Your Server – Web Hosting Security

Your Server – Web Hosting Security

This section of the WordPress Security Tutorials module includes tutorials on web hosting security.


Some tutorials in this module may require editing your WordPress template or server files. If you need help modifying template or server files please contact a professional or experienced WordPress user for assistance (learn where to get help with WordPress).

Important: Always do a backup of your WordPress site (files and data) before modifying any files. If you don’t want to back up your files manually, then consider getting professional assistance, or use a WordPress backup plugin.

Learn about a WordPress backup plugin that we recommend using to automate site backups here:

Click below to view tutorials about the importance of securing your WordPress website:

{WordPress|WP} {Security|Security Basics|Security Overview}

WordPress Security Explained

Learn why WordPress is a secure web platform for building and running your business online ...
WordPress Security Guide For Beginners

WordPress Security Guide For Beginners

The WordPress security guide for beginners provides an overview of the security components that help keep your WordPress site secure and protected ...
Understanding The Mindset Of Hackers

Understanding The Mindset Of Hackers

This tutorial explores reasons why individuals are motivated to hack into computer networks, computers, and websites ...
WordPress Security Tutorials

What To Do If Your WordPress Site Has Been Hacked

Learn what to do if your WordPress site has been hacked or compromised ...
How To Set Up {Web Hosting|Webhosting} For Your WordPress Site

How To Set Up Web Hosting For Your WordPress Site

Learn how to set up a web hosting account for your WordPress website or blog ...
How To Configure File Permission Settings On Your Server

How To Configure Server File Permission Settings

Learn how to configure permission settings for files and directories on your server ...
{WordPress|WP} Security

How To Protect Your WordPress Site From A Brute-Force Attack

Learn how to protect your WordPress site from being brute-force attacked, or having its security compromised by hackers or bots ...
WordPress Security Checklist

WordPress Security Checklist

Use this free WordPress Security Checklist to ensure that your WordPress site remains protected and secure at all times ...
WordPress Security Video Tutorials

WordPress Security Video Tutorials

Learn how to access our library of WordPress security video tutorials ...

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