How To Promote Your Business At Marketing Events With WordPress And QR Codes

Learn how to generate more leads and sales online for your business at marketing events using WordPress and QR codes …

WordPress QR Code Marketing Strategy - How To Promote Your Business At Marketing Events With WordPress And QR CodesDo you currently participate in or plan to attend trade, industry, or marketing events like shows, fairs, markets, expos, conventions, exhibitions, etc. to promote your business?

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to generate more leads and sales online for your business at these events using WordPress and QR codes and without using expensive or complicated solutions.

How To Promote Your Business At Marketing Events With WordPress And QR Codes

Let’s start with the basics …

What Are QR Codes?

QR Codes are a type of 2D barcodes that can be decoded using smartphones with a QR Code scanning app …

QR code image

(QR code image)

You can add QR code images to just about anything: billboards, banners, brochures, flyers, posters, labels, stickers, business cards, packaging, etc.

For a detailed tutorial on using QR Codes with WordPress, including how to generate printable QR code images, go here:

Components Of A Successful QR Code Marketing Strategy

If you plan to participate in trade, industry, or marketing events regularly, then you will want to automate your lead generation process so you can focus on interacting with as many event attendees as possible.

The first thing to do, then, is to make sure that you have set up everything you will need to run your QR code marketing campaigns successfully.

Here is the basic setup you will need to have in place before creating marketing and promotional materials for your event:

QR Code

If you plan to promote your business at different events, you will need to be able to generate and print QR codes.

We’ve covered what QR codes are in the previous section. See the tutorial below to learn how to use QR Codes with WordPress and how to generate printable QR code images:

Landing Page

A landing page is the destination page you plan to send event attendees, visitors, and prospects to. This can be a ‘special offer’ page, a product announcement page, a sign-up page for your newsletter, give away, a competition, etc.

You can easily create landing pages in WordPress by creating a new page or post and adding your own text, images, and other elements, or you can use landing page creation software to build and design landing pages.

For example, the landing page in the screenshot below was created using a software tool called Landing Page Monkey

Landing Page created using Landing Page Monkey

(Landing Page created using Landing Page Monkey)

You can view the software’s website here or read more about it in the post below:

Email Marketing Service

You will need an email marketing service account so event attendees can sign up to your mailing list or newsletter.

There are a number of reliable email marketing services you can choose from, like Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, etc. These all integrate well with WordPress.

To learn more about setting up an email marketing service, go here:

Discount Coupons

If you plan to offer event participants a discount as an incentive to subscribe to your mailing list , we recommend setting up coupon codes to track your QR code marketing campaigns for each event separately.

If you use WooCommerce and need help setting up coupon codes for your marketing events, see the tutorial below:

Link Redirection Service

Later in this tutorial, we’ll show you how to set up an effective strategy for promoting your business at different events using the same QR code in all your promotional marketing materials.

For this strategy to work, you will need to redirect visitors to different landing pages. To do this, you can either use a link redirection plugin, or a link redirection management tool.

If you need help redirecting links in WordPress, see the tutorials below:

Now that we have listed all the components required to set up your QR code marketing strategy, let’s put it all together.

WordPress QR Code Marketing Strategy – Using QR Codes To Generate More Leads & Sales For Your Business

For this example, let’s suppose that you run a WordPress-based e-commerce store with gift cards and discount coupons, that you have set up an email marketing service (e.g. Aweber, MailChimp, etc.), installed a link redirection plugin or subscribed to a service, and that you plan to attend regular (e.g. monthly) industry, trade, or marketing events.

Let’s begin by understanding how our QR Code marketing strategy is going to work.

How To Set Up A Basic QR Code Marketing Strategy

Here is a very basic QR code marketing strategy we can set up …

A basic QR code marketing strategy

(A basic QR code marketing strategy)

With the above setup, event attendees scan your QR code and are sent through to a landing page with a special offer or discount and an opt-in form where they can sign up to join your mailing list.

For the above strategy to work, you don’t even need a website. You can host your landing page and opt-in form in the cloud using a number of different services (e.g. the Landing Page Monkey software we discussed earlier.)

