Avada – A Highly Customizable Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Avada is a fully responsive and highly customizable WordPress theme that offers you unlimited flexibility and lets you build any kind of website you need for any type of business without having to touch code ….

Avada – A Highly Customizable Multipurpose WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a fully responsive and highly customizable WordPress theme that offers you unlimited flexibility and lets you build any kind of website you need for any type of business without having to touch code, then you would be hard pressed to find a better theme than Avada.


Avada WordPress Theme

(Avada WordPress Theme)

Avada is one of the best-selling WordPress themes of all time. It installs with over 40 pre-made fully-featured websites and over 255 pre-made web page designs …

Avada installs with 40+ pre-made websites and 255+ web page designs

(Avada installs with 40+ pre-made websites and 255+ web page designs)

Avada integrates with WooCommerce and comes with a number of store demos allowing you to easily set up an online store and sell your products …

Avada integrates easily with WooCoomerce

(Avada integrates easily with WooCoomerce)

With Avada, you literally can build anything online, from websites for micro-businesses and small businesses, to corporate websites and blogs, portfolio websites, e-commerce stores, and more!

The Avada WordPress theme lets you build anything online!

(The Avada WordPress theme lets you build anything online!)

This premium theme is used by hundreds of thousands of websites and sells for around $60.

Check out the Avada demo.

Avada Theme Options

The Avada theme is easy to install, configure, and use.

Once installed, Avada adds its own menu section in the WordPress admin menu, giving you access to guided tours, support, documentation, system status, additional plugins and theme options …

Avada menu section

(Avada menu section)

Avada offers an incredible amount of flexibility allowing you to build a unique-looking website. The Theme Options menu provides thousands of highly configurable options neatly organized into sections that allow you to build and customize your website without any coding knowledge …

Avada theme options menu

(Avada theme options menu)

The image gallery below contains screenshots of the Theme Options menu …

(Avada Theme Options – Settings)

Avada also includes plugins like Fusion Builder that lets you create unique pages using drag and drop …

Avada lets you build unique web pages using drag and drop

(Avada lets you build unique web pages using drag and drop)

Fusion Builder provides you with a huge library of functionality (called ‘elements’) that you can add to your pages …

Fusion Builder elements

(Fusion Builder elements)

Avada Theme Support

The Avada theme developers provide excellent customer support and regular theme updates …

Avada theme is regularly updated

(Avada theme is regularly updated)

The Avada theme comes with 6 months of free technical support (extended through an annual subscription), plus access to documentation, product knowledgebase, video tutorials, community forum, and Facebook group …

Avada theme developers provide great customer support

(Avada theme developers provide great customer support)

Avada Theme – Additional Info

In addition to all the configurable options, plugins, templates, and design elements included with the theme, Avada is:

  • Fully Responsive: Your website will adapt and look great on every device, web browser, and screen size.
  • Translation & RTL-ready: You can translate your site into any language, or use one of dozens of included language files. Avada is also fully RTL (right-to-left) compatible.
  • Layout: Control the overall site width, main content area, and single and dual sidebar widths using pixels or percentages. Choose full-page or boxed layouts for different pages, advanced header and footer options, multiple menu locations, 1-6 column options, mega menus with widgets, page title bars, different types of sliders, lightboxes, custom backgrounds, one page sites with parallax scrolling effects, multi-page sites, etc.
  • Blog: You can run a website or e-commerce store as your main website and a blog with a different layout and customizable blog options. You can also add a forum, portfolio pages, etc.
  • Unlimited Colors: Avada provides unlimited color choices and options for your website and page elements using an advanced color selection tool.
  • Advanced Typography: Avada offers advanced typography options that give you full control over the type that displays on your website.
  • Social Sharing: Avada has a full set of social icons and styling options for sharing your content.
  • SEO and Speed Optimized – The theme is optimized for search engine indexing and a great user experience.

Watch the video below for a guided tour of the Avada theme …

(Avada WordPress Theme – video tour)

In short, no matter what business you are in or what kind of website you plan to build, with a theme like Avada installed on your WordPress site, you can easily build and configure a unique website that lets you do whatever you need, that puts you in control of your digital presence, and that will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the cost of web development or web design.

