WordPress Traffic Automation Blueprint – Part 1 (Overview)

This is part 1 of a 5-part series of tutorials that show you how to automatically increase web traffic using WordPress and proven web marketing methods …

WordPress Traffic Automation Guide

WordPress Traffic Automation GuideThis article is part of a series of comprehensive articles designed to help business owners learn how to grow their business online cost-effectively with a WordPress website and proven online marketing methods.


WordPress Traffic Automation Blueprint – Overview

Web Traffic Blueprint Part 1 - Discover How To Turn Your WordPress Site Into A Traffic Generation MachineMost businesses need a regular stream of visitors to grow online.

Discovering cost-effective methods to generate more traffic to your website is vital to running a business online successfully. Driving visitors to a website is also one of the biggest challenges faced by almost every website owner.

Why Are So Many Businesses Having Difficulty Bringing Traffic To Their Websites?

If you search for any of the key phrases below in Google …

  • “how to get visitors to my website”
  • “how can I bring traffic to my website”
  • “ideas to drive traffic”
  • “need to attract more web visitors using banner ads”
  • “I need more free web site traffic”

… and you will immediately find loads of information on ways to help you drive more website visitors …

There are loads of strategies to drive more web traffic to your web site. This article series will help you set up a simple system to benefit from most of these traffic generation strategies!

(There are lots of methods to get more website visitors. This article series is designed to help you set up a simple system to benefit from many of these traffic generation methods!)

Clearly, there is no shortage of ways to drive traffic to your site. There are thousands of products and free resources that can teach you cost-effective how to bring more traffic to your website.

The problem is often more about businesses not investing enough time into learning how to generate web traffic sustainably, not setting up systems that allow them to manage the process effectively, and, in many cases, not even being aware that there are ways to configure your web presence to leverage and automate your web traffic generation.

The illustration below shows how most small businesses approach the process of generating web traffic …

This is how most website owners approach the challenge of generating website traffic

(This is how many site owners approach the challenge of generating traffic to their sites)

Essentially, the typical approach many businesses take is this: first, you get your website, and then you figure out ways of driving traffic to it.

As we will show you in a moment, there is a better way.


You shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that ”outsourcing” your traffic generation to professionals will eliminate this problem.

There is nothing wrong with outsourcing if you have great systems set up to manage and analyze the results of your traffic generation campaigns. If not, you will probably end up investing a lot of valuable time and money looking for a winning strategy that can consistently deliver you a positive ROI.

Without a solid foundation and the right systems in place, web traffic generation can become a very costly activity!

(Without laying down a solid foundation and putting proper systems, web traffic generation can end up being a very costly activity!)

Sustainable traffic generation requires setting up a solid foundation online, putting proper systems in place, continually testing elements in your campaigns, experimenting with different services, analyzing results, comparing ROI across different traffic generation opportunities, etc.

Is There A Simple, Automated Way To Drive More Web Visitors?

Imagine if all you had to do to deliver a stream of targeted traffic to your site was to publish quality content on a regular basis.

This is not science fiction … it’s a fact! Many website owners are already profiting with this automated traffic system … and so can you!

In this article series, we explain the process of setting up an automated traffic machine that will begin to drive new targeted traffic to your site, simply by publishing new content on a consistent basis to your website.

How To Set Up A System That Will Automatically Help Increase Traffic To Your Site

As you can see in the diagram below, the web traffic blueprint we present in this article series involves 3 basic steps:

  1. Set up systems to lay down a solid foundation for driving sustainable traffic
  2. Add content on a regular basis to drive visitors and generate web traffic data organically
  3. Add other traffic methods

To generate sustainable web traffic, you need to first set up the right systems

(To get sustainable traffic, you need to first put in the right systems)

Right now, we’ll mostly be focusing on Step 1. The aim of this article is to explain the process of setting up a traffic generation system that will ultimately help your business:

  • Save time using leverage and automation
  • Save money in lots of different ways
  • Automatically get your web pages indexed faster in search engines
  • Instantly share your content to all of your social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Access valuable data about your traffic generation campaigns, analyze results, measure ROI, etc.
  • Outsource traffic generation while maintaining full control of the process
  • Grow your business online cost-effectively and sustainably

All of the above can be achieved using what we will refer to in this article series as an “expertly configured” WordPress blog

With an expertly configured WordPress web site, you just publish new content and your site will then do the rest, notifying other sites about your content and bringing you back web traffic!

