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Event Espresso is a complete event registration and ticketing management automation software solution for WordPress …

Event Espresso - Event Manager & Ticket Registration Software For WordPressDo you currently run or plan to run events that require handling bookings, such as seminars, training courses, not-for-profit fund raisers, marketing functions, or even a large-scale event like a community festival, a sporting or religious event, or any kind of event where people need to register to attend?

Co-ordinating event registrations is a complex and time-consuming process. You may need to manage scheduling, date availability, attendee numbers, data processing and storage, payment processing and sending invoices, confirmations, reminders and alerts, refunds and cancellations … perhaps even accommodating special requests and delivering tickets to event participants.

There are a number of benefits to setting up a web-based event registration system. It can streamline your business processes, save time and lower expenses, help you easily replicate recurring events, give event managers more control, improve client experience and increase your sales.

The problem is that this can be quite expensive.

Fortunately, if you run a WordPress-powered website or blog, you can set up an inexpensive and professional online event registration system.

Event Espresso - WordPress Event Registration & Ticket Manager Software

Introducing …

Event Espresso – WordPress Event Management & Registration System

Event Espresso - WordPress Event Registration And Ticketing Manager Plugin

Plugin Description

The Event Espresso online event registration plugin for WP allows you to easily create your event and begin receiving bookings in just a few minutes.

Event Espresso - WordPress Event Management & Registration Software

(Set up multiple events and receive online registrations with Event Espresso)

Event Espresso is a feature-packed application that gives you full control of the event registration management process.

Event Espresso - WordPress Event Management And Ticketing Registration System

Event Espresso lets you customize registration forms

You can use several event registration strategies, from simple online registration and straight up ticket sales, to creating custom registration forms in order to better understand your event attendees, or integrating your event registration forms with social media sites like Facebook.

Event Espresso - WordPress Event Registration & Ticketing Management System

View detailed information about your event attendees

Please Note: At the time of writing this article, Event Espresso offers two different versions of their plugin: Event Espresso 3 and Event Espresso 4. The new EE 4 is impressively different than the older Event Espresso 3, as the platform has been redeveloped using a different structure to accommodate future growth and expansion. The EE 4 plugin software has different features, user interface, data structure, coding method and price. The company plans to eventually phase out Event Espresso 3, so keep this in mind as you learn more about this plugin.

Learn more about the plugin here:


Here are just a few of the benefits of using Event Espresso to manage event registrations on your website:

Automated Event Registration Management

Event Espresso provides you with everything you need to turn your existing website into a fully-featured event management website … from custom registration forms and automated response emails, to seating capacity limits, multiple pricing options and discount codes, to printable tickets and seating charts.

Better Business Productivity

By using an online event registration solution like Event Espresso, you save time and improve your business productivity by practically eliminating the need to process registrations manually.

Basically, you are enabling event attendees to enroll themselves.

Letting your clients to do the data themselves frees up your time and lets you spend more of your resources on planning a more enjoyable event.

More Control Over The User Experience

As you will learn in a moment, Event Espresso gives you complete control over the event management process that you want your customers to experience.

Some additional benefits of the plugin include:

  • Lower Costs: The Event Espresso plugin provides you with an inexpensive online event registration management solution compared to developing your own software or using a third party provider. This is made possible through a model where users pay for the core plugin (which suits the needs of most users) and then buy addons only when you need new features.
  • Higher Sales: Event Espresso allows you to accept online signups any time of day or night. In addition, Event Espresso social and marketing add ons (see below) let people interested in attending your event invite others who may be interested in attending.
  • Paperless Event Registration Process: With Event Espresso, your event registration process can be kept wholly in digital form, reducing traditional paper waste from tasks associated with enrollment.
  • Own Your Information. You own all the data obtained from event attendees.


Event Espresso delivers functionality to end-users via built-in features (these are included with the software) and optional features that users can buy for an additional cost, called add-ons.

Event Espresso

Event Espresso provides many features to WP users. Here are just some:

