Affiliate Video Pro – Earn Affiliate $$$ From YouTube Videos

Affiliate Video Pro is a clever and useful WordPress plugin that lets you easily boost your affiliate commissions using any YouTube video …

Affiliate Video Pro – Earn Affiliate $$$ From YouTube Videos

Affiliate Video Pro - Generate Affiliate Revenue Using YouTube Videos

(Affiliate Video Pro – Generate Affiliate Revenue Using YouTube Videos)

Affiliate Video Pro is a clever and useful WordPress plugin that lets you easily boost your affiliate commissions using any YouTube video.

Watch the video below for a demo of what this plugin can do …

Affiliate Video Pro – More Details …

Affiliate Video Pro is 1-2-3 simple to use:

  1. Find a video on YouTube about a product you want to promote. This can be a video in any niche or industry: a product sales video created by the developer, a training video … even someone else’s review video.
  2. Add the YouTube video to the Affiliate Video Pro embed tool, then quickly trim it (skip a long intro or a long ending and show only an enticing section of the video), add a headline, a call to action button and your affiliate link … all this only takes about a minute!
  3. Paste the video shortcode into a post or page.

When users watch the video and want to know more about the product, they will be taken to the product offer page or a landing page via your affiliate link.

Using The Affiliate Video Pro Plugin

Affiliate Video Pro installs like any other WordPress plugin (if you need help installing plugins, see this tutorial: How To Install WordPress Plugins).

After installing, activating and unlocking the plugin, you will find all the features you need to use this tool inside your WordPress dashboard.

Adding and customizing videos with your affiliate link is easy and takes less than a minute …

Create affiliate videos quickly inside your WordPress dashboard

(Create affiliate videos quickly inside your WordPress dashboard)

A great feature of this plugin is the ability to trim start and end sections of the original video, which allows you to remove long or unnecessary video introductions and/or endings …

Affiliate Video Pro - Trimmer Feature

(Affiliate Video Pro – Trimmer Feature)

Another great feature is the ability to add a footer ‘callout’ to the video …

Affiliate Video Pro - Add A Footer Callout

(Affiliate Video Pro – Add A Footer Callout)

All the videos you create with Affiliate Video Pro are stored in a searchable video library, allowing you to easily access, edit, analyze, or delete your videos …

Affiliate Video Pro Dashboard - Video Library

(Affiliate Video Pro Dashboard – Video Library)

After creating a video, you can add it to any post or page on your website by simply copying and pasting a shortcode, or add it to an external website using one of the available script options (‘JS Snippet’ or ‘Raw HTML’) …

Affiliate Video Pro Dashboard - Video Shortcode

(Affiliate Video Pro Dashboard – Video Shortcode)

Useful Tip

If you sell products through affiliate marketing, your affiliates can post your sales, training and product review videos on their sites using one of these script options (remember to use the direct URL to your product page in the video).

You can also track stats about your videos, like engagement (how many users viewed your video) and conversion (how many users clicked through to the destination page) in the plugin dashboard …

Affiliate Video Pro Dashboard - Track Engagement Stats

(Affiliate Video Pro Dashboard – Track Engagement Stats)

To learn more about all the plugin’s settings, options, and features, visit the plugin site here: Affiliate Video Pro

The plugin also has a premium version with additional useful features.

For example, with the premium version installed, you can search for videos directly from your WordPress Dashboard by entering specific keywords …

Affiliate Video Pro - Video Search Feature

(Affiliate Video Pro – Video Search Feature)

You can also get insights about the videos returned by the search at the click of a button (this is useful for accessing information like keywords being used to promote the product videos, etc.) …

Affiliate Video Pro - Insights Feature

(Affiliate Video Pro – Insights Feature)

Another great feature of the premium version of the plugin is the ability to quickly select and add any video you want to use to your video library and customize it with your affiliate details …

Affiliate Video Pro - Quickly Select & Add New Videos

(Affiliate Video Pro – Quickly Select & Add New Videos)

With Affiliate Video Pro, you can quickly build a library of video content embedded with your affiliate links using all kinds of videos, including sales videos, training videos … even other people’s review videos …

Useful Tip

When using affiliate links, we recommend using a link redirection management tool. This allows you to easily redirect your affiliate links to other products or landing pages if anything happens (e.g. the product owner moves the page to a different location or the product becomes unavailable).

