Non-Techies Are The Future Of WordPress: WordPress Gutenberg & The WordPress Paradox

New developments like WordPress Gutenberg will continue to make WordPress easier and simpler for non-techies to use …

WordPress Gutenberg - Making WordPress Easier For Non-Techies

Imagine this for a moment:

  1. You know that it’s becoming increasingly tougher for businesses to compete in the global and digital economy. Technologies like the internet and social media and digital marketing methods like e-commerce, email marketing, online advertising, and affiliate marketing are making it easier for more businesses around the world to set up a global online presence and target customers in your local area via their computers and mobile devices.
  2. You run a business (or work in one) that has a website.
  3. You would like to see your website and your digital presence deliver your business better results (e.g. more traffic, more leads, more subscribers, more sales, etc.), while also leveraging your time and resources, saving you money, and making you more money too.
  4. You understand that, while the global economy is making things increasingly tougher for businesses to remain competitive and profitable,  the digital age is also creating many new opportunities for businesses to expand into new markets, products, and services, and offering many new ways and methods to increase their exposure and grow their revenue online.
  5. The problem with all the above, however, is that for your business to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy and harness the opportunities offered by technology in the digital age,  you need to understand the technology and have control of your digital processes.

If you are a non-technical person working in a business where everyone else is also a non-techie, non-coder, non-web developer, or non-digital marketing expert and your business would like to get better results from its web presence, then how would you build the technology powering your website?

Would you make it:

A) More technical to understand and more complicated to use, or

B) Easier to understand and simpler to use and control.

If you are a non-technical person working in a business where everyone else is a non-techie, non-coder, non-web developer, or non-digital marketing expert and you choose a technical web platform to power your online presence, then you are going to have to keep surrounding yourself with more technical and digital marketing experts for your business to remain competitive in an increasingly tougher economy.

This is only going to make it increasingly harder and more expensive for your business to stay in business, because your business will need to generate more and more revenue to keep paying all these technical and digital experts for their services.

If you are a non-technical person and everyone else in your business is also a non-techie, non-coder, non-web developer, or non-digital marketing expert, and you want to get better results from your web presence, then a better option is to make the technology easier to understand and control, or, better still, make it so that you don’t even need to understand it and it will still deliver you get results through simplicity and automation.

Over the many years that I have been using WordPress, building sites with WordPress, and teaching and helping businesses to get better results online using WordPress, the WordPress platform has been continually evolving and becoming easier for non-techies to build and manage their own websites without having to hire technical experts in areas like website building, web design, website maintenance, etc.

This overview explains why WordPress is only going to become easier and simpler for non-techies to use … even get to the point where you don’t need to understand the technology at all to get the results you want.

Non-Techies Are The Future Of WordPress: WordPress Gutenberg & The WordPress Paradox

The WordPress Paradox

A while back, I wrote a post called The WordPress Paradox, where I made the observation that as more technical web service providers offer WordPress services like website development, web design, website maintenance, etc. WordPress is also becoming easier for non-techies to build and manage their own websites without the need to hire outside helpers to perform services they could easily perform themselves.

In that same post, I also mentioned that non-techies are the end users of the WordPress CMS platform. They are the target audience of tens of thousands of WordPress developers and web service providers and the reason why WordPress exists.

Like all technologies designed to service non-technical end users, therefore, it is inevitable that if WordPress wants to remain competitive and maintain its global dominance as the leading web platform used by millions of websites worldwide, it will have to keep evolving and become simpler and easier for non-techies to use without requiring coding knowledge or advanced technical skills.

WordPress Gutenberg

The WordPress trend toward becoming easier and simpler for non-techies to use and take control of their own digital presence is already evidenced with features like customizable themes, fully configurable plugins, and integrated functions like wizards, visual interfaces, plug-and-play, drag-and-drop, copy and paste, shortcodes, widgets, ‘one-click’ installations and updates, and more (for more details, see Keep Calm And Use WordPress: 17 WordPress Features That Put You In Control Of Your Website).

