How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Store With WordPress

Learn how to build a fully automated affiliate store promoting products from and how to generate income from affiliate marketing with WordPress.

How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Store With WordPress

This tutorial is part of our WordPress Business Strategies module, where we look at ways to monetize WordPress and profit with online marketing methods like e-commerce and affiliate marketing.


Affiliate marketing is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to start a business online. There are many different affiliate networks you can choose from and millions of different products and services you can promote. is one of the world’s largest and most popular online retailers and offers affiliate marketers the largest catalog of products worldwide under a single branded store.

Amazon provides affiliate marketers millions of products to promote online

( provides affiliate marketers millions of products to promote online)

Amazon is in fact one of the pioneers of affiliate marketing. In 2015, Amazon sold US$87 billion worth of goods and paid out almost US$3.5 billion in sales commissions to associates (i.e. affiliates) worldwide.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to easily build a fully automated affiliate store promoting products from and how to generate passive income from affiliate marketing with WordPress.

How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Store With WordPress

The “Old” Way To Build An Amazon Affiliate Store offers associates (i.e. affiliates) a tool that lets you build affiliate stores (called “aStores”) to promote Amazon products.

There are a couple of problems with using Amazon’s store builder.

The first is that aStores offer very little in the way of customization. They create unattractive-looking stores that don’t convert very well …

Amazon's aStores

(Amazon’s aStores)

The second problem, is that aStores reside on Amazon, so you have to link to these stores from your website. This is the “old way” of building an affiliate store with Amazon and it not only sends visitors away from your website, it also increases your risk of losing sales (and affiliate commissions) …

The old way of building an affiliate store to promote Amazon products

(The old way of building an affiliate store to promote Amazon products)

The “Better” Way To Build An Amazon Affiliate Store

The best way to build an affiliate store to promote Amazon products is to integrate the store directly inside your WordPress site, so visitors come to your site and don’t leave your site until they buy …

Build an Amazon affiliate store directly inside your WordPress site

(Build an Amazon affiliate store directly inside your WordPress site)

The “Best” Way – Use An Affiliate Store Plugin

The “best” (i.e. simplest and easiest) way to build an Amazon affiliate store inside your WordPress site is to use an affiliate store plugin.

Here are the three simple steps involved in setting up an Amazon affiliate store using WordPress:

  1. Install WordPress on your domain.
  2. Install an Amazon store building plugin/theme and configure its settings.
  3. Import a product feed from Amazon.

Typically, with a good affiliate store builder, the plugin should import and update the product feed from Amazon automatically. There are various WordPress-based Amazon store builders that let you set up an affiliate store on your site by importing product and data feeds from

In this tutorial, we’ll use one of the best Amazon affiliate store building plugins available. It’s called StreamStore.

Stream Store

StreamStore - WordPress Amazon affiliate store builder(StreamStore – Amazon affiliate store builder for WordPress)

StreamStore is a revolutionary Amazon affiliate store builder for WordPress that lets you build a complete Amazon store network in minutes, with all products, deals, and discounts available, using responsive and professionally designed website and landing pages with a viral traffic system included.

StreamStore combines a WordPress plugin and theme and uses advanced live stream technology to populate products into your WordPress site based on the keywords and categories or sub-categories that you specify.

(StreamStore lets you earn affiliate revenue from

To learn more, visit the site here: StreamStore

7 Ways That StreamStore Improves The Amazon Affiliate Selling Process

Before we look at how to set up an affiliate store on WordPress to sell Amazon products, let’s take a look at the benefits of using the StreamStore plugin:

Promote Unlimited Products

Amazon offers a catalog of over 32 million products to choose from. Unlike other Amazon affiliate store building programs that limit the products you can display on your store, StreamStore lets you give visitors unlimited choice using StreamStore’s Products On Demand System.

StreamStore lets you promote unlimited Amazon products

(StreamStore lets you promote unlimited Amazon products)

The plugin populates your Amazon store with dynamically generated content, allowing you to service any niche and provide any product your customer is searching for, even an entire network of self-updating affiliate stores.

Own A Store That Reflects Amazon 24/7

A common issue that owners of many Amazon affiliate store building programs experience is that after products have been imported to their store, there can be a ‘disconnect’ between the store and what is actually happening on Amazon, leading to a store with outdated information. This is especially true of products that advertise special offers, daily or monthly deals, change in pricing, or even product version updates.

If potential customers click on an item on your affiliate store and find different information on the actual product’s Amazon page, this can result in lost sales and customer disappointment.

Instead of having to continually update your store’s product feeds, StreamStore creates a permanent and instant connection between your affiliate store and, so any changes made to products on Amazon are instantly reflected on your affiliate store. This not only saves you time having to carry out manual updates, it also means that your customers get the newest products, daily deals, or special offers, at the correct pricing.

Useful Tip

Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) offers authors “Free Kindle Book” days to help book authors promote their {Kindle books|books|books on Kindle. KDP promotions generate tens of thousands of daily traffic views. You can use StreamStore to create a FREE Kindle bookstore displaying the latest KDP FREE titles as part of your affiliate store network and leverage some of this traffic.

Promote All Amazon Stores

Another issue that owners of many affiliate store builders experience is that Amazon generally requires you to set the store location of your product feed. This means that if you select Amazon US as the main source of product data, then you are missing out on other countries (e.g. Amazon Canada, Japan, etc.) This not only represents a potential loss of almost 40% of all customers who visit non-US Amazon stores, but it also means that customers from those countries will get mismatched with the Amazon store they expect to see when they visit.

StreamStore automatically detects the location of your visitor and presents the landing page in a way that matches their expectation, country of origin, language, and currency. This means that visitors from the US will purchase items in US Dollars, customers from the UK will purchase products in Pounds Sterling, etc. and any products they purchase will be shipped from their local store, giving you access to millions more potential buyers.

Display Higher Conversion Product Landing Pages

Many Amazon store builders provide poorly-designed landing pages. This is another factor that can lead to lost sales and poor results.

StreamStore provides a range customizable, professional and great-looking landing pages in a variety of popular niches, allowing to create unique and authoritative stores that will help to increase sales conversion. StreamStore templates provide the latest web technology features, such as the ability to include videos, images, search capability, discount sliders, and an easy-to-use visual content editor.

Since stores are built using the WordPress platform, you can also optimize your sites for search engines and social media.

StreamStore includes fully customizable storefront templates suitable for all niches

(StreamStore includes fully customizable storefront templates suitable for all niches)

Use Mobile Responsive Storefronts

It goes without saying that any e-commerce store that is not fully optimized for mobile is losing money.

StreamStore not only includes beautifully-designed store themes, but all landing pages are fully mobile responsive, ensuring that your storefront and all pages of your site will look great and work on all platforms and devices.

StreamStore affiliate storefronts work on all devices

(StreamStore affiliate storefronts work on all devices)

No Technical Skills Required

As we state repeatedly throughout, you don’t need to be “technically savvy” to build and run a successful business online with WordPress. SteamStore is an ideal Amazon store builder for ‘non-techies’ because it allows you to easily get stores up and running with no technical skills required.

Set up an automated Amazon affiliate store with no technical skills!

(Set up an automated Amazon affiliate store with no technical skills!)

With StreamStore, you don’t need to know about things like CSV imports, verifications and synchronizations, edit ASINS lists, etc. StreamStore lets you build stores quickly and easily just by choosing a keyword and a category or subcategory.

