Grow Your Accounting Business Online With WordPress – 2

This is part 2 of a series of articles focused on helping accountants and financial service professionals grow their business online and provides a comprehensive list of WordPress plugins and themes for accounting and finance-related businesses.

Best WordPress Themes And Plugins For Accounting WebsitesIn Part One of this comprehensive article on ways to build your accounting business web presence, we covered the following areas:

  • Challenges Accounting Businesses Face Online
  • Opportunities For Accounting Businesses In The Online Economy
  • Basic Web Pages
  • Tips On How To Improve The Content On Your Website

In this section, we continue exploring more ways to grow your accounting services business online. Areas covered include:

  • Ways Of Improving Web Traffic Using WordPress
  • Generating More Leads & Enquiries With WordPress-Based Tools
  • WordPress Plugins And Themes That Can Improve SEO, Improve User Engagement And Increase Web Traffic Generation

Useful Information

To learn more about WordPress plugins and themes, see the articles below:

Ways Of Improving Website Traffic With WordPress

Your web traffic is vital to your business growth. In this section, you will learn ways to improve your accounting website with WordPress.

Optimize Your Website For Search Engines Using WordPress

There are loads of ways that WordPress helps improve your accounting or financial services website’s SEO:

  • URLs – configure the permalinks to create search engine-optimized URLS for your article pages.
  • Post Tags – WordPress lets you choose the keywords that you want your posts to be indexed by in the search engines.
  • Categories – Add categories for your posts and products.
  • Post Excerpts – WordPress lets you compose an excerpt that search engines will show.
  • Images – title images with keywords for better search engine results.
  • Internal Linking – WordPress provides a built-in feature that allows you to easily link your content to other posts and pages
  • Post Notification – Set up your site to automatically notify other sites and directories immediately upon publishing a new post on your site.

WordPress Plugins That Improve Search Engine Optimization, Improve User Engagement And Generate More Visitors

In addition to the built-in features of WordPress, the WordPress community makes available a number of plugins that improve SEO, increase engagement and drive more web traffic to your website.

For example, you can use the plugins below to improve your site’s search engine optimization:

  • All in One SEO – WordPress SEO plugin
  • Google XML Sitemaps – WordPress XML sitemap plugin (lists all of your posts and pages for search engines)
  • WP Tree – WordPress site map plugin (for visitors)

A plugin like Yoast SEO can improve your SEO

(Use a plugin like Yoast SEO to improve your website’s search engine optimization)

Other ways to improve SEO, increase engagement and drive more web traffic to your website are to add a forum, newsletters, comments, and social sharing. Here are a few fantastic WordPress plugins that can help:

  • BuddyPress – Set up an online social networking community on your website.
  • bbPress – This free WordPress plugin lets you set up a discussion forum on your website.
  • E-Newsletter – Use E-Newsletter to send email newsletters, track results and manage subscribers from your WP dashboard, without a 3rd party subscription.
  • Disqus – use this plugin to power discussions and increases user engagement on your site.
  • Social Media Feather – Use this plugin to add social buttons and features that allow visitors to share your content online on your posts and pages.

WordPress users can easily add social sharing features to their site using free or inexpensive WordPress plugins

(WordPress users can easily add social sharing buttons to their website using WordPress plugins)

Ways To Generate More Leads & Enquiries Using WordPress-Based Tools

In this section we’ll show you how to improve your sales and generate more leads and enquiries.

Adding An Email Newsletter

Adding an email newsletter is an excellent way to grow and retain your readership. It] provides a number of benefits including:

  • Sends targeted traffic
  • Keeps readers from forgetting about you
  • Provides updates that can save businesses time and money
  • Provides a targeted marketing channel
  • Allows you to offer special services or products to a select audience
  • Provides regular opportunities for increasing user interaction
  • Provides you with an additional way for subscribers to share your content

One of the things you can do to get visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter is to provide high value information and offer users a free gift in exchange for their personal details. This can be a useful report, checklists for handling finances, access to tax calculators, discount coupons, membership access to subscriber-only content, contests, etc.

Adding Contact Forms

A contact form makes it easy and simple for readers to contact you. A contact form also allows users to report problems, contact specific departments, request a quote, send suggestions and more.

Contact forms provide several benefits and advantages, like:

  • Reduces spam
  • Automated response
  • Gives you control over what gets sent to you
  • Allows you to keep your email address private
  • Contact forms can be added to any post or page
  • Improves the professional look of your website
  • Convenience for visitors

A popular WordPress contact form plugin is Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 - WordPress Plugin

(Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin)

This free contact form plugin lets you create multiple contact forms on your posts and pages, customize your forms and the email contents, add fields, and more.

International languages, Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, and Akismet spam filtering is also supported.

Another feature to consider is to add sections to your contact form so prospective customers can select which aspect of your business they are contacting your company about. This helps you get the comment to the right person.


A map helps your visitors and customers find you.