There are drawbacks to this setup, however. Some of these include:

  • You will need to create a different QR code for each event (and print new marketing materials), or edit your landing page (and lose previous event details, including tracking, etc.)
  • You are not driving visitors to your website. Sending visitors to your website (instead of a cloud service) not only gives you the opportunity to further promote your business, it also builds your asset, not someone else’s.

Since you can easily set up the same basic QR code marketing strategy in WordPress, let’s start by hosting your landing page and opt-in form in your WordPress site …

A basic QR code marketing strategy setup in WordPress

(A basic QR code marketing strategy setup in WordPress)

Although you are now building your asset by sending visitors to your website, you still have the same issues with the QR code described above.

Having to print brochures, flyers, banners, posters, etc. for every new event you plan to attend can become very costly and time-consuming.

Ideally, you will want to use the same QR code image to promote your business at different events, using different coupon codes and different offers to track your marketing campaigns and do all this without expensive or complicated solutions and without having to edit code.

This is where knowing how to use link redirection comes in handy.

How To Set Up An Effective QR Code Marketing Strategy

Here is what an effective QR code marketing strategy looks like …

An effective QR code marketing strategy
Click image to enlarge.

(An effective QR code marketing strategy)

With the above setup, event attendees scan your QR code and are sent to a landing page, which then automatically redirects them to the special offer page set up specifically for people who have attended the event.

This special offer page includes their discount coupon code and an opt-in form where they can sign up to join your mailing list and receive an additional special discount, chance to win a prize, etc.

Now that we have a better understanding of the strategy, let’s go through the steps required to set this up …

Step 1 – Set Up Your Landing Page

The first step is to create a generic landing page. This will give you a URL to send event participants to when they scan your QR code image.


This generic landing page doesn’t even need to have content, as you will be redirecting all visitors who land on this page to the special offer page of your next marketing event.

Just in case you have no marketing events coming up or visitors somehow arrive on this page and you have forgotten to set up a page redirection, let’s go ahead and create a simple landing page with an opt-in form included.

Go to Pages > Add New and create a new page. You can name this page anything you like (e.g. ‘Promos’). Add some text and insert your opt-in form, then publish …

Step 1 - Create a generic landing page

(Step 1 – Create a generic landing page)

If you need help creating a new page in WordPress, see this tutorial:

There are several ways to add opt-in forms to WordPress. If you need help inserting opt-in form code into your post or pages, see the tutorials below:

After creating your landing page, save and publish your new page, then copy the page URL to your clipboard or paste it into a plain text file.

To copy the page URL, visit the page and copy the address from your web browser or select View from the ‘Pages’ menu and copy the link address …

Copy the page link address to your clipboard

(Copy the page link address to your clipboard)

Step 2 – Create Your QR Code

After creating a generic landing page and copying its URL to your clipboard, the next step is to create your QR code and using the URL of your landing page as the destination URL to send visitors to …

Create your QR code

(Create your QR code)


If you plan to use the QR code in printed materials (banners, posters, magazines, etc.), make sure to save these as a high-quality image.

See the tutorial below to learn how to use QR Codes with WordPress and how to generate printable QR code images:

Step 3 – Create Your Event Coupon & Special Offer

Now that you have set up your generic landing page and a QR code to send visitors to this page, the next step is to create the coupon code or special offer for your upcoming event …

Coupon codes are not case sensitive

(Create your coupon code)

To learn more about creating coupons (WooCommerce users), go here:

Step 4 – Create Your Event’s Special Offer Page

You should now have all of the components you need to create the special offer page for your next marketing event:

  • A generic landing page
  • A QR code ponting visitors to the above landing page
  • Coupon code or special offer


Ideally, you will want to create a ‘template’ special offer page that you can easily duplicate for all subsequent events to save time.

You can create special offer pages using either Pages or Posts (if you don’t know the difference between these, see our tutorial on WordPress Posts vs WordPress Pages).

We recommend using WordPress Pages (not Posts) and creating each event offer page as a child page (i.e. a nested page) of your generic landing page.  This will keep your special offer pages hidden from general site visitors. (You can also prevent these pages from showing on your site map.)

