WP Cheat Cut And Paste HTML Templates For WordPress

WPCheat provides over 2,300 HTML element templates you can copy and paste straight into your WordPress text editor to insert complex layouts and elements when creating posts and pages.

WPCheat - Create Content FasterAs discussed in this article, HTML is one of the “code” languages used throughout the world wide web, websites, blog pages and your web content.

One of the main benefits of using a WordPress-powered site is that you don’t need to learn HTML in order to create and format content in your blog’s posts. WordPress has unique features like “themes”, “plugins” and “widgets” that let you manage your website without having to touch code, and an easy-to-use, built-in editor that lets you create and easily format your content simply by clicking on a few menu buttons.

Even though you don’t have to learn HTML in order to create and format content in your site’s pages and posts thanks to the easy-to-use WordPress visual editor, when creating with complex formatted elements to your content such as highlighted segments, multi-columned paragraphs, etc., then the WordPress WYSIWYG editor has a few limitations.

In this case, your options are:

  1. Learn at least basic HTML
  2. Use a true visual content editor, such as the one discussed here: Discover The Simplest Way To Create Stunning Content In WordPress – Thrive Content Builder
  3. Use cut & paste HTML code snippets to shortcut the learning process (see below).

Want to learn how to add content to WordPress websites without having to learn HTML? In this article you will discover a fast, simple and easy-to-use way to create and add content without learning HTML.

WP Cheat – Create Content Faster Without Coding Knowledge

WPCheat - Faster WordPress Content Creation

Product Description

If you plan to add formatted elements to your content, such as advanced typography, pull quotes, sales pages, download pages and more, then we highly recommend a very time-saving cut & paste tool called WPCheat

WPCheat - Create Content Faster With No HTML Knowledge

WPCheat gives you instant access to a huge selection of pre-formatted web content elements that can be copied and pasted into your WordPress text editor when creating posts and pages.

Basically, all you do is find an element that you would like to add to your content, copy the HTML code associated with the feature, paste it into your text editor, and then replace any dummy text with your own text to create your styled content …

WPCheat - Cut And Paste HTML Elements For WordPress

For example, suppose that you would like to add a multiple price table element like the one shown below …

WPCheat - Web Content Creation Code Templates For WordPress

First, locate the pricing table file in WPCheat, then select and copy all the HTML code in the box below the graphic element to your clipboard …

WP Cheat - Faster WordPress Content Creation

Next, paste the code into your WordPress page or post (in the “Text” editor) …

WP Cheat - Content Creation Element Templates For WordPress

Like most elements in WP Cheat, the multi-pricing table graphic is ready to edit with your own information, so change any text required to customize the content …

WPCheat - Cut & Paste Code Cheats For WordPress Users

Save and publish and you’re done!

More info:

Benefits Of Using WP Cheat

Below are just a few of the benefits of using WP Cheat to to make the process of web content creation easier on your web site:

WP Cheat Is Easy To Use

WP Cheat is not a WordPress plugin. It is a really easy to use product that consists of copy-and-paste HTML templates.

It Can’t Mess Up Your Web Site

Because you are only inserting text-based HTML code that WordPress fully accepts, your content will keep its formatting and not get messed up by the WordPress editor.

SEO-Friendly Content

Most of the elements are built using text. This means that the content is easily editable, fast to load on your web pages and search indexable.

WP Cheat - 2,300+ WordPress Content Code Snippets

(WPCheat lets you insert fully editable elements like highlight boxes with icons into your WordPress content using copy and paste)

WPCheat Features

Below we have listed just some features of WP Cheat:

Fully Responsive Web Content

Create mobile responsive web content instantly in all WordPress and HTML web sites.

2,300+ Copy And Paste Code Cheats For WordPress

Users have access to 2,300+ copy and paste elements …

WPCheat - Faster Content Creation

(2,300+ copy and paste page element templates for WordPress)

With WPCheat, you can create review pages, image galleries, styled lists, pages with pullquotes and formatted content, price tables, custom widgets and more.

