Grow Your Medical Or Healthcare Business Online With WordPress

This article explains how to grow your medical or health-related business online and contains useful information on ways to improve the effectiveness of your medical or health-related web presence …

Grow Your Medical Or Healthcare Business Online With WordPress

The Complete Guide To Building And Growing Your Medical Services & Health-Related Presence Online With WordPressMedical services practitioners today face an increasing number challenges thanks to the web economy.

Challenges Medical & Health Businesses Face Online

Today, more than ever, health and medical services professionals must work harder and find smarter ways to remain competitive and generate new clientele. Not only do you have to become more involved in the community you serve, you must also develop and maintain an active presence online. This includes having an effective website and learning better ways to grow your services online.

In addition to investing dollars in offline marketing activities, businesses in the medical or health-related industry are now finding that increasingly larger amounts of their budget will need to be assigned to develop and manage a website that will bring in clients, engage users, outperform the competition in search engines and social media, and help increase their marketing exposure online.

This means that your site not only has to look professional, your web pages have to be fast-loading, and your site layout has to be easy to navigate, but even more importantly, your site’s needs will change in time and many aspects may need to be frequently updated. This requires a sound website and content management strategy in place.

Another challenge that health services providers (and other businesses) face, is that you have an average of 30 seconds to provide users with what they are searching for or they will go elsewhere.

“Websites have evolved into central information hubs where service information is still present but enhanced with web portals, hyperlinks to state and federal sites, and a variety of free tools.”

Michael Alter,

Online Opportunities For Medical Services

As well as facing many challenges, there are also plenty of online opportunities available to health or medical businesses that can adapt to meet the challenges of the digital economy and who can think progressively about marketing themselves better online.

This guide will help you uncover ways to attract more clientele and see significant improvements in your health-related business presence online.


As well as providing tips and information on cost-effective ways to improve your web presence, we also focus on the benefits and advantages of using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to power your medical business website.

To learn more about the benefits and advantages of using the WordPress CMS platform, go here:

Practical Tips For Improving Your Medical & Health Services Website

This section explains ways to improve your website and get better results. We show you what pages a health-related website needs, what content works best, navigation structure, etc.

If you need assistance or help planning your medical or health-related website, visit this page: A Money-Saving Guide To Web Site Planning For Business Owners

Your Website Pages

All business websites need a number of basic pages. Let’s review these.

Services And Products Page

You need to include a page that lists your services and any products that you offer. Depending on which area of health or medical services you specialize in, this page can include services like:

  • Medicine & Surgery – e.g. anaesthetics, nephrology hematology, oral surgery, geriatric medicine, renal, endoscopy, eye diseases surgical outpatients, etc.
  • Dental Services – e.g. general dentistry, children’s dentistry, oral health, teeth whitening, orthodontics, emergency dentistry services, etc.
  • Cardiology – e.g. cardiac patient rehabilitation, coronary care
  • Prenatal/Postnatal – e.g. obstetrics, maternity services, etc.
  • Child Health – paediatrics, child development, children services, etc.
  • Diagnostic services – breast screens, skin cancer, hearing, women’s health, magnetic resonance imaging, allergy testing, etc.
  • Pathology – laboratory testing and analysis, routine pathology testing, food and water testing, speech pathology, etc
  • Counselling – mental health, alcohol, tobacco & other drug services, trauma counselling, diet and nutrition counselling, social work services
  • Alternative treatments – acupuncture, homeopathy, holistic medicine, tai chi, chiropractic services, hypnosis, etc.
  • Other medical services/therapies – weight management, chiropody, fertility services, optical services, medical genetics, artificial limbs, sleep therapy, home and community care, sexual health, medical equipment, etc.

Make sure to list all of the services you provide, not just the ones you specialize in. Provide your visitors with information that will educate them about what these services do and direct them to your appointment booking page.

About Us

The ‘About Us’ page should give a description of your business and explain to visitors what your business stands for, its unique approach, philanthropical donations, etc.

It’s important to list any industry awards, recognitions, accreditations, certifications, publications, associations, etc., that you can use to promote your practice and to set yourself above similar service providers.

List all of your awards certifications, accreditations, recognitions, associations, publications, etc. in your About page

(List all of your awards accreditations, recognitions, certifications, publications, associations, etc. in the About Us page. Screenshot image source:

Meet Your Staff

If you are looking for quicker, simpler and cheaper ways to sell more products or services online, then help prospects get to know you and your organization better.

Prospective clients need to relate to your business. A great way to do that is to have a page that introduces your employees or team members. This page should include a photo and a mini bio. Since most visitors are probably not very well-versed in medical terms your descriptions should tell who they are and what they specialize in. You may also want to explain what those specialized areas do. It should include social buttons so your prospective clients can follow individual staff members on their social networks.