Affiliate Video Pro – Benefits & Features

  • Works with all affiliate links (e.g. Amazon, JVZoo, Shareasale, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, etc.)
  • Everything is done inside your WordPress dashboard. Control all videos from one central location (update video in your dashboard and all videos published on your site update automatically!)
  • Build a searchable library of affiliate offers.
  • Generates video shortcodes and scripts (use these to add your videos to other websites).
  • Tracks video engagements and conversions.
  • Premium features let you save time by searching videos based on keywords, instantly create new affiliate videos with one-click, and view useful insights and data from selected videos … all without leaving your dashboard.
  • Use this tool with your own videos or any video listed on YouTube that is suitable for your promotion.

If you use WordPress to promote affiliate products or plan to make money online with affiliate video marketing, Affiliate Video Pro is a ‘must-have’ plugin.

For more information about this plugin, go here: Affiliate Video Pro

We hope that you have found this information useful.


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How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress

Learn how to add Google Analytics to WordPress to measure and track visitor behavior & other important metrics on your website with no coding skills required …

How To Add Google Analytics To WordPressGoogle Analytics is a free service offered by Google that lets you access detailed statistical reports about your site’s traffic and traffic sources and use this information to measure and track important metrics that will help you improve your traffic and conversions.

Google Analytics

(Google Analytics)

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to add Google Analytics to your WordPress site with no coding skills required.

How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress

Adding Google Analytics to WordPress involves three steps:

  1. Create a Google Analytics account
  2. Add your website details to Google Analytics
  3. Add Google Analytics code to your WordPress site

Let’s go through each of these steps in more detail.

Create A Google Analytics Account

To create a Google Analytics account for your website, you will need to have a Google account set up. If you haven’t set up a Google account yet, go through the step-by-step tutorial below before continuing any further:

After you have set up your Google account, visit the Google Analytics website ( and log in with your Google account details …

Log into Google Analytics using your Google account details

(Log into Google Analytics using your Google account details)

You will be taken to your Google Analytics dashboard …

Google Analytics dashboard

(Google Analytics dashboard)

Practical Tip

Google Analytics has a comprehensive help section that you can access for help and tutorials on how to use all features of the service …

Google Analytics Help Center

(Google Analytics Help Center)

We recommend going through the articles and tutorials to learn how to set up and use your Google Analytics account. To access the help center, go here:

Add Your Website Details To Google Analytics

After setting up your Google Analytics account, the next step is to add your website details.

Inside your Google Analytics dashboard, click on the gear icon to access your account’s ‘Admin’ settings …

Click to access Google Analytics Admin section

(Click to access Google Analytics Admin section)

In your Admin section, select Account > Property > Create new property to add your website details …

Google Analytics - Create new property

(Google Analytics – Create new property)

In the ‘New Property’ screen, enter your website details and click on ‘Get Tracking ID’ …

Add your website details

(Add your website details)

A unique ‘Tracking ID’ will be generated for your website along with additional scripts and code …

Google Analytics generates a unique Tracking ID for your website

(Google Analytics generates a unique Tracking ID for your website)


Some WordPress themes let you add your Google Analytics tracking code directly into the theme templates …

Some WordPress themes have built-in settings for Google Analytics

(Some WordPress themes have built-in settings for Google Analytics)

If your WordPress theme has a built-in setting for adding Google Analytics, then all you need to do is log into your Google Analytics account, go to Administration > Property > Your Account > Tracking Info > Tracking Code, select and copy all of the Website Tracking code to your clipboard, then paste the code into the appropriate field inside your WordPress theme settings and click save …

Google Analytics website tracking code

(Google Analytics website tracking code)

Some WordPress themes only require adding your unique Tracking ID.

If your WordPress theme doesn’t have a built-in field for adding Google Analytics, then go through the section below to learn how to install Google Analytics into your WordPress site using a plugin.

If installing Google Analytics via the plugin shown below, you won’t even need the website tracking code, just your unique Tracking ID.

Add Google Analytics Code To WordPress

After adding your website details to Google Analytics, the next step is to install a WordPress plugin that lets you add your unique Google Analytics tracking ID to your WordPress site and begin tracking your site’s activity.

To install a WordPress plugin for Google Analytics, log into your site and go to Plugins > Add New

WordPress Plugins Menu > Add New

(WordPress Plugins Menu > Add New)

If you need help installing WordPress plugins, see this tutorial:

In the ‘Add Plugins’ screen, type ‘analytics’ into the keyword search field …

WordPress Plugins - Google Analytics

(WordPress Plugins – Google Analytics)

As you can see, there are many plugins available that you can use to install Google Analytics into your WordPress site. You can use any plugin you like, as most will work in a similar way.

