Compliance Bar – Legal Web Compliance Plugin For WordPress

Compliance Bar lets you add over 20 customizable legal templates to your WordPress site …

Compliance Bar For WordPress - WordPress Plugin ReviewOne of the worst things that can happen to any website owner is to suddenly discover that you have broken the law.

Your digital presence must comply with a number of laws, some of which you may probably not even be aware of.

Being non-compliant puts you at risk of incurring both financial losses and the loss of your reputation. Why risk your money and your business reputation, when you can protect yourself so easily and inexpensively?

In this post, we look at a simple and easy-to-install solution for WordPress users that can help make your website fully compliant just minutes.

Does Your Site Comply With The Law?

Is Your Website Or Blog Legally Compliant?

As the digital realm continues to grow at an extraordinary rate and the rules of the game constantly change, it’s vital that you stay on top of what’s happening and to make sure that your website or blog remains legally compliant, especially if your web presence is a fundamental component of your business strategy.

If you do not display certain legal pages on your website (e.g. terms of service, privacy policy, financial disclaimers, etc.), many third-party sites like Google won’t let you advertise, digital marketplaces like ClickBank won’t approve your digital products for sale, PayPal may shut down your account and freeze your funds, Facebook and many other social sites will suspend your applications, and you will not be accepted into various advertising or affiliate merchant networks.

If you are not in compliance, you could also face a multitude of penalties, including fines, having your website shut down, even jail time!

At the very least, if your web presence is not in compliance, trust and confidence in your business could seriously diminish.

Compliance Bar Plugin - Compliance Plugin For WordPress

(In addition to legal and regulatory compliance, almost all 3rd-party services require you to comply with their policies and guidelines!)


Legal Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and we cannot offer legal advice here.

The purpose of this post is to make you aware that:

  1. Your website may be subject to various legal requirements in accordance with mandatory laws and regulations that govern your business (some of which you may probably not even be aware of),
  2. How important it is to remain compliant with the terms of service of third-party providers whose products or services you may be offering or using online, and
  3. There are easy-to-use solutions that can help your website become compliant, such as the tool that we discuss in this article.

In this article, you will learn about a simple plugin for WordPress users that provides a total compliance and disclaimer solution for your web presence.

Presenting …

Compliance Bar Plugin – WordPress Legal Plugin

Compliance Bar - Website Compliance Plugin For WordPress

Plugin Description

Compliance Bar Plugin is a total compliance & disclaimer solution for your online business …

Compliance Bar Plugin - WP Legal Plugin

More info: Compliance Bar

Plugin Benefits

Below are just a few of the benefits of using Compliance Bar to make your website or blog instantly compliant:

Easy, Fast & Simple To Install

Compliance Bar Plugin installs like any WordPress plugin. Just upload a zip folder containing the plugin files to your Plugins folder via your admin user account and activate.

Editable Templates

Easily edit the built-in legal templates inside the plugin from the settings menu using the WYSIWYG content editor.

24/7 Plugin Support

Compliance Bar provides dedicated support to assist you with anything you need.

Some additional benefits include the following:

  • Customized Templates: The plugin creates your legal pages in seconds and customizes them to your business and website.
  • Video Training Manuals: Compliance Bar is not complicated to use and a complete library of training videos is provided if you need help.
  • Can Be Used Anywhere In The World: As long as you consult someone who is qualified to give you legal advice to ascertain if the built-in legal page templates provided with the plugin are suitable and satisfactory for your business, country and website, you can use the plugin wherever your business is located.
  • Use For All Website Purposes: If your site is built with WordPress, you can use the plugin for any website purpose. Select only the types of disclaimers that pertain to your particular business model (e.g. affiliate or CPA marketing, services, AdSense, AdWords, adult, medical, etc) and leave out any that are unnecessary.

Plugin Features

Compliance Bar offers a number of features to WP users. Here are just a few:

  • Fast and easy to install and use. Be up and running in no time.
  • Show Visually Appealing Icons – Compliance Bar displays links to your legal pages using attractive icons that can be positioned anywhere on your pages. You can also upload icons of your choice.
  • Show Restricted Information – If your site includes content that needs to be restricted to certain age groups (e.g. information related to alcohol, tobacco, dating, etc.), Compliance Bar can display pop-ups that require users to accept your site’s terms or disclaimers.
  • EU Cookie Compliance – If you do business in the EU or display your content to visitors in the EU, you must be aware of EU Cookie law. Compliance Bar displays an attractive bar that notifies users and protects your site from non-compliance.
  • Records And Stores IP Addresses – The plugin records your visitors’ IP address for future reference, just in case someone accepts your terms or disclaimers and then claims they haven’t.
  • Shortcode Driven – The plugin uses shortcodes that populate templates with your personal information. These shortcodes also allow you to place information anywhere on your site, (including the pop-ups).
  • Mobile Friendly – The plugin has settings for displaying on mobile devices and can display mobile optimized icons automatically depending on the web browser being used.