Create Viral Social Traffic

StreamStore comes with a unique “Dynamic Posts” plugin with customizable templates that lets you share special deals about your store’s products on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Delicious.

Generate more traffic and revenue sharing dynamic posts on social media

(Generate more traffic and revenue sharing dynamic posts on social media)

When visitors click on a “dynamic post,” your store will “magically” transform and present the product that match the content of your post. So, if you share a dynamic post promoting 40% off all coffee makers on social media, when visitors click on the post from their social networks, they will land on a store promoting those products matching the selected discount.

Promote special offers and discounted goods on your Amazon store

(Promote special offers and discounted goods on your Amazon store)

Your Amazon Store: Standalone Or Integrated With Your Website?

StreamStore should be set up on a separate WordPress installation as it requires using one of its included themes.

Before installing the StreamStore plugin, therefore, decide whether your Amazon store will be run as a standalone store (i.e. on its own domain name), or be integrated with your existing website.

If run as a standalone store, you will need to purchase a domain name, install WordPress, and set up the plugin (the next section explains how to install and configure StreamStore).

If you choose to integrate your store with an existing WordPress site, then do the following so that both your website and your Amazon store run on separate WordPress installations under the same domain name:

  1. Perform another WordPress installation in a subfolder of your existing domain (e.g. “”),
  2. Customize your StreamStore theme to match the design/color scheme of your main website, and
  3. Refer visitors from your main website or blog (“”) to your store (“”) using content links, sidebar links and banners, custom menu links, etc.

Integrating an Amazon affiliate store with your existing website can help you generate additional revenue. For example, if your site focuses on a specific niche, you can invite visitors to search for books and products related to your niche or service on your store.

How To Install StreamStore On Your WordPress Site


Before installing and setting up the plugin, make sure that you have already applied and been approved as an Amazon affiliate and have your Amazon affiliate IDs handy and ready to paste into the settings. You will need to apply to all of the stores you plan to promote.

Apply to become an Amazon Associate

(Apply to become an Amazon Associate)

To save time, click on the links below to sign up as an Amazon affiliate (links are also included in the plugin):


As StreamStore is a premium WordPress plugin and theme, you will need to download the files to your hard drive before you can install it on your site.

First, you will need to purchase the plugin. To purchase and download the plugin, go here: StreamStore – Amazon Affiliate Store Builder For WordPress

Create a folder on your hard drive to save your plugin files into, then log into your customer purchase area and download all the files you have purchased to the folder you have created on your hard drive, including any add-ons and upgrades …

Download all StreamStore files to your hard drive

(Download all StreamStore files to your hard drive)

After downloading your StreamStore files, the next step is to manually install the plugin.

To install the plugin, log into your WordPress site and go to Plugins > Add New

Plugins > Add New

(Plugins > Add New)

In the ‘Add Plugins’ screen click on ‘Upload Plugin’ …

Add Plugins - Upload Plugin

(Add Plugins – Upload Plugin)

Locate the plugin files and click ‘Open’ to load the file into the WordPress plugin uploader …

Locate your plugin file

(Locate your plugin file)

Once the plugin file has been added to the WordPress uploader, click on the ‘Install Now’ button …

Add Plugins - Install Now

(Add Plugins – Install Now)

Once the plugin has been installed, click on ‘Activate Plugin’ …

Activate Plugin

(Activate Plugin)

If you have purchased any additional StreamStore upgrades or addons, repeat the manual plugin installation process above to install and activate these too …

Install and activate additional plugin add-ons

(Install and activate additional plugin add-ons)

After the installation and activation process is complete, the StreamStore plugin and any additional plugins or related add-ons you have installed will display in your Table of Plugins …

Table of Plugins

(Table of Plugins)

You will also see new menu items added to your menu bar …

StreamStore and add-ons menus

(StreamStore and add-ons menus)

Before you can use the plugin, you will need to activate your copy using the licensing details sent to you by email after purchase …

Validate your plugin license to use StreamStore

(Validate your plugin license to use StreamStore)

StreamStore Setup Wizard

After installing and activating the plugin using your license key, configuring your store is very easy. StreamStore comes with a built-in Setup wizard that takes you through all of the required steps.

StreamStore Setup Wizard

(StreamStore Setup Wizard)

All you need to do now is go through the wizard setup steps.

Amazon Settings

Enter your Amazon credentials, Amazon Market IDs and select a default market in the ‘Amazon Settings’ tab …

StreamStore Setup Wizard - Amazon Settings

(StreamStore Setup Wizard – Amazon Settings)


In the ‘Preferences’ tab, enter a default search keyword (e.g. “kitchen appliance”.) Your store products will be based on the keyword you choose. Also, select a default discount percentage (e.g. 40%), or indicate if you only want to promote FREE products in your special offers.

StreamStore Setup Wizard - Preferences

(StreamStore Setup Wizard – Preferences)


The ‘Categories’ tab lets you select the category and subcategories of the products that you would like to promote on your affiliate store …

StreamStore Setup Wizard - Categories

(StreamStore Setup Wizard – Categories)

First, select a category from the drop-down menu …

Choose a category from the Amazon store

(Choose a category from the Amazon store)

Next, choose a subcategory …

Choose a subcategory

(Choose a subcategory)

Depending on which category you select, there may be several subcategory levels available. Drill down as far as you can to focus on a specific product niche …

Use categories to create a niche affiliate store

(Use categories to create a niche store)

Practical Tip

To create displays unlimited products in your store, select “All” for all settings in the ‘Categories’ tab …

Display unlimited products in your store

(Display unlimited products in your store)


StreamStore provides a number of customizable built-in templates that you can use to set up your affiliate store.

Choose a template that best matches your niche to begin with (you can fully customize and configure it later) …


(StreamStore storefront templates)

After completing the above steps, your Amazon affiliate store is now setup and ready to start selling products online …

Your Amazon affiliate store is ready!

(Your Amazon affiliate store is ready!)

The demo video below shows you how to easily set up a store in seconds using the StreamStore Setup wizard:

(How To Set Up An Amazon Affiliate Store On WordPress With StreamStore)

For more videos showing how the plugin automatically detects visitor countries to present them with the right store and how to use Dynamic Posts to create viral social traffic, go here: StreamStore Video Demos

How To Configure StreamStore

StreamStore provides a number of customization features, allowing you to create a unique storefront on your site.

Theme Options

Go to StreamStore > Theme Options and you will find a full suite of customizable options for your theme …

StreamStore > Theme Options

(StreamStore > Theme Options)

You can customize all areas of your theme, including editing product page settings like your logo, top bar, background, footers, text, button, and URL colors, boxes and sidebars, configure landing page settings, template settings, add and remove elements, resize dimensions, and more …

Customize all areas of your StoreStream theme

(Customize all areas of your StoreStream theme)

You can edit the ‘Theme Options’ settings to create a unique look for a standalone store, or add an Amazon affiliate store to your existing site and configure the settings to match you site’s existing web design …

Customize your affiliate store to match the design of your existing website

(Customize your affiliate store to match the design of your existing website)

SEO Settings

You can configure your storefront SEO settings by going to StreamStore > SEO Settings …

StreamStore > SEO Settings

(StreamStore > SEO Settings)

Add SEO optimized titles, descriptions, and keywords for your Home page, Search page, Product Page, and add Facebook tracking pixels if advertising or promoting your site on Facebook.