For this tutorial, we’ll use a Free WordPress plugin called Google Analytics by Share This …

Google Analytics by Share This

Google Analytics by Share This

(Google Analytics by Share This)

Google Analytics by Share This is a free WordPress plugin that lets you add GA tracking code to your website without touching code or modifying any files. If you manage multiple WordPress sites, this plugin lets you choose which website you want to track from your WordPress admin dashboard. You can also disable GA tracking for specific user types, so that when you browse your own site it won’t bias your analytics.

To install this plugin from your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add Plugins and type in “analytics ShareThis” in your keyword search field.

Locate the Google Analytics by ShareThis plugin and click on ‘Install Now’ …

Google Analytics by ShareThis - Install Now

(Google Analytics by ShareThis – Install Now)

After the plugin has been installed, click ‘Activate’ …

Activate the plugin

(Activate the plugin)

After the plugin has been activated, you will see a new item on your dashboard menu called ‘Google Analytics’.

To configure the plugin’s settings, make sure that you are logged into your Google account, then inside your WordPress dashboard, go to Google Analytics > Settings

Google Analytics > Settings

(Google Analytics > Settings)

This will bring up the ‘Google Analytics – Settings’ screen

Google Analytics - Settings screen

(Google Analytics – Settings screen)

In the ‘Google Profile:’ section, click on ‘Authenticate with Google’ …

Authenticate with Google

(Authenticate with Google)

This will bring up a couple of windows: one to obtain an access code from Google Analytics, and a second window to paste the access code into WordPress.

First, select the Google account associated with your Google Analytics tracking account …

Select your Google account

(Select your Google account)

Click ‘Allow’ to give the plugin permission to access your Google Analytics data …

Allow the plugin to access your Google Analytics data

(Allow the plugin to access your Google Analytics data)

Copy the code generated by Google to your clipboard and paste it into the ‘Access Code:’ field, then click ‘Save Changes’ …

Copy and paste the access code

(Copy and paste the access code)

This will connect your Google Analytics account to your WordPress site.

Once these are connected, the ‘Google Analytics Account:’ drop-down menu in your plugin screen will display all of your Google Analytics accounts. Select the GA account you want to link to your site from the drop-down menu …

Select the Google Analytics account to link to your site

(Select the Google Analytics account to link to your site)

After selecting the account to link to your site, select any user roles you want to exclude from being tracked in your analytics and click ‘Save Changes’.

For example, tick the box next to ‘Administrator’ if you don’t want Google Analytics to count administrators logging into the site as visitors …

Exclude tracking for roles and click save

(Exclude tracking for roles and click save)

Your settings will be saved …

Google Analytics settings saved

(Google Analytics settings saved)

Congratulations … Google Analytics is now installed on your site!

How To Check Visitor Activity On Your WordPress Site

After installing and configuring your Google Analytics plugin, allow 24-48 hours for Google Analytics to gather data about your site’s visitor activity …

Allow 24-48 hours for Google Analytics data to show

(Allow 24-48 hours for Google Analytics data to show)

If you want to test your connection, log into your Google Analytics account, then go to Administration > Property > Your Site Account > Tracking Info > Tracking Code and click on Status > Send test traffic

Test your Google Analytics connection

(Test your Google Analytics connection)

After clicking the button, you will see a new window open with your test results and the Status message “Test traffic sent.”

If you can see your site in the testing window, then your connection has been established and everything should be working ok …

The connection between Google Analytics and your WordPress site has been established

(The connection between Google Analytics and your WordPress site has been established)

To access analytics data from your WordPress dashboard, log into your site and go to Google Analytics > Dashboard

Google Analytics > Dashboard

(Google Analytics > Dashboard)

This will bring up the ‘Google Analytics – Dashboard’ screen inside your WordPress admin area …

Google Analytics - Dashboard screen

(Google Analytics – Dashboard screen)

Check back in a few days and you should begin to see activity data from your site in your Google Analytics account …

Google Analytics dashboard

(Google Analytics dashboard)

And inside your WordPress site …

Access Google Analytics data inside WordPress

(Access Google Analytics data inside WordPress)

Google Analytics & WordPress – Additional Information

Here are some additional tips for using Google Analytics with WordPress:

Install The Google Analytics App

After installing and setting up Google Analytics in WordPress, we also recommend downloading and installing the Google Analytics app …

Install the Google Analytics App

(Install the Google Analytics App)

This lets you check your site’s statistics any time from your phone …

(Check your site’s stats from your phone)

For more information about using the Google Analytics App, go here:

Learn How To Use Google Analytics

The better you understand the behavior of your audience and how visitors interact with your site, the more you can improve your content marketing, your sales, and your conversions.

