The Rio Olympics Message Hiding In Plain Sight That Can Help Your Business Online

Discover the Rio Olympics message hiding in plain sight that can help you build a successful digital presence online.

Brazilian FlagThe Olympic Games inspire people all over the world in so many ways.

Olympians inspire us to do better and be better. When we think of the Olympic spirit, we think of exalted principles like commitment, persistence, focus, excellence, dedication, sacrifice, honor, glory, and so many other wonderful things to strive for.

This post is not about the Olympic Games per se, but about the powerful message that is hiding in plain sight at the Rio Olympics. This message not only can help improve your business results, it can improve your life. In fact, it is designed to improve the lives of an entire nation.

As I sit here with my laptop and morning coffee in front of the television screen watching the great Usain Bolt prepare for his 200-metre run on route to a historic “triple triple,” I suddenly see the message hiding in plain sight everywhere, right there, under all of our noses.

Let me reveal this hidden message so it can help you too!

Take a good look at the picture below … can you see it?

No … not Usain Bolt! I mean, he’s an amazing legend and all that, but the “Rio” message I want you to see is what’s happening behind him.

Let’s zoom in a little behind Usain where the jubilant crowds are cheering the athletes on to glory …

Keeping it 'Rio'!

(Keeping it ‘Rio’!)

There! Do you see it now?

You’re probably still distracted by all of the emotion and excitement to see what I mean, so let’s zoom in even closer …

Can you see it now? Do you know what you are looking at? Yes, I know it’s an image of the Brazilian flag. It’s being waved everywhere around the stadium as athletes compete for medals, records, and personal bests.

Now, what I really want you to see, is the message contained in this flag. Take a look again, right there, in the center of the Brazilian flag at those three words …

Order And Progress

(Order and Progress)

Order and Progress.

Without order, there is chaos. Without order, there is no progress. Without order and progress, people fall short of achieving their personal best and businesses only get more chaotic as things get busier.

You want a digital presence that is going to help you grow your business, not add more chaos to it. Systems help to create order and allow you to track and manage your progress.

Have you got the systems in place that will allow your business to progress online?

Most business owners are not web developers. If you lack technical skills, then adding a website to your business that requires experts with technical skills to manage it is a recipe for chaos, not for order and progress.

The Information Age is all about content. If you have no systems in place to organize and manage your content creation process, publish content on a regular basis, and track your results, how can you expect to make progress online?

And if you are already too busy working in your business, how will you find the time to not only publish new content on your website but also maintain an active presence on social media … Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.?

To have an effective digital presence, however, requires more than systems. It also requires planning and research.

All of these flag-waving Brazilians are telling us something ...

(All of these flag-waving Brazilians are telling us something …)

The message that everyone in the Rio Olympics host nation is waving right in front of our noses and the question you need to ask yourself about your digital business presence, then, is this:

“Have I done the necessary research and planning and put the necessary systems in place in order for my business to progress online?”

Every business owner knows they need an effective digital presence to compete online in the global Digital Economy. But not every business owner invests the time they need into planning and researching the systems that will help them manage their digital presence effectively.

Managing your digital presence effectively requires a system that gives you complete control of your web presence, your content creation process, and your online marketing processes.

If you lack the technical skills to manage your own web presence, the time to manage the creation of your content, and the web marketing skills to effectively promote your business online, then you need an online vehicle that puts you in control and allows you to get these things easily done.

Otherwise, you are creating a situation where you will ultimately have no control of your business online. Well-meaning people with no vested interest in your business will have this control instead. Your digital presence could end up being held “hostage” by service providers selling you solutions that require their skills and systems to run. We tend to call these people ‘experts’ and we think that handing control over to experts is called ‘outsourcing.’ Most of the time, this is not outsourcing, it’s management by abdication.

Many small business owners want things done for them. You cannot abdicate every aspect of managing your online presence to others, however, and expect to retain full control. To successfully outsource the online management of your technical, content, and marketing processes requires having the systems in place and knowledge of what you are asking others to perform on your behalf before delegating the work.

Have you put these systems in place already, or are you hoping that your website developer or SEO guru are going to provide this for your business? They won’t. Your business is not their business. Their business is to sell you services when you find yourself struggling to get results online.

Creating order in your business has to come from you. If you haven’t done your research and planning, adding more services and looking for new solutions is only going to create more chaos and increase your costs.

The aim of is to show you how to create order and progress online so you can be in complete control of your digital presence. You can do this using a free, open-source technology called WordPress.

WordPress is a content management system. WordPress not only allows you to manage your content, it also allows you to manage your business online with no coding skills required and at minimal cost.

Our detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials are laid out in sequential order to help you understand what WordPress is, how it can help you grow your business, how to plan your website, and how to build, manage, and grow your digital presence without the need to hire experts to do this for you … and it’s all available to you for FREE!

Once you know how WordPress works and how it can benefit your business online, you can then decide to manage your own web presence to save money, or outsource areas of your online business management to save time.

More importantly, as we explain in many of our tutorials, we provide a digital business blueprint that helps you create order online and progress toward your business objectives and show you step-by-step how to expertly configure a WordPress website or blog that will automate many aspects of your digital business management (including traffic generation, content syndication, and website maintenance), so that all you have to do is publish content to your site to grow your presence online. And we even provide a complete content creation course to help you create great content … all 100% FREE!

Now that you know the not-so-hidden motto in the Brazilian flag (inspired by the French philosopher and founder of positivism Auguste Comte “Love as a principle and order as the basis; progress as the goal” —“L’amour pour principe et l’ordre pour base; le progrès pour but”), how will you progress in your business in order to compete effectively in the global digital economy?

Hopefully, we can help. Our WordPress tutorials are 100% FREE and designed to help you achieve your goals and your personal or business best!

Brazil Stadium

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