  • Fast and easy to install and use. Be up and running in minutes.
  • Multiple Ticket And Pricing Options. Event Espresso allows you to set up as many different types of tickets as you need and set unique pricing options, maximum number of tickets, etc.
  • Customizable Event & Registration Page Designs. Match your website’s look and feel for your events and registrations page using Event Espresso’s template options and elements, and HTML or CSS.
  • Tax Administration. Event Espresso 4 provides a number of ways to manage taxes for an event and report tax fee components to registrants who purchase tickets. Event managers can administer taxes globally or on a per-ticket basis.
  • Smart Single Page Checkout Process. The Event Espresso 4 checkout process is fast and intuitive. Registrants are given the option to automatically copy the primary registrant’s details for any additional attendees.
  • Spam Protection. Prevent the risk of spamming and bots making fake registrations by using reCAPTCHA option that validate human activity.
  • In-App Documentation. Event Espresso 4 provides three comprehensive in-app documentation systems: Help Tours, Help Tabs and Tool Tips.
  • Manual Registration. you have the option of registering event participants at the door, or send in paper forms for manual registration later.
  • Event Manager Pre-approval. Be selective about who can participate in your events.
  • Private Contact Notes. Keep observations about a contact on their profile and how you’ve helped your customers. Private notes allows you to keep a record of when users contacted you, your internal comments, and how you’ve helped them.
  • Optimized For The Latest WP Version. The Event Espresso 4 user interface follows all WordPress guidelines to help you build visually attractive event pages that are easier to use and mobile-friendly.
  • Your Organization Settings. Configure your organization’s profile to be deployed throughout the plugin and your front-end templates. The organization data include: company name, address, city, state, country, zip/postal code, email, phone, VAT/tax number, your logo, Facebook URL, Twitter URL, LinkedIn URL, Pinterest profile URL, Google+ URL, Instagram profile URL.
  • Import Events. Event Espresso 4 provides an advanced importing feature that enables you to easily upload a lot of event data at once. You can export, edit and upload data for events, datetimes, ticketing information, prices, registration questions, venue info, terminology, taxonomies, term relationships and more.
  • WP WYSIWYG Editor. Event Espresso uses the standard WP WYSIWYG editor, allowing you to quickly and easily insert graphic images and format your content without knowing HTML or CSS, just like any standard WordPress post.
  • Event Espresso Community. Event Espresso lets you interact with a community of experienced event managers, software programmers, web designers, marketers and businesses who also use the software. You can network with other Event Espresso users through their community chat room, user support forums, job board, and social media discussions on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+.
  • Invoice Payment Reminders. Follow-up potential event participants who have not made payment for their booking with a standard but personalized PDF invoice with one click of a button. Your invoices will reference registered participants who have not paid their registration in full by name, display the balance they owe, and include a link to the event information, a payment url and a link to download the invoice.
  • Transaction Reporting. Event reports provides you with information of your registrations and transactions, enabling you to analyze the performance of your events with the aggregate number of people who have registered and how much money you have collected.

Additional features include:

  • Define Extra Meta Information. This allows developers to have more control and options over the content of your events and how your information displays to your prospective customers.
  • Control Box Management And Organization. Event Espresso lets you leverage the WP user interface, which brings the ability to reorganize the user interface to suit your workflow process. Each control box can be collapsed, re-arranged or deleted from your workflow configuration.
  • Flexibility, Autonomy And Value For Money: According to the philosophy stated on their web site, Event Espresso’s objective is to “empower business and organization leaders with the event registration, ticketing and management tools that maximize the success of events.” To achieve their goals, the company operates on a model that provides users with great autonomy and flexibility and delivers value for money in the process.

The premium version of Event Espresso also includes 40+ added features, including:

  • Email shortcodes that includes registrant data in confirmation emails and updates.
  • Default surcharge (the same as applying a service tax to each ticket).
  • Option to skip the confirmation page in the registration process.

Event Espresso - Event Registration & Ticketing Management

Event Espresso Add-Ons

In addition to a comprehensive number of features, Event Espresso provides “add-ons”, which allow you to further enhance the capabilities of events.

Some of these addons include:

  • Events Grid Template Add-on: Displays events in a pure CSS grid-like structure using the featured image. Hovering over the image will display further information. If the event does not have a featured image available, it will use a default image.
  • Recurring Events Dropdown Template Add-on: The Recurring Events Drop-down custom template lets you organize multiple datetime events into a dropdown list.
  • Events Date Range Template Add-on: The Date Range custom event list template allows your users to browse for events that occur in a certain date range.
  • Social Coupons Integration Add on: If your web site uses Groupon.com you can easily accept Groupon codes to your events. You can even specify whether events accept the social coupons or not.
  • Custom Template Add on: The Custom Template addon is capable of displaying your event lists in a variety of visually exciting ways.
  • Seating Chart Addon: The seating chart add-on is for venues and events that sell and reserve seats for attendees in advance. This is for venues and events such as theaters, concert halls, play houses, sports arenas and stadiums. The Seating Chart addon lets you promote reserved or assigned seating to your events and venues directly from your WordPress website. The Seating Chart add on lets you control the environment for your customers and design assigned seating charts and attach a single price to every seat.
  • Multi-Event Registration Add on: The Multiple Event registration addon gives potential customers the ability to book multiple events at once. In each event listing attendees will be given the option to either register for a single event or add multiple events to their shopping cart. With the Multi-Event Registration add-on, attendees can register for several events at once and even add additional attendees to any of the same events in the same checkout process.
  • Events Calendar Addon: This add on uses the WP calendar to display events and categories of events using a nice graphical calendar.
  • EE4 Infusionsoft Integration Add-on: With the Event Espresso 4 Infusionsoft integration all-in-one sales and marketing software add on, you can easily automate your customer relations and email marketing campaigns to seamlessly capture event attendee data, track enrollments, and accept payments from your web site.