Maps are a very useful tool for several reasons:

  • Maps help to improve local SEO
  • Customers can better plan their meeting and appointments
  • Displays location of events

Maps help your visitors and customers find you

(Adding a map helps your visitors and customers find you)

Here are some of the more popular plugins that let you embed, customize and display Google maps on your site:

Improve Search Engine Optimization, Improve User Engagement And Drive More Web Traffic Using WordPress Plugins And Themes

Accounting WordPress Plugins

WordPress lets you add a number of plugins to your accounting site that will immediately make available a range of practical tools for users. Here are just some of these:

Calculator Pro Calculators

Calculator Pro Calculators

(Calculator Pro Calculators Plugin)

This is a free collection of 400+ calculators that you can provide to users on your website. It supports internationalization

Note: Most of them aren’t focused on accounting, but there are a few for:

  • Mortgage
  • Payments
  • CD
  • Equity
  • And more

For more details, go here}:

Show Stock Quotes

Show Stock Quotes Plugin

(Show Stock Quotes)

With this plugin you get a widget that displays a number of different stock quotes per portfolio. You can display as many widgets as you like.

Show Stock Quotes - WordPress Plugin

(Show Stock Quotes Plugin For WordPress – Stock Portfolio)

For more details, go here}:

Custom Stock Ticker

Custom Stock Ticker Plugin For WordPress

(Custom Stock Ticker)

With this plugin you can add custom stock tickers to any sidebar, page or post using shortcodes.

Custom Stock ticker includes several customizable ticker. You can choose from built-in skins or customize these yourself to match the look and feel of your site. You can also create custom stocks for specific categories.

Customize the appearance by changing height, width, background color, opacity, scroll speed, number of stocks displayed at one time, font size, font family, text color, etc.

For more details, go here}:

Finance Calculator

Finance Calculator Plugin

(Finance Calculator WP Plugin)

This free calculator lets your visitors calculate indicative repayments. It’s great for car loans, real estate loans, or other large loans.

Finance Calculator WP Plugin

(Finance Calculator Plugin For WordPress – Loan Calculator)

This plugin also contains an application form that sends a notification message to the email address you specify.

It will show payment protection, calculate 12 to 60 months loans and create forms that can be placed in any page or post.

For more details, go here}:


WP-Invoice WordPress Plugin

(WP-Invoice – WordPress Plugin)

WP-Invoice is ideal for WordPress site owners with clients to bill.

WP-Invoice lets you integrate billing into WordPress. You can send clients itemized invoices. It also allows you to set up recurring billing. WP-Invoice can be expanded through both free and premium add-ons, like business location, electronic signature, PDF creation, quoting, checkout forms, and more.

The plugin ties into your WordPress user management database to keep track of clients and their information, and integrates with payment processors like PayPal,, Stripe, and several others.

Plugin features include adding custom payments and charges, inserting pre-defined line items and discounts, quickly viewing invoice status and progression, easily filtering and finding invoices, seeing invoice receipts and invoice history, creating notification email templates, accessing reports (collected vs uncollected invoices, 10 most valuable clients and top grossing line items), and more..

For more details, go here}:

All In One Business Management Application

All In One Business Management Application - WordPress Plugin

(All In One Business Management Application Plugin)

This is a complete business management system that includes accounting management, invoicing, order management, helpdesk with knowledgebase and support ticketing management system, client relationship management and lots more.

All In One Business Management Application Plugin

(All In One Business Management Application Plugin – Invoicing)

The plugin supports multiple languages, is fully customizable and provides additional tools like document management, notice board, and more.

For more details, go here}:

iBilling – Accounting And Billing Software

iBilling - Accounting and Billing Software

(iBilling – Accounting and Billing Software)

This is a scalable business software that lets you manage customer data and invoicing, tracks your company’s cash flow and net worth, send single-click payment reminders and payment confirmations, and lots more.

iBilling - Accounting and Billing Software Plugin For WordPress - Invoice

(iBilling – Accounting and Billing Software – Invoicing)

iBilling Accounting and Billing Software allows you to get paid faster online by integrating with several online payment gateways.

For more details, go here}:

Financial Themes For WordPress

To benefit the most from using WordPress, it’s best to choose a theme specifically for accounting. Below is a list of some of the best WordPress themes available for accounting. With the themes below you can own a professional-looking accounting website within minutes.

Accounting Pro

Accounting Pro WordPress Theme

(Accounting Pro WordPress Theme)

Accounting Pro is an inexpensive turn-key theme for accountants and accounting firms. It’s a responsive theme with a drag-and-drop page-builder, offers several page templates, custom menu features, a content composer (which improves on the standard WordPress editor), a sidebar manager, auto-resizing for images, and a whole lot more.

You can customize this theme with premium add-ons.

For more details about this theme, go here:


Accountancy WordPress Theme

(Accountancy WP Theme)

This theme comes with a variety of built-in styles and layouts that helps make your accounting site look and feel professional.