StreamStore Analytics

StreamStore provides a built-in analytics dashboard that lets you access real time statistics about your store’s activity, including traffic, impressions, clicks, top products, top searched keywords, countries, devices used, and more …

StreamStore > Real-Time Analytics

(StreamStore > Real-Time Analytics)

How To Use StreamStore

Once you have set up your store and configured your StreamStore settings, your site is ready for business.

Customers can type in whatever they are looking for and click ‘Find’ to search products on your store, including searching for discounted items using the discount slider and search toolbar …

Search products on Amazon

(Search products on Amazon)

A list of results will be dynamically displayed to your visitors (based on your settings) …

Product results

(Product results)

Each listed item includes details about the product plus e-commerce and social sharing buttons, allowing your visitors to buy or share your store’s products online on the social networks …

Visitors can buy or share your store's products online

(Visitors can buy or share your store’s products online)

For example, clicking on a product’s Facebook button, allows visitors to share details and a link to the product with their friends on Facebook …

Visitors can share your products on Facebook

(Visitors can share your products on Facebook)

Similarly, clicking on a product’s Twitter or GooglePlus button, allows visitors to share details and links to your products and your store on those social media networks …

Customers can also send tweets about your products

(Visitors can also send tweets about your products)

When customers click on product information links for more details, the information loads on your site …

StreamStore displays product information pages to visitors on your site

(StreamStore displays product information pages to visitors on your store)

StreamStore pulls all product information from Amazon, including product specifications, reviews, etc. and loads this into your store’s product pages …

Amazon Product Info

(Amazon Product Info)

Visitors stay on your site until they purchase. When a customer clicks on the ‘buy now’ button, they are then sent to to finalize their purchase …

Visitors stay on your site until they purchase

(Visitors stay on your site until they purchase)

This not only  helps keep visitors on your site, it also reduces the risk of visitors leaving and finding the product later through someone else’s affiliate links, ensuring that sales are credited to your affiliate account …

Visitors are sent directly to to purchase products

(Visitors are sent directly to to purchase products)

The same principle applies to shopping carts on your store.

When visitors click the ‘Add to cart’ button on selected products, they will also remain on your site while products get added to their cart …

Adding products to your store's cart

(Adding products to your store’s cart)

Clicking on the ‘Checkout” button in your store’s shopping cart, sends your customer to’s checkout and loads the item into their shopping cart ready for purchase …

Products are added to using your affiliate details

(Products are added to using your affiliate details)

StreamStore – Additional Information

Here are some additional features and useful information about the StreamStore affiliate software:

  • One-Stop Solution: StreamStore combines a powerful affiliate store plugin with professional and fully customizable WordPress themes designed to convert more visitors into sales.
  • 90-Day Cookie: StreamStore adds a 90-day cookie to your visitors’ browsers, so any purchases made on Amazon during this time are credited to you.
  • 100% Amazon Compliant: StreamStore complies with all of Amazon’s terms of service.
  • Free Support & Upgrades: Get a lifetime of free support and upgrades included in the price. If you experience any issues, you can open a support ticket or request one-on-one support via Skype.
  • Training Included: Training includes detailed video walkthroughs showing you how to get your store up and running as quickly as possible.
  • Licensing Options: Purchase a single site starter package or 50-site license (if you plan to build a network of Amazon affiliate stores).
  • Risk-Free Guarantee: StreamStore offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Pricing: StreamStore includes additional upgrades and addons (Developer license, Dynamic Posts PRO plugin, and additional templates) to help streamline your affiliate store-building experience. For current pricing details, special offers, etc., visit their website.

In Summary

If you plan to use WordPress to build an income stream with affiliate marketing, StreamStore is a new Amazon affiliate store builder that lets you build fully automated stores to sell products from

With StreamStore, you can build a single store or a network of stores in minutes (after setting up your Amazon accounts) with Amazon products, deals and discounts, responsive landing pages, and components that let you promote your store, products, and deals on social media.

StreamStore also addresses a number of challenges that other Amazon store-building tools for WordPress have struggled with.

To learn more about StreamStore, visit the site below:

How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Store With WordPress


"If you're new to WordPress, this can stand on its own as a training course and will stay with you as you progress from beginner to advanced and even guru status." - Bruce (Columbus, Ohio)

Disclaimer: We are not associated with WordPress, Automattic, or any WordPress products promoted on this website. We may receive financial benefits from the purchase of third-party products advertised on this site. All images remain the copyright of their respective owners and comply with all license terms and agreements of use.


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WordPress eCommerce: Online Merchants And Affiliate Networks

Are you planning to promote affiliate products using WordPress? This comprehensive guide will help you choose the best merchant services and affiliate networks for selling and promoting products online with WordPress.

WordPress e-Commerce: Online Merchants And Affiliate Networks

This tutorial is part of our “WordPress e-Commerce” tutorial series, where we show you how to sell your products and services online and set up an online store or membership site using WordPress. 

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Selling products through established online merchants allows you to focus more time and resources on marketing your business online instead of worrying about technical aspects like setting up online payment processes, transactional security issues, product delivery and notification systems, recruiting affiliates to help promote your products, processing affiliate commission payments, etc.

If you plan to sell products online using a third-party service, this section provides an overview of:

  • Selling and promoting digital products
  • Leading online merchant services and affiliate networks
  • Tips and solutions to help you sell more of your own products and/or promote affiliate products.

Selling And Promoting Digital Products

If you plan to sell or promote digital products (e.g. e-books, video-based training courses, stock images, membership sites, etc.) on WordPress, there are a number of online merchant platforms and affiliate networks to help make the process easier …

Online Merchant Platforms

(Online Merchant Platforms)

The services below provide an established, secure, and ready-made platform you can simply plug your products into and a network of affiliates you can recruit to help you promote your products online.




ClickBank is one of the world’s leading providers of e-commerce payment solutions for digital product publishers. Thousands of vendors sell digital products online using

To learn more about ClickBank and create a FREE account, visit the company’s website below:




JVZoo is one of the leading affiliate network sites for digital products. JVZoo offers instant affiliate payments paid into your PayPal account, provides a customer support center for vendors, and uses PayPal’s Adaptive Payments technology to pay you instantly at the point of sale. This means that affiliates don’t have to wait weeks or months to get paid.

According to the JVZOO site:

Our system runs on PayPal’s adaptive payment system which allows your payments to go directly into your PayPal account the moment a sale is made. Unlike other instant payment systems with Paypal, JVZoo has a true payment system that allows you to be paid for EVERY sale that is made.

JVZoo also offers a number of great features, such as integration with the Warrior Forum (see below), automatic bonus delivery (lets you offer bonuses to customers who purchase through your own affiliate links), stylish button creation, digital delivery and protection, lifetime cookies, instant affiliate program setup, tracking & statistics, instant sales funnel generator, instant dime dime sales, ad manager plugin/widget, JV profit sharing, hosted sales pages, instant list building technology, one-time or recurring payments with trials, and more..

To learn more about JVZoo and create a FREE account, go here:



DigiResults lets you sell physical and digital products. Like JVZoo, affiliates get paid commissions immediately into their PayPal account upon making a sale.

There are many benefits to using DigiResults for product vendors and affiliates.

