How To Convert WordPress Posts And Pages Into Downloadable PDFs

Learn how to convert your WordPress posts and pages into downloadable PDFs …

How To Convert WordPress Posts And Pages Into Downloadable PDFs

PDF documents allow users to share content between different platforms and operating systems and keep the format of the content consistent when printing.

Being able to create a PDF from your posts or pages is useful if you want to offer your visitors or users the option of emailing or downloading your content.

PDFs can be used to download content such as:

  • Checklists
  • Procedures
  • Product Specs
  • Research
  • Price Lists
  • Recipes
  • Song Lyrics
  • etc.

You can also offer PDF downloads to grow your email subscriber list.

This tutorial shows you how to convert your WordPress posts and pages into downloadable PDFs.

How To Convert WordPress Posts And Pages Into Downloadable PDFs

WordPress doesn’t automatically convert posts, pages, or content into PDFs. This tutorial will show you how to enable the PDF conversion process using WordPress plugins.

WordPress PDF Plugins

There are a number of WordPress plugins available that can convert your post and page content into downloadable PDFs.

For this tutorial, we’ll show you how to download and install a plugin called DK PDF, then present a list of other PDF plugins.




Plugin Description

DK PDF is a free WordPress plugin that allows your site visitors to convert your posts and pages to PDF.

Plugin Installation

To install the DK PDF plugin from your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, enter “dk pdf” into the Keyword search field (if you need help see our tutorial on installing WordPress plugins), and click on the ‘Install Now’ button …

Install DK PDF plugin

(Install DK PDF plugin)

After installing the plugin, click ‘Activate’ …

Activate the plugin

(Activate the plugin)

Configuring The Plugin

After the plugin has been installed and activated, a new item is added to the WordPress Dashboard menu.

To configure the plugin’s settings, select DK PDF from your main menu …

DK PDF menu

(DK PDF menu)

This brings you to the plugin’s settings screen.

Here you can configure settings for the PDF button, such as display text, which post types you want to enable PDF downloads for (including custom post types), whether the PDF file opens in a new window or can be downloaded directly, where the button will appear in your content (use shortcode, before content, or after content) and its alignment (left, center, right)  …

DK PDF Settings - PDF Button options

(DK PDF Settings – PDF Button options)

You can also specify options for your PDF files in the ‘PDF Setup’ tab …

DK PDF Settings - PDF Setup options

(DK PDF Settings – PDF Setup options)

And customize your PDF header and footer with your logo, show title, pagination, footer text, etc., as well as style your PDF using CSS …

DK PDF Settings - PDF Header & Footer options

(DK PDF Settings – PDF Header & Footer options)

The plugin also provides an advanced PDF generator that lets you create larger PDF documents from your content with a cover and table of contents.

To access this feature, select the DK PDF > Addons menu …

DK PDF - Addons menu

(DK PDF – Addons menu)

Click on the link in the ‘Addons’ screen …

DK PDF Addons screen

(DK PDF Addons screen)

The DK PDF Generator addon is a premium tool that lets you create PDF ebooks and magazines from your content …

DK PDF Generator addon

(DK PDF Generator addon)

If you experience any issues with the plugin, select the DK PDF > Support menu …

DK PDF - Support menu

(DK PDF – Support menu)

This will take you to the plugin’s documentation and support site  …

DK PDF plugin documentation and support area

(DK PDF plugin documentation and support area)

Using The Plugin

After configuring the plugin’s settings, the PDF download link will display automatically in your content for the post types you have enabled  …

WordPress post with PDF button

(WordPress post with PDF button)

The plugin also provides a shortcode …

PDF button shortcode

(PDF button shortcode)

Use the plugin’s shortcode to add PDF download links wherever you like in your content …

Use the shortcode to display the PDF button in your content

(Use the shortcode to display the PDF button in your content)

You can also disable the PDF button on individual posts or pages …

Disable DK PDF Button on individual posts or pages

(Disable DK PDF Button on individual posts or pages)

For more details about this plugin, go here: DK PDF

Additional WordPress PDF Plugins

Here are some additional plugins you can check out to integrate PDF functionality with WordPress.