It includes a custom slider, a featured testimonial, and more. It’s lightweight, search engine optimized, loads fast, and fully responsive. Accountancy provides the flexibility you need without bloating your theme with features you don’t need. Your purchase price includes free updates and one year of support.

More info:


Accounting Theme For WordPress

(Accounting – WordPress Theme)

This one includes a drag-and-drop builder so you can design your website any way you want. The theme also has unlimited sidebars and custom widgets, four different header types, a custom admin panel, four color schemes, custom slider, 3 blog types, and is responsive (mobile-friendly). It looks clean and modern and loads fast.

To learn more about using this WordPress theme, go here:



(Kathryn Theme For WordPress)

This premium theme was developed specifically for accounting services. It has a slider, multiple layouts, multiple sidebars, many color choices, is easy to use, inexpensive, search engine optimized, and is responsive. Although it could easily suit any profession you want it to, it builds a great looking accounting theme. It includes a license for the Soliloquy slider plugin and must be purchased separately from the Genesis Framework.

More info:

Accounting WordPress Theme

Accounting WordPress Theme

(Accounting WordPress Theme)

This premium theme was created to enhance professionalism within the accounting industry. Every color, layout element, icon, menu item, page structure, call-to-action, etc., was specifically designed to help give your accounting site a professional look while not looking dull. It’s a turn-key installation but you can still modify it if you want. It’s mobile-friendly and includes pages for your accounting services, contact section with consultation requests (downloadable as CSV), testimonials section, and a blog.

More information:

WP Advocate

WP Advocate - WordPress Theme

(WP Advocate WP Theme)

WP Advocate is a free corporate theme developed for professional service providers such as accountants and attorneys. Use the theme’s bundled images or upload your own. It includes a custom post type for staff profiles and can also integrate with BeSpoke profile templates. WP Advocate is clean-looking and fast-loading.

Go here to learn more this theme:


Divi Theme For WordPress


This premium theme for WordPress is one of the most flexible themes in Elegant Themes‘ entire collection of WordPress themes. Divi lets you create a professional website using the page builder or beautiful pre-made layouts. You can modify your layout to your heart’s content.

Divi’s page builder transforms web elements into visual building blocks, allowing you to understand and edit the structure of their page without touching any code.

Divi - Page Builder

(Divi – WordPress Theme – Flexible Page Builder)

It has 40 content modules that you can drag and drop anywhere you want. This includes modules such as multiple layouts, a slider, you can place pricing tables, testimonials, call-to-action, and lots more. It is mobile-friendly and completely customizable. Elegant Theme prices start at $69 per year and includes full access to over 80 themes.

More info:

The Corporation

The Corporation Theme

(The Corporation WP Theme)

This theme was specifically developed to make corporate sites look good.

It has a sleek page-based home page design with a nice slider, blog design, six different unique color schemes, multiple page templates which include contact pages, blog feeds, sitemaps, search page, gallery page, and more. Elegant Theme prices start at $69 per year and includes full access to 80+ themes.

More information:


Adviser - WordPress Theme

(Adviser – WordPress Theme)

The Adviser WordPress Theme was built to help finance professionals build trust through clean web design. It’s ideal for businesses that provide services such as investing advice or tax advice. It includes a recruitment page with hiring announcements and where to send applications. It also includes a built-in lease calculator. It includes multiple shortcodes and widgets, and includes the drag-and-drop visual composer.

Visit this site to learn more about using this theme:

Tax Help

Tax Help Theme For WordPress

(Tax Help WordPress Theme)

This premium theme for WordPress was designed specifically for financial companies, tax and finance advisors, and businesses that provide tax assistance. Tax Help is designed to show your services in a professional way to help establish your business reputation. It comes with a range of blog styles, uses a drag-and-drop visual composer, includes a shortcode builder, the Revolution Slider, and many custom shortcodes.

More info:

Finance Business

Finance Business Theme For WordPress

(Finance Business WordPress Theme)

This premium theme for WordPress was built specifically for firms that provide financial services such as tax help, consulting, corporate, finance, insurance, loans, accounting, and more. Finance Business includes a custom CMSMasters Visual Content Composer plugin. It also has around 100 shortcodes that let you add charts and financial content. It also includes the custom drag-and-drop composer, two premium sliders, page settings, color management features, animations, and a lot more.

To learn more about this WordPress theme, visit this site:


Avada Finance WordPress Theme

(Avada Finance WordPress Theme)

Avada is a fully responsive and versatile multipurpose theme that lets you easily build, configure, and run any kind of website you want without touching code, including a website for an accounting or finance-related organization.

To learn more about the Avada theme for WordPress, go here: Avada

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide has helped you learn ways to improve your accounting or financial services website using WordPress themes and plugins.

How To Drive Clients To Your Accounting Business Online With WordPress Plugins And Themes


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