For product vendors, DigiResults offers:

  • Instant account creation with no setup fees and instant product approval (you can be selling your product in as little as 5 minutes from signing up),
  • Specify affiliate commission payout percentages on your products from 0% – 100% of the sale,
  • Offer a 60-day guarantee or no guarantee,
  • Set up and automate a back-end sales funnel with upsells
  • Hosting for both your sales pages and product downloads.
  • Instant exposure to affiliates in the DigiResults network
  • Dedicated support
  • And more …

DigiResults also provides a technology that detects whether your affiliate sales are coming from a ClickBank or PayDotCom affiliate and redirects the visitors accordingly so that your affiliates get paid, even if they are from a different network. This allows you to easily leverage affiliates from all 3 networks, tapping into a massive pool of affiliates and maximizing your exposure online.

For affiliates, DigiResults offers:

  • Immediate payments for promoting high converting products.
  • No customer support responsibility as an affiliate.
  • Free to join and get started.
  • Up to 100% commissions on premium products

To learn more about DigiResults and create a FREE account, visit the site below:





Zaxaa was developed to simplify and automate the process of selling, promoting, delivering, and managing your products online, easily and quickly. Zaxaa provides innovative features, such as the ability to instantly predict your income, lifetime customer value (LCV), and customer retention metrics based on your previous transaction data, track sub-ids (useful if you plan to promote using affiliates), instantly set up pre-sales bumps, one-click upsells and OTOs (one-time offers), customize and embed payment forms on your site, sell unlimited products, create dime sales, accept online and offline payments, set up recurring subscriptions, share revenue with partners, create unlimited affiliate programs and membership sites with free trials and installment payments, and so much more.

To learn more about Zaxaa and create a FREE account, visit the company’s website below:




To sell your own products or promote products as an affiliate with WarriorPlus, follow the steps below:

1) Create an account on the Warrior Forum

To sell internet marketing related products using the WarriorPlus network and/or promote other people’s products as an affiliate, you first need to set up an account in the Warrior Forum.

The Warrior Forum is a great place to network with other internet marketers and promote your internet marketing related products. Selling products in the Warriors Forum is done through their Warrior Special Offers section (WSO).

A WSO (Warrior Special Offer) forum is where hundreds of Internet marketers in the “make money online” niche post huge discounts for their products. Some even sell exclusively through the Warrior Forum.

To create an account with Warrior Forum, go here:

Warrior Forum

2) Create a WarriorPlus account

After creating an account at the Warrior Forum, use the same username to create an account with WarriorPlus.

To create an account with WarriorPlus, go here:


3) Add a PayPal Account to Receive Funds

In order to access the affiliate system, you will need a Paypal account that has had certain permissions set and that has been authorized by WarriorPlus.

After creating your WarriorPlus account, follow the instructions to complete this step of the process.

4) Sell your products or request offers to promote other vendors’ products as an affiliate.

Once your PayPal account has been authorized, you can create a listing to sell your own products.

Note: You will need to request and be approved by vendors to become an affiliate of their offers. Once approved, you will receive an email with details on how to access your affiliate links for that product or offer.

OneNetworkDirect (Digital River)



Digital River’s oneNetworkDirect affiliate network was developed with the goal of driving traffic for Digital River commerce customers and being a top affiliate network for affiliates around the world.

oneNetworkDirect focused on digital products and has over 400,000 titles available for sale and promotion.

To learn more about oneNetworkDirect and create an account, visit the site below:





PayDotCom is owned by Mike Filsaime, a successful Internet marketer. Like ClickBank, PayDotCom also specializes in digital products and is used by many internet marketers to sell how-to e-books, software, and web templates.

There are several advantages to promoting PayDotCom products as an affiliate:

  • PayDotCom offers many products for affiliates looking for web software, Internet marketing guides, and niche products to promote.
  • PayDotCom pays affiliates via PayPal. All you need is a PayPal account.
  • PayDotCom provides a number of affiliate tools like banners, a widget, and also campaign tracking.

PayDotCom also has its share of disadvantages:

  • Affiliates are charged fees. Like ClickBank, affiliates are charged a fee on any commissions they make. PayDotCom splits the fees for every sale 50-50 between merchants and affiliates. Many affiliates don’t like this, as they receive no direct benefit from using PayDotCom.
  • Payouts are done by merchants. Unlike ClickBank, each merchant is responsible for paying their affiliates. This means receiving individual payment from different merchants for the products you promote on PayDotCom instead of one lump sum.
  • Commission delays. As the payout is done by individual merchants, you should expect delays in commission payments.
  • Additional areas that make PayDotCom one of the least recommended choices are a poor user interface, which can be confusing for affiliates (ClickBank lets you instantly see your total commissions when you login), and a lack of online documentation to help new affiliates.

Overall, PayDotCom is still a great affiliate network but it could be significantly improved.

To learn more about PayDotCom and create an account, visit the site below:


Selling Or Promoting Physical Products

The affiliate networks below are great for finding and promoting affiliate products. Unless you’re moving a decent amount of products on a regular basis, however, these networks may not be a cost-effective option to use for selling your own products.



Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world and provides a wide selection of money-making opportunities for product vendors and affiliate marketers.

In fact, many online experts credit Amazon as being the first company to use an affiliate program to grow its sales.

According to Wikipedia …

“Amazon was not the first merchant to offer an affiliate program, but its program was the first to become widely known and serve as a model for subsequent programs.”

(source: Wikipedia)

To promote Amazon products as an affiliate, you must join the Amazon Associates program …

Amazon Associates Program

(Amazon Associates Program)


Amazon operates different stores in different countries and requires affiliates to sign up with each country’s store separately. Click on the links below to sign up as an Amazon associate for each store you would like to promote products from:

To learn about all of the different ways to earn money with Amazon, visit their website and scroll down to the footer section for links to more information …

Make money with

(Make money with

There are many plugins and widgets available to help you sell Amazon products as an affiliate on WordPress.

For example:

Stream Store

StreamStore - Amazon affiliate store builder for WordPress(StreamStore – WordPress Amazon affiliate store builder)

StreamStore is a revolutionary affiliate store builder for WordPress that lets you build a complete Amazon store network in minutes, with all products, deals, and discounts available, using responsive and professionally designed website and landing pages with a viral traffic system included.

StreamStore combines a WordPress plugin and theme and uses advanced live stream technology to populate products into your WordPress site based on the keywords and categories or sub-categories that you specify.

(StreamStore lets you earn affiliate revenue from

We have created a detailed tutorial on how to set up an Amazon affiliate store with StreamStore here:

How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Store With WordPress

To learn more about the plugin, visit the site here: StreamStore

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

(WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates)

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates lets you set up an Amazon affiliate store and import products automatically by entering a keyword, setting up how many pages to import, and specifying how often to import products.

To learn more about WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates WordPress plugin, visit the site below:

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Link

Amazon Link Amazon affiliate plugin

(Amazon Link plugin)

Amazon Link is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add Amazon product links to your WordPress posts and pages. You can add simple text links, thumbnail images, full-size images, complex templates, or full-blown Amazon flash widgets.