On this page, don’t be afraid to show the human side of your team members with personal stories, hobbies, etc., but make sure to highlight your team member’s expertise and qualifications, why they are an invaluable asset to your team, and more importantly, how they will help add value to your clients’ business.

Make sure to add a staff description page

(Add an employee description page. Image sourced from:

We have created a detailed tutorial about how to easily create and add an easy-to-manage directory of employees or team members in your web site here: How To Add A Simple Employee Directory To Your WordPress Site

Job Opportunities

This is a listing of career opportunities within the company. This page would include type of training provided, benefits, opportunities for advancement, social aspects of working for your organization, etc. You can include information such as the job outlook and additional career opportunities in the health-related industry.

Maintain a positions available section in your page. If there are no positions currently available, consider inviting people to return periodically to this page, subscribe to your announcements list, follow you on social media, etc.

Case Studies

Reviews from clients and case studies are a great way to attract potential clients and showcase what type of services you offer. Adding a web page with reviews from clients and case studies also helps to establish social proof online.

Add a page with case studies and client reviews

(Add a web page with case studies and reviews from clients. Screenshot image sourced from:

We have written a comprehensive article about using case studies, testimonials and client reviews improve your business online. Go here to learn more about this: Learn How To Achieve Better Results Online With Captivating Testimonials

Contact Us

Having a clean contact page is crucial.

It should provide:

  • Business Name
  • Your physical location
  • Phone
  • Facsimile number
  • Email address
  • Google Map and directions
  • Website URL
  • Contact form
  • Request for information – contact details
  • Links to social media networks
  • Live Chat/Skype (optional)

If you have different areas you should make this clear when showing the address and contact info.

You can also include links pointing to commonly-asked questions page, main pages, online booking request, helpdesk, newsletter opt-in form, blog, etc.

Add A Blog

A blog can be a powerful business marketing tool. Blogs are built around a content management system that allows you to easily promote your business using timely content like announcements, new releases, educational articles, informative posts, promotional videos, media presentations, etc.

If you already have an existing health or medical site, then consider adding a WordPress blog to promote your services.

If you don’t have a website yet, or if your existing medical or health site is very hard to keep updated or not delivering you the results you want, then WordPress can act both as your website and blog.


Very few people know that an expertly configured WordPress site can turn your web presence into an automated traffic machine that can help begin driving targeted visitors to your web site, simply by publishing new content to your website on a regular basis.

An expertly configured WordPress site can drive traffic automatically to your website

(An expertly configured WordPress site can automate your traffic generation)

Go here to learn more:

Legal Information

Having a compliant website is really important. This is not only important for building trust and credibility with prospective clients, but also to ensure that no laws and regulations are being contravened wherever you practice.

Depending on the products and services you provide, adding the following legal pages to your medical or health site will help keep you out of legal hot water with most regulatory authorities, third-party service providers (e.g. Google), and other potential legal threats or inconveniences:

  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Statement
  • Terms And Conditions
  • Website Disclaimer
  • Affiliate Agreement
  • Anti-Spam Policy
  • Compensation Disclosure
  • DMCA Notice
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • External Linking Policy
  • Health Disclaimers
  • Refund Policy
  • Video/Audio Terms
  • etc.

Go here to learn more about adding legal pages to your website: Adding Legal Pages To Your WordPress Site

Improve The Content On Your Website

In today’s fiercely competitive global economy, the sooner you start engaging in the practice of content marketing, the quicker you will begin to see results and differentiate yourself from other competitors.

You will want to provide great content with tips or information that will get your visitors sharing your information with others and coming back for more content. Publishing content is a great way to educate site visitors and prospects about your services.

For example, if your business provides weight management services, then some of the areas you could cover in your content include:

  • Overweight vs. Obese – what are the differences?
  • The role portion control plays in helping you achieve weight loss results
  • Incorporating exercise into your weight loss program
  • How a personal chef can help you lose weight (what they do, is it affordable)
  • Etc.

You can also create a series of informative articles that will help your your prospective clients understand your services, by explaining benefits, procedures, terminology, etc.


Include the keywords and terminology in your articles that readers would search to find you online.

We recommend subscribing to our Content Marketing Email Training Series. You will receive a comprehensive series of training emails with easy-to-digest information that will show you how to drive more traffic to your site, save money creating useful content for your visitors and grow your website using content marketing. It’s not only a great course with loads of useful information, it’s also 100% FREE!

Improve User Experience

Improving website user experience (known as UX) helps to keep visitors coming back and engaging with your site. This section will show you ways you can improve your visitor engagement and user experience.

Add RSS Feeds

An RSS feed provides many benefits for your business.

If you provide information that adds value to others, other sites may want to syndicate your content.