For more details about this excellent WordPress theme, or to view demo options, review customer testimonials, etc. go here: Avada Theme

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How To Create WooCommerce Coupon Codes For Your WordPress eCommerce Store

Learn how to create and use promotional coupons in WooCommerce to track sales and improve conversions in your WordPress eCommerce store.

How To Create WooCommerce Coupon Codes For Your WordPress eCommerce Store

How To Create WooCommerce Coupon Codes For Your WordPress eCommerce StoreDo you have a WordPress eCommerce store? If you have an online store or web shop that runs on WooCommerce, using coupons not only allows you to offer customers discounts on sales and promotions but also to track where your sales are coming from.

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to create and use promotional coupons in WooCommerce to track sales and improve conversions in your WordPress eCommerce store.

WooCommerce Coupons

With the WooCommerce plugin installed, you can not only set up an ecommerce store that allows you to create manage coupons to offer discounts to your customers but you can also enhance the functionality of your coupons with a number of Woocommerce extensions created by the WooCommerce developer community.

Some of these coupon extensions include:

  • Smart Coupons – Enhance your coupon options and create gift certificates, store credit, coupons based on purchases, and more.
  • Coupon Shortcodes – Show coupon discount info using shortcodes. Render coupon information and content conditionally, based on the validity of coupons.
  • Group Coupons – Link coupon validity to WordPress users
  • WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns – Categorise coupons within coupon campaigns, making it easier to track the performance of a collection of coupons.
  • URL Coupons – Add a unique URL to a coupon code that automatically applies a discount and (optionally) adds products to the customer’s shopping cart.
  • Free Gift Coupons – Give away a free item to any customer who uses the coupon code.
  • Review for Discount – Reward reviewers with discount coupons.
  • WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features – adds additional functionality to the WooCommerce coupon system.
  • WooCommerce Bundle Style Coupons – Enables store owners to make a coupon only apply when all products required for it are in the cart.
  • Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite – Import both customers and orders into WooCommerce from a CSV file.
  • And more!

How To Create A Coupon

To create a new coupon, log into the Dashboard and go to WooCommerce > Coupons

WooCommerce > Coupons

(WooCommerce > Coupons)

Click on ‘Add Coupon’ …

Add coupon

(Add coupon)

In the Coupon data > General section, add the following details:

  1. Coupon Code – (see ‘Tracking Coupon Performance’ section below for guidelines on creating coupon codes that will help you track sales)
  2. Coupon Description – This description is for internal admin use only. Add a descriptive sentence (e.g. where will the coupon be used) and the coupon discount value.
  3. Discount type – Enter the correct discount type (Percentage Discount/Fixed Cart Discount/Fixed Product Discount)
  4. Coupon amount – Enter only the value of the coupon here (no percentage or dollar amount symbol)
  5. Coupon expiry date – If the coupon is meant to expire, enter its expiry date here, otherwise leave as is.

Add new coupon > Coupon data > General tab

(Add new coupon > Coupon data > General tab)

If you want to prevent customers from applying multiple coupon codes to their purchases, go to Coupon data > Usage restriction and tick the ‘Individual use only‘ checkbox . Otherwise, leave things as they are if you’re ok about customers using the coupon in conjunction with other coupons  …

Usage restriction tab

(Usage restriction tab)

Select whether to publish the coupon immediately or schedule it for activation at a future date, then click Publish

Coupons can be activated immediately or scheduled for a later date

(Coupons can be activated immediately or scheduled for a later date)

Your coupon should now be saved (or updated if you’re editing an existing coupon).

To view your new coupon, select WooCommerce > Coupons

Click WooCommerce > Coupons to view all coupons

(Click WooCommerce > Coupons to view all coupons)

Your new coupon will display in the Coupons table …

WooCommerce Table of Coupons

(WooCommerce Table of Coupons)


Coupon codes are not case sensitive …

Coupon codes are not case sensitive

(Coupon codes are not case sensitive)

WooCommerce will recognize the coupon whether it gets entered in all caps, lowercase, sentence case, etc., so you can display your coupons however you prefer and customers will get their discounts …

Display your coupons using all caps, lowercase, sentence case, etc.

(Display your coupons using all caps, lowercase, sentence case, etc.)