To learn more about this plugin, visit the site below:

Amazon Links

You can search for more WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins inside your WordPress dashboard (Plugins > Add New), or the WordPress Free Plugin Directory …

WordPress Plugins - Amazon Affiliate

(WordPress Plugins – Amazon Affiliate)

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WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugins

CJ Affiliate By Conversant (Formerly Commission Junction)

Commission Junction (CJ) is one of the oldest and largest affiliate networks online. In early 2014, its parent company ValueClick integrated all of its businesses into a personalized marketing platform called Conversant …

CJ Affiliate

(CJ Affiliate)

According to Wikipedia:

Commission Junction (now CJ Affiliate) is an online advertising company owned by ValueClick and operating in the affiliate marketing industry. The company is the largest affiliate network in North America and operates worldwide. Among the top 500 retailers using 3rd party affiliate marketing software, 62% are powered by CJ Affiliate.

(Source: Wikipedia)

CJ Affiliate Network

(CJ Affiliate)

CJ Affiliate – Advantages

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, CJ Affiliate is one of the first affiliate networks you should consider joining. Becoming an affiliate (called a “publisher”) with CJ is easy, free and requires no manual approvals.

Here are some of the reasons why you may want to join CJ:

  • Access To A Wide Range Of Offers – CJ Affiliate not only gives you access to hundreds of well-known merchants, but it also offers you the choice of promoting different types of offers, including Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Lead and Pay-Per-Call offers.
  • Established Merchants – Merchants in CJ include many of the more established and well-known companies.
  • Transparent Performance Stats – CJ provides an accurate 3 Month / 7 Day EPC (Earnings Per 1,000 Clicks) chart, which lets you know exactly how individual merchants are performing within the CJ network.
  • Affiliate Banners – Merchants in CJ provide plenty of affiliate banners and marketing material, which is hosted in CJ’s servers. Each banner also displays performance stats allowing you to choose banners that are doing well for your affiliate promotions.
  • Individual Product Links – Linking directly to a product is the most effective way to generate affiliate sales. Most merchants allow you to create affiliate links pointing your visitors directly to individual products on their website.
  • Link Encryption and Protection – CJ offers the option to completely encrypt your link so that your affiliate ID is hidden and hijacking of your affiliate commissions is impossible.
  • Centralized Affiliate Payments – All affiliate commissions are paid to you by CJ, not the individual merchants and, depending on where you live, commissions can be paid directly into your bank account. This provides you with a predictable and reliable payment structure.
CJ Affiliate – Disadvantages

Although CJ is a great affiliate network, it does have its share of disadvantages.

Here are some of the downsides of using CJ Affiliate:

  • Advertiser Application Process – Unlike ClickBank where, once you join the network you can promote any vendor’s products, with CJ you have to manually apply to each individual merchant and agree to their terms of service. Some merchants will auto-approve you, but others will manually review your application and let you know whether or not you have been approved. Sometimes this delay can take weeks or months.
  • Temporary Advertiser Deactivation – Because of the billing process between CJ and its merchants, many merchants constantly get “Advertiser Deactivated” notifications. While the advertiser has been temporarily deactivated, clicks made using your affiliate links do not earn commissions for that merchant.
  • Lack of Standardization – Every merchant in CJ has their own terms of service (TOS) and refund terms. Some merchants allow you to place ads using their trademarked terms, others do not. Keeping track of all these different terms can be confusing and, in some cases, can result in the merchant dropping you from their program for some breach of terms that you were not aware of, or accidentally infringed upon.
  • Poor Conversion Tracking Statistics – CJ’s stats and reporting features are fairly outdated and generally provide only commission dates of sales and basic tracking data.
  • No PayPal Payment Option – CJ does not offer the option to pay affiliates directly into their PayPal accounts. It does offer an ACH (bank transfer) option, but only for affiliates that live in selected countries.
  • Closing Inactive Accounts – CJ will close affiliate accounts that have been inactive for a certain period of time.

To learn more about CJ Affiliate and create an account, go here:

CJ Affiliate

Other Merchant Services And Affiliate Networks

Here are some other networks that provide merchant services where you can sell your own products or find and promote affiliate products:

Rakuten Affiliate Network (LinkShare)

Rakuten Affiliate Network

(Rakuten Affiliate Network)

Rakuten Affiliate Network (formerly LinkShare), lets you promote thousands of products from many well-known brands.

To learn more about Rakuten Affiliate Network, visit the site below:

Rakuten Affiliate Network




ShareASale is another very popular affiliate network where you can search for products to promote online.

To learn more about ShareASale, go here:


Affiliate Store Builders

There are a number of solutions available that allow you to build an affiliate store with WordPress.


Promote products from thousands of online merchants on your WordPress site with Datafeedr

(Promote products from thousands of online merchants on your WordPress site with Datafeedr)

Datafeedr seamlessly integrates with WordPress and nearly all available themes and plugins. DataFeedr has partnered with leading affiliate networks. This allows you to promote millions of products from thousands of leading merchants on your website …

Datafeedr has partnered with the biggest affiliate networks.

(Datafeedr has partnered with the world’s biggest affiliate networks.)

Datafeedr provides powerful search filters that let you search for the products you want to promote, then build stores quickly and easily and configure the products in your store to automatically update at regular intervals.

You can also promote thousands of affiliate products from leading merchants services described further below using Datafeedr.

For more details about the Datafeedr affiliate store builder, go here:


For other affiliate store building tools, go here:

WordPress Plugins For eCommerce

Affiliate Program Management Software

If you don’t want to use an affiliate merchant network, you can host affiliate programs on your own server. Using an in-house solution can give you better control over the management of your affiliate program and let you run it the way you want to. You own the software, so there is no third-party branding and no “middle agent” fees. You will have direct contact with your affiliates to offer incentives and to gather feedback.

The downside of running your own affiliate software is that there is no readymade network of affiliates you can tap into, such as those available in marketplaces like ClickBank, JVZoo, etc.

Popular affiliate program management solutions include:

iDev Affiliate

iDev Affiliate Software


If you research affiliate program management software and read  reviews, you will find that many users recommend iDevAffiliate.

iDevAffiliate features include:

  • Simple to setup and use
  • Not very SEO-friendly
  • Offers two-tier commissions (i.e. you can pay affiliates for referring other affiliates to your program)

There are a few different price plans (check the website for latest pricing details) and options for iDevAffiliate, ranging from the Standard edition to the Platinum edition (which includes SEO links), and a Black Tie service where they will set up and configure everything for you.

Add-on modules and plugins, such as language packs and Quickbooks exports are available at an additional cost. Technical support for iDevAffiliate is handled by the same team that developed the software when it first launched in 1999.

iDevAffiliate is a good solution for non-technical users. It offers many features and add-ons for your affiliate marketing program. It’s simple and easy to use and will allow you and your affiliates to get set up quickly.

To learn more about this affiliate program management tool, go here:

iDev Affiliate


Post Affiliate Pro - Affiliate Management Software

(Post Affiliate Pro – Affiliate Management Software)

Post Affiliate Pro is an advanced product, with many features and very SEO friendly.

Post Affiliate Pro features include:

  • Track affiliate sales on all your websites
  • Multiple languages for both merchant and affiliate interfaces
  • Create unlimited number of tiers
  • Customizable affiliate interface allows you to match your corporate website design
  • SEO friendly links are included in the basic version

Post Affiliate Pro packages range for their Xpress package and go up to their Post Affiliate Network solution installed on your server. They also offer hosted versions for a monthly fee. Check their website for the latest pricing details.

With PostAffiliatePro, you can activate many plugins at no extra charge, and you can write your own plugins in PHP to extend the functionality of the server aspect of the software. Post Affiliate Pro also uses anchor text links so you get a direct link from your affiliate websites to yours, which helps to improve SEO. With Post Affiliate Pro, your affiliates can also use discount coupons for offline marketing.

