RunClick – WordPress Webinar And Video Conferencing Plugin

The RunClick webinar and video conferencing plugin lets you run a business-level webinar platform on your WordPress site using Google Hangouts …


Note: Since this post was written, the developers of RunClick have rewritten the software and turned it from a plugin into a web-based hosted solution called Webinar JEO.

Read our new post here or visit the website to learn more about this product.


Webinar software are a time-saving and effective way to do business, learn new information and discuss ideas. The problem, however, is that the cost of using webinar and video conferencing software can be quite expensive or even prohibitive for many businesses, with some services requiring you to remain subscribed and pay ongoing fees, and restricting the number of viewers who can attend.

Fortunately, if you use WordPress, there is now a way to run webinars and video conferencing without limits or ongoing costs.

RunClick – WordPress Webinar & Video Conferencing Plugin

RunClick webinar and video conferencing software for WordPress

(RunClick – Webinar and Video Conferencing Software)

Plugin Description

The RunClick video conferencing plugin lets you run a business-level webinar platform on your web site using Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is an amazing broadcast application, but it’s not really a marketing solution. RunClick uses the high quality audio visual capabilities of Google Hangouts, and also gives you the power of ever green webinars at no additional cost, as well as built-in lead capture and follow up functionality, giving you a complete webinar and video conferencing and marketing solution.

RunClick webinar and video conferencing plugin for WordPress

RunClick is a very simple-to-install and easy-to-use webinar & video conferencing plugin for WP that will help you promote and broadcast your information to an unlimited global audience, build engagement with prospective customers, close sales live, turn your presentations into webinars that can be scheduled to run automatically, and instantly set up automated follow-up campaigns.

RunClick webinar and video conferencing software for WordPress

More info: RunClick – WP Webinar Software

Plugin Benefits

Here are just some of the benefits of using RunClick to run webinars and video conferences using Google Hangouts on your website:

No Limits On Events

RunClick lets you run unlimited webinars, web conferences, training courses, live presentations, etc..

No Ongoing Expenses

Unlike many solutions that restrict the number of people who can attend your web meetings, RunClick lets you promote your business message to an unlimited number of registrants.

No Ongoing Fees

Some webinar and video conferencing solutions can be very expensive or require users to remain subscribed and pay ongoing fees, even if they have no new events planned. Some solutions, for example, will cost you hundreds of $$$ per month.

Some additional plugin benefits include the following:

  • Hold Virtual Meetings: RunClick allows you to schedule virtual meetings with anybody anywhere around the world, monitor attendance, send out minutes, and use Google’s technology to deliver superior audio and video quality to your online meetings.
  • Increase User Engagement: You can chat, run surveys and share real-time information virtually with users to improve your interactivity and monitor results with real-time reporting tools.
  • Profit On An Ongoing Basis: Your presentations are automatically captured, enabling you to set up ongoing replays and profit from ”ever green” presentations.

RunClick Features

RunClick is a complete webinar solution that provides many great features to WP users. Here are just some of these:

  • Easy Installation & Setup: Unlike most webinar and web conferencing hosted solutions, RunClick installs easily on any domain. The whole system can be set up in Be up and running in a few minutes.
  • No Caps Or Restrictions: Deliver an unlimited number of webinars to audience.
  • Social Sharing Features: Add Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus buttons.
  • Plays On All Devices: Your presentations will display just fine on all types of devices: desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Integrated Lead Capture System: A full registration system can be added that allows you to capture the contact details of every person who registers to attend your event, add them to an autoresponder system and send reminders and follow-up messages to all of your registrants.
  • Sales Options: Timed buttons, overlays and expiring timers let you display elements to your audience like buy buttons, links and polls that display at specific points in your presentation.
  • Automated Sales Pipeline: Since you manage the system and all the leads, you can follow up with everyone who registers, even if they fail to show up. The software lets you add leads to your autoresponder and email them a link to your replay later!
  • High Quality AV: RunClick takes advantage of Google’s own webcast application to deliver high audio and visual quality to your webinars.
  • Automatic Recording: Simply press “Go” and start your presentation. The software will automatically record everything.
  • Boost Your Brand: RunClick includes a variety of professional templates, providing you with control of your pages and your branding. You can even add your own custom template designs.

RunClick also allows you to replay your recorded broadcasts and gives users extra replay options like:

  • Timed Availability: You can schedule your replays to be available and display countdown timers to increase urgency and maximize registrations. After the scheduled time period has lapsed, replays are then automatically taken down.
  • Replay Access Feature: Schedule replays to become available to all members of the public, or restrict viewing to confirmed users only.

RunClick webinar and video conferencing plugin for WordPress


Below are just some testimonials and feedback that users have written about RunClick:

”It is truly rewarding to find someone who not only stands behind his product but is there to handle any question in a timely manner. The Hangout Plugin is one of the best products I’ve purchased for a long time and after speaking with Walt it is only going to get better with age.” Cary Ganz, President Mobile Market Creator Inc.


”I’ve been writing about technology since type was set in hot meal… this plugin makes me feel like I died and went to heaven. I’m setting up a bunch of Hangouts next week so I can kick the tires HARD and work out all the glitches… and honestly, most of my gliches are user based. The internet has plenty of room for lots of people to do business. It’s going to be a fun ride.” Frances Flynn Thorsen


Plugin Tips

Convert your powerpoint presentations and seminars into instant info products and create residual streams of income with the RunClick webinar & video conferencing plugin for WP installed on your web site.

The plugin automatically records all of your events, so with a little bit of creativity and a small investment of time and effort on your part, you can significantly grow your range of products and increase your bottom line.

For example, even if you are not an authority in your profession yet, you can record presentations featuring well-known guests who will reply to your questions or talk about a specific topic creating thus most of the information for the webinars. This will give you high quality content that needs no expert knowledge on your part to create.

RunClick webinar and video conferencing plugin for WP

Plugin Support

RunClick was developed by Walt Bayliss, a well-known and highly respected WordPress plugin and software developer. The software is well-supported, and users get lifetime software updates and new releases for free with their purchase, backed by a risk-free, 30 day, complete refund guarantee.

”It is truly rewarding to find someone who not only stands behind his product but is there to handle any question in a timely manner.” Cary Ganz, President Mobile Market Creator Inc.

Product Price

RunClick gives you the ability to run as many webinars as you want and retails for a one-time purchase fee of US$97.

Note: Price details for the RunClick plugin can vary, depending on whether there are any promotions or limited-time special offers. Presently, the product is selling for the pricing shown above. This may or may not be the actual price set by the software seller when you visit the product website and you may be shown additional upsells or one-time offers after your purchase.

Check the plugin’s website for current pricing details:

Additional Information

For ”how to” videos of the plugin, including help documentation and tutorials, FAQs, support helpdesk, contact details and more, visit the RunClick website.

RunClick webinar and video conferencing plugin for WP

We Recommend

RunClick lets you run web meetings and make high-quality webinars, web casts, sales presentations and more without limits on how many people you can present to, and with no ongoing costs.

If you run a business or sell products or services online, or if you plan to provide assistance to remote users, manage virtual meetings, make sales presentations, etc… then we recommend downloading and installing RunClick. It is a cost-effective, easy to use, well-supported and feature-rich webinar and video conferencing software system that installs and integrates easily with your WordPress site.

RunClick webinar and video conferencing plugin for WP

For full details, visit the plugin website here: RunClick – Webinar And Video Conferencing Plugin


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