Tracking Coupon Performance

You can track how your coupons perform inside the WordPress dashboard by going to WooCommerce > Reports and clicking on ‘Coupons by date’ tab …

WooCommerce reports - Coupons

(WooCommerce reports – Coupons)

You can also track how your coupons perform in Google Analytics (Conversions > Ecommerce >Marketing > Order Coupon) using a WooCommerce extension like WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

Track coupon performance in Google Analytics

(Track coupon performance in Google Analytics)

The above methods show you how your coupons perform in terms of sales. With a little bit of planning, however, you can also use discount coupons to improve your marketing campaigns.

Coupon Planning

If you plan to use coupons in sales promotions and events or run print ads in magazinesand publictions where you offer discounts, consider using a different coupon code for each campaign. This way, you will not only be able to measure your sales but also track where sales came from.

Coupon Specifications

Developing guidelines and specifications for creating and implementing coupons help keep your marketing strategies consistent.

Here, for example, are some things to consider when creating a coupon:

  • Should the coupon expire after a certain period of time or number of sales, or will the coupon be allowed to be redeemed indefinitely?
  • How will you measure the effectivenes of different campaigns that use the same coupon code?
  • How will customers receive the coupon? (e.g. email newsletters, printed materials and advertising, etc.)
  • How will customers redeem the coupon? (e.g. in-store, online, over the phone, etc.)

Coupon Code Format

Part of your guidelines and specifications for creating coupons should include how you ‘format’ coupons for different events.  This way, everyone in your organization will be able to understand what the coupon means and which marketing campaign the coupon is associated with.

For example, if you promote at regular industry or trade events and offer a 15% coupon at these events, a simple format you can use is:

Event (or City) Name + Discount Code

For example:


Here is a format you can use to make coupon codes easier to track for special or annual sale events (e.g. Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.):


Let me show you an example of using this format to create a coupon for a special event (e.g. Boxing Day sale) …


The above coupon code stands for:

  • BD = Boxing Day (Event)
  • 40 = Discount Amount (40%)
  • 17 = Year (2017)
  • MC = Mail Chimp (Sale source)

The above format lets you see at a glance that sales made using this coupon came from a MailChimp email broadcast promotion during Boxing Day 2017, where customers were offered a 40% discount …

Track marketing results using coupon codes

(Track marketing results using coupon codes)

Instead of using MC (MailChimp), you could also have used EM (email marketing) to differentiate it from a  similar campaign run during the same event using a different marketing method.

This is also shown in the results above, where:

  • bd4017mp – Used in an SMS marketing campaign (mp = mobile phones, i.e. the source of the sale).
  • bd4017 – Used on promotional banners and posts placed on the website to track sales made from visitors who arrived on the site organically on the day of the sale.

Coupon Codes – Additional Information

Coupons can be scheduled to turn on for future events …

WordPress treats WooCommerce Coupons as a custom post type. To learn about scheduling posts for future events (including custom posts like coupons) , see the tutorial below:

WooCommerce Coupons Tutorial

Enhancing WooCommerce Coupons

Like most WordPress related areas, there are plugins and extensions available that let you easily add new features and enhancements to coupons.

For example, check out the extension below …


Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

(Smart Coupons for WooCommerce)

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce by WebToffee is a WooCommerce extension that provides additional sought-after features to the default WooCommerce Coupon and improves its functionality.

The plugin adds many features and provides a wider range of possibilities to native WooCommerce coupons. This includes restricting the coupons with various checkout options. The plugin can be used to apply restrictions to coupons based on shipping methods, payment methods used by the customer, based on user roles, and based on the location of the shipping or billing address.

Add additional features to coupons

(Add additional features to coupons)

Using the plugin, you can create multiple giveaway products in a single coupon. On applying the giveaway coupon, customers can choose any one of the giveaway products included in the coupon on checkout. Also, the plugin allows you to bulk generate coupons that can be applied directly in your store, exported to a CSV, or mailed to the customer. The plugin also allows you to import coupons into your store from a CSV file.

Add gift coupons, store credits and more!

(Add gift coupons, store credits and more!)