Knowing where visitors are coming from, how long they stay on your site, what pages they are entering and leaving from, what keywords they are searching for, what devices and browsers they are accessing your site with, etc. is valuable data.

We recommend going through the articles and tutorials in the Google Analytics Help Center to learn how to use all of the features available, online tutorials, Google Analytics videos, etc. …


(Learning how to use Google Analytics will improve your sales and conversions)

Congratulations! Now you know how to install and integrate Google Analytics with your WordPress site.

How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress

(Source: Pixabay)


"These tutorials have so much information and are easy to understand. If you use WordPress or plan to in the future these will help you with everything you need to know." - Valisa (Mesa, Arizona)


Grow Your Business Online With Webinars

Learn how to grow your business online with webinars and a professional webinar software that lets you run unlimited webinars for unlimited attendees.

Webinar JEO - Webinar SoftwareWeb-based tools like webinars and online conferencing software help businesses to share ideas online, work remotely, save time, and work more cost-effectively. These solutions are also great for the environment as they greatly reduce the environmental impact caused by travel, and provide users loads of other advantages, such as making the work environment safer.

Grow Your Business Online With Webinars

Businesses are always looking for ways to increase user interactivity, reduce costs, save time and money, work smarter and sell more products and services. Webinars and video conferencing tools allow you to do this very easily.

Webinars can boost your business in so many ways. You can use webinars to educate people and promote your products and services, deliver newsworthy events and training to an engaged audience who can ask you questions and provide you with immediate feedback, help users get clarification on any questions they may have, and reach a worldwide audience of prospective customers for your business, events, workshops, services, membership sites, and more.

Additionally, webinars and video conferencing let you build new relationships, grow your prospect lists and even create new info products “on the fly” just by recording your sessions and repurposing these as videos, audio products, slides with transcriptions, etc…

Webinar software, then, are a time-saving and effective way to do business, teach new information and discuss ideas. The problem, however, is that the cost of accessing webinar software can be very expensive or even prohibitive for many businesses, with some services requiring you to remain subscribed and pay ongoing fees, and/or limiting the number of participants who can register.

Fortunately, you can run webinars cost-effectively and without limits using the software described below.

Webinar JEO – Professional Webinar Software

Webinar JEO - Professional Webinar Software

Webinar JEO – Webinar Software

Webinar JEO is a professional standalone webinar software-based solution that gives you ultimate control of your webinars and live presentations.

Use Webinar JEO for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Online Sales Presentations
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Training and Meetings
  • Brand Awareness

Webinar JEO can be used for:

  • Live Webinars: Webinar JEO includes all of the latest webinar technology features to help you deliver interactive and engaging events and live presentations online.
  • Recorded Webinars: Replaying webinars can help you generate more sales, but running them is time-consuming. Webinar JEO automatically records your webinars and sends out automated replay sequences to no-shows, fence-sitters and people who couldn’t attend your event the first time around.
  • Evergreen Webinars: You can record and replay your webinars over and over again. Automated evergreen webinars allow you to generate recurring income for your business on autopilot.
  • “Recorded-Live” Webinars: With Webinar JEO, you can host recorded webinars as if they were live and answer questions, give feedback, and make sales while your original webinar is being replayed.

With Webinar JEO, everything is done in a web-based environment, which is accessible from anywhere.

Use Webinar JEO to grow your business online(Use Webinar JEO to grow your business online) 

For more information, go here: Webinar JEO

Webinar JEO Benefits

Some of the benefits of using Webinar JEO include:

Ease Of Use

Creating a webinar with Webinar JEO is easy and lets you deliver an engaging user experience to a global audience.

Just add a title and choose a date and a time and your webinar is ready to go live, allowing you to start accepting registrations immediately and share your content online and on social media.

The software’s admin panel is also very easy to navigate.

Unlimited Scalability

With Webinar JEO, you can run unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees and engage audiences with a true live-stream experience.