To create a targeted special offer page for your event, go to Pages > Add New and create a new page with your event heading, special offer content, opt-in form,  entry rules, etc., then publish …

Create a special offer page targeted for your marketing event

(Create a special offer page targeted for your marketing event)

After creating and publishing your event’s special offer page, copy its page URL to your clipboard …

Create a special offer page targeted for your marketing event

(Copy the event page URL to your clipboard)

Step 5 – Add A Redirect From Your Landing Page To Your Marketing Event’s Special Offer Page

The last step to setting up your lead capture system using QR codes is to add a redirection from your landing page to your special offer page.

To do this, go to your Pages screen …

Main WordPress Menu - Pages

(Main WordPress Menu – Pages)

Find your generic landing page (in this example, the page is called Promos) and click ‘Edit’ using the Quick Edit menu …

Click on 'Edit'

(Click on ‘Edit’)

You should have already installed a link redirection plugin on your site. If you haven’t done this yet, go here to learn how to set this up:

Scroll down the page to the redirection section (below the page content) and do the following:

  1. Make the redirect active.
  2. Paste the URL of your marketing event’s special offer page (see Step 4)
  3. If your plugin lets you specify the type of redirect to apply to this page, select temporary (not permanent) redirect …

Configure your landing page redirection settings

(Configure your landing page redirection settings)

After configuring your landing page redirection settings, republish your landing page and scan your QR code to test your QR code marketing setup.

It should redirect to your event’s special offer page …

Test your QR code marketing setup
Click image to enlarge.

(Test your QR code marketing setup)

Running QR Code Marketing Campaigns

Once you have set up everything as shown in this tutorial, creating a new event offer page becomes a very quick and simple process.

Before every new event, go to your Pages section, locate the special offer page you have created as a template and clone the page …

Clone your event offer page

(Clone your template page)

If you need help with this step, see the tutorial below:

After cloning the page, edit the content to reflect the next event (remember to create a new coupon code) …

Clone and customize your events offer page

(Clone and customize your events offer page)

Next, save, publish and preview your new page, then copy its URL to your clipboard …

New events offer page

(New events offer page)

Open your general landing page and paste in the URL of your new offer page in the redirect URL field, then republish the landing page to point visitors to the new destination page …

Change the redirect URL in your general landing page

(Change the redirect URL in your general landing page)

Repeat the above process for every new event.

Create multiple pages to send event participants to

(Create multiple pages to send event participants to)

This set up lets you easily create and run new event offer pages using the same QR code and helps you preserve details of previous events, including performance tracking, page statistics, etc.

QR Code Marketing Campaigns – Useful Info

This section contains additional information about setting up your QR code marketing campaigns effectively.

Templatize As Much As Possible To Save Time And Money

Set up an effective strategy for promoting your business at different events using a template for your special offer pages and the same QR code for all your marketing materials and online/offline promotions.

This will not only save you time setting up new event offer pages, it will also save you time and money printing brochures, flyers, banners, posters, etc. before each event, especially if you use the same copy in your promotional materials …

You can use the same QR code and offer in all your promotional materials

(You can use the same QR code and offer in all your promotional materials)

All this takes is a little bit of planning. Test and review the performance of a few different offers and incentives to find out which ones convert the most visitors into subscribers and then use this information to build your mailing list and lead generation pipeline.

Tips For Maximum Visibility And Signups

Make sure that your special offer is clear and easy to understand and that your display materials (banners, posters, etc.) are highly visible so that any users passing by your stall or stand can scan your code from a distance even  if they choose not to approach you or start a conversation.

All you need on your promotional materials is your call to action and QR code. All other details can be added to the event offer page after attendees scan your code.


Create a simple instruction sheet for your stall minders showing users how to download and install a QR code scanner on their phones, or download our printable instruction sheet  below …

Why Display The Coupon Code Before Visitors Subscribe?

In the example used in this tutorial, event attendees scan the QR code in your promotional materials and are directed to your event offer page, which displays the special coupon code and invites them to subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list to receive an additional discount upon signing up, or being entered into a competition, etc.

Why did we set up our example this way? Why not have visitors subscribe to your mailing list first to get the special discount code?

Here is why:

You can create as many coupons and event offer pages as you want to track the performance of your event campaigns, but if you want to offer separate coupon codes to track each event only after visitors subscribe to your list, then you will need to create a separate mailing list for every event.