Another advanced feature in Post Affiliate Pro is split commissions. This allows affiliates to split commissions when customers are searching for your product since your customer may end up visiting multiple affiliate sites before making a buying decision. With split commissions, each affiliate the customer visited receives a share of the commissions.

Post Affiliate Pro is a feature-rich program that offers many features and plugins and is highly customizable to meet your affiliate marketing needs.

To learn more about this affiliate program management tool, visit the site below:


If the above solutions are way more than what you need or are willing to pay for, then here is an affordable and robust WordPress-plugin based affiliate management program that is also worth considering:


WordPress Affiliate Platform - WordPress Plugin


The ‘WordPress Affiliate Platform’ is an easy to use WordPress plugin for affiliate recruitment, management and tracking that can be used on any WordPress blog or site. This plugin lets you run your own affiliate campaign/program and allows you to reward (pay commission) your affiliates for referred sales.

The administrator can configure banners and links which affiliates can use on their site to drive traffic to your site. All clicks, leads, sales, etc. are tracked by this plugin.

If you are running online ad campaigns for your products and services then you can use the affiliate platform plugin to measure the true conversion rate of each campaign to find out the profitable ones. This allows you to weed out the non-profitable campaigns and save money in the process.

In a nutshell, the Affiliate Platform Plugin can help you achieve the following:

  • Launch your affiliate campaign in a short time.
  • Monitor clicks and conversions of visitors sent by your affiliates.
  • Maintain your brand with your own product Ad Banners and Links.
  • Drive more traffic to your landing/sales page from your Affiliate’s site.
  • Increase revenue with more sales.

To learn more about this plugin, visit the site below:


Like all software programs, the affiliate management solutions described above will have certain pros and cons, but ultimately they all meet basic requirements for managing a successful affiliate marketing program.

Hopefully, you have found this comprehensive guide useful for helping you choose the best merchant services and affiliate networks for selling and promoting products online with WordPress.

WordPress e-Commerce: Online Merchants And Affiliate Networks

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WordPress eCommerce Plugins: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you planning to set up an eCommerce store with WordPress? Discover the best WordPress eCommerce plugins to sell your products and services online in this comprehensive guide.

WordPress eCommerce Plugins: A Comprehensive Guide

This tutorial is part of our “WordPress eCommerce” tutorial series, where we show you how to sell your products and services online and set up an online store or membership site using WordPress. 

help For other tutorials in our “WordPress e-Commerce” series, go here:

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redarrow WordPress e-Commerce: Online Merchants And Affiliate Networks

WordPress eCommerce Plugins

WordPress can be used as an ecommerce store platform. In this tutorial, you will learn about some of the more popular e-commerce plugins for WordPress.

If you plan to set up an ecommerce store using WordPress and take advantage of this $2 trillion plus industry, here are some of the things you will need to consider before choosing an ecommerce plugin:

  • Are you planning to sell digital (i.e. information like e-books, video tutorials, audio books), or physical products … or both?
  • Are you planning to sell single items or multiple items?
  • Will your product listings need to be updated on a regular basis?
  • Are you planning to offer quantity discounts, coupons, seasonal/monthly offers, etc …?
  • Do you need to track inventory, provide warehouse shipping, etc…?

Once you have a clear plan for your store, you will have a better idea of the type of plugin you are looking for.

WordPress e-Commerce: Selling Single Items

If you only plan to sell a single item (e.g. a special report or a physical item) or a handful of products online, you can easily create a basic e-commerce setup using WordPress without plugins.

Simple Single Item Sales Setup

(Simple Single Item Sales Setup)

Here are the steps involved in setting up a single item store:

  1. Create a page or post for each product you plan to sell and add your product information to this page/post.
  2. Add a PayPal “buy button” or “shopping cart” button to your page or post.
  3. If selling a physical item, make sure that your customers can specify their shipping address when entering their purchase details online with PayPal.
  4. If selling a digital product (e.g. an e-book), create a separate page/post where your customers can download your product and password-protect it. After the purchase has been successfully completed, send your customer an email with the password and the download link of the page where they can access their product. You can send this email manually or set up an automated customer notification system.
  5. Test your sales process to make sure that everything is working.

help For more details on adding PayPal buy buttons to your site, refer to our video tutorials section:

redarrow Sell Online With PayPal

WordPress eCommerce: Free Plugins

We normally recommend using free plugins to extend and expand the functionality of your WordPress site. One of our concerns about using a free WordPress plugin for managing your e-commerce setup, however, is that if the plugin developers are not getting paid, they may not be able to provide you with adequate plugin support when you need it the most …

Avoid using WordPress plugins that don't get regularly updated!

(Avoid using plugins that are not regularly updated!)

If you’re building an online store and experience technical issues, bugs or errors with the plugin that is driving your store, having no immediate support available is obviously going to become a major concern. For this reason, we focus much of this tutorial on exploring some of the more popular and well-supported WordPress e-commerce plugins.

Keep in mind also, that just as there are no guarantees of longevity in any business, no software developer can promise you that they will continue to provide support for their products in the future.

Having said this, before we look at premium WordPress plugins for e-commerce, let’s take a look at some FREE plugins you can use to sell your products online with WordPress:


eShop - e-Commerce WordPress plugin


eShop is an accessible shopping cart plugin for WordPress that is packed with many features and options.

Some of the features of this plugin include the ability to create products using WordPress pages or posts and custom post types (or use as a product catalog with no sales), various methods to list products, upload downloadable products, access to basic statistics and basic stock control information, downloadable sales data, access to order handling section, automatic email notifications, user configurable email templates, Google Base Data creation, accept payment via PayPal, cash or check, and much more!

help For more details about this plugin, visit the site below:

redarrow eShop


wpStoreCart WordPress ecommerce plugin

(wpStoreCart WordPress plugin)

wpStoreCart is a free, open source, and full featured Ajax enhanced e-commerce platform built for WordPress. It is easy to use, lightweight, heavily supported (according to its developers) and constantly updated with new features.

Some of the main features of this plugin include:

  • Web-based “Setup Wizard”
  • Unlimited number of products & categories
  • Product Variations (e.g. size & color)
  • Product Properties (e.g. weight & dimensions)
  • Products support limited or unlimited quantities
  • Fully configurable product & category display
  • Search products using default WordPress search
  • Track e-commerce statistics with Google Analytics & Piwik e-commerce integration
  • USPS & UPS shipping integration
  • Multi-language & currency support
  • Works with any WordPress theme (a free Premium WordPress theme is included as a separate download)
  • Optional coupon and discount system
  • Includes widgets
  • Customizable registration process
  • Guest checkout
  • You can run your shop as “Digital Products Only”, “Physical Products Only” or both
  • Advanced group settings, including groups discounts, group only products, unlimited groups
  • Integrates with PayPal payments and supports other payment gateways
  • Works on all browsers
  • And much more!

help For more details about this plugin, visit the site below:

redarrow wpStoreCart3

Premium WordPress eCommerce Plugins

The plugins below include some of the most popular premium plugins for running online stores on a WordPress site.

The good news is that most of the plugins below do offer a FREE “lite version” of their plugins with loads of great functions that allow you to try the plugin. They also give you an option to upgrade to a paid version later if you want additional features and access to support.


