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Learn about WordPress themes for e-commerce and where to find great WordPress themes for setting up an online store or web shop …

Learn How To Use WPAre you planning to set up an online store?

WordPress developers not only make great plugins for e-Commerce available to WP users, but there are also hundreds of great web templates for WordPress that you can choose from to easily set up and run your store online.

In this post, we’ll show you where to find some of the most beautiful and inexpensive themes for selling your products or services online with WordPress.

Find Great eCommerce Website Templates For Selling With WordPress


When searching for eCommerce web site template-based solutions here are a number of points to keep in mind:


As well as looking for a beautiful theme for your online store, you will want the theme to have a clean layout and be fairly easy to edit and customize, so it can be used for any type of shop you have in mind (e.g. clothing accessories, electronics store, home design store, etc).

Full e-Commerce Functionality

In many cases, most of the eCommerce functionality in your online shop will come from the WP plugins you decide to install to power your eCommerce site.

As you will see, however, a number of themes also have additional options and settings that can enhance your site’s e-Commerce capabilities and help you provide a better customer experience for your site visitors without requiring you to install extra plugins.

This can include the ability to easily control your store’s theme colors without modifying code, toggle theme features on and off, reconfigure your store layout at the click of a button, global banner advertising management, search engine optimization for product descriptions, shortcodes and more.

Easy Shopping Cart Setup

Most professional e-Commerce themes offer easy cart setup with various payment processing merchants and solutions, allowing you to accept different types of payment online (e.g. credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, etc.) and begin processing orders online sooner.

Responsive Design Layout

A responsive theme enables a website to automatically readjust the web layout to display smoothly over different screen sizes and resolutions, as well as across different platforms.

We have written a detailed article about the importance of choosing responsive themes here:

Theme Updates & Support

If you are planning to sell products or services online, there are many unexpected things that can turn into problems with the e-Commerce process itself. The last thing you want to have to go through when dealing with emails or support tickets unhappy or even angry and abusive customers is to be using an outdated theme that has serious issues and you can’t get the theme developer to provide you with an urgent fix.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you carefully consider choosing WordPress themes that offer support and regular updates when searching for a theme for your online store. Often, you have a better chance of getting updates and support from premium theme developers, than by using a free theme.

With the above points in mind, let’s focus our attention now on a number of web templates you can use to set up a webstore that will keep clients coming back to buy products from your website:

Free eCommerce Themes For WordPress

Virtue Free eCommerce Theme For WordPress


Virtue by Kadence Themes is extremely versatile. Even though there is a paid of the theme available that includes many additional features like sliders, lightboxes, built-in icons, Google fonts, SEO options, unlimited sidebars, color options, pre-made skins, custom post types and shortcodes, the free theme comes already fully pre-loaded with many useful premium options and is also highly customizable.

Virtue also features a simple, clean and modern design, is built with the latest technologies (html5 and css3) and uses a powerful responsive framework, making it a fully responsive and mobile friendly eCommerce theme.

Additionally, Virtue is fully WooCommerce-ready (see below) and comes with everything you need to design a great-looking web shop.

Some of the features of this theme also include:

  • Portfolio posts and pages (use these to show your work). The versatile design of the Virtue theme is ideally-suited for any kind of e-Commerce business, store online, portfolio or personal site.
  • A powerful options panel where you can set things like your home layout, sliders, custom fonts, and completely customize the design of your site without requiring technical knowledge.
  • Translation-enabled. Virtue comes with built-in support for Russian, Spanish and Italian language files and can also be translated into any other language, allowing you to sell products to a truly global audience.

For more information go here: Virtue Free WordPress eCommerce Theme


FabThemes Free e-Commerce Themes For WordPress

FabThemes Free e-Commerce Themes For WordPress

Fabthemes provides WP users with many stylish and premium quality WordPress themes for e-Commerce for free.

All themes are built with an Options panel that lets users adjust and configure a number of theme options and settings. Also, they provide unencrypted theme footer files with their themes to help you feel confident about downloading and using safe theme files on your site.

As well as creating free themes that work in a range of applications, Fabthemes provides themes suitable for setting up web stores.

For more information about their range of e-Commerce free themes like “Cartel“, “eBuy” and “Zenshop“, visit their site: FabThemes Free WP Themes For eCommerce



One of the best places to find free WordPress themes for eCommerce is the free theme directory at WordPress.org.

WordPress.org Free Theme Directory Free WP Themes For eCommerce

You can find free themes for eCommerce in the directory using the following methods:

An easier method to search for free WP themes for eCommerce is to log into your WP dashboard and use the WordPress theme search feature in the Appearance > Themes page …

WordPress.org eCommerce Themes

Search for free e-Commerce themes for WordPress here: WordPress.org WordPress e-Commerce Themes

Now that you know where to many great free eCommerce themes for WordPress, let’s take a look at premium e-Commerce themes for WordPress.

Paid WordPress Themes For e-Commerce

Below are some of the best places on the net where you can find many professional themes for selling products online with WordPress, as well as some great WordPress e-Commerce themes we recommend:

StoreFront Themes For WordPress

Storefront Themes sell amazing themes for setting up e-Commerce stores …

StoreFront Premium eCommerce Themes

Click Here To Browse All StoreFront Themes …

StoreFront eCommerce themes provide great theme support and feature fully responsive design …

StoreFront WordPress Themes

The entire collection of responsive StoreFront eCommerce themes is also highly customizable, providing users with a rich content browsing experience …

StoreFront Themes For WordPress

For more details go here: StoreFront Themes For WP


Elegant Premium eCommerce WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes designs simple, beautiful and professional premium WordPress themes.