Note: The Event Espresso development team is continually adding new features and improvements to the software, including new addons.

Event Espresso

For complete details about the latest Event Espreso features and addons, visit the plugin website here:

User Feedback

Below are some of the many testimonials that users have written about Event Espresso:

”My hope with this whole integration is to be able to show other school districts an affordable and easy solution to these registrations. I cannot believe how much money they are charged for less by other companies. This has the potential to save schools tens of thousands, which is huge right now.” Kelly, College Station Independent School District

”Your plugin rocks! Seriously, saved me hours on the phone setting up attendance manually. Kudos. :)” William, Petruzzo Photography

”Thank you, we just did 2 sell out seminars of 50 attendees in 48 hours using Event Espresso and it was awesome. My wife was able to pick up on the processing backend with ease. You have done a great job on getting this system together – very simple, clear and well laid out With powerful functionality. I am so glad I dumped the old booking application we had and gave Event Espresso a go. Just wanted to say thanks, and thanks for the very patient, friendly and speedy assistance in helping me to get it all set up at the start. Many thanks to you and your team. A grateful customer.” Nicholas de Castella, Emotional Intelligence Trainings

Event Espresso

Plugin Tips

Whether you are a motivational speaker, teacher, show promoter, or event consultant, there are simply unlimited possibilities of what you can achieve with the Event Espresso plugin.

After purchasing the plugin and becoming a licensed user, go through the support forum for inspiration and practical suggestions to improve your event management process and enhance the experience of your registrants.

Event Espresso - Event Management & Ticket Registration System For WordPress

Event Espresso Support

Event Espresso works with with most WordPress plugins and themes that follow standard WP coding rules. If you do need support with the plugin, however, you will find that Event Espresso provides great technical support, as many of its users attest:

”These guys are right on any problem or issue or even general questions. You can’t really put a value high enough on the kind of support these guys offer.” Mark Wigston, Muskoka Graphics

The Event Espresso plugin provides amazing support with access to support forums, in-depth online documentation with faqs, knowledge base and how tos, email support and even a monthly VIP member pass giving you access to community of developers, designers, event managers, publishers and webmasters that use Event Espresso tools, plus faster support response times.

Additionally, Event Espresso boasts a well-staffed team of experienced web developers with a proven track record of support, so this is definitely a solution you can depend on to run and manage your events.

Software Pricing

Event Espresso is available in various plugin editions, including a FREE basic edition (named Event Espresso Decaf). For support and advanced plugin features, however, you should consider purchasing one of the paid plugin editions below:

  • Personal License Edition – This license option enables you to run Event Espresso on 1 site only. Includes 51+ Premium features, (addons sold separately) and one year of upgrades and support. Cost = $69.95.
  • Everything Licensing – This lets you set up Event Espresso on one site only. Price includes 51+ Premium features, 29 Premium addons and 1 year of upgrades and support. Cost = $279.95.
  • Developer License – This option allows you to configure Event Espresso on 5 domains. Pricing includes 51+ Premium features, (addons sold separately) and one year of upgrades and support. Price = $249.95.

The cost of purchasing the Event Espresso plugin depends on whether there are any promotions or limited-time special offers. When we last checked, the plugin is selling for the pricing shown above. Check the plugin’s website for the current pricing details: Event Espresso – Event Espresso

Please Note: The pricing above was current at the time this article was written. This may or may not be the actual price charged by the plugin author when you visit the website.

Additional Plugin Information

Event Espresso regularly adds new features and improvements to the plugin. Make sure to remain subscribed to their customer update list to receive the latest information and updates.

Use the plugin’s documentation tools for answers to common questions about setup and how to use Event Espresso, and visit the support forums if you have questions related to a specific situation, or to report problems and share feedback.

For detailed documentation, demos, downloads, videos, tutorials, FAQ and more, visit the Event Espresso web site.

We Recommend

Event Espresso is the preferred WP event registration and ticketing management software, used and trusted by thousands of WordPress website owners.

If you own a WordPress-powered website and you intend to run an event that involves scheduling dates and venues, registering participants, and selling tickets, then you will probably not find a better WordPress plugin for your needs than Event Espresso.

Event Espresso - WordPress Event Manager & Ticketing Registration Plugin

For more information, visit the plugin website: Event Espresso – WordPress Event Registration & Ticketing Manager Software