Basic Web Security And Threat Risk Prevention

Web Security And Threat Risk Prevention

Basic Web Security And Threat Risk Prevention

WordPress Security TutorialsAs a WordPress user, it’s important to treat the subject of computer security, website security and online security seriously and have preventative measures in place to reduce risk and ensure that your site and online business are kept protected and secure.

There are just too many things that can go wrong – every single day web hosting servers get fried, hackers break into accounts, websites disappear without explanation and entire businesses are wiped out. Yours could be one of them.

Protecting your WordPress site is essential for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason for protecting your WordPress site is so you won’t lose all of the hard work you’ve put into building your website and your business.

Basic Online Security

WordPress security is a huge issue. If your site gets overhauled by hackers, attacked by malicious or unauthorized users, or taken down by Google, you’ll be left with a huge mess on your hands.

There are many things you can do to add layers of security that will help prevent hackers from getting access to your computer and website accounts.

This section of the WordPress Security Tutorials module includes tutorials on basic web security and threat risk prevention. In this module, we’ll explore the basic principles of creating a secure online environment and reducing the risk of online threats. Topics covered in this training section include:

  • Password Security
  • User Security
  • Computer Security
  • Software Security
  • Email Security
  • Browser Security



Some tutorials in this module may require editing your WordPress template or server files. If you need help modifying template or server files please contact a professional or experienced WordPress user for assistance (learn where to get help with WordPress).

Important: Always do a backup of your WordPress site (files and data) before modifying any files. If you don’t want to perform your own site backups, then get professional help, or use backup plugins.

Learn about a great WordPress backup plugin that we recommend using to automate WordPress site backups here:

Click below to view tutorials on the importance of securing your WordPress installation:

{WordPress|WP} {Security|Security Basics|Security Overview}

WordPress Security Explained

Learn why WordPress is a secure web platform for building and running your business online ...
WordPress Security Guide For Beginners

WordPress Security Guide For Beginners

The WordPress security guide for beginners provides an overview of the security components that help keep your WordPress site secure and protected ...
Understanding The Mindset Of Hackers

Understanding The Mindset Of Hackers

This tutorial explores reasons why individuals are motivated to hack into computer networks, computers, and websites ...
WordPress Security Tutorials

What To Do If Your WordPress Site Has Been Hacked

Learn what to do if your WordPress site has been hacked or compromised ...
{WordPress|WP} Security

How To Protect Your WordPress Site From A Brute-Force Attack

Learn how to protect your WordPress site from being brute-force attacked, or having its security compromised by hackers or bots ...
WordPress {Brute-Force Attack|Brute-Force} {Protection|Prevention} Plugins

WordPress Brute-Force Attack Prevention Plugins

In this tutorial, we explore WordPress plugins that can help prevent your WordPress website from brute-force attacks ...
WordPress Security Tutorials

User Security

In this tutorial, we look at ways to improve user security as part of your overall web security plan ...
WordPress Security Tutorials

Online Password Security

In this tutorial, we look at basic security practices that contribute to overall web security, like password security ...
WordPress Security Tutorials

WordPress Security – Password Management Software

In this tutorial, we look at password management software that can help to improve online password security ...
Backup Creator - {Backup|Back Up}, {Clone|Duplicate} {And|&} {Protect Your {WordPress|WP} {Website|Websites|Site|Sites|Web Site|Web Sites|Websites And Blogs}|Keep Your {WordPress|WP} {Website|Websites|Site|Sites|Web Site|Web Sites|Websites And Blogs} Protected}

Backup Creator – WordPress Backup Plugin

Backup Creator is an easy-to-use plugin that allows you to backup your WordPress data, clone your websites, and protect your sites against data loss ...
WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress Security Plugins

In this tutorial, we explore different types of WordPress security plugins that help to protect and keep your digital presence secure ...
WordPress Security Checklist

WordPress Security Checklist

Use this free WordPress Security Checklist to ensure that your WordPress site remains protected and secure at all times ...
WordPress Security Video Tutorials

WordPress Security Video Tutorials

Learn how to access our library of WordPress security video tutorials ...

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