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WordPress Security Video Tutorials

You can access the WordPress security video tutorials listed below inside the WPTrainMe members’ area (or purchase the videos for your own personal use here):


The WordPress security tutorials walk you through the process of setting up, securing, and protecting your WordPress site.



These videos explain how to add layers of security to your WordPress site:

  • More Secure Manual Install [includes Written Steps] – 10:24
  • More Secure 1-Click Install – 6:41
  • Secure FTP – 3:22
  • Secure WP-Config.php [includes Copy & Paste Code] – 5:31
  • Secure Admin Username – 3:27
  • Secure Webhosting – 6:20
  • More Secure Passwords – 2:20
  • Secure Database Prefix – 6:56
  • Secure Cleanup [includes Copy & Paste Code] – 6:40
  • Configure iThemes Security (formally BWS) Plugin – 7:25
  • Prevent Brute Force Attacks – 5:40
  • Manual Backup-Break-Restore – 6:15


These videos show you how to secure and protect your computer, server, and WordPress site from hackers and malware attacks:

  • Protect Your Computer [Antivirus and Anti-Spyware – Avast and Webroot] (4:07) – Protecting your computer is the first line of defense because malware and viruses in your computer and files could enter the WordPress files that you upload to your site. Malware is often injected via scripts into your code without your knowledge.
  • Web Server Vulnerabilities (3:58) – This area is often overlooked. If your web hosting company does not update their software frequently to meet WordPress requirements, potential backdoors and security breaches can happen.
  • WP Database Backups (3:22) – Backing up your WordPress Database is crucial before doing any updates or changes to your site. This video shows you how to backup your WordPress database.
  • Secure File & Directory Permissions (9:57) – Understanding how file and directory permissions can impact WordPress security is important. In this video, you’ll learn how to change permissions of files and folders correctly.
  • Update All Software (6:14) – Updating WordPress software is one of the first lines of defense. However, updating your software can be challenging, depending on your web hosting setup. This video explains what could happen during this process and how to combat it.
  • Firewalls (4:47) – Just like protecting your computer with firewalls, in this video you’ll learn how to protect your entire WordPress site and block out spam bots.
  • Monitoring Your Files (5:19) – This video explains how to monitor your files and get notified if someone edits your files without your permission.
  • WordPress Security Scanners (10:26) – This video compares different WordPress security plugins, focusing on WordPress security scanners to detect malware in your site before it’s too late.


Password Managers provide you with an easy and secure way to keep track of all your passwords. This video series covers 2 powerful FREE Password Managers and how to use them:

Roboform – RoboForm is a powerful password management tool that lets you manage multiple passwords easily and access all of your logins with a single click from your desktop PC, laptop or mobile device.

Roboform - Password Manager

(Roboform – Password Manager)

Download it here:

KeePass – KeePass is a free open-source portable password manager for PC (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X), with ports available for Android, iPhone, iPad, and more.

Download it here:


  • Online Security Why (3:48)
  • KeePass Introduction (2:10)
  • KeePass Install (4:05)
  • KeePass Create Database (3:50)
  • KeePass Add Entry (5:16)
  • RoboForm Introduction (4:12)
  • RoboForm Install (3:56)
  • RoboForm Tour (4:20)
  • RoboForm Add Logins (5:22)
  • RoboForm Identities (8:24)


These videos focus on how to use the Duplicator Pro site migration and backup plugin to automatically backup and restore WordPress sites, including the WordPress database.

Note: The process of backing up and restoring WordPress sites can be automated using other plugins. See our tutorial on using BackUp Creator for an equally impressive backup and restore plugin to Duplicator Pro.


Part 1: Backup

  • Why Backup Softwares Are Needed
  • How To Install And Quick Overview
  • Setup Storage
  • How To Set Automatic Schedules
  • How To Do A Test Backup

Part 2: Restore

  • How To Upload Files
  • How To Create A MySQL Database
  • How To Restore The Backup


  • How To Change Password In WordPress Admin
  • WordPress Security
  • How To Prevent Brute Force Attacks
  • Additional Videos – How To Create WordPress Backups
  • Additional Videos – How To Restore Previous WordPress Backups

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