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Heat Map Tracker records visitor clicks, helps you analyze visitor behavior on your web pages, improves conversion, and helps improve your website results …

The ability to track and monitor visitor behavior is most important to your online success.

The old adage ”you can’t manage what you can’t measure” is as true today as it has ever been. If you don’t know what is happening when visitors arrive on your website, then how would you know what areas need improving?

People have looked for ways to track and analyze user behavior since web sites first appeared. From simple tracking counters, to sophisticated analytical software like Google Analytics and other applications that record and display very granular key information.

Learning about user behavior is vitally important for the success of your digital presence, not only because it enables you to understand what visitors are doing so you can improve your results, but it’s also been shown that past user behavior is the most reliable indicator of future behavior. Better, in fact, than demographics.

Although being able to view key metrics such as the number of unique web visitors are arriving on your website, what pages they are arriving on and departing from, how long they are remaining on your website for, what keywords are being searched for, average page views, referring web sites, and so on, is highly essential, wouldn’t it also be fantastic to be able to know exactly what users are reading, where on your site they are navigating through for the longest period of time, what hyperlinks they are clicking on, what areas of your content visitors are reading, and more?

Fortunately, heatmap tracking technology makes this possible. Web heatmaps are used to help pinpoint areas on a website page that online visitors scan most frequently. Web heat maps are also often integrated with other forms of web analytic software and session replay software technologies.


If you use WordPress, then you can easily add heatmap tracking with recorded user session replays to your business tool box using a simple to use and inexpensive WordPress-compatible software.

HeatMapTracker – Live ClickTracking & HeatMap Tracker

HeatMap Tracker

(HeatMap Tracker)


HeatMapTracker is not technically a WordPress plugin, but a software script that works with WordPress and that lets you record your web site visitors’ entire journey and creates live heat maps showing where they click and where they are scrolling throughout your website.


HeatMapTracker analytics tool allows you to see your website from your visitor’s perspective.


For more details, visit the software site here: HeatMap Tracker

Benefits Of Using Heat Map Tracker

The better you know how your visitors are engaging with your content, the more you can improve your site’s user experience. Imagine knowing the exact barriers that have been preventing your readers from fully accessing your site, like confusing site navigation layouts, or disruptive design elements. As a site owner, you can help your users to complete certain actions, such as opt into your newsletter or click on certain links or buttons.

Although Google Analytics has its overlay feature that can show you what links on your web page are being clicked, a heat map can also display any clicks that users are making on your page, regardless of whether they are actual links or not. This is a significant benefit because if a heat map report reveals that users are clicking on a graphic element which they think is a link, but is actually not a hyperlinked image, you can easily remedy this by adding a link to the image, or let your readers know that the image is just a design element.

In short, heatmaps are one of the most useful methods to test the design of your site, see how navigatable your content is and improve conversions.

Here are just a few of the benefits and advantages of using Heat Map Tracker to track visitor behavior on your website:

Record Everything Users Do On Your Website

HeatMap Tracker captures every browsing movement on your site, allowing you to observe all page clicks, eye-tracking and scrolls.

Full Control Without Limitations

The application is self-hosted, giving you unrestricted visitor recordings and playbacks.

Unlimited Upgrades And Enhancements

There is a one-off investment to own the script, after which you are then entitled to receive unlimited script updates and future enhancements for free.

Some additional software benefits include:

  • Improve User Experience: By seeing how visitors navigate your website, you can spot challenges preventing users from taking desired actions and reach your site goals.
  • No More Guessing User Behavior: The screen video playbacks of your visitors’ browsing sessions show you precisely what is taking place on your web site. Click overlays let you see exactly which links and buttons visitors click on, where they are drawn to most on your website, how long they browse in a specific section, how far they travel down your content and more! No more guessing or hoping … just accurate intel of what happens when people come to your web site.
  • Increase Online Sales: HeatMap Tracker helps you increase visitor engagement with your site, which increases online sales and conversion rates. There are a number of ways to achieve this and we’ll list some of these in the “Tips” section further below.