Other features of the plugin include Gift Coupons which customers get when they make a purchase at your store. The customer will have the choice to email the gift coupon to their friends/family. The plugins also allow giving users provision to purchase store credit, which they can use for themselves, or gift to friends. You can also determine the combination of coupons that can be applied in a purchase.

For more details, go here: Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

Additional Resources

Here are some additional articles and tips on using Coupons with WooCommerce:

We hope you have found this tutorial on how to create and use WooCommerce coupons in your WordPress eCommerce store useful.

How To Create WooCommerce Coupon Codes For Your WordPress eCommerce Store

Coupon image: Pixabay


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Build A List And Generate Leads & Revenue With WordPress & Amazon

Here is a smart way to build a list and generate leads and revenue as an Amazon affiliate, using an ingenious Amazon sales and lead management plugin for WordPress …

Build A List And Generate Leads With WordPress As An Amazon Affiliate

Making money with Amazon allows you to tap into a billion dollar affiliate marketing opportunity (Amazon paid out $1.4 billion to affiliates in 2016).

In other tutorials, we show you how to monetize your website with Amazon products using WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins like StreamStore and InstantAzon.

In this tutorial, we’ll focus on a smart way to build a list and generate leads and revenue with WordPress, using an ingenious Amazon sales and lead management plugin for WordPress.

Build A List And Generate Leads And Revenue With WordPress As An Amazon Affiliate

Build a list and generate leads and revenue with WordPress as an Amazon affiliate!

(Build a list and generate leads and revenue with WordPress as an Amazon affiliate!)

Whether your site is focused on getting more subscribers, turning more visitors into buyers, or selling more products online, having a monetization strategy for your WordPress site that lets you generate additional revenue by leveraging your existing efforts to drive traffic to your site and market your business online is definitely a plus.

And if this monetization method can be fully automated and generate you additional revenue while building you a list of targeted prospects in a completely hands-free way, then that’s even better.

Let’s take a look, then, at a WordPress plugin that lets you tap into an opportunity created by millions of hungry online shoppers searching for great deals and bargains online …

Instagenius – Amazon Sales And Lead Management Plugin For WordPress

Instagenius - Amazon Sales And Lead Management Plugin For WordPressInstaGenius is a hands-free Amazon sales and leads management plugin for WordPress that instantly turns your website or blog into a profitable list-building and lead capture system using intelligent tracking, email marketing, and affiliate marketing automation to tap into a vast source of potential leads and sales … window shoppers and hungry bargain hunters searching for great discounts, sales, and irresistible deals online!

This plugin lets you automate your list-building efforts and grow an email database of targeted prospects who tell you exactly what kinds of products they are looking for …

Millions of hungry online shoppers are searching for great deals online!

(Millions of hungry online shoppers are searching for great deals online!)

The plugin then tracks those items on Amazon and sends your prospects an email as soon as the item goes on sale or is offered at a bargain price, helping them save money. When they buy the product at a great price, you get an affiliate commission from Amazon.

How The InstaGenius Plugin Works

InstaGenius is a genius WordPress plugin that does the selling for you!

(InstaGenius is a genius WordPress plugin that does the selling for you!)

The plugin is very simple to set up and use. Simply install and activate the InstaGenius WordPress plugin, connect your Amazon account and autoresponder service (e.g. Aweber, GetResponse, etc.), then choose an attention-grabbing image and specify where you want it to show on your site …

Visitors looking for great deals online click on your call to action ...

(Visitors looking for great deals online click on your call to action …)

When a visitor looking for great deals and bargains online clicks on the image, a pop-up window opens up where visitors can search for items they are interested in …

Visitors search for the items they are interested in ...

(Visitors search for the items they are interested in …)

As visitors search for items they are interested in from this popup window, a range of targeted Amazon products with your affiliate ID added in are displayed and if they click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button, you’ll be cookied for all Amazon purchases made by that customer in the next 90 days.

InstaGenius creates free price alerts for your visitors

(InstaGenius creates free ‘price alerts’ for your visitors)

The real power of InstaGenius is creating free ‘price alerts’ for your visitors. The plugin offers buyers advice and invites users to subscribe to your list to receive an instant alert as soon as a discount is offered on their chosen item, saving them time and money.