This will make things too complicated. The easiest way to make this strategy work without complex or expensive solutions, therefore, is to display the event discount on the page before visitors subscribe to your list and then offer them an additional incentive to sign up (e.g. get a further discount, enter into a competition to win a gift voucher, etc.).

WooCommerce and many other ecommerce platforms allow you to set up coupon codes with automated rules that prevent coupons being used in conjunction with other offers, so this method will incentivize your visitors to make at least two separate purchases on your site, since they will not be able to use two different coupons together.

Make Sure To Comply With All Regulations

If you plan to run brand promotions, competitions, Facebook promotions, or any other type of sweepstake or contest that includes an element of chance (or even skill, e.g. “Tell us in 25 words or less …”), make sure that you are not breaking any laws. Depending on where and how you plan to run your promotions, you may need a permit to run competitions or comply with certain legal requirements to avoid getting in trouble.

For more information on plugins you can use to set up and run competitions, giveaways, sweepstakes, contests, etc. in WordPress, see this tutorial:

We hope you have found this tutorial useful. Hopefully, now you know how to generate more leads and sales online for your business at marketing events using WordPress and QR Codes without the need for expensive or complicated solutions and without having to touch code.

How To Promote Your Business At Marketing Events With WordPress And QR Codes

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Build A List And Generate Leads & Revenue With WordPress & Amazon

Here is a smart way to build a list and generate leads and revenue as an Amazon affiliate, using an ingenious Amazon sales and lead management plugin for WordPress …

Build A List And Generate Leads With WordPress As An Amazon Affiliate

Making money with Amazon allows you to tap into a billion dollar affiliate marketing opportunity (Amazon paid out $1.4 billion to affiliates in 2016).

In other tutorials, we explain how to monetize your website or blog with Amazon products using WordPress Amazon affiliate plugins like StreamStore and InstantAzon.

In this tutorial, we’ll focus on a smart way to build a list and generate leads and revenue with WordPress, using an ingenious Amazon sales and lead management plugin for WordPress.

Build A List And Generate Leads And Revenue With WordPress As An Amazon Affiliate

Build a list and generate leads and revenue with WordPress as an Amazon affiliate!

(Build a list and generate leads and revenue with WordPress as an Amazon affiliate!)

Whether your site is focused on getting more subscribers, turning more visitors into buyers, or selling more products online, having a monetization strategy for your WordPress site that lets you generate additional revenue by leveraging your existing efforts to drive traffic to your site and market your business online is definitely a plus.

And if this monetization method can be fully automated and generate you additional revenue while building you a list of targeted prospects in a completely hands-free way, then that’s even better.

Let’s take a look, then, at a WordPress plugin that lets you tap into an opportunity created by millions of hungry online shoppers searching for great deals and bargains online …

Instagenius – Amazon Sales And Lead Management Plugin For WordPress

Instagenius - Amazon Sales And Lead Management Plugin For WordPressInstaGenius is a hands-free Amazon sales and leads management plugin for WordPress that instantly turns your website or blog into a profitable list-building and lead capture system using intelligent tracking, email marketing, and affiliate marketing automation to tap into a vast source of potential leads and sales … window shoppers and hungry bargain hunters searching for great discounts, sales, and irresistible deals online!

This plugin lets you automate your list-building efforts and grow an email database of targeted prospects who tell you exactly what kinds of products they are looking for …

Millions of hungry online shoppers are searching for great deals online!

(Millions of hungry online shoppers are searching for great deals online!)

The plugin then tracks those items on Amazon and sends your prospects an email as soon as the item goes on sale or is offered at a bargain price, helping them save money. When they buy the product at a great price, you get an affiliate commission from Amazon.

How The InstaGenius Plugin Works

InstaGenius is a genius WordPress plugin that does the selling for you!

(InstaGenius is a genius WordPress plugin that does the selling for you!)

The plugin is very simple to set up and use. Simply install and activate the InstaGenius WordPress plugin, connect your Amazon account and autoresponder service (e.g. Aweber, GetResponse, etc.), then choose an attention-grabbing image and specify where you want it to display on your site …

Visitors looking for great deals online click on your call to action ...