Post Gopher

Post Gopher WordPress Lead Generation Plugin

(Post Gopher WordPress Lead Generation Plugin)

Post Gopher is not just a plugin that converts your post and pages into a downloadable PDF, it’s also a “set and forget” lead generation tool that collects leads, grows your list, boosts user engagement, and helps you get more traffic on autopilot …

Add a lead generation 'call to action' button to your posts

(Add a lead generation ‘call to action’ button to your posts)

For more details, see this post or visit the website here: Post Gopher

PDF & Print

PDF & Print

(PDF & Print)

PDF & Print is a free plugin that lets you add PDF & print buttons to WordPress website pages, posts, widgets, search results, archives, and custom post types, use image, text, or image & text buttons, specify button alignment and position in your content, display PDF & Print buttons for certain user roles, create PDF files and print pages using shortcodes, generate documents with custom styles, titles, and featured image, and more.

The plugin also offers a Pro version with advanced customization features which let you add text or image watermarks, create custom document header and footer templates, display page count and post author, compatibility with WooCommerce, set PDF orientation, and more.

For more details about this plugin, go here: PDF & Print

WP Advanced PDF

WP Advanced PDF

(WP Advanced PDF)

WP Advanced PDF is a completely self contained PDF generating plugin that is easy to install, configure, and use. In addition to a comprehensive set of options and loads of customization features, this plugin also gives you the option of allowing all site visitors to download PDFs or limiting access to pdfs to registered users only. The plugin developers also provide a premium version with additional features.

For more details about this plugin, go here: WP Advanced PDF

Print, PDF, Email

Print, PDF, Email

(Print, PDF, Email)

The Print, PDF, Email plugin lets you add print, PDF, and email options to WordPress, which can be turned on or off, custom headers and footers for the print and PDF options, choose button styles or use your own text and image/button, password-protect content, track downloads in Google Analytics, and more.

The plugin offers both a free and premium version option with advanced features.

For more details about this plugin, go here: Print, PDF, Email

PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder

(PDF Embedder)

PDF Embedder does not convert your posts or pages into a PDF. Instead, this free plugin lets you upload your PDFs to your WordPress site and embed them directly into your content (like adding images) …

PDF Embedder lets you embed PDFs into your content

(PDF Embedder lets you embed PDFs into your content)

Embedded PDFs can automatically size to their original dimensions, fill the available width, or you can specify a width and the height will be calculated automatically. The plugin uses a unique method for embedding PDFs, giving you a lot of flexibility over the appearance of your document. Users can navigate and zoom through the content.

The premium version of the plugin allows users to download the embedded PDF, is mobile-friendly, provides a full screen mode, tracking for number of downloads and views, active hyperlinks, security options, continous scroll, and many extra features.

For more details about this plugin, visit the plugin site here: PDF Embedder

Congratulations! Now you know how to convert your WordPress posts and pages into downloadable PDFs. We hope that you have found the above information useful.

How To Convert WordPress Posts And Pages Into Downloadable PDFs

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Supercharge Your WordPress Internal Linking SEO With WPSerpFuel WordPress Plugin

Learn how to create an effective internal linking strategy to supercharge your WordPress SEO, even with little content published on your site …

How To Supercharge Your WordPress Internal Linking SEOAn internal link connects different pages on the same website (as opposed to an external link, which sends visitors to a different website).

Internal linking improves SEO by helping search engines find and index more pages and content on your website. Internal linking also improves navigation for your visitors, keeps users interacting longer with your website, and allows you to cluster posts and articles on related topics.

How To Supercharge Your WordPress Internal Linking SEO

Typically, for a good internal linking strategy to work, you need to publish lots of content on your website. Here on, for example, we’ve published hundreds of detailed WordPress tutorials, so we use internal linking a lot to make it easier for users to navigate the site and access related tutorials and information quickly and easily.

