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WordPress Video Tutorials

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Keeping hundreds of videos up-to-date is too time-consuming, so instead of creating our own WordPress video tutorials, we source these from quality providers. Due to licensing restrictions, however, we cannot provide free access to these videos on WPCompendium.org — we can only add them to a paid membership site as streaming content or sell them as downloadable files for personal use.

In order to provide a complete WordPress step-by-step training system, therefore, you can access hundreds of detailed written step-by-step tutorials for FREE here on WPCompendium.org and view hundreds of professional-quality WordPress and Internet marketing video tutorials for a very low membership fee on WPTrainMe.com.

WPTrainMe Video Tutorials – More Info

WPTrainMe PRO members get access to all the videos listed on this page (including all videos listed from the suppliers described further down this page):

If You Just Want To Learn WordPress …

If you just want to learn WordPress, we recommend joining WPTrainMe.com. It’s the cheapest option available (and much cheaper than buying the videos yourself).

WPTrainMe members:

  • Pay a very low annual membership fee and get access to hundreds of video tutorials (we regularly add new videos to our membership area),
  • Have 24/7 access to all videos inside the membership area, and
  • Can access all WordPress tutorials from their WordPress dashboard by installing the WPTrainMe plugin (included with your membership) …

WPTrainMe - WordPress Tutorials Plugin(WPTrainMe – WordPress User Tutorials Plugin)


Our WPTrainMe plugin PRO edition lets you  instantly access all the written tutorials on WPCompendium.org plus hundreds of streamed video tutorials from your WordPress dashboard.

If you just want to learn how to use WordPress, we recommend becoming a member of WPTrainMe for benefits like convenience and low cost access to video tutorials. We regularly add new videos to our membership site and update these when our suppliers make these available, giving you hassle-free access to all the content at significantly lower costs than buying it yourself …

Access hundreds of video tutorials at WPTrainMe.com

(Access hundreds of video tutorials at WPTrainMe)

To access hundreds of WordPress and Internet marketing video tutorials, register as WPTrainMe PRO member or see our special offer page.

If You Want To Sell Or Brand WordPress Video Tutorials As Your Own …

If you plan to sell WordPress videos or need to download or brand the videos as your own (e.g. to create your own WordPress video training site), then we recommend purchasing the videos from the suppliers below:


PLR4WP - WordPress Whitelabel Video Tutorials

(PLR4WP – WordPress Whitelabel Video Tutorials)

Steve Dougherty’s PLR4WP site provides 180+ WordPress white label videos grouped into 12 volumes which you can rebrand and claim as your own (make sure to read your rights on the website before purchasing).

The video packages are always kept up-to-date, contain no ‘geek speak,’ and include the following:

  • Camproj and source videos and PSD source files for the opening & closing call to action images on each video,
  • Unbranded white label hi-definition MP4 videos that can be uploaded to your server without customization.
  • Marketing packages with static HTML mini-site sales pages, thank you / download pages, banner images, and source (PSD) image files.
  • Video transcripts
  • Unbranded sample/demo videos
  • Customer support

Here’s a list of all the PLR4WP videos (Note: WPTrainMe PRO members get access to all the videos listed below):

Volume 1 – WordPress Primer

  • WordPress History
  • WordPress.com vs WP.org
  • What’s New In WP Version 4.5
  • What’s New In WP Version 4.6
  • What’s New In WP Version 4.7
  • What’s New In WP Version 4.8
  • Installing WordPress Manually With cPanel
  • Installing WordPress Manually With FTP
  • Installing WordPress Automatically With cPanel
  • WP Dashboard tour
  • WordPress Cleanup After Install
  • Revisions and Auto Saves
  • Settings General
  • Settings Writing
  • Settings Reading
  • Settings Discussion
  • Settings Media
  • Settings Permalinks
  • Settings-3rd Party Settings
  • Change Site Login Details Using Site Database

Volume 2 – WordPress Security

  • Backups
  • Security Begins At Home
  • Secure Install
  • Remove User ID 1 & Why
  • Blocking Hackers From Seeing Admin Usernames
  • Hiding Usernames
  • Change DB Prefix After Install-Method 1
  • Change DB Prefix After Install-Method 2
  • Replace The Salt
  • Securing Your wp-config.php File
  • Secure Hosting Services
  • Customizing The Login Error Messages
  • Prevent Brute Force Attacks Method 1
  • Prevent Brute Force Attacks Method 2
  • Prevent Brute Force Attacks Method 3
  • Removing The WordPress Version Numbers
  • Allowing Others To Work On Your Site
  • Has Your Site Been Hacked
  • Hacked Site Cleanup
  • What To Do After Hacked Site Cleanup