(With an expertly configured WordPress web site, you just add new content and your site then does the rest!)

What Is An Expertly Configured WordPress Site?

An expertly configured WordPress website is not the same as a professionally-configured WordPress web site.

An ”expertly configured” WordPress blog is a web site that is not only driven by the WordPress CMS, but has also been expertly set up and configured (either by yourself or professionally) to take full advantage of the enormous power, features and functionality of WordPress and its integration with other sites, specifically in areas like SEO, content syndication, and analytics.

Why Do I Need An Expertly Configured WordPress Site?

We write extensively on this site about the benefits of using WordPress-driven websites to grow your business online.

Understanding why and how an “expertly configured” WordPress blog can help create an automated traffic system requires a number of article installments, which is why we really recommend that you spend some time reading our other articles and subscribe to this site (this way, you will be informed when we publish new information about this topic).

Let’s begin by answering these basic questions:

What makes WordPress so special? Why can’t you just use another web platform?

Take a look at the picture below …

Static vs Expertly Configured WordPress Site

(Static Website vs Expertly Configured WordPress Site)

Many sites are built using platforms that create “static” websites. Essentially, this means that your web content typically sits inside a server waiting to be discovered. A static website doesn’t communicate with anything outside the application; it doesn’t send out ’pings’ to anybody in the cybersphere or inform any other site that new content has been added.

Think about it … if with a static website, the content just sits there passively waiting to be found, then the business owner has to keep promoting their site and its content to maintain web traffic coming.

WordPress is different!

WordPress provides a number of features that let you set up, configure and build an automated “online traffic generation” machine, where all you then have to do is publish new content and WordPress will then do the rest, instantly notifying search engines, social media and other online properties about your site to generate you new web site visitors …

Web Site Traffic Blueprint Part 1 - A Complete Guide To Attracting More Website Traffic For Your Business Automatically

(With an expertly configured WordPress web site, you simply post content and your site will then do the rest!)

An Automated Content Distribution, Traffic And Lead Generation, And Sales & Marketing System

With an expertly configured WordPress site, you can build more than just a website for your business … you can set up an automated traffic and lead generation and sales & marketing system, where all you do is publish your content and WordPress then automates the rest …

Set up an automated content distribution, lead and traffic generation, and sales and marketing system with WordPress

(Set up an automated content distribution, lead and traffic generation, and sales and marketing system with WordPress)

As your business evolves, you can add more functionality and automate processes like:

You can do all of this using inexpensive WordPress plugins. Once these plugins are installed and configured on your site, just direct your visitors to the appropriate sections (e.g. your store, subscription forms, membership area, etc.)

The video below shows you what an expertly configured WordPress site can do for your business …

In Part Two of The Web Site Traffic Blueprint overview, we go over the components of your automated website traffic machine:

  • Setup – Learn the best way to start if you don’t have a web presence yet, or if you already have an existing site that may or may not have been built using WordPress.
  • Configure – By default, WordPress already comes with a number of built-in features and settings that can help you generate traffic. Learn what features and settings have to be configured for optimal results.
  • Automate – Your traffic machine requires not only internal WordPress settings to be configured but also the expert integration of your site’s built-in functionality with external services and other online properties (e.g. webmaster, analytics, and social media accounts).
  • Publicize – After configuring your site settings and integrating your site with various third-party tools, you then begin publishing new content on a regular basis and WordPress will instantly notify and inform search engines, your social media pages and other online properties about the new content, giving your content wider online exposure to potential new visitors.
  • Optimize – We recommend beginning with a content marketing strategy to build organic traffic. With the right systems in place, you can then start to monitor and analyze your results and start gathering valuable data that will allow you to make better decisions when using other traffic generation strategies.

Website Traffic Blueprint Part 1 - Learn How To Create A Web Traffic Generation Machine

This is the end of Part One

To read the rest of this article, click on the link below:

WordPress Web Site Traffic Blueprint Part 2 – A Complete Guide To Growing Your Website Traffic Automatically


This tutorial is part of a comprehensive tutorial series aimed at helping site owners learn how to grow their business online inexpensively using a WordPress website and proven online marketing strategies.

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"If you're new to WordPress, this can stand on its own as a training course and will stay with you as you progress from beginner to advanced and even guru status." - Bruce (Columbus, Ohio)

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