(Visitors looking for great deals online click on your call to action …)

When a visitor looking for great deals and bargains online clicks on the image, a pop-up window opens up where visitors can search for items they are interested in …

Visitors search for the items they are interested in ...

(Visitors search for the items they are interested in …)

As visitors search for items they are interested in from this popup window, a range of targeted Amazon products with your affiliate ID added in are displayed and if they click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button, you’ll be cookied for all Amazon purchases made by that customer in the next 90 days.

InstaGenius creates free price alerts for your visitors

(InstaGenius creates free ‘price alerts’ for your visitors)

The real power of InstaGenius is creating free ‘price alerts’ for your visitors. The plugin offers buyers advice and invites users to subscribe to your list to receive an instant alert as soon as a discount is offered on their chosen item, saving them time and money.

When visitors click on the ‘Add To Bargain Watch List’ button, they will either be asked to subscribe to receive free price alerts if they are new to your site or the button will inform them that they are already subscribed.

Once visitors subscribe, the plugin creates a new user account on your WordPress site and automatically adds their details to your autoresponder account. It then goes to work for you tracking prices on their selected items, sending them price drop email alerts, and helping you to close sales automatically and hands free.

The InstaGenius plugin can monitor an unlimited number of products to an unlimited number of subscribers, delivering each subscriber exactly what they want, at a discounted price.

To see the plugin in action, watch the demo video below:

(Visit the InstaGenius website)

InstaGenius Plugin Features

InstaGenius plugin includes many unique features

(InstaGenius plugin includes unique features)

InstaGenius includes a number of unique plugin features, such as:

  • Customizable Logo: Display your own logo to visitors.
  • Azon Regions: Connect multiple Amazon accounts to automatically offer a more tailored user experience (optional)
  • Buyer Advice: This helps to increase urgency and nudges users closer to a buying decision.
  • Azon Search: Product searches take place in real time with prices and details pulled directly from Amazon
  • 90 Day Cookie: Users are cookied with your affiliate ID when they click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button and are taken to Amazon.
  • Suggestions: This feature shows visitors’ most recent searches for easier niche targeting.
  • Load More: Visitors can view more items from Amazon with your affiliate ID embedded in links for their targeted search term.

For more details, go here}: InstaGenius

InstaGenius Plugin Benefits

InstaGenius plugin offers a number of benefits

(InstaGenius plugin offers many benefits)

Some of the benefits of using InstaGenius on your WordPress site include:

  • Easy & quick to install, set up and use. Newbie-friendly setup wizard makes everything 100% hands free.
  • 100% targeted. Generate targeted buyer leads in any niche market.
  • 100% hands-free. Build a list and generate commissions from Amazon on auto-pilot.
  • Ongoing income generation. The plugin keeps working for you days, months, and even years after visitors subscribe on your website or blog.
  • Sell more automatically. The plugin automatically does the selling for you and automatically helps you sell more.
  • No writing required. The plugin comes with pre-written customizable email templates.
  • Easy autoresponder integration. The plugin works with leading autoresponder services (Aweber, GetResponse, etc.)
  • Email follow-ups. You can select how many follow-up emails to be sent to users, select the number of products shown in follow-up emails, add shortcodes to emails for more flexibility, and all emails include unsubscribe/subscribe function for CAN-SPAM compliance.
  • Mobile responsive. The plugin works on all devices and browsers.

For more details, go here}: InstaGenius

InstaGenius – Useful Information & Tips

InstaGenius comes with useful bonuses to help users get started

(InstaGenius comes with useful bonuses to help you get started)

The plugin developers have included two practical bonuses with the InstaGenius plugin to help users get started:

  • Genius Store Builder. This premium WordPress theme lets you easily create an Amazon, eBay, or Commission Junction store full of affiliate products in minutes, with self-optimizing product listings, social and autoresponder integration, widget ready areas, Facebook comments integration, 1-click customization, membership features and creating and sharing wishlists.
  • Genius Store Autocontent Plugin. This plugin is the key to setting up automated product listings from Amazon, Ebay and Commissions Junction and generating ‘set and forget’ income. Just install the plugin, add your affiliate details, choose the keywords you want it to search and post for you, how often you want it to find new products to post (with your affiliate links!), and let it run automatically. It includes a social share module with automated product posting to your social media accounts and features an intuitive dashboard, easy to follow instructions, and lifetime support.


