WP Courseware – WordPress eLearning Management Plugin

WP Courseware is a leading WordPress course management system plugin that lets you easily create and manage online courses, training membership sites, and how-to information products.

WPCourseware - WordPress Course Creation Plugin

Thanks to the internet and digital technologies, thousands of entrepreneurial businesses and individuals are finding new opportunities to profit from areas like providing online training and e-learning systems.

eLearning is based on the concept of distance learning, where students do not interact face-to-face with the teacher or trainer.

The eTraining Industry Is Growing

Online education sites like Udemy.com show that the eTraining industry is growing.

Udemy.com offers over 30,000 courses online covering all topics, from IT & software and improving self esteem, to courses about religion & spirituality and making better lifestyle choices, etc …

Udemy currently offers 30,000+ e-courses covering all topics!

(Udemy currently offers 30,000+ ecourses covering all topics!)

This is not only great for people looking to learn, but also for individuals that have valuable knowledge to share with others.

e-Training – Opportunities And Drawbacks

Some of the drawbacks of developing ecourses include:

  • Working out methods of delivering training,
  • Employing popular tools that don’t require spending additional time learning,
  • Ensuring consistent methods are used throughout content design, course branding, etc.
  • Measuring outcomes,
  • Grading student scores,
  • Generating useful reports, certificates of completion

You also need to take into account important factors such as the lack of human contact, boredom and lack of motivation, distractions, etc.

e-Training – Unlimited Possibilities

If you are a digital product creator, creating e-training courses that help people gain practical knowledge is a great way to attract new subscribers and monetize your website. Creating products is, after all, one of the best ways to attract customers, establish authority and credibility and position yourself as a leader in your niche or industry.

There’s a ton of opportunity. Just about anything can be taught online.

Got a passion or interest in commercial photography, gardening or copywriting? Turn it into an online training course!

(Got a passion or interest in fashion photography, landscaping or creative writing? Turn it into an ecourse!)

The problem with product creation, however, is that creating PDF reports and training courses from scratch is very time-consuming. Chances are, however, you already have the building blocks of great content on your website or blog that can be leveraged into a new product.

If your site is built using WordPress and you would like to create and sell learning courses, there’s a cost-effective and professional courseware plugin you need to know about.

Announcing …

WPCourseware – Online Course Creation WordPress Plugin


WP Courseware is a leading WordPress course management system plugin.

WP Courseware - WordPress Course Management System Plugin

(WP Courseware – WordPress Course Creation Plugin)

Thousands of WordPress sites have the WP Courseware plugin installed. WPCourseware makes creating e-courses in WordPress very simple.

A training course in WPCourseware consists of modules and modules include units, surveys, etc.

WP Courseware fully integrates with WordPress. Once installed, the plugin adds a new section to your main menu that lets you add a new course, edit existing modules and units, edit quizzes and surveys, edit settings, import/export data, modify training certificates, access plugin documentation, etc …

WPCourseware options menu

(WPCourseware options menu)

WPCourseware also lets you include a widget in the sidebar, giving you further customization options …

WPCourseware Widget

(WPCourseware Sidebar Widget)

Your courses can be completely customized and configured.

For example, you decide whether participants need to have completed a course unit before they can progress to the next section …

Customize your course settings

(Courses can be customized to suit your needs)

You can view course details ”at a glance” inside the admin dashboard and perform a range of actions (e.g. edit course settings) …

View training course information inside the WP dashboard

(View course information inside the admin dashboard)

If you have a basic understanding of WordPress, you can quickly create courses using familiar interfaces and functions.

For example, you can easily add and edit the course title and description, set user access, customize user messages and notifications, issue certificates of completion for courses and fine tune other course settings simply by clicking tabs, entering information into fields, checking radio buttons, choosing drop-down menu options, rearranging elements around screens using drag and drop, etc …

Plugin options screen

(”Edit Course” screen)

Adding modules and units is as simple as creating and editing WordPress posts. You can easily include text, images, embedded media, and any other form of content that you would normally add to a post.

You can reorganize the order of your content by dragging and dropping units inside training modules inside the ”Order Course Modules & Units” section …

WPCourseware - Order Course Modules & Units settings area

(Order Course Modules & Units screen)

When you have finished creating your module, just publish it like any other WordPress post or page.

You can view a table containing all course units in the “Course Units” area …

Course Units screen

(List of course units)

Placing your course and modules into pages is simple. You can use a range of shortcodes to insert course and module information into pages …

WPCourseware shortcode

(WP Courseware shortcodes)

After publishing your page, your course will display to users with all of the content you have configured …

Training course created with WP Courseware

(Creating training courses with WPCourseware)

After publishing your training product, the content can be accessed by logged in registered users …

Members must be logged in and have permission to view your training content

(Users must be logged in and have permission to access your training content)

More info: WPCourseware

Plugin Benefits

Here we have listed just a few of the benefits of using WP Courseware to add professional training courses to your WordPress website or blog on your WordPress site:

Quick And Simple To Install And Set Up. Ready To Go To Work In Very Little Time.

WPCourseware is very easy to install. Just upload a zip file that contains the plugin to your Plugins folder via your WP admin user section and activate.