Search engines like Google and Bing reward good internal content linking with better search engine rankings. Internal linking, therefore, is an important and powerful SEO strategy.

If you have lots of content on your site, you can create internal links using the WordPress internal linking tool, widgets like ‘Recent Posts,’ and plugins like Related Posts.

But … what if you haven’t published that much content on your site yet? Is there a way to boost the effectiveness of your WordPress site’s internal linking SEO without resorting to blackhat methods that will get your site or content penalized by search engines?

As it happen, yes, there is! In this tutorial, we’ll explore a WordPress plugin that lets you create an effective internal linking strategy to supercharge your WordPress SEO even if there’s little content published on your site, using completely whitehat methods.

WPSerpFuel – WordPress SEO Plugin

WPSerpFuel - WordPress SEO Plugin

(WPSerpFuel – WordPress SEO Plugin)

WPSerpFuel is a WordPress plugin that creates content-rich internal pages on your WordPress site. These pages link to your main posts intelligently using different anchor texts but are not linked from your main site, so your site visitors don’t see these pages, only search engines.

WPSerpFuel generates an SEO friendly RSS feed sitemap containing all of the URLs to every ‘fueled’ post created by the plugin. According to the plugin developers, this provides more emphasis to every post you publish and helps Google rank your posts more easily.


We recommend exercising good judgement when experimenting with different methods, tools, or plugins to drive more traffic to your site or improve your results. If specific methods or strategies don’t align with your values or principles, try something else!

How The Plugin Works

WordPress has a number of built-in features that facilitate site navigation and internal linking to posts and pages. For example, when you create a new post on a regular WordPress site, sidebar widgets like the ‘recent posts’ widget allow every other post and page on your site to link back to your new post, effectively giving your new post an SEO boost …

Regular WordPress site with pages and posts linking to a new post

(Regular WordPress site with pages and posts linking to a new post)

As new posts get added, however, older posts get pushed down on the ‘recent posts’ widget until they no longer show up on the list of recent posts. As older posts begin to lose multiple internal links, they also become harder to find.

Although all posts remain published on your site and can be accessed by users, as older posts get buried under newer posts, they become less relevant, drive less traffic, and their search engine rankings begin to drop.

WPSerpFuel addresses this issue by ensuring that no matter how old your posts get or how buried under new posts they end up, they will continue having internal links pointing to them.

The plugin creates multiple internal links pointing to posts that you specify, using content rich pages and different anchor text of your choice. This allows search engines to continue ranking your older posts …

A WordPress site using WPSerpFuel

(A WordPress site using WPSerpFuel)

With WPSerpFuel, your SEO rankings are naturally boosted by internal links, so they don’t rely on external backlinks to rank content.

Additionally, fueled posts link intelligently to your main post using different anchor text …

WPSerpFuel adds internal links to WordPress posts using different anchor text

(WPSerpFuel adds internal links to WordPress posts using different anchor text)

After the plugin creates internal links to all of the posts you specify, it generates SEO-friendly RSS feeds for each fueled post, allowing search engines to easily find and index your content and boost your search rankings …

WPSerpFuel - WordPress SEO Plugin

(Use your RSS feed to boost your search rankings)

For example, you can upload the fueled RSS feed to RSS aggregators and auto syndicate fueled posts using applications like SociSynd or IFTTT

WPSerpFuel - WordPress SEO Plugin

(WPSerpFuel – WordPress SEO Plugin)

You can use this plugin to help a new site get ranked or give an old site with ranked content a boost in the search engines.

For more details, go here}: WPSerpFuel

WPSerpFuel Benefits

The WPSerpFuel plugin can be installed on any self-hosted WordPress site. The plugin doesn’t change your site’s structure in any way. It simply creates more internal links for search engines to find and index your existing content.

The plugin lets you choose the number of internal links to create, pick the anchor text to use, choose the content for your fueled posts, control how often fueled posts are created, schedule fueled posts, and more.