If you plan to use the plugin with the store builder WordPress theme, then it is recommended that you set up your Amazon affiliate store on a separate WordPress installation (learn how to install WordPress with our WordPress Installation tutorials).

A great use for the InstaGenius plugin is to add it to product review sites. If you run multiple WordPress sites targeting different niches, you can purchase a multi-site license, and if you want to setup sites for clients a Developers License is also available.

Additionally, there are no subscription costs, the plugin comes with FREE updates for life, full automation after easy 5 minute setup, and a 30-day ‘Hassle Free’ money-back guarantee.

For more details, go here}: InstaGenius

Build A List And Generate Leads & Revenue With WordPress & Amazon


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Grow Your Business Online With Webinars

Learn how to grow your business online with webinars and a professional webinar software that lets you run unlimited webinars for unlimited attendees.

Webinar JEO - Webinar SoftwareOnline tools like webinars and online conferencing applications help people to sell products and services online, work remotely, save valuable time, and work in a more streamlined manner. They are also environmentally-friendly as they significantly reduce the environmental impact caused by traveling, and provide other benefits and advantages, such as a safer work environment.

Grow Your Business Online With Webinars

Businesses are always looking for methods to increase user engagement and productivity, reduce expenses, save time and money, work more effectively and move more goods and services. Webinars and video conferencing applications let you do this quite easily and most effectively.

Webinars can boost your business in so many ways. You can use webinars to educate people and raise awareness about your products and services, deliver company events and training sessions to an engaged audience who can ask you questions and provide you with instant feedback, help users clarify any issues they may have, and reach a new audience of customers for your business, events, training courses, services, membership sites, and more.

Additionally, webinars allow you to build new relationships, grow your customer lists and even create new info products “on the fly” simply by recording your presentations and redistributing these as videos, podcasts, slides with transcriptions, and so on.

Webinar and web meeting tools, then, are a fantastic and effective way to do business, teach and learn new information and present ideas. The problem, however, is that the cost of accessing these tools can be quite expensive or even prohibitive for many businesses, with some requiring you to remain subscribed and pay ongoing fees, and/or limiting the number of people who can attend.

Fortunately, you can run webinars cost-effectively and without limitations using the software described below.

Webinar JEO – Professional Webinar Software

Webinar JEO - Professional Webinar Software

Webinar JEO – Webinar Software

Webinar JEO is a professional standalone webinar software-based solution that gives you ultimate control of your webinars and live presentations.

Use Webinar JEO for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Online Sales Presentations
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Training and Meetings
  • Brand Awareness

Webinar JEO can be used for:

  • Live Webinars: Webinar JEO includes all of the latest webinar technology features to help you deliver interactive and engaging events and live presentations online.
  • Recorded Webinars: Replaying webinars can help you generate more sales, but running them is time-consuming. Webinar JEO automatically records your webinars and sends out automated replay sequences to no-shows, fence-sitters and people who couldn’t attend your event the first time around.
  • Evergreen Webinars: You can record and replay your webinars over and over again. Automated evergreen webinars allow you to generate recurring income for your business on autopilot.
  • “Recorded-Live” Webinars: With Webinar JEO, you can host recorded webinars as if they were live and answer questions, give feedback, and make sales while your original webinar is being replayed.

With Webinar JEO, everything is done in a web-based environment, which is accessible from anywhere.

Use Webinar JEO to grow your business online(Use Webinar JEO to grow your business online) 

For more information, go here: Webinar JEO

Webinar JEO Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits of using Webinar JEO:

Ease Of Use

Creating a webinar with Webinar JEO is easy and lets you deliver an engaging user experience to a worldwide audience.

Just add a title and choose a date and a time and your webinar is ready to go live, allowing you to start accepting registrations immediately and share your content online and on social media.

The software’s admin panel is also very easy to navigate.

Unlimited Scalability

With Webinar JEO, you can run unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees and engage audiences with a true live-stream experience.

Webinar JEO is built using the latest webinar technology and runs on the highly scalable and robust Amazon AWS web services platform, giving you infinite growth with no limits on attendees or how many webinars you can run.

