WPTrainMe WordPress User Tutorials Plugin

The WPTrainMe WordPress training plugin gives you instant access to hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials inside your WordPress Dashboard …

WPTrainMe WordPress User Tutorials Plugin

Please note: This plugin is no longer supported.

All the information that was included in this plugin can now be found on WPCompendium and The Complete Step-By-Step WordPress User Manual.

Do you have a WordPress web site and need to learn how to use WordPress?

WordPress is used to run loads of sites and weblogs all over the world, including websites for some of the world’s biggest organizations, academic institutions and famous people.

WordPress also lets you very easily build, set up and maintain powerful, professional and visually stunning websites. In truth, you’re able to use WordPress to set up everything from business web sites, individual blogs, affiliate marketing and / or service review websites, to online commerce sites, private access web sites … even online networks!

WordPress isn’t only the world’s most popular content management system and web based publishing software, but it’s also completely free!

The BAD News …

You could just pay someone like your web developer, your website designer, or a webmaster to take care of everything that needs doing on your website, but that can add up to a lot of money, especially when you are running a small business, things are tight, and you only need small things done that take very little time to do and require no technical expertise, like making small content changes, installing themes and plugins, etc.

Learning how to use WordPress can save you a considerable amount of time and money. You can manage most things yourself, and only spend money on professionals when you really need expert assistance (e.g. tech support, custom web development or coding, web programming, etc.)

Save time and money learning WordPress yourself!

(Save time and money learning WordPress yourself!)

Learning WordPress, however, has its challenges.

Although there’s a lot of information online related to using WordPress, nearly all of it can be disorganized and consists typically of tutorials and helpful hints suited more for techie folks such as web developers. You could end up spending a ton of valuable time searching on the internet for answers, and still end up confused.

And then, of course, there are many things which YOU DON’T KNOW about WordPress! Things such as the best ways to configure WordPress to drive more potential customers to your website, plus time-saving advice, applications and methods you could use (normally at zero cost) to deliver you BIGGER, BETTER, and FASTER results, and a lot more!

There has been no comprehensive step-by-step training system that you can follow to learn how to use, take care of and grow a digital presence fast and effectively with WordPress, particularly if you are not really tech-savvy … until now!

The GREAT News …

WordPress enables you to control all aspects of your online presence, with little to no technical skills required … and for very little to no cost!

WPTrainMe – WordPress User Tutorials Plugin

WPTrainMe - WordPress Screenshot Training Plugin

(Learn how to use WordPress easily inside your own WP dashboard with hundreds of detailed step-by-step WordPress tutorials!)

Plugin Description

WPTrainMe is a simple-to-install, complete and easy-to-use WordPress A-Z training system. The WPTrainMe plugin allows instant access to many in-depth step-by-step online tutorials addressing every aspect of using WordPress in your WordPress admin area.

WPTrainMe tutorials can be accessed directly inside your dashboard!

(WPTrainMe plugin’s tutorials can be accessed directly inside your WordPress dashboard!)

The training teaches you the simplest way to install, set up, configure, customise, use, look after, expand and profit with WordPress without making you jump all over cyberspace looking for answers.

WPTrainMe includes many hundreds of useful step-by-step online tutorials with thousands of screenshots, downloadable checklists, templates, accompanying videos and a lot more.

Best of all … zero technical expertise is required!

Learn how to use WordPress fast with detailed tutorials!

(Learn how to use WordPress fast with detailed step-by-step tutorials!)

Everything you need to master using WordPress is covered in the WPTrainMe tutorials. And you’re able to gain access to all of the tutorials instantly from your private WordPress dashboard the moment you need help with WordPress.

Go here to learn more: WPTrainMe


Here are some of the various benefits of choosing the WPTrainMe plugin for learning WordPress:

Excellent WordPress Training For Non-Techies

All WordPress tutorials are specifically written for non-technical users, not website builders or tech “geeks.” All tutorials are laid out in logical sequence with navigation menus and search tools which makes the plugin easy to use and find what you are looking for. All the content and info is kept easy and simple to understand and delivered using loads of detailed screenshots and instructions.

Links to related tutorials are also shown with each tutorial, as well as related “over the shoulder” videos should you want to review the content. What makes the tutorials even better is that no coding skills are necessary to implement what you learn in the tutorials.

Learn What Can Be Done In WordPress As You Go

The plugin provides context-related tutorials, so any time you require assistance with whichever section you happen to be working in, just click on the help tab in your own dashboard and a number of tutorials appropriate to that component will display, providing you with immediate access to helpful information on what to do.

WPTrainMe Tutorials Are Kept Up-To-Date

WordPress is continually changing and evolving. With WPTrainMe, training content can be kept up-to-date to reflect the latest WordPress software and functionality changes. New tutorials are also continually being uploaded to the plugin to help you learn all that can be achieved with WordPress. Whenever new WordPress lessons are added to the WPTrainMe program, these become instantly accessible to you inside your admin area.

