The Small Business Digital Manager – How To Get Better Results Online

Small business owners need someone who will step into their business, get things done, and deliver results … like a Small Business Digital Manager!

The Small Business Digital Manager

Before starting or taking your small business online, we recommend downloading  “The Small Business Digital Manager” and completing our Website Planning tutorials.

The Small Business Digital Manager: How To Take Control Online And Drive More Traffic, Leads, Subscribers, And Sales Online!

(The Small Business Digital Manager)

Learn The Sustainable Way To Get More Traffic, More Leads, More Subscribers, And More Sales Online!

In the global digital economy, small businesses need an effective digital presence to compete and remain in business. Most small businesses, however, have limited time and resources to manage their online presence, co-ordinate digital content production, perform digital marketing activities, and lack the technical knowledge and the skills to understand, implement, and improve their digital processes.

Most small businesses can’t even make simple changes to their website quickly and easily, let alone update or add new features to their site, or set up and run digital marketing campaigns without hiring technicians and experts to get things done.

Most small businesses, therefore, are not in control of their digital presence. Yet, paradoxically, they want to be in complete control of their business, including being in control of their digital presence.

The Small Business Digital Manager” shows you how to take control of your digital presence. This book will show you why outsourcing your digital management and digital marketing and expecting to get better results online without being in control of your digital processes is an illusion that leads many small businesses to become disempowered ‘hostages’ of their outsourced service providers.

“The Small Business Digital Manager” also shows you how to fix this problem and how to get consistently better results online like higher search engine rankings, more traffic, more leads, and improved sales conversions.

This book provides a paradigm shift for any business that wants to have control of their digital presence, improve their digital processes, and get better results online.

“The Small Business Digital Manager” does not provide an easy ‘quick-fix’ solution. It does, however, offer an effective approach with proven strategies and methods that will help you plan, build, manage, and grow your business online.

Who Can Benefit From This Book

‘The Small Business Digital Manager’ is a “must-read” book for:

– Anyone thinking of starting or taking their small business online,
– Anyone tasked with helping a small business manage its website or its digital marketing,
– Anyone looking for a new career opportunity in the digital sector.

‘The Small Business Digital Manager’ contains over 150 illustrations, diagrams, and flowcharts.

Why WordPress Users Should Get This Book

One of the core strategies discussed in “The Small Business Digital Manager” is that having an expertly configured WordPress site helps a business to have control of its digital presence …

Expertly Configured WordPress Site

(Expertly Configured WordPress Site)

‘The Small Business Digital Manager’  provides the blueprint for creating sustainable growth online and provides the step-by-step tutorials that show you how to grow your business online using WordPress.

Download ‘The Small Business Digital Manager’

The Small Business Digital Manager: How To Take Control Online And Drive More Traffic, Leads, Subscribers & Sales Online!

(Take Control Online And Drive More Traffic, Leads, Subscribers & Sales Online!)

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WordPress For Beginners Can Be Read Without A Kindle Device

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