HeatMap Tracker includes many great features for website owners. Here are just some of these:

  • Quick and easy to install and set up. Be up and running in no time.
  • View heat maps by mouse-clicks, eye-tracking and scrolls. Track whether people are clicking your links, buttons, images and calls to action, see which areas of your virtual real estate visitors spend more time on and observe how far down your page your users scroll down to as a benchmark of the length of time your site can retain their attention. HeatMapTracker lets you analyze each and every user experience to help you understand how they interact with your website or some pages on your web site.
  • Unlimited visitor screen captures and playbacks. Are you required to provide executive reports to your CEO, Chief Digital Officer or clients about your site’s performance? With Heat Map Tracker you can record users on your web pages for a few days, a week or two, a month, or more!
  • In-depth analytics. HeatMap Tracker lets you see deep analytics and at-a-glance statistics with project summaries. Overview stats enables you to see total visitors, tracked pages and total sessions HeatMap Tracker has recorded for all projects. You can quickly see the top pages your users are gravitating towards and how they interact with each page’s content, allowing you to spend more time on the content that your users care about. You can also see regional demographics of your visitors and see where they are visiting from.

HeatMap Tracker

Additional software features:

The table below shows how HeatMap Tracker stacks up against competitors like CrazyEgg and Clicktale:

Heat Map Tracker


Below are some of the testimonials plugin customers have written about the HeatMap Tracker software:

“This plugin is the ultimate tool if you need to analyze your site visitors behaviour, including clicks, pages visited, time spent on each page, and a load of other details.” Tudor Pangal, Dream.Decide.Act.Succeed.


“HeatMapTracker is a wonderful WordPress plugin that lets you analyze where visitors on your website click, most of all you can see exactly what your visitors doing.” Towhid Zaman, CEO & Founder at DevsCraft, LLC


“HeatMap Tracker is a product you HAVE to own – and you probably don’t even realise it yet – how will you know what isn’t working on your website unless you can track it? This one product has allowed me to get the “edge” on my competitors – don’t let your competitors beat you to it.” Gordon Drayson, Gordon Drayson OnlineBookingAssistant.com

HeatMap Tracker Useful Tips

Here are just a few of the ways you can use Heat Map Tracker on your site to improve your results:

  • Learn what works (i.e. where visitors click) and what doesn’t work (where visitors are not going to). For example, are people engaging with your videos? Are they clicking on images assuming that these link to somewhere else?
  • Get actionable data on how to improve your landing pages, signup forms, sales funnel, screen resolution, etc.
  • Get useful information on ways to create A/B split testing to improve results
  • Get useful data prior to and during a website redesign, or if you decide to get a new WordPress theme for your website.
  • Create “above the fold” tests to improve your home page’s “first impression”, or optimize the impact of the landing page’s real estate elements on your users, such as banners, links, buttons, headlines, etc…
  • Identify whether any content section should be inserted, modified, or removed.
  • Produce “before” and “after” comparison reports for digital marketing services.
  • Test if users tend to click images versus buttons vs text links, and how particular user segments engage with your site.
  • Troubleshoot suspected site security issues and vulnerabilities.


HeatMap Tracker is part of the Digital Kickstart suite of products developed by Mark Thompson, a respected online marketer with a solid reputation for providing reliable products and product support. The member download area includes video instructions for installing and setting up the software.

Product Cost

Heat Map Tracker is available in 3 separate editions:

  • Basic License – Single license only. Cost = $197.00 One-time.
  • Professional (Multiple) License – Use on up to 10 sites. Cost = $297.00 One-off payment.
  • Agency (Whitelabel Branding License – In addition to all of the features available in the Basic & Professional editions (click-tracking, heatmaps, browser session replays, unlimited recording / page views, free updates and enhancements and professional support), the Agency edition allows you to install the plugin on unlimited sites, create sub-accounts for clients, and set up automated PayPal client invoices, making it an ideal solutions for web marketing service providers. Cost = $497.00 One-off payment.

Please Note: The price of HeatMapTracker depends on whether there are any promotions or limited-time specials being offered. Currently, the plugin retails for the pricing shown above. This may or may not be the actual pricing charged by the software seller when you visit the plugin site and you may be shown additional upsells or one-time offers after you’ve purchased.

Check the plugin’s website for the latest pricing here:

Additional Info

For a demo video of the software in action, including instructions and tutorials, FAQ and more, visit the HeatMapTracker website.

We Recommend

Services like Google Analytics can give you some important information on things such as how many people are arriving on your pages, how they find it and what they are doing during their visits. However, to really gain deep knowledge into how your site and its content is being used by your visitors to connect with your business online, then a heat map analytics service can be a very practical way to do this.

We suggest getting a copy of Heat Map Tracker for real-time heatmaps and accurate visitor recordings with detailed user-behavior analytics and conversion optimization to help improve your site’s user-experience, visitor engagement and to increase sales of your products or services.

HeatMap Tracker

For more details, visit the software website: HeatMapTracker – Live Click-Tracking And HeatMap Tracking Software