WPSerpFuel Features

Some of the features of this plugin include:

  • Create up to 10 internal links to all of your posts, or just the ones you specify.
  • Add different anchor text keywords to internal links based on suggested keywords from Google.
  • Schedule and drip-feed fueled posts or publish these immediately.
  • Auto-generate RSS feed for fueled posts for faster indexing and syndication.
  • Search and add keyword-related videos from YouTube to improve search relevancy.
  • Search and add keyword-related images from Flickr.
  • Integrates with The Best Spinner & Spin Rewriter article spinning tools (learn more about article spinning here)
  • Article Builder Integration (Get articles for your fueled posts directly from article builder)
  • Ability to work with proxies (Never worry about any server blocks)

For more details, go here}: WPSerpFuel

Plugin Testimonials

Abbs has put together a great little tool for increasing the likelihood of blog content getting found and respected by Google and the other engines. I don’t buy a lot of SEO ‘tweak’ tools because most of them are frankly spammy, but SERP Fuel is definitely one I will be putting to work on my site. Time will tell of course, as to its effectiveness in my particular setup, but at this low price, it’s a no-brainer to employ. On a side note, I know from using another of Abbs’ products before that he stands behind his products and supports them. Anthony Hendriks, B.C. Canada

WPSerpFuel – Additional Info

As mentioned earlier, internal linking is great when you have lots of posts with lots of related content. The time and cost of generating this amount of content can be significant. Additionally, there is the cost of purchasing or installing separate plugins to add multimedia to your content (e.g. videos and images), query Google for related keywords, create custom RSS feeds, etc.

WPSerpFuel does all of this for you automatically. You can use the plugin to build internal links for child posts and child pages.

The videos below provide more information about the SERP Fuel method:

WPSerpFuel Process

(WPSerpFuel Process)

Building Super Silo Sites

(Building Super Silo Sites)

The plugin offers single and multiple site licenses, free plugin updates for the first year, PDF guides and video tutorials, and a  zero-risk, 30-day money-back guarantee.

To learn more about this SEO plugin and download a  free PDF that explains the SERP Fuel technique, go here: WPSerpFuel – WordPress SEO Plugin For Internal Links

Supercharge Your WordPress Internal Linking SEO With WPSerpFuel WordPress Plugin


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How To Prevent Content Theft In WordPress

Content theft and hotlinking can cost you bandwidth and lost visitors. Learn how to prevent content theft in WordPress …

How To Prevent Content Theft In WordPress

How To Prevent Content Theft In WordPressIf you run a product review site, blog, e-commerce site, membership site or a download page, your content and download files are at risk of being stolen by internet thieves.

No website owner wants their content or files to be stolen. The World Wide Web, however, was built to make information shareable. It is designed and structured in such a way that most websites have no choice but to leave themselves open to content theft.

For example, the simplest way to steal content from any website is to highlight, select, and copy web page content to your clipboard …

Stealing content online is as easy as copy ...

(Stealing content online is as easy as copy …)

And then pasting it into your own blogs …

and paste!

(and paste!)

Content Theft Methods

There are various methods that can be used to steal content online. Two of the most common content theft methods include ‘content scraping’ and ‘hotlinking’.

Content Scraping

Many content thieves use a simple method like the ‘copy and paste’ one shown above to steal content from other websites and publish it on their site as their own. This is called content scraping.

Many sites will copy articles from other websites or even copy entire websites. In some cases, sites built using entirely pilfered content can even outrank the sites that published the original content. There are many tools available that can automate content scraping, including a number of autoblogging tools.


Hotlinking is using images, videos, or files being hosted on and served from other websites in your content, instead of uploading and serving these from your own server and website. Essentially, you’re serving visitors content that is not hosted on your server and someone else is paying for the space and bandwidth resources.

Sites like YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, etc. will give you permission to ‘hotlink’ (i.e. use content hosted on their site) and supply you with an embed code so you can display files like videos, images, etc. on your website or blog. Other sites will host content like banner images or video ads on their server and supply you with HTML or Javascript code that you can insert into your content to display these on your site. All of these instances are common practice and perfectly legit.

