WPTrainMe WordPress User Tutorials Plugin

The WPTrainMe WordPress training plugin gives you instant access to hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials inside your WordPress Dashboard …

WPTrainMe WordPress User Tutorials Plugin

Please note: This plugin is no longer supported.

All the information that was included in this plugin can now be found on WPCompendium and The Complete Step-By-Step WordPress User Manual.

Do you have a WordPress web site and need to learn how to use WordPress fast?

WordPress is currently used to drive millions of business and personal sites and blogs around the globe, as well as web sites for many of the biggest enterprises, universities and famous celebs.

WordPress also lets you easily set up and look after powerful, professional and beautiful-looking web sites. Actually, you can use WordPress to create everything from business websites, your own blogs, internet affiliate marketing and / or product review websites, to ebusiness sites, member web sites … and even social media sites!

WordPress is not merely the world’s preferred website CMS and web publishing software, it’s also 100% free!

The Not So Good News …

You could pay someone like your web developer, or a website designer to take care of your website, but that can become expensive, especially if you are running a small business on a tight budget and you only need small things done that take very little time to do and require no technical expertise, like adding or editing content, changing settings or installing plugins, themes, etc.

You can save time and money learning how to use WordPress. You can manage most things yourself, and bring in a professional only when you need help (e.g. technical support, custom website development or coding, web marketing, etc.)

Save considerable time and money learning how to use WordPress!

(Learning how to use WordPress can save you a great deal of time and money!)

Learning WordPress, however, has its challenges.

Although there’s a ton of help and advice on line pertaining to working with WordPress, nearly all of it can be disjointed and consists typically of online tutorials and helpful hints suited for techie folks such as web developers. It is easy to end up spending a ton of valuable time searching on the internet to get answers, and still find yourself confused.

And then, of course, there are plenty of things that YOU DON’T KNOW concerning WordPress! Things like how to configure WordPress to attract more traffic cost-effectively to your website, plus time-saving advice, applications and techniques you can employ (normally without spending a dime) to bring your business BIGGER, BETTER, and FASTER results, and a lot more!

There really hasn’t been a in-depth step-by-step learning system that you can follow to teach yourself how to build, take care of and grow an online presence fast and effectively with WordPress, particularly if you are not necessarily technical-minded … until now!

The Excellent News …

WordPress lets you take full control of your digital business presence, with little to no technical expertise required … and for almost no cost!

WPTrainMe – WordPress User Tutorials Plugin

WPTrainMe - WordPress Screenshot Tutorials Plugin

(Learn WordPress easily inside your own WP dashboard with hundreds of detailed step-by-step WordPress tutorials!)

Plugin Description

WPTrainMe is a complete and easy-to-use WordPress A-Z learning plugin. The WPTrainMe plugin allows instant access to many detailed step-by-step screenshot tutorials covering every aspect of working with WordPress from your very own WordPress admin dashboard.

WPTrainMe lets you instantly hundreds of WordPress step-by-step tutorials directly inside your dashboard!

(WPTrainMe tutorials can be accessed directly from your WordPress dashboard!)

WPTrainMe shows you the easiest way to install, set up, configure, customize, use, manage, expand and make money with WordPress without making you hop all over cyberspace seeking out answers.

WPTrainMe is comprised of 100s of practical step-by-step tutorials with thousands of screenshots, downloadable checklists, templates, related videos and more.

Best of all … little or no technical knowledge is necessary!

teach yourself WordPress with detailed step-by-step tutorials!

(Learn WordPress fast with detailed step-by-step tutorials!)

Everything you need to master using WordPress is covered within the WPTrainMe lessons. And you can get access to each of the tutorials instantly within your private WordPress dashboard if you ever need any assistance with WordPress.

For more information, go here: WPTrainMe

Benefits Of Using WPTrainMe

Here are some of the various advantages of choosing the WPTrainMe plugin for learning WordPress:

Excellent WordPress Training For Non-Geeks

The tutorials are especially designed for non-technical end users, not web site builders or tech “nerds.” The tutorials are laid out in logical sequence with navigation menus and search features making the plugin very simple to use and find what you are searching for. All of the training content and info is kept simple and easy to understand and delivered using many detailed step-by-step instructions.

Links to related content are also available with each lesson, as well as accompanying “over the shoulder” instructional videos if you want to review the material. Even better, no code programming skills are necessary to apply what you learn in the tutorials.

In-Context WP Help

The plugin will provide context-related instructions, so the moment you require help with any area you are doing work in, just click on the help tab inside of your dashboard and a number of tutorials related to that section will display, providing you with immediate access to timely information on what to do.

Plugin Content Gets Updated As WordPress Changes

WordPress is continuously growing and evolving. With WPTrainMe, tutorials can be maintained up-to-date to reflect any new WordPress software and functionality changes. New lessons are continually being added to the plugin to help you fully understand all that you can do via WordPress. Whenever new WordPress lessons are put into the WPTrainMe system, these are immediately made available to you within your WP dashboard.