Simple To Use

As mentioned earlier, if you are already familiar with the way WordPress works, you can quickly create courses using familiar WordPress interfaces and functions.

Simply create a new course, training module, or course unit with content, and optional quiz or survey. Drag and drop to organize the content and create a course outline using the plugin’s shortcodes or widget.

Unlimited Expandability

The plugin lets you add unlimited courses, modules, lessons, quizzes, surveys and students.

Use Different Content

Course units use WordPress custom types, which let you add anything you would typically add to a WordPress page or postWordPress posts or pages besides text, like embedded media, graphic elements, links, file downloads, etc.

Use different content types in  your training courses

(Add any type of content you like in your training courses)

Some additional benefits include:

  • Works on all WP themes: WPCourseware integrates with all WordPress themes.
  • Compatible with all devices: WP Courseware works on all devices.

Plugin Features

WPCourseware offers many features to website owners. Below we have listed just some of these:

Course Outline And Progress Page

You can create course outlines or course progress pages via shortcodes. The course progress shortcode displays the courses students are enrolled in as well as displaying their current progress.

Progress-Tracking Features

Students can also view their course progress using a custom sidebar widget.

As an administrator, you can also track students as they progress through courses inside your dashboard …

Track course progress

(Progress-tracking features)

Automatic Enrollment

You can set up courses to allow automatic enrollment of new participants.

Course Certificates

Students can be issued with customized certificates of completion. You can add custom backgrounds, logos and signatures to training certificates …

Customized certificates

(Training course certificates)

Export/Import Functionality

The export/import feature lets you set up your course on other sites.

Custom Email Notifications And User Messages

WP Courseware allows you to create custom user notifications to congratulate trainees upon module and course completion and communicating on other administrative matters. You can also customize quiz result emails so your students can be congratulated upon completing training quizzes. You can also send out mass emails trainees with their final grades with one click …

WPCourseware - Email Messages

(Custom Notifications – WPCourseware)

Add Quizzes And Surveys

You can add quizzes and surveys to your course content …

Quizzes And Surveys - WPCourseware

(Quizzes & Surveys)

  • Depending on your needs, you can add course progress blocking or non-blocking quizzes.
  • Quizzes can be timed, paginated, and include customized feedback based on question tags.
  • Results can be downloaded in PDF format. You can also download a CSV file with survey results.
  • The course grade book will help you track your student’s progress  …

Edit Quiz/Survey Settings Area - WP Courseware

(Edit Quiz/Survey Settings Area – WPCourseware)

Integrates With WordPress Membership & e-Commerce Plugins

WP Courseware can be used with leading WordPress ecommerce and membership plugins …

Integrates With e-Commerce & Membership Sites

(Integrates With WordPress Membership & eCommerce Plugins)

User Feedback

Below are a few of the testimonials and feedback plugin users have submitted for WPCourseware:

“No e-learning solution for WordPress compares to the ease and speed that WP Courseware offers people when setting up online courses.” Chris Lema


“Nate contacted me about checking out WP Courseware. I did… and I was impressed. Today, I have WP Courseware integrated into the delivery side of Blog Marketing Academy itself.” David Risley, Entrepreneur, Blogger, & Speaker

Useful Tips

As mentioned earlier, if you have been marketing yourself online for a while, you already have content on your website or blog that can be leveraged into a new product.

WP Courseware lets you convert any post or page on your site into a course unit, so if showing outsourced workers how to complete certain tasks.


The plugin is well-supported and backed by a risk-free, thirty day, full money-back guarantee. Users get free access to all integrations and one year of support and upgrades with their purchase.

The plugin’s “Documentation” section inside the plugin’s options and settings menu explains how to use the available shortcodes …

Plugin Documentation - Shortcodes

(WPCourseware Documentation – Shortcodes)

And access to a complete library of ”how-to” video tutorials …

Plugin Documentation - Plugin Tutorials

(WP Courseware Documentation – Plugin Video Tutorials)

Product Pricing

WP Courseware is available in the following options:

  • 2-Site License – This license option enables you to run WPCourseware on 1 WordPress website only. Cost includes one year of free upgrades and support. Price = $99.00.
  • 10-Site License – This license option enables you to set up WPCourseware on 10 web sites. Pricing includes one year of free upgrades and support. Cost = $125.00.
  • 25-Site License – This edition allows you to activate WPCourseware on twenty-five sites. Includes 1 year of free upgrades and support. Price = $175.00.

Note: Price details for the WPCourseware product can vary, depending on whether there are any promotions or limited-time specials being offered. The above reflects the pricing at the time this content was published. This may not be the actual pricing set by the software author when you visit the website and there may be additional upsells or one-time offers after purchasing.

Check the plugin’s website for current pricing details:

Additional Information

For ”how to” videos of the plugin, including installation instructions and tutorials, FAQs, support help desk, contact details and more, visit the WP Courseware website.

Install This Plugin

If you want to create an online training product, WP Courseware is a cost-effective and powerful courseware plugin you may want to consider adding to your site.

WP Courseware - Online Course Management Plugin For WordPress

For more information, visit the plugin website here:


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