Where hotlinking becomes stealing, is when you use images and files hosted on other websites in your content without the owner’s explicit permission, knowledge, or consent.

If someone is hotlinking to your site without your knowledge, then you’re not only paying for the bandwidth and hosting resources but others are benefiting from the time and money you have invested into creating these files and using this to compete against you. They’re stealing from you on every level.

How To Protect Your Site From Content Theft – Your Options

What can you do to prevent people stealing your content online? Let’s take a look at your options …

Don’t Publish Content Online

The simplest way to prevent content theft online is to not publish anything online that you don’t want stolen. If you provide a specialized service involving ‘trade secrets,’ for example, you can advertise your services and describe its features and benefits on your website without actually revealing your methods for achieving results.

Keep Your Content Private

If your business requires publishing valuable information online, however, then consider publishing your content privately (e.g. inside a password-protected area or membership site), so that only those with access to the content can view or download your files. While this will not prevent people from stealing your content once they gain access to the information, it will help to minimize incidents and opportunities for content theft.

Modify Your .htacess File

Your .htaccess file is stored on your server and contains important server instructions for your website. You can add hotlink protection instructions to your .htaccess file to prevent other sites from displaying your images and other files and there are online tools that can create these instructions for you, but this requires editing code and working with files on your server.

If you don’t want to mess with code or server files, then consider the next option below.

Use Content Theft Prevention Plugins

If you have no choice but to display your content publicly, then consider using a WordPress plugin to disable features or functions on your site that would allow your content to be easily copied, stolen, or hotlinked.


Most WordPress content theft prevention plugins will not block search engines from indexing your web content. These plugins work by disabling web browser functions that allow visitors to copy your content (e.g. select text, right-click, and copy).

Here are some content theft prevention plugins you can look at and consider installing on your WordPress website or blog.

WP Content Guard

WP Content Guard

(WP Content Guard)

WP Content Guard is an all-in-one WordPress content protection plugin that is designed to save you time and money tracking down content thieves, dealing with support issues, and protecting your search engine rankings by preventing content and product files from being freely distributed and linked to online from other websites, black hat forums, or via email links.

The plugin is easy to install and configure …

WP Content Guard - Settings Screen

(WP Content Guard – Settings Screen)

Once the plugin is installed and activated, it literally works right out of the box, providing instant content and hotlinking protection …

WP Content Guard works right out of the box

(WP Content Guard works right out of the box)

The main features of this plugin include:

  • Built-In Advanced Hotlink Protection: This prevents content thieves from linking directly to your images and files from their own sites, on forums, or emails and causing you to incur excessive bandwidth usage charges.
  • Automatic Right-Click Blocking: With this feature enabled, visitors will not be able to right-click on any part of your site to view the source code of your web pages or easily copy direct links to your files and images.
  • Automatic Copy & Paste Blocking: With this feature enabled, visitors will not be able to copy and paste any part of your content.

This plugin is developed and maintained by established and trusted WordPress plugin developers. It includes single and unlimited site licensing, free lifetime updates, full support and a risk-free 30-day money back guarantee.

For more details, go here}: WP Content Guard

Smart Content Protector Pro

Smart Content Protector Pro - WordPress Copy Protection

(Smart Content Protector Pro – WordPress Copy Protection)

Smart Content Protector Pro protects text and images on your WordPress site from being copied. The plugin automatically goes to work protecting your site’s content as soon as it is activated.