Additional benefits include:

  • Save time: All you want to know in order to master working with WordPress can be found in one location and can be accessed with just one click inside the admin panel.
  • Save money: WPTrainMe helps you to save hundreds of dollars on WordPress education. You will find it very hard to come across an alternative WordPress learning product that delivers so much training content and true value for money.
  • Learn WordPress to suit your own schedule: The online tutorials are available 24/7 inside your administration panel, enabling you to learn the material in your own personal time and within your own needs.

WPTrainMe's training modules are organized in logical order and contain dozens of detailed tutorials!

(Training modules are organized in logical order and each module contains dozens of detailed step-by-step tutorials!)

WPTrainMe Features

The WPTrainMe tutorials teach you every one of the main WP sections and explain every facet of WordPress.

Users have access to hundreds of expertly-written online tutorials broken down into ten course modules:

  • Introduction To WordPress
  • How To Install WordPress
  • Configuring WordPress Settings
  • How To Use WP
  • WP Plugin Tutorials
  • Customizing WordPress
  • WordPress Management
  • How To Optimize WordPress
  • WP Security
  • WP Strategies

Additional features include:

  • Works on all devices: WPTrainMe is built on a fully-responsive platform, allowing you to gain access to the information through your desktop PC, mobile computer, PC tablet or smartphone.
  • Written by WordPress experts for general WordPress users: All tutorials are expertly created for general persons, delivered in logical order and totally interlinked with related tutorials.
  • A comprehensive WP training plugin: WPTrainMe tutorials include +500 screenshot tutorials with step-by-step information, related video lessons, flowcharts, templates, checklists, additional downloadable files and a whole lot more!
  • One-click access: All you need to know to grow and manage your own small business online presence is available at the click of your mouse button within your own web site’s WP control area.

Detailed screenshot tutorials with helpful instructions make learning WordPress simple,easy and fast!

(Screenshot tutorials with helpful instructions make learning how to use WordPress fast, simple and easy!)

User Testimonials

Below are a couple of the testimonials plugin users have written about WPTrainMe’s plugin tutorials:

”I have used the tutorials to teach all of my clients and it has probably never been so easy for everyone to learn WordPress. It is very pedagogic structured. Now I don’t need to buy all these very expensive video courses that often don’t deliver what they promise.” – Stefan Wendt, Internet Marketing Success Group


“VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE site! I truly wish you had it up 18 months ago. From what I have seen so far, this course would have saved me thousands and months of being scammed!” Daniel Warren, TheFamilyShoppingStore.com

Useful Plugin Tips

If you need to teach team members about using WordPress, then the WPTrainMe plugin is a valuable and time-saving learning system. As an alternative to spending a long training session training team members how to use WordPress to do a range of things that they’ll most likely forget soon after showing them what to do, you can simply install the WPTrainMe plugin on your web site and then show them how to access the training instead. This way, you’ll be encouraging them to acquire the knowledge they need in order to use WordPress efficiently anytime they need it.

Access tutorials on all mobile devices

(View all tutorials on your mobile device)

WPTrainMe Support

Because the WPTrainMe WP training plugin is simply an interface to an external site where all of the training content is actually stored, the plugin is extremely light-weight and utilizes does not use a lot of your site’s resources. Nonetheless, the plugin is technically very well supported and comes with an in-depth online step-by-step user manual with videos showing you how to install and use it, as well as FAQs and a plugin user support helpdesk.

Software Price

The WPTrainMe plugin comes in four licensing options:

  • FREE – This gives website owners access to dozens of detailed ‘step-by-step’ tutorials on using WordPress. Price = Free.
  • PRO – This provides you with access to the complete WPTrainMe library, which includes hundreds of step-by-step tutorials. Cost = $37 (yearly).

Please Note: Price details for the WPTrainMe plugin depends on whether there are any promotions or limited-time specials being offered. When we last checked, the product sells for the amounts shown above. This may or may not be the actual pricing charged by the plugin author if you visit the plugin site.

Check the plugin’s website for current pricing details: WPTrainMe – WordPress Training Plugin

Additional Plugin Info

The WPTrainMe plugin allows the content to be easily updateable when WordPress features are significantly updated, as all of the tutorials is stored on external servers and delivered to users via the plugin’s interface.

In fact, the WPTrainMe plugin allows you to access all of the written tutorials here on WPCompendium.org plus hundreds of additional WordPress and online marketing video tutorials …

(WPTrainMe’s tutorials can be easily updated inside the plugin whenever WordPress makes significant changes!)

For more details about the WPTrainMe plugin, visit the WPTrainMe website.

We Highly Recommend This …

If you plan to build, develop or manage a WordPress web site, then we recommend that you download the PRO version of the WPTrainMe plugin, which gives you full access to all tutorials and additional training content.

As an added bonus, PRO users get a downloadable 250+ page step-by-step instructional guide showing you how to install WordPress, which is very useful, since you have to install WordPress before installing the plugin on your site.

WPTrainMe PRO plugin users also receive a detailed step-by-step WordPress Installation Guide!

(A detailed step-by-step WordPress Installation Guide is included for PRO plugin users!)

For complete details, visit the plugin website here: WPTrainMe – WordPress Training Plugin