Webinar JEO is built using the latest webinar technology and runs on the highly scalable and robust Amazon AWS web services platform, giving you infinite growth with no limits on attendees or how many webinars you can run.

Fully Immersive Webinar Experience

Webinar JEO lets you create engaging and fully immersive webinars using many interactive webinar features (see next section).

Save Time With One-Click Flexibility

Webinar JEO includes time-saving one-click automation features, such as:

  • Automatic camera and microphone access
  • Set time zones and time formats
  • One-click live record
  • Automatically invite previous attendees
  • Built-in templates
  • Countdown Timer

Save Money

Other webinar solutions like GoTo Webinar cost around $250 per month for a limited number of attendees. Webinar JEO not only saves you thousands of dollars per year, it also incorporates newer technology and comes with more features than many well-known webinar software solutions …

Webinar JEO vs GoToWebinar Comparison

(Webinar JEO vs GoToWebinar Comparison)

For more information, visit the Webinar JEO website.

Webinar JEO Features

Webinar JEO includes a comprehensive suite of interactive webinar features …

Webinar JEO includes the latest interactive features

(Webinar JEO includes the latest interactive features)

Let’s go through some of the main software features:

Unlimited Scalability

Webinar JEO lets you run unlimited live webinars and online conferencing events to small groups or large global audiences with true live streaming for seamless webinar performance.

Webinar Automation

You can automatically record and host as many webinars as you want on your account. Even if you don’t want to run your webinars as live events, you can use Webinar JEO to deliver recorded webinars as ‘simulated live’ events or ‘on demand.’

Lead Management Automation

Webinar JEO lets you create a “set and forget” system that automatically captures, follows up, and engages with new (or re-engages with old) leads (see below).

List-Building Automation

Webinar JEO integrates with all major email service providers.

Webinar JEO works with all major email marketing services

(Webinar JEO works with all major email marketing services)

Additionally, the software includes the following:

  • API Integration: The software’s API technology lets you add your leads directly to your database without the need to touch any code.
  • Built-In Lead Capture: Webinar JEO comes preloaded with a selection of webinar lead capture forms.
  • Built-In Follow Up Messages: Event registrants automatically receive event links and email reminders. You can use the software’s built-in email templates or customize your follow-up and registration emails. Webinar JEO also lets you add unlimited follow-up sequences.
  • Notify Previous Attendees: One-click feature lets you invite attendees from previous events or previous sources to attend your latest webinar.

Mobile Responsive

Webinar JEO is mobile responsive

(Webinar JEO is mobile responsive)

Webinar JEO is mobile responsive, so attendees can view your webinars on their desktop and mobile devices with IOS and Android apps.

Interactive Webinar Features

Create engaging webinars with these powerful interactive media features:

Facebook Live Integration

Webinar JEO provides full integration with Facebook Live. You can live stream and share your content, screen, presentations, webcam, desktop, or any file you like.

Interactive White Board

Webinar JEO’s interactive whiteboards let you draw on presentation slides, create diagrams on the fly, upload images to multiple white boards, and make live annotations.

Live Chat

In addition to being able to chat in real time with your attendees, Webinar JEO’s live chat function lets you do the following:

  • Delegate your presentations to others. This is great if you want to introduce an expert to your webinar and allow them to take over running a segment of it. You can also deliver a seamless global webinar by having multiple presenters or participants join in at once.
  • Open up the microphone to any attendee. Participants can ask questions and contribute to your presentation.
  • One-click private chat. This is useful if you need to have a private conversation with specific attendees. You can easily switch between private and public chat mode
  • Mute and remove attendees. Manage disruptive participants.
Audience Polling

Polling your audience lets you improve rapport with your audience and fine tune your presentations to make sure you stay on track and deliver the information that is most relevant to users’ needs.

Interactive Quizzes

Quizzes instantly engage users, help turn your audience from passive listeners to active attendees, and craft your message for maximum effectiveness.

Interactive Surveys

Using surveys in your webinars not only gives you valuable feedback, it also allows you to poll your audience and find out what your audience needs so you can create and deliver new content, new services, new solutions, and new webinars.

Countdown Timer

Webinar JEO’s built-in countdown timers help you increase registrations by adding urgency to your presentations and registration pages …

Improve webinar conversions with countdown timers

(Improve webinar conversions with countdown timers)

Timed Call To Actions

You can trigger events during your live presentations at a specific point of your choosing, such as displaying special offers and ‘click to buy’ buttons.