WooCommerce - ecommerce WordPress plugin

(WooCommerce ecommerce plugin for WordPress)

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress created by the WooThemes developers, which is designed to help transform your WordPress site into an enterprise-level quality online eCommerce store.

WooCommerce integrates seamlessly in the frontend with specially designed WooCommerce Themes, and in the backend with the look and feel of the WordPress administration area.

This plugin also offers robust financial control and reporting functions, customer, order and inventory management systems, discount coupon and banner management features, seamless integration with a number of payment gateways, plus dozens of useful e-commerce extensions that allow you to do things such as generate QR Codes for your store products, offer expiring deals, integrate your order management and stock control system with multiple sales channels like eBay, Amazon and Magento, and a whole lot more.

help For more details about this plugin, visit the site below:

redarrow WooCommerce

help To learn how to use WooCommerce with WordPress, see our video tutorials section:

redarrow How To Use WooCommerce With WordPress


Sellosity - Powerful WordPress eCommerce Plugin

(Sellosity – Powerful WordPress eCommerce Plugin)

Sellosity is an incredibly powerful eCommerce store builder for WordPress. In a nutshell, Sellosity does absolutely EVERYTHING you can think of (and more) to help you launch and quickly start profiting from your very own online store.

With Sellosity, you can build a professional e-commerce store, avoid paying ongoing monthly fees for hosting and additional features, and get all the e-commerce functionality you need in one place.

Here are just some of the testimonials users have posted about the Sellosity eCommerce store builder for WordPress:

“The biggest challenge I believe Sellosity will solve is how complicated and expensive Shopify is. I’ve got clients where they’re paying $300-400/mo ON TOP of the Shopify monthly fee, just for some simple plugins that seem to be WAY overpriced for what they do. Not to mention, Shopify’s servers have gone down or had DDOS attacks recently. With Sellosity, we’ll be on our own server/hosting and won’t be a big target for those attacks like Shopify is.” – Adam Holland

“The cosmetic look of an eCommerce store – its appearance, branding and easy navigation, particularly to checkout – are important, but the oxygen of a successful store is listing popular products that sell and drives hungry buyers to your offers. If Sellosity can offer a fully integrated system – good looking (and functioning!) store which also helps with product research, streamlines order and shipping fulfilment, FB ads and email marketing without having to pay out $100s each month for hosting and other necessary apps, then… KERCHING!!! The monthly expenditure you save on hosting can fund your FB and email marketing. The start of a continuous virtuous cycle. You’ve hooked me, Sean!” – Midge Arnott

Sellosity provides a number of powerful built-in features, saving you money on the cost of purchasing add-ons …

Sellosity - eCommerce Builder Features

(Sellosity – eCommerce Builder Features)

Some of these features include:

  • Instant Store Builder – Build or deploy a beautiful, pre-configured e-commerce store within minutes with a few clicks of the mouse, then just add products and branding.
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder – Sellosity has a built-in drag & drop page builder that makes creating product pages and running promotions simple and easy.
  • Easily Import Products – Sellosity helps your customers find reputable vendors & high quality products to sell from AliExpress as well as importing existing stores from Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, etc.
  • Powerful Dropship Engine – Build a profitable e-commerce store without ever personally seeing, touching, or shipping a single product and put it on 100% autopilot.
  • Smart Marketing Tools – Sellosity provides a range of built-in traffic generation, sales conversion, and tracking tools.
  • Advanced Reporting System – Sellosity lets you see ‘at-a-glance’ where your customers are coming from and what’s driving them to buy, allowing you to optimize conversions and turn more prospects into sales.
  • Proven e-Commerce Platform – Sellosity is built using the WooCommerce e-commerce framework for WordPress … a proven platform that has over 1 million installations and powers 37% of all e-commerce stores online.
  • Print on Demand integration – Sellosity integrates with many popular print-on-demand companies allowing you to add t-shirts, mugs, and other popular custom products and merchandise to your store and sell these using dropship methods…
  • eCommerce Training – Sellosity provides users step-by-step training on how to use the platform to build and automate a profitable e-commerce business.

Click here to learn more about Sellosity …

Below are a couple of detailed video walkthroughs of the Sellosity platform …

(Sellosity Video Walkthrough and Sneak Peek)

(Sellosity Video – Detailed “Under the Hood” Backend Tour)

Sellosity is a truly integrated “all in one” e-commerce store builder for WordPress. You get a powerful, feature-rich platform with additional capabilities, including the ability to:

  • Source high-quality products to sell on your ecommerce store without spending a single dollar on inventory,
  • Automate your shipping and handling process, allowing you to run a ‘hands-free’ e-commerce store where you never have to stock or handle any of your products yourself,
  • Leverage Sellosity’s Focused Funnel Smart Commerce to boost your conversion rates and maximize every sale.

help For more details about this plugin, visit the site below:

redarrow Sellosity

WP eStore

WordPress Store - Sell Digital Content Securely

(WP e-Store plugin)

WP eStore is a versatile WordPress shopping cart plugin that allows you to sell any type of digital products and services from your WordPress site securely and with complete automation.

Once you set up the plugin, the whole process of buying, payment verification, and product delivery (without revealing the real URL of the product) works on auto-pilot.

You can sell services online using WP eStore

WP e-Store - WordPress plugin

(Sell services online with WPe-Store)

You can also sell physical products with this plugin as long as you don’t need complex shipping options.

WP eStore is a WordPress plugin that works really well for creating simple WordPress stores. It also integrates with the developer’s own affiliate program plugin (for recruiting and managing affiliate partners) and membership plugin.

You can also download a FREE version that lets you set up PayPal payments on your WordPress site, and upgrade to the paid version later.

help For more details about this plugin, visit the site below:

redarrow WP eStore


Cart 66 e-commerce plugin

(Cart 66 WP ecommerce plugin)

The Cart66 WordPress ecommerce plugin lets you sell electronics, digital downloads, videos, music, web hosting, legal services, collect membership fees, and more directly from your WordPress site.

With this plugin, you can easily place a product on any page or post on your WordPress website, and use the built-in Amazon S3 integration to deliver your digital products, even large files like videos or an entire album of MP3s.

You can use the plugin’s easy PayPal integration to collect sales payments, or set up your own merchant account and collect payments without having your buyers ever leave your site.

Additional features of the Cart66 e-commerce plugin for WordPress include:

  • Add product variations
  • Create coupons and offer special discounts for your sales and promotions
  • Allow users to pay via PayPal or with Credit Cards – choose from a range of payment gateways and processing merchants
  • Memberships and subscriptions
  • Blend your store with your WordPress theme
  • Add products to pages on your site using shortcodes or the plugin’s menu icons
  • Complete store customization
  • Inventory tracking
  • Custom and live shipping options
  • Email notification center lets you send out and automate HTML email receipts, timed followup emails, order status emails, order fulfillment emails, and subscription reminder emails
  • Dedicated support and training documentation

If you want to sell products and services using PayPal Websites Payments Standard or Express Checkout, incorporate product variations and promotions and manage orders, Cart66 also offers you the option of downloading a “lite” version of the plugin for FREE.

help For more details about this plugin, visit the site below:

redarrow Cart66

WP e-Commerce

WP e-Commerce - WordPress plugin

(WP e-Commerce – WordPress plugin)

WP e-Commerce is one of the most popular, robust and feature-rich e-commerce plugins for WordPress available that allow you to sell products, downloads, and services online. The plugin is robust enough to handle thousands of products and offers bulk product detail import features.