As you are reading this, the WordPress community is already working on ways to make WordPress even easier for non-techies to use.

This seems to be the case with WordPress Gutenberg.

WordPress Gutenberg (named after Johannes Gutenberg, who invented the printing press over 500 years ago) aims to revolutionize the publishing experience by bringing WordPress into line with modern website building trends, methods, and principles allowing websites, applications, page layouts and web content to be assembled using ‘blocks’ which can be dragged and dropped into any configuration, giving website owners and non-technical users unlimited possibilities for expansion and functionality.

WordPress Gutenberg will be a major step in the evolution of the WordPress platform. Currently, it is still being worked on by developers as there are many challenges to how the new features will integrate within the existing WordPress framework.

WordPress Gutenberg will be released in different stages, with the first stage scheduled for release with the launch of WordPress version 5.0.

The video below was recorded at a WordCamp held in Nashville, U.S.A. in 2017 and provides a good overview of Gutenberg …

(Gutenberg and the WordPress of Tomorrow)


Currently, you can download a plugin that will enable the new Gutenberg editor to be installed.

Note: Do not install this plugin on a live website. It is only meant for testing and providing feedback about Gutenberg features to WordPress developers.

You can also download a plugin that will allow you to restore the ‘classic’ content editor interface if you install the Gutenberg plugin and want to keep working on your posts using the pre-WordPress 5.0 interface. As with the revious recommendation, do not install this plugin on a live website.

We’ll provide more information and tutorials when Gutenberg becomes available. In the meantime, keep in mind that WordPress is evolving and will continue to become easier for non-techies to use, as non-techies are the future of WordPress.


Update: On December 6, 2018, WordPress announced the release of WordPress version 5.0 which includes the new WordPress Gutenberg content editor.

We have created a comprehensive guide to using the new content editor here: WordPress Gutenberg – The Ultimate Guide For Non-Technical WordPress Users

WordPress Gutenberg - Making WordPress Easier For Non-Techies


"I am beyond impressed with what you have put together. I can tell that you put a ton of hard work into building what you have. You have the absolute best content on WordPress I have ever seen!" - Robert T. Jillie

Free WordPress Tutorials For Non-Techies provides hundreds of detailed step-by-step WordPress tutorials for non-techies … 100% Free!

Free WordPress Tutorials For Non-Techies

Free WordPress Tutorials For provides hundreds of detailed step-by-step WordPress tutorials for non-techies … 100% FREE!

Many website owners are non-techies. They are businesses and bloggers who want a digital presence that will deliver them better results online, help them create more exposure online, drive more traffic, get more leads, more customers, more subscribers, make more sales, and gain a competitive advantage without having to become web developers or learn how to code.


Your business needs a digital presence to grow and compete successfully in the Digital Information Age. Non-technical website owners, however, can’t afford to have a digital presence where every aspect of using, managing, or growing your business online requires employing people with technical skills to do things for you.

Outsourcing every aspect of your digital presence is not only expensive, it can also be risky and frustrating, as you can end up with no control over your own processes and have to wait for even simple things to get done.

Most non-techies hire website developers to build their websites and expect to be trained by them on how to use their sites.

As we explain in The Challenges Of Educating, Teaching, And Training New WordPress Users, however, clients shouldn’t expect to receive training that will empower them to have control of their own web presence, as this is neither their core area of expertise, nor is it in their best interest to do so.

As we explain in The WordPress Paradox, the current web services industry is not designed to empower non-technical users, it’s designed to keep users dependent on technical service providers.

And as we explain in the Small Business Digital Manager, many small businesses outsource their digital management and digital marketing without systems in place to control and manage their digital processes, and end up either with an unmanageable web presence, or being held “hostage” by their digital service providers.

If you are not technical-minded and want to learn how to grow a business online without having to learn how to write code and without having to depend on technical experts for everything, what you need, then, is training that will show you step-by-step what to do to get better results online and empower you to be in complete control of your web presence.

This is why we created Our FREE tutorials will take you step-by-step through the entire process of building, managing, and growing your own web presence without technical skills and at minimal cost.