Compliance Bar Plugin Features – Details

Once you have installed the plugin, a section where the plugin’s settings can be configured is added to your WP admin area.

Let’s go through these briefly …

User Profile

There are a number of default fields in this screen where your business information can be entered (e.g. “Contact Name,” “Support Email,” “Location Details,” “Refund Duration (Days),” etc.). Not all categories are compulsory, but some are (e.g. “Contact Name,” “Support Desk URL,” etc.)

Compliance Bar - WP Compliance Plugin

(Compliance Bar User Profile Section – Image sourced from plugin documentation)

Compliance Bar uses dynamic shortcodes to populate and display the information you’ve inputted into your User Profile fields into your legal pages …

Compliance Bar - Total Legal Website Compliance And Disclaimer Solution

(Compliance Bar User Profile Section: Shortcodes – Image sourced from plugin documentation)

Once the minimum required data has been entered into the plugin settings fields, you can then access the other areas of the plugin.

Compliance Pages

The “Compliance Pages” area contains all of the page templates …

Compliance Bar Plugin - Legal Plugin For WordPress

(Compliance Bar Plugin: Legal Pages – Image sourced from plugin documentation)

When we last checked the plugin website, there were over 22 compliance templates available to WordPress users:

  • About Us
  • AdSense Disclaimer
  • Affiliate Agreements
  • Affiliate Disclosure Statement
  • Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer
  • Anti-Spam Policy
  • Contact Us
  • Copyright/DCMA Notice
  • Disclaimer
  • Double Dart Cookies
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • External Links Policy
  • FTC Statement
  • Legal Disclaimer
  • Linking Policy
  • Medical Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • Returns/Refund Policy
  • Support
  • Terms
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Testimonial Disclosure
  • Adult Content Disclosure

Creating legal pages for your website is a simple process. Just select the check boxes next to the pages you want to create and click the “Save” button at the bottom of the “Compliance Pages” section …

Compliance Bar - WordPress Legal Compliance Plugin

(Compliance Bar: Legal Templates – Image source: plugin documentation)

Your legal pages will then be created and added inside your “Pages” section.

Compliance Bar Icons

The plugin is installed with a default set of attractive icons for referencing your legal pages …

Compliance Bar Plugin - WordPress Plugin For Legal Compliance

The icons are customizable. You can purchase an additional set of icons from the plugin developer, or create/upload your own to match the style of your theme …

Compliance Bar - Compliance Plugin For WordPress

(Compliance Bar Plugin: Compliance Page Icons – Image sourced from plugin documentation)

Edit / Delete Compliance Templates

You can customize and delete your legal disclaimer templates in the “Compliance Pages” tab, just like any typical page in WordPress …

Compliance Bar Plugin - WordPress Plugin For Website Compliance

(Compliance Bar Plugin: Edit Legal Pages – Image source: plugin documentation)



  • Editing is recommended, as the pages contain generic content.
  • The plugin indicates if it detects existing similar pages on your site (e.g. pages created before installing the plugin).
Compliance Bar

The plugin offers various options to customize the Compliance Bar, including where to position the bar, whether to display links or icon images, background colors and images, icon size, selecting which pages should be included in the Compliance Bar, whether or not to display the Compliance bar on your main page, which pages the Compliance Bar will display in, mobile settings, and more …

Compliance Bar - Compliance Plugin For WordPress

(Compliance Bar Section: Create Bar – Image source: plugin documentation)


  • You can create unlimited Compliance Bars to display different disclaimers on different pages, or to cover a range of uses in other areas of your website.
  • The plugin lets you display the Compliance Bar on the home page of your website, even if you are using a specific premium theme (e.g. Genesis, Thesis or WooThemes), where the home page is specifically configured through the theme itself as a built-in template, and not as a “regular” page.
  • Due to the smaller size of mobile device screens, there is a limit to the number of page icons you can display if you turn Mobile Settings “on.”

Once you have specified your Compliance Bar settings, it displays links to your compliance pages using dynamic icon bar on your site …

Compliance Bar Plugin - WordPress Plugin For Legal Compliance

You have complete control over the location on your pages where you would like to feature the compliance bar …

Compliance Bar - WordPress Plugin For Legal Compliance


If you plan to publish content that should be restricted to certain age groups (e.g. content related to alcohol, ecigs, adult-related, etc.), you can display popups that force users to accept your terms and disclaimers.