Below is a summary of what you’ll have access to with WPCheat:

Product Summary:

WP Cheat includes hundreds of page elements with cross platform compatible fonts, in the following categories:

  • 153 Paragraph Elements
  • 36 Blog Elements
  • 201 Download Page Elements
  • 54 Styled Gallery Elements
  • 249 Text-Based Heading Elements
  • 15 Basic Text & Image-Based Link Elements
  • 273 List Elements
  • 72 Styled Pull Quotes
  • 24 Colored Text Boxes
  • 45 Text-Based Styled Sub Heading Elements
  • 363 Typography Elements
  • 125 Horizontal Line Elements
  • 39 Styled Footer Elements

WP Cheat also includes these additional bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Sales Page Element Code Snippets

  • 8 Buy Boxes (in various colours)
  • 8 Guarantee Boxes: 2 Styles with 30, 45, 60 & 90 day money-back guarantees
  • 48 Highlight Boxes (in different colors)
  • 20 Pricing Tables (in different colors & 2 or 3 columns)
  • 12 Summary Boxes (in various color options)
  • 99 Stackable Numbered Lists – Round Icon
  • 96 Stackable Numbered Lists – Square Icon
  • 54 Sales Letter Intros
  • 342 Image Based List Elements

WP Cheat - Create Web Content Faster

(Bonus #1 Includes Stackable Numbered Lists)

Bonus #2 – Review Page And Product Rating Cheats

  • 18 Review Page Elements
  • 9 Star Rating Summary Boxes

WP Cheat - Cut And Paste HTML Elements

(Bonus #2 Includes Product Review And Ratings Cheats)

Bonus #3 – Small Graphic Elements Pack

Included in this package are more than 5,000 small graphics to break up text and highlight content. Mini GFX Bonus Pack categories include arrows hand drawn, file icons, hearts, music, stars, twitter, etc.

WP Cheat - Cut & Paste HTML Code Cheats

(Bonus #3 Includes Thousands Of Small Graphical Elements)

Bonus #4 – 125 Graphic Headings/Subheadings & Code Snippets

You also get a collection of sales page headings in PSD format (requires Photoshop or GIMP).

WPCheat - Cut And Paste Element Templates For WordPress

(Bonus #4 - 125 Graphic Headings/Subheadings & Code Snippets)

Bonus #5 – 15 Widget Content Elements

You can insert many content elements into your sidebars using WP text widgets, such as biographies, ad spots, social media bars, news, link lists and more …

WPCheat - Web Content Creation Code Cheats For WordPress

(Bonus #5 Includes WP Text Widget Cheats)

Feedback From Users

Below are a few of the comments product users have written about the WP Cheat product:

“I have been struggling to get a picture surrounded by text on one of my site pages, and had resorted to using a table structure to get my image to be in the right place. WPCheat solved that problem for me in minutes! Thank you for creating this software. It’s awesome!” Donna Lamb


“WP Cheat is also a great tool, when I understood that I could get rid of most of my graphic shortcode products (a “ahaaa” moment!) which are a big problem in case you want to deactivate them, there was no doubt that I would get it.” Alexandra Lemonnier

WP Cheat Product – Useful Tips

The web content included in this product is completely customizable and work on all quality WordPress themes. Editing things like color, size, alignment and spacing is also a great way to learn the basics of HTML.

Product Support

The template codes can be instantly downloaded after purchasing and include 1 year of updates and technical support, as well as hosted video tutorials. WP Cheat is backed by a no-risk, thirty day, 100% money-back guarantee.

WPCheat - 2,300+ WordPress Page Elements

Software Price

WP Cheat normally retails for $67. Last time we checked, it was being sold for $37 for a limited time only.

Note: Pricing for the product can vary, depending on whether there are any promotions or limited-time special offers. The price shown above was correct at the time this review was written. This may or may not be the actual price set by the software seller when you visit the site and there may be additional upsells or one-time offers after you’ve purchased.

Check the product’s website for the current price:

Additional Product Info

WP Cheat is designed for all versions of WordPress (Mac or PC). For ”how-to” videos showing how the product works, FAQs, support help desk, contact details and more, visit the WP Cheat website.

Install This Product …

If you are looking for a fast, simple and easy-to-use way to create and add content to WordPress without learning HTML, then WP Cheat is a time-saving, cost-effective and useful resource that you may want to consider purchasing.

WP Cheat - 2,300+ Copy And Paste Elements For WordPress

For more details, visit the product website:



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