WordPress Is The Ideal Digital Vehicle For Non-Techies

With WordPress, you can build any kind of digital vehicle you can imagine and take it wherever you want to go …

WordPress lets you build any kind of digital vehicle you want!

(WordPress lets you build any kind of digital vehicle you want)

Without the keys to drive your vehicle, however, you’ll be stuck whenever you want to drive your business forward or get anything done.

It’s like owning a car but constantly needing the help of mechanics and chauffeurs to use it.

WordPress education and training are the keys that let you drive your vehicle without depending on technical people like website developers, web designers, etc.

That’s why provides hundreds of comprehensive WordPress tutorials for FREE that show you step-by-step how to be in complete control of your web presence and how to get better results online without technical skills and at minimal cost.

Non-Techie WordPress Training For Non-Techie WordPress Users

Everything you see on has been built and configured by a non-techie to help other non-techies learn how to build, manage, and grow a successful digital presence without having to mess with code or learn how to program.

This site attracts thousands of WordPress users from all around the world every month using a default ‘out-of-the-box’ free WordPress theme and free or very inexpensive WordPress plugins to automate management and marketing processes. We have not employed website developers, web designers, or web coders to install, configure, manage, or grow any aspect of this site.

We have purposely done things this way to make sure that other non-techies can duplicate the same processes using WordPress and achieve great results online too.

We know that most businesses are run by non-techies who want a digital presence that will deliver them maximum results at minimal cost. We have spent years documenting how to start and build a professional business website that can be fully managed by a non-technical user. Our step-by-step tutorials are simple to follow and will save you years of learning and trying to figure things out for yourself.

What sets our WordPress tutorials apart from all other WordPress tutorial sites is that we focus 100% on non-technical users and create our content with non-techies in mind by asking questions like:

  • What does this WordPress function or feature do, how does it work, and how can it help non-technical users achieve desired results and grow their business?
  • How do we explain the benefits of using this feature or function so non-techies can understand and apply it to their own sites?
  • Where do all the buttons, links, options, settings, and sections connected to this WordPress function or feature lead to, how do they work, and what purpose do they serve? How do we explain all this in non-technical terms?
  • What is the most cost-effective way to get results in this area of WordPress and are there any processes that can be automated? If so, how?
  • How far can a non-techie go on their own in this area of WordPress without having to hire or outsource technical experts or technical service providers?

Non-Techie WordPress User? You Can Do It!

Visit any online discussion group for website developers and you will see that many web service providers believe that non-techies should not build, manage, or mess with their own websites because they will stuff things up if they do.

The problem with this belief is that it not only comes from a place of disempowerment, it’s also driven by self interest.

We are not discouraging businesses from outsourcing to website developers and technical service providers. Our aim is to help businesses make informed decisions by understanding that outsourcing is a choice, not a requirement.

Most small businesses, however, can’t make an informed decision because they are often not aware that:

  1. A platform like WordPress gives non-techies the choice of doing it all themselves to save money or outsourcing to save time, and
  2. The people they normally turn to for help or advice (e.g. website developers) have no incentive or motivation to educate, encourage, or empower them to do it all themselves.

The good news is that if you are a non-techie who would like to learn how to build a successful online presence, you can do it … just follow our step-by-step tutorials!

WordPress For Non-Techies: A Tour Of contains hundreds of written step-by-step tutorials with loads of instructive screenshots and links to related tutorials.

If you don’t know where to start, the quickest and easiest way to get started on WP is by visiting our Quick Start section.