Compliance Bar Plugin - Total Legal Website Compliance And Disclaimer Solution

The “Create Pop Up” area gives you complete control over the settings and customization of your pop ups …

Compliance Bar Plugin - Total Legal Website Compliance And Disclaimer Solution

(Pop Ups Screen: Create Pop Up – Image source: plugin documentation)

You can create several Pop Ups displaying on different pages, or to cover different uses throughout your website …

Compliance Bar - WordPress Legal Compliance Plugin

You can also specify a delay time if you don’t want Pop Ups to display as soon as visitors arrive, set a cookie duration to prevent Pop Ups from appearing again within a specific time interval, and store the IP addresses of visitors who accept your terms and disclaimers for future reference …

Compliance Bar - Total Website Compliance And Disclaimer Solution

(Pop Ups Section: IP Log Details – Screenshot source: plugin documentation)

EU Cookies

If your business is based in the EU or display your content to EU visitors, you must make users aware of your user cookies and notify them of how you use them …

Compliance Bar Plugin - WordPress Plugin For Website Compliance

The plugin lets you manage the settings for compliance with EU Cookies requirements, including the wording of your notification message and link text in the “EU Cookies” tab …

Compliance Bar - WordPress Legal Compliance Plugin

(EU Cookies Screen: Manage Settings – Screenshot source: plugin documentation)

Compliance Bar has a non-intrusive way of notifying your visitors and covering you from non-compliance.

Page Templates

The “Page Templates” tab, lists all of your compliance page templates and shortcodes, and lets you modify the page content …

Compliance Bar Plugin - Total Website Compliance And Disclaimer Solution

General Settings

The “General Settings” area, gives you access to general information, such as promoting and sharing the plugin and getting plugin updates …

Compliance Bar Plugin - Total Legal Website Compliance And Disclaimer Solution

User Testimonials

Below are just a few of the testimonials that users have published about Compliance Bar:

”When I got my hands on Compliance Bar, I knew I needed help to be compliant, but I had no idea how much danger I was in, nor did I know all of the different things I needed to be compliant. Once I installed Compliance Bar, I was able to very quickly add all the items I needed to ensure I didn’t end up getting fined by various agencies, or have my site pulled from Google. The best part is that getting it all set up took only minutes, and I know that I am far safer than I was. Compliance Bar is one of the best plugins I have used in a long time.” Ray Lane – (The Video Guy)


“Don’t Risk Your Online Business” Mike Thomas (The Mike From Maine Show)

Compliance Bar Plugin Tips

Below are some extra ways you can use The Compliance Bar Plugin:

  • Protect against content theft by spelling out terms of use of your website.
  • Displaying compliance icons only on specific pages.
  • Ending refund disputes by clearly spelling out the refund terms before purchase.
  • If your website published content for adult readers, you can force visitors to click to confirm that they are of legal age to view your content.

Compliance Bar Plugin - WordPress Compliance Plugin

Product Support

Compliance Bar provides users with dedicated 24/7 plugin support to help users if they experience any problems. You also get access to full video training manuals.

Additionally, your purchase is backed by a no-risk, thirty day, 200% money-back guarantee. If your version of Compliance Bar does not work within 30 days of purchase and it cannot be fixed within 48 business hours (M – F), your cost of purchase will be refunded in double.

Software Price

  • Single – Install the plugin on a single site that you own. Price = $37 (Normally $127)
  • Business – Install the plugin on up to twenty-five of your own domains. Price = $67.00 (Normally $197).
  • Developer License Edition – Can be installed on multiple domains that you own. Can be installed on all client sites as part of a paid service. Price = $97.00.

Please Note: Pricing for Compliance Bar Plugin depends on whether there are any promotions or limited-time special offers. Currently, the plugin is being retailed for the prices shown above. This may not be the actual price set by the software developer when you visit the product website and you may be shown additional upsells or one-time offers after your purchase.

Check the plugin’s website for the latest pricing here: Compliance Bar

Compliance Bar – Additional Info

Legal Pages Reviewed By Lawyers – The plugin developers state on their website that all legal page templates have already been reviewed and approved by a leading lawyer. Nonetheless, we highly recommend that you get advice from a qualified legal expert in your area for peace of mind.

For ”how to” videos showing how the plugin works, including installation instructions and tutorials, FAQs, customer helpdesk, contact details and more, visit the Compliance Bar website.

We Recommend

Compliance Bar is an easy-to-use, simple and cost-effective solution for WordPress-driven websites. We recommend downloading and installing this plugin for WordPress users if you want immediate peace of mind and legal protection.

Compliance Bar - Website Compliance Plugin For WordPress

For more details, check out the plugin here: Compliance Bar Plugin – Compliance Bar – Website Compliance Plugin For WordPress

Important Info

Legal Disclaimer: Once again, please note that we are not lawyers and we are not offering legal advice on this website. Do your own due diligence and consult a legal expert about the best way to ensure that your website fully complies with all legal requirements wherever your business is based.


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