shadows To A Content Box (3:32)


This video tutorial series shows you how to use Layers WP, a powerful, flexible and user-friendly WordPress theme that lets you build stunning websites easily using point-and-click.


  • Why You Want To Use Layers WP (4:49)
  • How To Install Layers WP Via WordPress (1:50)
  • Quick Overview Of The Layers Dashboard (1:32)
  • Explanation Of Layout (3:20)
  • Customization Of The Layers Settings (6:31)
  • Creating Layers Pages (4:21)
  • Adding Layers To Pages (5:25)
  • How To Add A Slider Layer (7:23)
  • How To Add A Video / Media Layer (4:40)
  • How To Add A Layer With Custom HTML Code (2:20)
  • How To Install A Layers WP Child Theme (0:56)
  • How To Import A Style Kits [Aka Extra Layers] (8:31)
  • How To Install Extensions (3:38)
  • How To Hide “Built With Layers” Icon (0:45)


  • WordPress Widgets
  • Customizing The WordPress Dashboard
  • Creating Memorable Slogans
  • Add A Call To Action Form To WordPress Sidebar: Part 1
  • Add A Call To Action Form To WordPress Sidebar: Part 2
  • How To Get Quality Banners Created Cheaply
  • How To Add Banners To The WordPress Sidebar
  • How To Add A Gravatar To WordPress
  • How To Create And Sort Navigation Menus In WordPress
  • How To Use Colors To Sell Your Products Online
  • How To Get Quality Logos For Your Business Done Cheaply

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