As stated on their website …

Our goal is to create the best WordPress Themes with a pixel-perfect eye for detail and a high standard for aesthetic excellence.

In general, all themes designed by Elegant Themes pay great attention to detail and provide loads of advanced features such as shortcodes, page templates and theme options that give users, including full control over their website, plus top-notch theme support from an experienced and dedicated support staff …

Elegant Themes For WordPress

Click Here To View All Elegant Themes …

Here are just a couple of beautiful WordPress themes for eCommerce available at Elegant Themes:


eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme

eStore provides an elegant solution for selling products online. The theme is very simple to configure and offers integration options with many popular and free eCommerce plugins, like eShop and Simple PayPal Shopping cart, plus additional shopping carts.

In addition to being compatible with all popular web browsers and providing localized support for easy translation, the eStore eCommerce theme comes in a range of unique colors …

eStore eCommerce WordPress Theme

For more details about this theme visit this site: eStore

Boutique eCommerce WP Theme

Boutique e-Commerce WordPress Theme

The Boutique e-Commerce Theme was developed to integrate with some of the most popular WP e-Commerce plugins available, allowing you to use your preferred system without any conflicts.

For more details about this theme go here: Boutique e-Commerce Theme


Like all other Elegant themes in the Theme catalog, both eStore and the Boutique theme shown above come with a built-in feature called “ePanel” that instantly appears inside your WordPress dashboard the moment the theme is activated …

Elegant Premium eCommerce WordPress Themes

The ePanel theme options panel allows you to easily control your web site without modifying template code. ePanel allows you to toggle theme features on and off, reconfigure your store layout at the click of a button, manage sitewide advertising banners, optimizing product categories and descriptions for search engines, shortcodes and more.

One of the other great benefits of choosing themes from Elegant Themes apart from all of the beautiful themes they make available is that their business model is built around letting you access their entire theme collection for one low yearly fee.

For more details go here: Elegant e-Commerce WordPress Themes


WooThemes WooCommerce – WP eCommerce Themes

WooThemes are one of the leading providers of themes for WordPress-based eCommerce.

WooThemes WooCommerce

WooThemes are especially designed to integrate with the WooCommerce plugin, giving WP users a full-featured eCommerce solution. Over 300,000 websites use WooCommerce themes and plugins to sell products online and there are dozens of great WooThemes WP themes you can choose to build your store online.

WooThemes WordPress eCommerce Themes

Click Here To View All WooCommerce Themes From WooThemes …


ThemeForest Themes For WP

Theme Forest is an online marketplace where you can search for loads of premium e-Commerce WordPress store templates and buy quality WP themes starting from as little as $5.

Below are just some of the many WordPress e-Commerce themes available at Theme Forest

Simplicity Theme For WP


Simplicity is an elegant and flexible e-Commerce theme for WordPress that offers responsive design, is retina-ready and supports eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce and JigoShop.

To learn more about this theme visit this site: ThemeForest WordPress Themes – Simplicity


ThemeForest WordPress Themes - VintageStyle

VintageStyle eCommerce theme is a clean and elegant WP eCommerce theme designed for use in corporate websites and eCommerce ventures. The theme is suitable for small to large businesses, and online stores.

Supported with custom templates, widgets, shortcodes, and many other customization options, this WP theme can be used in a range of different business and e-Commerce projects.

To learn more about this theme go here: ThemeForest WP Themes – VintageStyle

SmartShop Theme For WP

ThemeForest WP Themes - SmartShop

SmartShop is a clean and responsive WordPress eCommerce theme and shopping cart stores.

This theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce System.

To learn more about this theme go here: ThemeForest WordPress eCommerce Themes – SmartShop

Lathika Theme For WordPress

Lathika e-Commerce Theme

Lathika is a responsive WordPress theme for eCommerce designed specifically to be used with the JigoShop plugin …

JigoShop eCommerce plugin

JigoShop is an e-Commerce plugin for WordPress.

For more information about JigoShop go here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/jigoshop/

The Lathika theme offers detailed graphical order and stock reporting integrated to WP Admin, built-in shortcodes and ready-made widgets, stock manager, shipping calculator and many other features, making it an ideal theme for selling digital, physical or virtual products.

For more details about this theme visit this site: Lathika

MeariShop eCommerce Theme

Mearishop - WordPress eCommerce Theme

MeariShop is a clean and flexible eCommerce web template for WordPress that utilizes the functionality of WooCommerce plugins to create a versatile WordPress-driven online store with unlimited layout options and unlimited skins.

MeariShop is powered by the advanced Hana Panel, which provides tons of options to manage and modify any aspect of the theme – it is well suited for new website owners with no coding knowledge and developers alike.

For more details about this theme go here: MeariShop eCommerce WordPress Theme

In addition to the above themes, you can browse hundreds of WordPress eCommerce themes listed in the ThemeForest directory simply by choosing the WordPress > eCommerce category …

ThemeForest Premium eCommerce WordPress Themes

Click Here To Browse All ThemeForest Themes …

As you can see, there is no reason why a WordPress-based online store can’t have the same power and functionality to sell products online as more expensive e-Commerce platforms and look amazing too!

We hope the above has inspired you to search for the right eCommerce theme to set up a WP-based store online.

Learn where to find more great responsive themes for WordPress here:

Where To Get Great Free And Premium WordPress Themes For Your Business Online


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