Content Marketing With WordPress – Guest Blogging

In this tutorial series, we explore Guest Blogging – an effective strategy that allows user-generated content to be published on your website or blog.

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Content Marketing With WordPress - Guest BloggingThis tutorial is part of a series of tutorials we provide on content marketing and web content creation!

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Content Marketing With WordPress – Guest Blogging

In this tutorial series, we explore Guest Blogging – an effective strategy that allows user-generated content to be published on your site and to publish content on other websites and blogs.

WordPress gives you the ability to assign and manage different types of user roles on your website (e.g. contributors, authors, and editors). This allows you to invite guest authors to contribute content to your site, often for little more than a return link to their own website or one or two lines of self-promotion.

One of the main benefits for you as a publisher of guest posts (apart from getting user-generated content that you didn’t have to write), is that this helps to attract new audiences to your website, as guest authors invariably like to promote or reference their articles on social media, freelance writing sites, directories, etc.

Guest Blogging Tutorial Series

This tutorial series covers the following sections:

  • Guest Blogging Basics – In this section, you will learn the basic Do’s and Don’ts of Guest Blogging. We’ll help you understand guest blogging by walking through the process that, as a guest blogger, you would have to go through to get your content published on someone else’s site.
  • Guest Blogging Strategies – In this section, you will learn “insider” tips to getting your content published on other blogs.
  • Guest Blogging ResourcesIn this section, you will learn how to make it easier to get your posts accepted for publishing on other sites and blogs.
  • Guest Blogging Video TutorialsWe provide “Guest Blogging” video tutorials and links to additional video-based information on guest blog posting strategies inside our private WordPress training membership site at WPTrainMe.

To learn the basics of being a guest blogger or guest blogging content publisher, see the tutorial below:

Content Marketing With WordPress - Guest Blogging

(Can your website or blog use content from guest bloggers? Source: Pixabay)


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