If you have an idea of what you are trying to achieve, then you can easily find a tutorial by learning how to navigate this site, or clicking through to one of our WordPress training modules. - WordPress Training Modules

( – WordPress Training Modules)

Our tutorials are organized in logical sequence and grouped into the following training modules:

  1. Introduction To WordPress – If you still don’t know what WordPress is or why you should use WordPress to power your website and drive your online business, then go through the tutorials in this training module. These will take you through the benefits and advantages of using WordPress, costs of setting up a website, who uses WordPress, and more.
  2. Website Planning – The tutorials in this module will show you how to plan your new website and what you need to do before getting your new site built.
  3. WordPress Installation – The tutorials in this module take you step-by-step through the process of installing a WordPress site or blog on your own domain, including how to set up your domain, web server, etc.
  4. WordPress Configuration – The tutorials in this module show you how to configure your WordPress site to drive more web traffic and get your pages indexed by search engines automatically.
  5. How To Use WordPress – If you already have a WordPress site set up, the tutorials in this module show you how to use WordPress and all of its main features.
  6. WordPress Plugins – The tutorials in this module show you how to expand, enhance, and extend the functionality of your site in almost limitless ways.
  7. WordPress Customization – The tutorials in this module show you how to easily customize your website design and other aspects of your WordPress site.
  8. WordPress Management – This comprehensive training module includes all of the tutorials you need to know how to manage your WordPress site and maintain your site updated and fully backed up.
  9. WordPress Optimization – The tutorials in this module show you how to optimize WordPress for improved speed and better performance.
  10. WordPress Security – This comprehensive training module not only includes tutorials on how to improve WordPress security and protect your site from hackers and malicious users, but also how to ensure that all areas of your digital presence remain protected too!
  11. WordPress Business Strategies – After your WordPress site has been built and configured, it’s time to grow your business online. The tutorials in this training module show you many different ways to monetize and promote your website, including ways to generate more traffic, drive more targeted prospects and leads to your site, convert more visitors into new customers, sales, and subscribers, gain a competitive advantage online, and more!


We have developed a WordPress user tutorials plugin that lets you access all of the written tutorials on plus hundreds of WordPress video tutorials from your own WordPress dashboard.

You can also access our FREE WordPress tutorials for non-techies any time you need help learning WordPress by installing our FREE Chrome Browser Extension.

We hope that you have found this information useful and we wish you the very best of success online!


"I was absolutely amazed at the scope and breadth of these tutorials! The most in-depth training I have ever received on any subject!" - Myke O'Neill,


Free Digital Skills Training: WordPress For Business

Want FREE digital skills training on WordPress for your business? Access hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials to help you grow your business online … 100% FREE!

Free Digital Skills Training: WordPress For BusinessHave you looked at the business and technology section of the news lately? More leading news, business, and technology publications are reporting that there is an increasing digital skills shortage, particularly in the area of digital marketing skills, and politicians around the world are issuing warnings that businesses are headed for a ‘digital skills crisis’ …

The business sector is experiencing a global digital skills shortage!

(The business sector is experiencing a global digital skills shortage!)

Technology-dependent countries like the US, UK, Australia, and many European countries face a significant competitive disadvantage as a result of this digital skills shortage. According to various studies like the Australian Digital Skills and Salary Survey, commissioned by the Slade Group Digital Practice and NET:101 and undertaken by Sweeney Research, many businesses are finding it difficult to source digital employees and are finding that the digital skills gap is taking a moderate or heavy toll on their business, yet they lack the strategy to address this problem.

According to Elizabeth Ebeli, Slade group’s digital practice manager …

“Organisations leave themselves wide-open to being left behind in the digital century.”


What About My Business?

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, content marketing is one of the most in-demand digital marketing skills companies and businesses are looking for.

With every new Google update announced and every new social media algorithm implemented the importance of content marketing becomes increasingly clearer. The demand for qualified content marketers has surged in the past year as digital marketing managers realize the value of providing valuable content to their customers. Quality content creation feeds into many essential elements of the digital marketing mix, including email marketing, social media, and SEO strategy.

(Source: Digital Marketing Institute)

Content is the currency of the Information Age. In today’s ultra-competitive Digital Economy, every employee should be able to create digital content to help sell or promote the business that employs them, no matter how small the business is.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through blogging.

When it comes to blogging, no other platform is as powerful or as effective at helping you get content published and promoted online as WordPress.

WordPress is the world's leading content publishing and content management platform!

(WordPress is the world’s leading content publishing and content management platform!) Provides Free Digital Skills Training On WordPress provides hundreds of detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials for businesses and non-coders … 100% FREE!