When visitors click on the ‘Add To Bargain Watch List’ button, they will either be asked to subscribe to receive free price alerts if they are new to your site or the button will inform them that they are already subscribed.

Once visitors subscribe, the plugin creates a new user account on your WordPress site and automatically adds their details to your mailing list. It then goes to work for you tracking prices on their selected items, sending them price drop email alerts, and helping you to close sales automatically and hands free.

The InstaGenius plugin can monitor an unlimited number of products to an unlimited number of subscribers, delivering each subscriber exactly what they want, at a discounted price.

To see the plugin in action, watch the demo video below:

(Visit the InstaGenius website)

InstaGenius Plugin Features

InstaGenius plugin includes unique features

(InstaGenius plugin includes unique features)

InstaGenius includes a number of unique plugin features, such as:

  • Customizable Logo: Display your own logo to visitors.
  • Azon Regions: Connect multiple Amazon accounts to automatically offer a more tailored user experience (optional)
  • Buyer Advice: This helps to increase urgency and nudges users closer to a buying decision.
  • Azon Search: Product searches take place in real time with pricing information and details pulled directly from Amazon
  • 90 Day Cookie: Users are cookied with your affiliate ID when they click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button and are taken to Amazon.
  • Suggestions: This feature displays visitors’ most recent searches for easier niche targeting.
  • Load More: Visitors can view more items from Amazon with your affiliate ID embedded in links for their targeted search term.

For more details, go here}: InstaGenius

InstaGenius Plugin Benefits

InstaGenius plugin provides many benefits

(InstaGenius plugin offers many benefits)

Some of the benefits of using InstaGenius on your WordPress site include:

  • Easy & quick to install, set up and use. Newbie-friendly setup wizard makes everything 100% hands free.
  • 100% targeted. Generate targeted buyer leads in any niche market.
  • 100% hands-free. Build a list and generate commissions from Amazon on auto-pilot.
  • Ongoing income generation. The plugin keeps working for you days, months, and even years after visitors subscribe on your website or blog.
  • Sell more automatically. The plugin automatically does the selling for you and automatically helps you sell more.
  • No writing required. The plugin comes with pre-written customizable email templates.
  • Easy autoresponder integration. The plugin works with leading autoresponder services (Aweber, GetResponse, etc.)
  • Email follow-ups. You can specify how many follow-up emails are sent to users, select the number of products shown in follow-up emails, add shortcodes to emails for more flexibility, and all emails include unsubscribe/subscribe function for CAN-SPAM compliance.
  • Mobile responsive. The plugin works on all devices and browsers.

For more details, go here}: InstaGenius

InstaGenius – Useful Information & Tips

InstaGenius includes useful bonuses to help you get started

(InstaGenius comes with useful bonuses to help you get started)

The plugin developers have included two additional bonuses with the InstaGenius plugin to help you get started:

  • Genius Store Builder. This premium WordPress theme lets you easily create an Amazon, eBay, or Commission Junction store full of affiliate products in minutes, with self-optimizing product listings, social and autoresponder integration, widget ready areas, Facebook comments integration, 1-click customization, membership features and creating and sharing wishlists.
  • Genius Store Autocontent Plugin. This plugin is the key to setting up automated product listings from Amazon, Ebay and Commissions Junction and generating ‘set and forget’ income. Just install the plugin, add your affiliate details, choose the keywords you want it to search and post for you, how often you want it to find new products to post (with your affiliate links!), and let it run automatically. It includes a social share module with automated product posting to your social media accounts and features an intuitive dashboard, easy to follow instructions, and lifetime support.

Useful Tip

If you plan to use the plugin with the store builder WordPress theme, then it is recommended that you set up your Amazon affiliate store on a separate WordPress installation (learn how to install WordPress with our WordPress Installation tutorials).

A great use for the InstaGenius plugin is to add it to product review sites. If you run multiple WordPress sites targeting different niches, you can purchase a multi-site license, and if you want to setup sites for clients a Developers License is also available.

Additionally, there are no subscription costs, the plugin comes with FREE updates for life, full automation after easy 5 minute setup, and a 30-day ‘Hassle Free’ money-back guarantee.

For more details, go here}: InstaGenius

Build A List And Generate Leads & Revenue With WordPress & Amazon


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