Display time call to actions during your webinars

(Display time call to actions during your webinars)

Different Presentation Modes

With Webinar JEO, you can easily switch between the following presentation modes with the click of a button:

Camera Mode

Webinar Jeo - Camera Mode

(Webinar JEO – Camera Mode)

This mode lets webinar attendees watch you as you present your information in high quality video.

Screenshare Mode

Webinar JEO - Screenshare Mode

(Webinar JEO – Screenshare Mode)

This mode allows you to walk through powerpoint presentations, keynote, and slide presentations and show desktop or screencast demonstrations. This mode is useful for demonstrating complex processes or helping users configure software automation.

Whiteboard Mode

Webinar JEO - Whiteboard Mode

(Webinar JEO – Whiteboard Mode)

This mode lets you draw and make live annotations directly on the screen as you are presenting.

Hybrid Mode

Webinar JEO - Hybrid Mode

(Webinar JEO – Hybrid Mode)

Webinar JEO’s hybrid mode lets you deliver structured presentations using pre-recorded elements while participating in the event and interacting with a live audience (e.g. to answer questions).

Built-In Webinar Templates

Webinar JEO includes professional templates that save you time and money creating web and mobile responsive webinar pages, registration pages, presentation pages, thank you pages, and replay pages.

You can also add promotional videos to entice more attendees and increase enrollment and registrations.

For more information, visit the Webinar JEO website.

Webinar JEO Training & Support

In addition to step-by-step guidance on using the software, users also get access to Webinar JEO’s Webinar University, covering webinar-related training such as how to write sales copy to increase webinar registrations, how to drive more attendees using FaceBook and LinkedIn, how to sell high ticket affiliate products using webinars, and effective webinar closing and follow-up strategies …

Webinar JEO's Webinar University

(Webinar JEO’s Webinar University)


Webinar JEO was developed by Walt Bayliss, a well-known and highly regarded WordPress plugin and software developer. Webinar JEO is a hosted solution, well-supported, and backed by a no-risk, thirty day, complete money-back guarantee.

During your first 30-days, you are encouraged to thoroughly test the software by creating and running as many webinars as you like, for as many attendees as you can register.

“I am deeply grateful for Walt’s help. He even produced a video that answered my question perfectly.” Sydney, CEO Wealthy Investor Limited

Webinar JEO can be purchased on a month-to-month basis or annually, with no lock-in contract.

Note: Current pricing for Webinar JEO can vary, depending on whether there are any promotions or limited-time special offers.

Check the website for the latest pricing here: Webinar JEO

User Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from Webinar JEO users:

“I am so impressed by Webinar Jeo’s user friendliness and rich feature list. For example the Media Elements section to create Buy buttons and surveys and analyze the data collected by using Webinar Jeo is out of this world! I also love the templates and the support which is excellent. Highly recommended!” Dan Ashendorf

”Great features, easy to navigate!” Ralph Sharp

Additional Information & Useful Tips

  • Turn your slide presentations and seminars into instant information products and generate additional streams of revenue with Webinar JEO.
  • The plugin automatically records all of your broadcasts, so with a little ingenuity and a minimum investment of time and effort on your part, you can significantly expand your business and increase your profitability. For example, if you are not an expert in your niche, you can record webcasts featuring well-known guests who will then answer your questions or discuss a specific subject and create most of the information for your webcasts. This provides you with exclusive content that needed no expert knowledge on your part to create.

Watch the video below for a walkthrough of Webinar JEO …

For more information, visit the Webinar JEO website.

RunClick webinar and video conferencing software for WordPress

We Recommend

Webinar JEO lets you schedule web conferences and make high-quality webinars, web casts, sales presentations and more with no limits or restrictions on attendees, and with no ongoing costs.

If you run a business or sell products or services online, or if you need to deliver web-based information to long-distance customers, manage virtual meetings, make sales presentations, and more, then we recommend using Webinar JEO. It is a cost-effective, easy to use, well-supported and complete professional webinar package that can help you gain a competitive advantage, boost engagement, and increase sales conversions.

For complete details, visit the website here: Webinar JEO

Grow Your Business Online With Webinars

(Image Source: Pixabay)


"If you're new to WordPress, this can stand on its own as a training course and will stay with you as you progress from beginner to advanced and even guru status." - Bruce (Columbus, Ohio)