WP Total Audit – Find And Fix Common WordPress Errors

Find and fix common WordPress errors with WP Total Audit.

WP Total Audit – Find And Fix Common WordPress Errors

WP Total Audit - Find And Fix Common WordPress ErrorsIn this post, we look at a WordPress security plugin that can help you find and fix common WordPress installation faults.

For additional information on keeping WordPress secure and troubleshooting common WordPress errors, see the following sections:

WP Total Audit

WP Total Audit - Find & fix common errors in WordPress

(WP Total Audit – Find & fix common WordPress errors)

After logging into thousands of WordPress sites while providing help or support for customers, the expert WordPress developers of WP Total Audit noticed the same installation or configuration mistakes being made over and over again, leaving the sites vulnerable to security attacks, plugin conflicts, etc.

Fortunately, these common mistakes are easy to fix and the WP Total Audit plugin provides ‘one-click’ fixes to from your dashboard. Whether you are a WordPress newbie or you have been using WordPress for years, WP Total Audit is a useful and inexpensive plugin that will automatically scan your site for security and performance loopholes and instantly alert you about any issues that need fixing …

WP Total Audit - Find & fix 17 hidden WordPress dangers in seconds!

(WP Total Audit – Find & fix 17 hidden WordPress dangers in seconds!)

WP Total Audit can be used in brand new or established WordPress sites and can be installed alongside other WordPress security plugins for hardened security.

Here are just some testimonials from WP Total Audit users:

”Got it, fixed a major flaw in my Wp_config. great plugin for such a low price!” Johan Puttemans

“I have a $250 plugin securing my site. This $9 plugin found errors and fixed them in a few seconds. Great.” Stig Solberg

This inexpensive plugin installs in seconds, can be used on all your WordPress sites, offers a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime updates and support.

Go here to learn more: WP Total Audit


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Free Online Computer Website And WordPress Security Tutorials Guide Launched

A free online guide to computer and website security for non-technical website owners has launched showing WordPress users how to improve the security of their sites.

Free Online Computer Website And WordPress Security Tutorials Guide LaunchedRound Corner, Australia – May 16, 2017 /NewsNetwork/ —

With cybersecurity threats on the rise, a free online guide to computer and website security for non-technical website owners has launched showing WordPress users how to improve the security of their sites regardless of technical experience.

WordPress website owners and small businesses who want to learn how to improve all aspects of their online security now have access to a free online guide to computer and website security written especially for a non-technical audience.

More information can be found at: https://wpcompendium.org/wordpress-security-tutorials.

With WordPress powering over a quarter of all websites worldwide, millions of small businesses face the risk of having their online security compromised by malicious activities of hackers, anonymous users, and bots spreading malware, ransomware, and other potentially disastrous viruses, which can strike anywhere in their system.

According to Martin Aranovitch of WPCompendium.org, “every website owner is responsible for learning the basics of how to improve their online security at all levels and not just hope that their web hosting company or web developer has this covered.”

Online security begins by making online users aware of all the areas they may be leaving themselves vulnerable to being attacked and showing them basic ways to protect themselves and their assets. Although the free security tutorials on WPCompendium.org are aimed mostly at owners of WordPress sites, the information contained in this comprehensive online guide is beneficial to all website owners, especially non-technical beginners, as these are divided into various sections that explain how to keep passwords, computers, software, web browsers, web servers, website data, files, and web content secure, protected, backed up, and up-to-date.

Over six years of experience have gone into writing, compiling, and presenting the information available on the site. The site emphasizes that business owners looking for ways to grow and operate their business securely online can rely on WPCompendium as a valuable source of reference. While information in books and printed media tend to become quickly outdated, the online articles, tutorials, and guides found on WPCompendium are regularly being added to and continually revised to provide up-to-date information.

Tutorials in the WordPress modules also include checklists and guides that can be downloaded and printed and links to additional resources for more advanced users. More information can be found on the WPCompendium.org site or by visiting: https://wpcompendium.org/wordpress-security-tutorials.

Contact Info:
Name: Martin Aranovitch
Email: media@wpcompendium.com
Organization: WPCompendium.org
Address: PO Box 48, Round Corner, NSW 2158 Australia

Source: NewsNetwork
Release ID: 29902
Published by DistributionPress.com


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RoboForm – Password Management Tool

RoboForm is a powerful password management tool that lets you easily store all of your login passwords and generate secure passwords.

If you have many online accounts (e.g. social media, subscriptions, membership sites, websites, online banking, etc.), then keeping track of all your logins and passwords can be daunting.

Using the same login details for every account is a huge online security risk. This is where a password management tool like RoboForm comes handy.

RoboForm – Password Management Tool


RoboForm - Password Management Tool

(RoboForm – Password Management Tool)

RoboForm is one of the world’s leading password management software programs. It is simple to install, easy to use, lets you fill login usernames and passwords (and forms) automatically, and works on all devices (PCs, laptops, mobile devices, etc.), all browsers and across all platforms.

Imagine having to memorize different logins and passwords for hundreds of accounts. RoboForm helps you manage multiple passwords easily and access all of your logins with a single click from your desktop PC, laptop or mobile device …

RoboForm lets you easily manage logins for hundreds of online accounts

(RoboForm lets you easily manage logins for hundreds of online accounts)

RoboForm also lets you print and save your stored details and synchronize logins between your computer or laptop and mobile device …

Use RoboForm to login from mobile devices

(Use RoboForm to login from mobile devices)

RoboForm includes a number of handy features, including a password tool for generating and storing secure passwords …

RoboForm password generator

(RoboForm password generator)

RoboForm is continually updated, secured with military-grade AES 256 encryption, and provides excellent user support.

More Info: RoboForm

To learn more about password management software tools and password security, see the tutorials below:


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