Additional benefits include:

  • Save time: All that you Whatever you want to know to master working with WordPress is instantly available in a single area and accessed with just one click inside the WP admin area.
  • Save money: WPTrainMe helps you to save hundreds of dollars on WordPress coaching. You will find it hard to discover another WordPress training program that provides so much detailed information and value for money.
  • Learn WordPress at your own schedule: The tutorials are available 24/7 inside the admin panel, enabling you to learn the training content in your own personal time and within your own needs.

Training modules are organized in logical order and contain dozens of detailed step-by-step tutorials!

(Training modules are organized in logical order and each module contains dozens of detailed tutorials!)


The plugin’s tutorials help you learn each of the main WordPress sections and address every area of WordPress.

Plugin users get access to a growing library of complete online tutorials divided into 10 learning course modules:

  • WordPress Introduction
  • WP Installation
  • WordPress Configuration Settings
  • How To Use WP
  • WP Plugin Tutorials
  • WP Customization
  • Managing WP
  • Optimizing WordPress
  • How To Secure WP
  • Making Money With WP

Additional features include things like:

  • Works on all devices: WPTrainMe was designed on a fully-responsive platform, enabling you to access the tutorials through your personal computer, mobile computer, tablet or smart phone.
  • Created by WP training experts for general WordPress users: All tutorials are expertly authored for non-expert WP users, delivered in logical sequence and well interlinked with other related information.
  • A complete WP teaching plugin: WPTrainMe tutorials consist of hundreds of screenshot tutorials with detailed instructions, related video tutorials, flowcharts, templates, check lists, supplemental downloadable information and more!
  • Immediate access: All you need to learn to be able to grow and manage your own small business web presence is accessible with a click of your mouse inside of your own website’s control area.

Detailed screenshot tutorials with helpful instructions make learning WordPress fast, easy and simple!

(Detailed screenshot tutorials with helpful instructions make learning how to use WordPress fast, easy and simple!)

User Feedback

Below are a few of the testimonials and feedback that users have written in regards to WPTrainMe’s WordPress plugin tutorials:

“I was absolutely amazed at the scope and breadth of these tutorials. I challenge anybody to find better value for money! The most in-depth training I have ever received on any subject!” Myke O’Neill, DailyGreenPost.com


“VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE site! I truly wish you had it up 18 months ago. From what I have seen so far, this course would have saved me thousands and months of being scammed!” Daniel Warren, TheFamilyShoppingStore.com

Plugin Tips

If your company needs to teach team members how to use WordPress, then the WPTrainMe plugin is a valuable and time-saving instructional tool. As an alternative to having to spend a couple of hours training staff how to use WP, you can simply install the WPTrainMe plugin on your domain and then teach them how to access the tutorials instead. This way, you’ll be encouraging them to educate themselves about all they have to know to use WordPress effectively whenever they need.

All tutorials can be accessed on your mobile device

(Tutorials can be accessed on all mobile devices)

WPTrainMe Plugin Support

Because the WPTrainMe training plugin works mostly as an interface to an external site where all of the information is actually located, the plugin is very light-weight and uses does not use much in the way of your server’s resources. Additionally, the plugin is technically very well supported and comes with a comprehensive online user guide with video instructions showing you how to install and use it, in addition to FAQs and access to a user support help desk.

Software Pricing

The WPTrainMe plugin comes in 4 different editions:

  • FREE – The FREE plugin edition provides users with access to dozens of detailed ‘step-by-step’ tutorials on using WordPress. Cost = Free.
  • PRO – This license option gives you access to the full WPTrainMe content library, which includes hundreds of step-by-step tutorials. Price = $37 (yearly subscription).

Please Note: Price details for WPTrainMe depends on whether there are any promotions or limited-time specials being offered. When we last checked, the plugin sells for the amounts shown above. This may or may not be the actual price charged by the software seller when you visit the website.

Check the plugin’s website for current pricing details: WPTrainMe – WordPress Training Plugin

Additional Information

WPTrainMe has been designed to allow the tutorials to be easily updateable whenever WordPress functionality is significantly updated, as all of the training content is stored on external servers and delivered via the plugin’s interface.

In fact, the WPTrainMe plugin allows you to access all of the written tutorials here on WPCompendium.org plus hundreds of additional WordPress and online marketing video tutorials …

(WPTrainMe’s tutorials are automatically updated inside the plugin whenever significant improvements are made to WordPress!)

For more details about the WPTrainMe plugin, visit the WPTrainMe website.

We Recommend …

If you plan to start, develop and manage a WordPress website or blog, then we recommend that you subscribe to the PRO version of the WPTrainMe plugin, which gives you full access to all of the tutorials and additional training content.

As an additional bonus, PRO users get a downloadable 250+ page step-by-step instructional guide that explains exactly how to install WordPress, which is very useful, since you will have to install WordPress on a domain first before you can install the WPTrainMe plugin on your website.

WPTrainMe PRO plugin users also receive a detailed step-by-step WordPress Installation Guide!

(A detailed WordPress Installation Guide is included for PRO plugin users!)

For full details, check out the plugin here: WPTrainMe – WordPress Tutorials Plugin