You can, however, also configure plugin settings to specify what visitors can and can’t do on your site, including protecting content on all pages, only on certain pages (e.g. homepage, posts, custom pages/posts, or custom categories), etc. …

Smart Content Protector Pro - Settings Screen

(Smart Content Protector Pro – Settings Screen)

The plugin also provides image protection options, such as disabling image dragging, viewing the original image in a new window or displaying the image in a lightbox. Advanced image protection features allow you to add watermarks to images …

Smart Content Protector Pro - Image Protection Settings

(Smart Content Protector Pro – Image Protection Settings)

The plugin also records the IP addresses of sites that have copied your content …

See which IP addresses have copied your content

(See which IP addresses have copied your content)

Smart Content Protector Pro also provides text protection settings for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems …

Smart Content Protector Pro - Text Protection Settings

(Smart Content Protector Pro – Text Protection Settings)

Additional features of this simple and easy to use plugin include advanced multiple text and image protection methods and options, watermarking, disabling mouse right-clicking and shortcut keys (e.g.  Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, View Source, etc.), content protection based on user levels, alert message options for right-clicking or Print Screen, and more.

For more details, go here}: Smart Content Protector Pro

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

(WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click)

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click is an easy to install plugin that protects content on your posts and home page from being copied without your permission using multiple JavaScript + CSS methods.

Basic features include disabling copying of content and images using right-clicking or shortcut keys and displaying alert messages or image ads. The plugin also offers a ‘pro’ edition with advanced features (see next item below).

For more details, go here}: WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

WP Content Copy Protection (Pro)

WP Content Copy Protection Pro

(WP Content Copy Protection Pro)

WP Content Copy Protection Pro is the premium version of the WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click plugin.

This plugin will not only protect your content from being selected and copied, it also gives you full control over right-click functions and context menus. You can display alert messages when users right-click on images, text boxes, links, plain text, etc., disable control keys, watermark images on the fly, exclude home page or single posts from being copy-protected, disable copy protection for admin users, and more.

The plugin offers aggressive image protection to prevent expert users from stealing your images, flexible protection options and is compatible with all major theme frameworks and browsers.

For more details, go here}: WP Content Copy Protection Pro

WP Content Copy Protection

WP Content Copy Protection

(WP Content Copy Protection)

WP Content Copy Protection aggressively protects all your valuable site content (source code, text content, and images) from being illegally copied and prevents plagiarism. Copy methods are disabled via mouse and keyboard.

For more details, go here}: WP Content Copy Protection

WP CopyRight PRO

WP CopyRightPro

(WP CopyRightPro)

WP CopyRightPro can prevent around 90% of attempts from online users copying text and images on your WordPress site. This plugin will disable selection and copying of text from web pages, right-clicking functionality, image-dragging and displaying content on other sites via iframes.

After activating the plugin and allowing it some time to gather data, the plugin will reveal any sites that are using your images.

For more details, go here}: WP CopyRightPro

WordPress Hotlink Protection Plugins

Below is a list of WordPress plugins that provide hotlink protection for your site’s images.

Practical Tip

To view a list of sites that are using your images, go to the images section and type

Google can show you which sites are using your images

(Google can show you which sites are using your images)

Configurable Hotlink Protection

Configurable Hotlink Protection

(Configurable Hotlink Protection)

Configurable Hotlink Protection is a free WordPress plugin that helps you save bandwidth by blocking links to video, audio, and other files from unapproved websites.

The plugin settings let you selectively control direct linking and choose which kind of files to block from a list of common file extensions (or include your own), allow linking from multiple authorized websites, and generates .htaccess file rules.

For more details, go here}: Configurable Hotlink Protection

Hotlink File Prevention

Hotlink File Prevention

(Hotlink File Prevention)

Hotlink File Prevention is a free plugin that provides simple hotlink prevention to individual files and can be turned on/off directly in the WordPress media library. This allows you to protect files inside membership sites or private pages from being copied by users with access to the content.

For more details, go here}: Hotlink File Prevention




Hotlink2Watermark is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to display a watermark on images being hotlinked from your website …

Add watermarks to hotlinked images

(Add watermarks to hotlinked images)

The plugin gives you the option of using text (choose from 4 different fonts and optional shadow colours) or an image for your watermark. You can also save a list of all websites hotlinking your images on a csv file.

For more details, go here}: Hotlink2Watermark

Hopefully, the above has helped you gain a better understanding of how to prevent content theft in WordPress.

How To Prevent Content Theft In WordPress


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