Fully Immersive Webinar Experience

Webinar JEO lets you create engaging and fully immersive webinars using many interactive webinar features (see next section).

Save Time With One-Click Flexibility

Webinar JEO includes time-saving one-click automation features, such as:

  • Automatic camera and microphone access
  • Set time zones and time formats
  • One-click live record
  • Automatically invite previous attendees
  • Built-in templates
  • Countdown Timer

Save Money

Other webinar solutions like GoTo Webinar cost around $250 per month for a limited number of attendees. Webinar JEO not only saves you thousands of dollars per year, it also incorporates newer technology and comes with more features than many well-known webinar software solutions …

Webinar JEO vs GoToWebinar Comparison

(Webinar JEO vs GoToWebinar Comparison)

For more information, visit the Webinar JEO website.

Webinar JEO Features

Webinar JEO includes a comprehensive suite of interactive webinar features …

Webinar JEO includes the latest interactive features

(Webinar JEO includes the latest interactive features)

Let’s go through some of the main software features:

Unlimited Scalability

Webinar JEO lets you run unlimited live webinars and online conferencing events to small groups or large global audiences with true live streaming for seamless webinar performance.

Webinar Automation

You can automatically record and host as many webinars as you want on your account. Even if you don’t want to run your webinars as live events, you can use Webinar JEO to deliver recorded webinars as ‘simulated live’ events or ‘on demand.’

Lead Management Automation

Webinar JEO lets you create a “set and forget” system that automatically captures, follows up, and engages with new (or re-engages with old) leads (see below).

List-Building Automation

Webinar JEO integrates with all major email service providers.

Webinar JEO works with all major email marketing services

(Webinar JEO works with all major email marketing services)

Additionally, the software includes the following:

  • API Integration: The software’s API technology lets you add your leads directly to your database without the need to touch any code.
  • Built-In Lead Capture: Webinar JEO comes preloaded with a selection of webinar lead capture forms.
  • Built-In Follow Up Messages: Event registrants automatically receive event links and email reminders. You can use the software’s built-in email templates or customize your follow-up and registration emails. Webinar JEO also lets you add unlimited follow-up sequences.
  • Notify Previous Attendees: One-click feature lets you invite attendees from previous events or previous sources to attend your latest webinar.

Mobile Responsive

Webinar JEO is mobile responsive

(Webinar JEO is mobile responsive)

Webinar JEO is mobile responsive, so attendees can view your webinars on their desktop and mobile devices with IOS and Android apps.

Interactive Webinar Features

Create engaging webinars with these powerful interactive media features:

Facebook Live Integration

Webinar JEO provides full integration with Facebook Live. You can live stream and share your content, screen, presentations, webcam, desktop, or any file you like.

Interactive White Board

Webinar JEO’s interactive whiteboards let you draw on presentation slides, create diagrams on the fly, upload images to multiple white boards, and make live annotations.

Live Chat

In addition to being able to chat in real time with your attendees, Webinar JEO’s live chat function lets you do the following:

  • Delegate your presentations to others. This is great if you want to introduce an expert to your webinar and allow them to take over running a segment of it. You can also deliver a seamless global webinar by having multiple presenters or participants join in at once.
  • Open up the microphone to any attendee. Participants can ask questions and contribute to your presentation.
  • One-click private chat. This is useful if you need to have a private conversation with specific attendees. You can easily switch between private and public chat mode
  • Mute and remove attendees. Manage disruptive participants.
Audience Polling

Polling your audience lets you improve rapport with your audience and fine tune your presentations to make sure you stay on track and deliver the information that is most relevant to users’ needs.

Interactive Quizzes

Quizzes instantly engage users, help turn your audience from passive listeners to active attendees, and craft your message for maximum effectiveness.

Interactive Surveys

Using surveys in your webinars not only gives you valuable feedback, it also allows you to poll your audience and find out what your audience needs so you can create and deliver new content, new services, new solutions, and new webinars.

Countdown Timer

Webinar JEO’s built-in countdown timers help you increase registrations by adding urgency to your presentations and registration pages …

Improve webinar conversions with countdown timers

(Improve webinar conversions with countdown timers)

Timed Call To Actions

You can trigger events during your live presentations at a specific point of your choosing, such as displaying special offers and ‘click to buy’ buttons.