Volume 3 – WordPress Content Creation

  • Pages vs Posts
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Post Manager
  • Post Formats
  • Page Manager
  • The Visual Editor
  • Creating Pages & Posts
  • The Media Library
  • The Visual Editor – Hyperlinks
  • The Visual Editor – Create Playlists
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Custom Menus
  • Managing Widgets
  • Managing Themes

Volume 4 – WordPress Localhosting

  • Local vs Online
  • Why I Chose XAMPP
  • Installing Free ServerPress
  • Uninstalling Free ServerPress
  • Installing XAMPP
  • Start XAMPP As Admin
  • Install WordPress With Bitnami (not the best method)
  • Install WordPress Without Bitnami (the best method)
  • Quick & Simple Backups
  • Moving Live WordPress Site To Local
  • Troubleshooting-Can Not Login On Local After Move
  • Move Local WordPress Site To Live
  • Troubleshooting-Increase Max Size Of File Uploads
  • Troubleshooting-General Issues
  • Troubleshooting – Fixing Windows Firewall Blocking Install Error
  • Troubleshooting – Fixing Port Conflicts pt 1 (Why)
  • Troubleshooting – Fixing Port Conflicts pt 2 (How)
  • Troubleshooting – Fixing Port Conflicts pt 3 (Fix WordPress After Port Change)
  • Troubleshooting – XAMPP Control Panel Red X’s
  • Configure XAMPP Console

Volume 5 – WordPress Page Speed

  • Why The Need For Speed
  • Hosting For Speed
  • Speed Testing Tools Introduction
  • GTMetrix
  • Pingdom
  • Page Speed Insights
  • WebPagetest
  • Image Optimization
  • Web Caching
  • Leverage Browser Cache
  • GZip
  • Minify and Concatenate
  • Fixing The Above The Fold Render Blocking

Volume 6 – WordPress SEO

  • What Is SEO
  • Keywords
  • LSI
  • SEO Plugin For WordPress
  • What’s New In Version 3.6
  • Yoasts Updates Since Version 3.6
  • Dashboard Settings
  • Google Site Verification
  • Google Search Console
  • Titles & Meta Settings
  • Social Settings
  • XML Sitemap Settings
  • HTML Sitemap Setup
  • Submitting The XML Sitemap
  • Advanced Settings Tab
  • Tools Tab
  • On Page Module Overview

Volume 7 – WordPress Theme Customization

  • How To Create A Child Theme
  • Before We Customize
  • Personal Greeting Shortcode
  • Flex Date Shortcode
  • Remove URL Underline
  • Remove Incorrect Login Shake
  • Rebrand Admin Bar WP Logo
  • Remove Top White Space
  • Adjust Gap Between Posts On Homepage
  • Add Border Below Header
  • Customize Site Description
  • Customize Site Title
  • Random Admin Announcement
  • Add Drop-Down Menu To Admin Bar

Volume 8 – WordPress Forum Set Up

  • What Is A Forum
  • Different Forum Applications
  • Install bbPress
  • Convert Other Forums Into bbPress
  • Forum Structure
  • Create Forums
  • Creating Categories
  • Customize Category Display
  • Creating Sticky Topics
  • Creating A Registration Page
  • Customizing Search Boxes
  • Create Password Reset Page
  • Forum Spam Prevention

Volume 9 – WordPress Plugins

  • What Is A Plugin
  • Choosing The Best Plugin
  • Plugin Tester
  • Plugin Structure
  • Contact Us Page
  • Secure Video Player
  • TinyMCE Advanced
  • Visual Editor For Widgets
  • Widget Options
  • Grid Shortcode
  • Notification Bars

Volume 10 – WordPress Multisite Set Up

  • WP Multisite-What & Why
  • Enable Multisite
  • Activate Multisite
  • 1-Click Multisite Install
  • Quick Cleanup
  • Network Admin Tour
  • Create & Manage Sites Part One
  • Create & Manage Sites Part Two
  • Creating Users Part 1 – Auto-Creation By Network
  • Creating Users Part 2 – Manually As Super Admin
  • Creating Users Part 3 – Manually As Site Admin
  • Creating Users Part 4 – Site Visitor Create Own Account
  • Add & Manage Plugins
  • Single Site Registration
  • Add & Manage Themes
  • Updating Networks