Use our FREE WordPress tutorials to educate and train every employee and staff member how to build, grow, and manage a WordPress site with no coding skills required, and how to add, edit, delete and manage content on your website or blog.

How Will Our Free Digital Skills Training Benefit Your Business?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways your business can benefit using our FREE WordPress tutorials to build up digital skills:

Digital Skills Training For Non-Coders

The digital skills shortage isn’t just restricted to programming or coding technology and web applications. There is also a growing demand for digital marketing skills. Skills like being able to start and grow a business website or blog, expertly manage your CMS, write great content that will engage your audience and provide value to your readers, produce and integrate a variety of media formats into your content, build an active presence on social media, improve your search results with SEO, identify and expand your online reach into related niche markets, and more!

Most businesses are not run by web developers, but by non-technical users who want to learn how to get better results online, not learn how to code websites or debug software applications. Most WordPress tutorials are written by web developers for web developers. Not We provide hundreds of detailed step-by-step tutorials created specifically to help non-techies learn how to better market their business online and get better results using WordPress!

Most businesses are run by non-techies. We provide WordPress tutorials and digital skills training for non-coders!

(Most businesses are run by non-techies. We provide WordPress tutorials and digital skills training for non-coders!)

Build A WordPress Site For Your Business … Or Many!

Build almost any kind of website you can imagine with WordPress!
Build any kind of website you can imagine with WordPress!

Let’s say that you want to expand your business presence online and add an e-commerce store, or a membership site, or a staff directory, or a customer helpdesk, or any other kind of digital asset your business needs.

Normally, this would involve hiring expert coders and spending thousands of dollars on web development costs.

With WordPress, you can easily build almost any kind of website you can imagine, with no coding skills required and at minimal cost. 

We provide a complete digital skills training curriculum for WordPress comprised of detailed tutorials that take you step-by-step through the entire process of planninginstalling, configuring, using, expanding, customizing, managing, securing, and growing your website with WordPress.

We also provide a detailed Introduction To WordPress module that explains the benefits of using WordPress, why WordPress is free, what the real costs of building a website with WordPress, what makes WordPress the world’s leading Content Management System (CMS), and more!

Turn Everyone In Your Business Into An Expert Content Marketer …

For many small businesses, their digital presence consists of a brochure-like website where no regular content is added to it.

Imagine how much growth your business would experience and how further ahead of your competition you would be if your sales and marketing people contributed content to your website regularly that educated visitors about the benefits of using your products and services and helped turn these into new leads, prospects, and sales, and if your operations and support staff provided regular training content, tips, and information aimed at turning new customers into repeat customers for life.

Think of all of the knowledge, skills, and expertise your people bring to your business. In some cases, there can be years of specialized knowledge about your industry and an in-depth understanding of the processes that go into producing your goods and services. This is all potential content locked inside people’s heads waiting to be harnessed. How can you harness this valuable resource and turn it into great content to help grow your digital presence?

How can you harness the knowledge and expertise of your people and turn this resource into great digital content?

(How can you harness the knowledge and expertise of your people and turn this resource into great digital content?)

Here’s one way …

Get someone in your business to sit down with our FREE step-by-step tutorials and start learning WordPress. Since our tutorials are designed to be easy to follow for people with no coding skills or previous web design experience, this can be anyone in your business. Task them with the goal of setting up and expertly configuring a WordPress blog or website for your business …

Expertly Configured WordPress Site -

(Our WordPress step-by-step tutorials show you how to set this up!)

With an expertly configured WordPress site, all you have to do is publish content on a regular basis and WordPress will automatically notify search engines and syndicate your content to social media, driving new visitors to your site.

Your WordPress site will have separate categories on your website or blog for each department and each contributing member of your team will be assigned a separate login and specific roles, such as contributors, authors, and editors … even collaborators!

Our FREE WordPress tutorials not only show you how to set all of this up but also which free tools and online services to use to create a professional content publishing department.