You can download the plugin for free (it is fully functional with no limitations), and upgrade if you want additional capabilities, display options or premium support.

Some of the main features of the WP e-Commerce plugin are:

  • 100% Customizable – You can use your own HTML & CSS and have complete control over the look and feel of your online store.
  • Streamlined Checkout puts less pages between your products and checkout.
  • Integrates with Google Checkout, Paypal, Payment Express, and many other trusted payment processors.
  • Flexible built-in shipping rate calculators. Integrates with a variety of shippers for real-time rates.

This is an extremely popular plugin that offers a lot of options for setting up an online store with WordPress.

help For more details about this plugin, visit the site below:

redarrow WP-e-Commerce


Shopp WP plugin

(Shopp – WordPress plugin)

Shopp is another e-commerce plugin for WordPress that has been around for some time, which means that it has been developed and improved upon extensively.

Shopp offers simple design customization features and flexible shipping calculations. It also offers additional functions such as multiple payment gateways and shipping services integrations as premium add-ons, plus a “priority support” option if you need faster response times from the support department.

Shopp is licensed as a core framework. The fee you pay depends on the number of sites you plan to use the plugin on. wish to use it on).

help For more details about this plugin, visit the site below:

redarrow Shopp

Related WordPress e-Commerce Plugins

If your business is not quite about selling products or services online, but you still need an e-commerce type of application to handle payments securely online and deal with customers who want to buy from you, then here are some e-commerce related plugins that may just be the solution you’re looking for:

Membership Sites

WishList Member

Wishlist Member membership plugin

(WishList Member WP plugin)

WishList Member is a membership plugin that offers full integration with WordPress. WishList Member also fully integrates with most leading payment processors such as PayPal, 1Shopping Cart, ClickBank and Infusionsoft, and autoresponders like Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse and more. Additionally, Wishlist Member provides integration support for other payment processors and 3rd party email autoresponders through a ‘generic’ option.

WishList Member integrates with all leading payment processors

(WishList Member integrates with all leading payment processors)

With WishList Member, you can sell content, digital products and subscriptions online and provide customers with private access to your products and services with no programming skills required. You can also build a private online community and create recurring revenue with a membership site in three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Create your content.
  • Step 2: Upload and protect your content. Add articles, videos, PDFs, MP3 audio files and just about any other type of content you want to your membership pages or posts.
  • Step 3: Seamlessly integrate your shopping cart.

help For more information about this plugin, visit the site below:

redarrow Wishlist Member

help For more WordPress membership plugins, see this tutorial:

redarrow WordPress Membership Plugins

Event Management

Event Espresso

Event Espresso - Event Management Plugin for WordPress

(Event Espresso)

Event Espresso lets you sell an event like bookings or tickets to a live training course, workshop, concert, performance, show, or seminar, instead of regular products and services.

Event Espresso automates processes like:

  • Sell and manage event bookings (including recurring and multiple events)
  • Let customers sign up and register for events
  • Collect payments online
  • Send out receipts and event reminders
  • Perform ticketing functions using mobile devices
  • Groupon integration
  • And a whole lot more …

Event Espresso - Event Management Plugin for WordPress

(Automate event registrations with EventEspresso)

help For more details about this WordPress plugin, go here:

redarrow Event Espresso

Hotel Bookings & Reservations

Booking Calendar

WordPress Plugin - Booking Calendar

([Booking Calendar])

Another e-commerce type variation you may want to consider is having a system for managing bookings and reservations, such as hotel rooms and other types of accommodation, renting out function rooms and offices for meetings, etc.

Manage bookings and reservations online

(Manage bookings and reservations online)

There are a number of WordPress plugins that can provide you with an online booking solution. Many plugins offer a FREE version with the option to upgrade to a paid version for additional features and functions.

To learn more, see this booking calendar plugin, or just search online for “WordPress plugin bookings and reservations“.

Promote Your Product Listings From Other Sites Using WordPress Plugins

Because of the popularity and growth of WordPress as the content publishing platform of choice for millions of users worldwide, many online retail companies now offer widgets, badges, and RSS feeds that allow you to display other product listing information on your WordPress site.

You can find a number of WordPress Plugins that will let you display products that you are selling on third-party stores on your WordPress site.

Let’s explore some of these plugins.


Shopify - eCommerce Platform

(Shopify – e-Commerce Platform)

With Shopify, you can sell products in different ways using many sales channels. The Shopify eCommerce plugin allows you to set up an online store on the Shopify platform, then connects you to your store, streamlining the process for adding and customizing ‘Buy Buttons’ by integrating the functionality into your WordPress admin.

help For more details about this plugin, visit the site below:

redarrow Shopify

Etsy Shop

Etsy Shop WP Plugin

(Etsy Shop)

If you sell items on Etsy, you can use the Etsy Shop plugin to display items on your posts and pages …

Using WordPress For e-Commerce

(Etsy WordPress Widget. Source: Etsy WordPress Widget)

help For more details about this WordPress plugin, go here:

redarrow Etsy Shop


eBayFlashSeller WordPress Plugin

(eBayFlashSeller Plugin)

If you sell items on eBay, you can use the eBayflashseller plugin to display your eBay auction listings on your site.

help For more details about this WordPress plugin, go here:

redarrow EBayflashseller

My Kindle Books

My Kindle Books - WordPress Plugin

(My Kindle Books WP Plugin)

If you sell books on Amazon Kindle, you can use a plugin like My Kindle Books to display a book list page that includes your books (or anyone else’s) on your site.

help For more details about this WordPress plugin, go here:

redarrow My Kindle Books

Promote Affiliate Products Using WordPress Plugins

The last category of products and services that you can promote on your WordPress site are affiliate products from other businesses, merchant networks, and vendors.

With affiliate marketing, you promote products that you do not own and receive a sales or referral commission when someone visits your website, clicks on your affiliate link (a special link encoded with your own unique ID), and makes a purchase from your link.

Most vendors and businesses that offer an affiliate program will provide affiliate banners and links, but some will also provide widgets, plugins, and entire affiliate store building solutions.

You can apply to affiliate networks and affiliate programs in your niche and promote products on your site using links and banners, or use affiliate ‘aggregator’ plugins like the one below to build a combined catalog of products from different merchants.


Promote products from thousands of leading online merchants on your WordPress site with Datafeedr

(Promote products from thousands of online merchants on your WordPress site with Datafeedr)

Datafeedr seamlessly integrates with WordPress and nearly all available themes and plugins. DataFeedr has partnered with leading affiliate networks. This lets you promote millions of products from thousands of well-known online merchants on your website …

Datafeedr has partnered with leading affiliate networks.

(Datafeedr has partnered with the largest affiliate networks.)

Datafeedr provides powerful search filters that let you search for the products you want to promote, then build stores quickly and easily and configure the products in your store to automatically update at regular intervals.

help For more details about this affiliate store builder, go here:

redarrow Datafeedr

help To learn more about selling products online as an affiliate, see this tutorial:

redarrow WordPress e-Commerce: Online Merchants And Affiliate Networks

Hopefully, this tutorial has shown you a number of useful plugins you can use to create an ecommerce store and sell your products and services online using WordPress.

How To Create An Online Store With WordPress

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