Volume 11 – WordPress eCommerce Set Up

  • What Is eCommerce
  • Pre-Setup Checklist
  • WooCommerce Install Part 1
  • WooCommerce Install Part 2 (WordPress Settings & Basic Cleanup)
  • WooCommerce Install Part 3 (Manually Setup Payment Options)
  • WooCommerce Settings-General Tab
  • WooCommerce Settings-Products Tab
  • WooCommerce Settings-Taxes Tab
  • WooCommerce Settings-Tabs (The rest of them – Shipping, Checkout, etc.)
  • WooCommerce Add Demo Content
  • WooCommerce Add Theme
  • WooCommerce Create Dropship Account
  • Connect To Our Store
  • Product Ideas
  • Master The Mockup
  • Adding A Product To Our eStore
  • Running A Test Purchase (& Buying A Sample)

Volume 12 – WordPress Traffic Generation

  • WordPress Traffic Overview
  • Add Newsletter Signup Form
  • Google Analytics
  • Article Writing
  • Slide Submission Part 1
  • Slide Submission Part 2
  • Video Marketing Part 1
  • Video Marketing Part 2
  • PDF Submission Part 1
  • PDF Submission Part 2
  • Social Media
  • Paid Traffic

Plus additional titles as new videos are released.

For more details, go here: PLR4WP


TutorialMixer - WordPress Video Tutorials

(TutorialMixer – WordPress Video Tutorials)

TutorialMixer provides members with access to a video catalog containing 230+ video tutorials with private label rights.

Here’s a list of all the TutorialMixer videos (WPTrainMe PRO members can access all videos listed below from their dashboard):


  • How to Buy a Domain Name
  • How to Buy a Web Hosting for Super Cheap
  • How to Connect your Domain to Any Web Hosting Account
  • Installing WordPress Automatically Using cPanel
  • Installing WordPress Manually via FTP
  • How to Change Permalinks Structure
  • How to Write Effective Blog Titles
  • How to Create New Posts in WordPress
  • How to Create New Pages in WordPress
  • How to Install Plugins
  • How to Install Themes
  • How to Upload and Format Images Using the Media Manager
  • How to Launch Your Site to Search Engines and Ping Settings


  • Figuring Out Your Customer’s Demographics
  • Creating Memorable Slogans that Stick
  • Power of Colors – How to Use Colors to Sell
  • Upgrade Your Logos: Get Cheap Yet Quality Logos
  • Upgrade Your Fuzzy Graphics to a Vector
  • How to Use Mascots to Brand Your Company
  • Upgrade Your WordPress Site’s Theme Design
  • Creating Simple Video Intros
  • Position Brand Trustworthy through Educational Videos
  • Boost Your Brand through Facebook Posts


  • Turn your Website Prospects into Buyers
  • Increase Conversions by Appealing to These 3 Groups
  • Time Tested WordPress Layouts
  • Pages to Convert Skeptical Fence Sitters
  • Call to Action Forms Part 1 – Creation
  • Call to Action Forms Part 2 – Sidebar
  • Banner Ads Part 1 – Creation
  • Banner Ads Part 2 – Sidebar Widgets
  • Simple Before and After Pictures
  • Removing More Skepticism with Social Proof


  • Doing Basic Keyword Research to Target the Right Customers
  • How to Decrease Your Bounce and Increase Social Engagement
  • How to Optimize Your Images So They Are SEO Friendly
  • Drive Traffic with this Powerful Video Marketing Strategy
  • How to Get Your Content Indexed in Google Fast with Social Bookmarking
  • How to Track Your Social Engagement Performance
  • Creating Interesting and Educational InfoGraphics
  • How to Create Your Own Page Engagers to Increase Social Interaction
  • How to Share Your Site Socially


  • Why You Should Build a List and Different Ways to Do So
  • How to Create Free Gifts Fast to Build Your List
  • Part 1 – How to Start Your Autoresponder Campaign
  • Part 2 – How to Add the Autoresponder to The Sidebar
  • How to Create WP Squeeze Pages
  • Building a List by Piggybacking on Product Launches
  • Writing an Autoresponder Email Series that Converts
  • How to Create Raving Fans On Your Email List
  • Using Integration Marketing to Build Your List
  • How to Use Exit Popups to Build Your List