Display time call to actions during your webinars

(Display time call to actions during your webinars)

Different Presentation Modes

With Webinar JEO, you can easily switch between the following presentation modes with the click of a button:

Camera Mode

Webinar Jeo - Camera Mode

(Webinar JEO – Camera Mode)

This mode lets participants watch you as you present your information in high quality video.

Screenshare Mode

Webinar JEO - Screenshare Mode

(Webinar JEO – Screenshare Mode)

This mode allows you to walk through powerpoint presentations, keynote, and slide presentations and show browser or screencast demonstrations. This mode is useful for demonstrating complex processes or helping users configure software automation.

Whiteboard Mode

Webinar JEO - Whiteboard Mode

(Webinar JEO – Whiteboard Mode)

This mode lets you draw and make live annotations directly on the screen as you are presenting.

Hybrid Mode

Webinar JEO - Hybrid Mode

(Webinar JEO – Hybrid Mode)

Webinar JEO’s hybrid mode lets you deliver structured presentations using pre-recorded elements while participating in the event and interacting with a live audience (e.g. to answer questions).

Built-In Webinar Templates

Webinar JEO includes professional templates that save you time and money creating web and mobile responsive webinar pages, registration pages, presentation pages, thank you pages, and replay pages.

You can also add promotional videos to entice more attendees and increase enrollment and registrations.

For more information, visit the Webinar JEO website.

Webinar JEO Training & Support

In addition to step-by-step guidance on using the software, users also get access to Webinar JEO’s Webinar University, covering webinar-related training such as how to write sales copy to increase webinar registrations, how to drive more attendees using FaceBook and LinkedIn, how to sell high ticket affiliate products using webinars, and effective webinar closing and follow-up strategies …

Webinar JEO's Webinar University

(Webinar JEO’s Webinar University)

Webinar JEO Support

Webinar JEO was developed by Walt Bayliss, a well-known and highly regarded WordPress plugin and software developer. Webinar JEO is a hosted solution, well-supported, and backed by a no-risk, 30 day, complete money-back guarantee.

During your first 30-days, you are encouraged to thoroughly test the software by creating and running as many webinars as you like, for as many attendees as you can register.

”Walt’s level of support and commitment makes this project extremely outstanding” David Cicia

Webinar JEO can be purchased on a month-to-month basis or annually, with no lock-in contract.

Please Note: Price details for Webinar JEO can vary, depending on whether there are any promotions or limited-time specials being offered.

Check the website for the current pricing: Webinar JEO


Here are some testimonials from Webinar JEO users:

“I am so impressed by Webinar Jeo’s user friendliness and rich feature list. For example the Media Elements section to create Buy buttons and surveys and analyze the data collected by using Webinar Jeo is out of this world! I also love the templates and the support which is excellent. Highly recommended!” Dan Ashendorf

”Great features, easy to navigate!” Ralph Sharp

Additional Information & Useful Tips

  • Turn your slide presentations and seminars into instant info products and develop residual sources of income with Webinar JEO.
  • The software automatically records all of your events, so with a little bit of creativity and a small investment of time and effort behalf, you can significantly grow your business and increase your profitability. For example, if you are not an expert in your market, you can promote presentations featuring well-known guests who will then answer all of your questions or present information on a specific area and provide much of the content for your webcasts. This will give you high-quality content that involves no expertise on your part to create.

Watch the video below for a walkthrough of Webinar JEO …

For more information, visit the Webinar JEO website.

RunClick webinar and video conferencing plugin for WP

We Recommend

Webinar JEO lets you hold web meetings and make high-quality webinars, online training, sales presentations and more with no limits on how many people you can present to, and with no long-term costs.

If you run a business or sell products or services online, or if you need to deliver assistance to long-distance customers, hold online meetings, make sales presentations, and more, then we recommend using Webinar JEO. It is a cost-effective, easy to use, well-supported and feature-rich professional webinar package that can help you gain a competitive advantage, boost engagement, and increase sales conversions.

For more information, visit the website here: Webinar JEO

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