Once your new WordPress site or blog is all set up and configured, get your people to sit down and go through our How To Use WordPress tutorials and subscribe them to our FREE 120-part content creation course, which will show them how to never run out of ideas for content.

With a little investment of time and our FREE digital skills training course on WordPress, any member of your staff can be turned into professional web content creators and marketers for your business.

Turn any staff member into a professional content marketer with our FREE digital skills training tutorials on WordPress!

(Turn any staff member into a professional content marketer with our FREE digital skills training tutorials on WordPress!)

Why Pay For WordPress Training Courses? Get The Best WordPress Training FREE!

Why pay to learn WordPress? is 100% FREE!
Why pay to learn WordPress? is 100% FREE! provides hundreds of expertly written WordPress tutorials covering everything you need to know to build, manage and grow a business online using WordPress for FREE!

Over 10 years of experience building WordPress sites and teaching WordPress to businesses of all sizes have gone into creating these detailed step-by-step tutorials. If you are looking for a digital skills training course that will empower the people in your business to help you take full control of your digital presence, we guarantee you will not find a better course on WordPress than the one we provide here.

Start Your Digital Skills Training With … For FREE!

If you’re ready to start learning WordPress and improving your digital skills, our FREE tutorials are divided into the following tutorial modules:

An Introduction To WordPress

Introduction To WordPress TutorialsThis training module provides an overview of WordPress. Learn what WordPress is, why it’s used by millions of websites worldwide, and the many benefits of using WordPress to grow a successful business presence online.

Website Planning

Planning Your WebsiteBefore you can build your website or blog, you need to do some planning and research. These tutorials show you how to save time and money developing a plan for your website and a content marketing strategy for your business.

How To Install WordPress

How To Install WordPress Tutorials For BeginnersYou don’t need coding or programming skills to create a website using WordPress. This training module shows you step-by-step how to install WordPress on your domain with minimal cost and no coding skills required. We take you through the pre-installation and installation process.

How To Configure WordPress

Complete Guide To WordPress ConfigurationAfter installing WordPress, it’s time to set up and configure your website. This training module shows you step-by-step how to configure your WordPress settings and how to integrate your site with other essential services that will help to drive traffic automatically to your website.

How To Use WordPress

WordPress Step-By-StepOnce your website is fully set up and configured, all you (or your staff) need to do is learn how to use WordPress. This training module not only shows you how to use all of the main features and functions of WordPress, it is also full of practical examples that you can apply to your own website or blog.

How To Extend WordPress With Plugins

WordPress Plugin TutorialsLearn how to extend, enhance, and expand the functionality of your WordPress site in just a few mouse clicks with plugins that can instantly transform your web presence into anything you can imagine and everything you need your website to do.

How To Customize WordPress

WordPress CustomizationLearn how to customize the look and feel of your website without having to hire web developers. The tutorials in this training module take you as far as you can go without touching code and then point you in the right direction if you need further customization done on your site.

How To Manage WordPress

How To Manage WordPressWordPress maintenance is vital to keeping your WordPress site up-to-date and fully protected. Learn how to easily manage and maintain your own web presence, how to keep your WordPress site, themes, and plugins up-to-date, how to backup your WordPress files and database with automated tools, and how to troubleshoot common WordPress errors.

How To Optimize WordPress

How To Optimize WordPress TutorialsThe tutorials in this module show you how to optimize your WordPress site for serving faster-loading pages, improving your search engine results, and providing users with a better experience.

WordPress Security

Beginner's Guide To Securing WordPressKeeping your WordPress site secure is very important. Learn about WordPress security and how to keep your WordPress site and your entire digital presence secure and protected from hackers, malicious users, and malware.

Online Business Strategies

Grow Your Business OnlineThe tutorials in this module show you how to get better results online with WordPress – more exposure, more traffic, more subscribers, more sales, etc.

WordPress Tutorials Index

We wish you great success online!


"If you're new to WordPress, this can stand on its own as a training course and will stay with you as you progress from beginner to advanced and even guru status." - Bruce (Columbus, Ohio)