  • Get a New WordPress Blog Ready
  • Control How Visitors Comment
  • Understanding Different User Permissions
  • Embed YouTube or Vimeo Videos
  • Creating Gallery with Media Manager
  • Add HTML Code to the Editor Tab
  • Use WordPress Widgets Effectively
  • Create Navigation Menus and Sort Them
  • Remove “Powered by WordPress”


  • Cloaking Ugly Long Affiliate Links
  • Help Visitors Find Content Thru Related Posts
  • Using Authority Sites to Increase your SEO
  • RSS Part 1 – Finding Your RSS Feed Location
  • RSS Part 2 – Syndicating Your Feed
  • Embedding Google Analytics


Training – How to Create Teaser Videos to Sell Your Product Themes and Increase Sales Conversions.

Pre-created Product Packages and Teaser Videos

  • A. Logo Creation
  • B. Video Creation and Marketing
  • C. Website Conversions
  • D. List Building
  • E. Website Creation (WordPress 101)
  • F. Social Traffic


How to Design, Develop, & Sell Premium WordPress Themes

  • Introduction to WP Theme Creation
  • Different Types of Themes
  • Planning Your Layout for WordPress Theme
  • Designing Your Layout for WordPress
  • How to Find Photoshop (PSD. WordPress Theme Designers to Do the Work
  • The Basic Theme Chop Shop Option #1 – Getting Experts to Chop a PSD Theme and Turn It into a Basic WordPress Theme (For WordPress Experts)
  • The Premium Theme Chop Shop (Option #– Getting Experts to Create Custom Control Panels So Your End Users Can Customize the Theme Without Any Technical Knowledge
  • Creating Premium Theme Specifications (Features and Expectations)
  • How to Find WordPress Experts to Integrate Custom Control Panels into Your Theme
  • Sifting and Choosing the Right WordPress Expert
  • NDA – Protecting your Premium WordPress Theme Asset
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Branding and Packaging Your Themes
  • Angle of Selling – Free Level / Pro
  • Sales Copywriting 101
  • Where to Market your themes
  • Final Recap


  • Protect Your Computer (Antivirus and Anti-Spyware – Avast and Webroot)
  • Web Server Vulnerabilities
  • WP Database Backups
  • Secure File & Directory Permissions
  • Update All Software
  • Firewalls
  • Monitoring your files
  • WordPress Security Scanners


  • Different Ways to use WordPress?
  • Why WordPress? Vs other platforms
  • Themes – See How Easy it is to Change a website’s design with one simple click
  • How Plugins make WordPress powerful?
  • See How Fast You Can Install a WordPress blog


Google Keyword Planner

  • Differences between old Keyword Tool and new Keyword Planner
  • 4 Different Types of Searches
  • Under the Cover – Keyword Search Examples
  • Research Your Niche for your WordPress Site


Free Facebook Traffic

  • Quality over Quantity
  • Demographics and Frame of Mind
  • Find Groups with Active Fans
  • Pinpoint and Recruit Fans
  • Your Fan Page Engagement
  • Outsource and Automate


  • Differences in Version 3.8
  • Admin Color Schemes (the default color is black. but how do you switch them to grey or other colors?
  • How to revert the 3.8 dashboard to the pre WordPress 3.8 style?
  • WordPress 2014 Magazine Style Theme videos


  • 2014 – Differences between WordPress Official Themes
  • What audiences is this good for?
  • Installing and Customizing Theme Options
  • Creating Posts with Featured Images
  • Creating Media Gallery Post
  • Creating Image Post
  • Creating Audio Post
  • Creating Video Post
  • Creating a Page (Different Types of Templates)


  • Comparing Softaculous vs Fantastico
  • Softaculous Walk Through
  • Overview of Scripts in Softaculous
  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Edit Installation Details
  • How to Backup Installed Software
  • How to Uninstall Software


  • Visual Editor and Image Editing
  • Photo Galleries
  • Theme Area – Theme Customization with Widget Preview
  • Audio Playlists
  • Video Playlists


Part 1 – YouTube Basics

  • Overview of YouTube
  • Research your competitors and rank
  • Research organic SEO rank
  • Preparing and Uploading Files
  • Optimizing Your Video

Part 2 – Boost YouTube Traffic

  • Increase your reach with Playlists
  • Increase engagement with Annotations
  • Increase your rank with Social
  • Increase your video reach


  • Latent Semantic Indexing Keyword Research
  • Installing and Using Yoast SEO Plugin
  • SEO Optimizing your Posts/Pages with Yoast SEO
  • Getting your XML Sitemap with Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Submitting XML to Google Webmaster Tools


Part 1 – Miscellaneous WP videos

  • How to Customize Your WordPress Dashboard
  • How to Customize Your WordPress Theme
  • How to Upgrade / Delete Plugins Automatically
  • How to Upgrade WP Themes Automatically
  • How to Create a Static Front Page

Part 2 – Enhance Your WordPress Site

  • How to Make Simple Permalink Keyword Tweaks to Increase Ranking
  • How to Track Your Statistics with Google Analytics
  • How to Add a Facebook Like Box to the Sidebar and a Page
  • How to Add Twitter Box Widget to the Sidebar and a Page
  • How to Create Backups for Your WordPress Blog
  • How to Restore a Previous Backup of Your WordPress Blog


  • 2014 vs. 2015
  • 2015 Installation and Overview
  • Customize and Design
  • Sidebar Widgets
  • Menu and Item Descriptions
  • Social Links Menu
  • How to Add a Logo
  • How to Add Google Web Fonts Your Theme
  • Beautiful Image Galleries
  • Remove the Comments section
  • Replace Powered by WordPress


  • Why you want to use LayersWP
  • How to Install Layers WP via WordPress
  • Quick Overview of the Layers Dashboard
  • Explanation of Layout
  • Customization of the Layers Settings
  • Creating Layers Page(s)
  • Adding Layers to the Page(s)
  • How to Add a Slider Layer
  • How to Add a Video / Media Layer
  • How to Add a Layer with Custom HTML code
  • How to Install a Layers WP Child Theme
  • How to Import a Style Kits (aka extra layers)
  • How to Install Extensions
  • How to Hide “Built with Layers” Icon


Part 1: Backup

  • Backup Software and why they’re needed
  • How to Install and Quick Overview
  • Setup Storage
  • How to Set Automatic Schedules
  • How to do a Test Backup

Part 2: Restore

  • How to Upload Files
  • How to Create a MySQL Database
  • How to Restore the Backup


  • WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org
  • Proprietary System Limitations
  • WordPress for Small Businesses
  • Myths Debunked
  • Easy CMS
  • Is it SEO Friendly?
  • Dynamic Websites
  • Custom WordPress Plugins


Part 1: Planning Your Online Ecommerce Store

  • Overview of The Course
  • Types of eCommerce (Digital vs. Physical)
  • Examples of Digital Ecommerce Stores
  • Platforms to Integrate Into
  • EDD Membership sites?
  • EDD Marketplaces?
  • Get Ideas: eCommerce Competitor Intelligence
  • Map Out Your Draft Sales Funnel
  • Finding Compatible – EDD Themes
  • EDD Extensions: Payment Processors
  • EDD Extensions: Must Have
  • EDD Extensions: Increase Your Profit
  • Finalize your Sales Funnel Map

Part 2: Implementation

  • Install Easy Digital Downloads
  • Quick Overview of EDD
  • Creating Downloads
  • Create Thank You Pages
  • Integrate EDD into Your Theme


  • Intro to Theme and who’s it for?
  • Different ways to use it?
  • Overview of Design and Layout
  • WordPress Customizer Overview
  • Site Identity
  • Header Image or Video
  • Colors
  • Widgets
  • Static Page
  • Page Layout


  • What Is WP Multisite And How Can It Help You?
  • Disadvantages of Multisite
  • How it Works
  • Can It Work With Existing Sites?
  • Planning Out Your MultiSite Network
  • How to Create Subdomains
  • Softaculous Installation
  • Quick Overview of Dashboard
  • Network settings
  • Super Admin
  • Individual Site Creation
  • Users
  • Network Enabled Plugins
  • Network Enabled Themes
  • How Do Updates Work?
  • How to Use Multisite As A User

Plus additional titles as new videos are released.

For more details and to view the latest videos, go here: TutorialMixer


"I have used the tutorials to teach all of my clients and it has probably never been so easy for everyone to learn WordPress ... Now I don't need to buy all these very expensive video courses that often don't deliver what they promise." - Stefan Wendt, Internet Marketing Success Group

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