Some of the benefits of having other businesses syndicate your content, include:

  • All of your content updates are kept in one place
  • Content distribution doesn’t rely on email
  • Your feed can be shared
  • Users can subscribe to your feed
  • It provides links to your site
  • Your feeds can be submitted to RSS directories
  • There are various ways your readers can receive your content (e.g. read your content on their mobile device using a feed reader)
  • It’s built into WordPress

There are also benefits to adding syndicated content to your site from other sites, such as the fact that you don’t have to write, manage or update the content.

You can find many useful RSS feeds by visiting sites of medical and health-related government departments or industry bodies.

Here are examples of useful RSS feeds you could consider adding to your website:

You can also search online for general RSS feeds, e.g. “medical rss feeds” or search for feeds on specific topics, e.g. “alternative medicine rss feeds”, “back pain rss feeds”, “MRI rss feeds”, etc.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds can help to improve your website's UX.

(RSS feeds can help to improve your website’s UX.)

Adding Charts And Checklists

Adding checklists and explanatory charts to your site is a great way to increase user engagement, add value to your visitors and set yourself apart from the competition. Checklists and medical forms can provide step-by-step instructions and resources to perform a necessary task. Checklists and forms can also be great educational tools.

You can provide a range of online or downloadable forms and checklists covering areas such as:

  • Booking appointments
  • Checklists for post-surgery recovery
  • Health checklists for specific systems
  • Dental checklists – e.g. first visit, active maintenance program, general dentistry, etc.
  • Weight loss and nutrition program checklists and charts
  • General charts & infographics (e.g. caloric level of different foods, the importance of sleep at different stages of development, etc.)
Other Tools

Providing useful online tools, gadgets and applications on your website is a great way to increase visitor engagement and add significant value to your potential clients. Calculators are useful tools for your website. Others would include things like nutritional tools, or even recipes.

In part two of this detailed guide, we look at a number of online tools you can add to your site using WordPress plugins that can also help improve seo, improve user engagement and generate more traffic to your business.

The Complete Guide To Building And Growing Your Medical Center Website Using WordPress


This is the end of part one of this guide on ways to build your medical-related web presence.

To keep reading, click here:



"This is an awesome training series. I have a pretty good understanding of WordPress already, but this is helping me to move somewhere from intermediate to advanced user!" - Kim Lednum

Grow Your Medical Or Healthcare Business Online With WordPress – 2

This is part 2 of our series on growing a medical or health-related business online and provides a comprehensive list of WordPress plugins suitable for medical or healthcare-related businesses …

18+ WordPress Plugins That Will Help Your Health Site GrowIn Part 1 of this article on ways to grow your health web presence, we provided practical tips and suggestions on the following topics:

  • Challenges Health Services Practitioners Face Online
  • Opportunities For Medical Services Professionals
  • Ways To Improve Your Web Pages
  • Improve Your Content

In Parts Two & Three, we discuss more ways to grow your medical services online.

Areas covered in this (and the next section) include:

  • Ways To Improve Traffic With WordPress
  • Tips For Generating More Leads & Enquiries Using WordPress
  • WordPress Plugins That Can Improve SEO, Improve User Engagement And Generate More Traffic

Important Info

To learn more about WordPress plugins and themes, see the articles below:

Note: Plugins are listed in this section. Health and medical themes are covered in Part 3.

Tips For Improving Website Traffic Using WordPress

Web traffic is a vital part of your online business growth. This section explores ways to improve your website with WordPress.

Optimizing Your Website For Search Engines Using WordPress

There are lots of ways WordPress can help to optimize your website for search engines:

  • URLs – WordPress lets you set the permalinks to use the title of the post.
  • Tags – WordPress lets you choose the keywords that you want your articles to be indexed for in the search engines.
  • Post Categories – Add categories for your posts and products.
  • Excerpts – Set descriptions for your posts that search engines will show in their search results.
  • Images – add search-optimized titles to your images for improved search results.
  • Internal Content Linking – WordPress provides a built-in feature that allows you to easily link internal content
  • Pinging – Set up your WordPress site to automatically notify (ping) other sites and directories the moment a new post is published on your site.

Improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Increase User Engagement And Generate More Traffic With Plugins

In addition to the built-in features of WordPress, there are a number of plugins for WordPress that will improve SEO, increase engagement and drive more web traffic to your site.

For example, you can install the plugins below to improve your SEO:

  • Yoast SEO – WordPress SEO plugin
  • Google XML Sitemaps – WordPress XML sitemap plugin (lists all of your pages for indexing by search engines)
  • WP Tree – WordPress site map plugin (for visitors)

A plugin like Yoast SEO can improve your SEO

(Use a plugin like Yoast SEO (previously known as WordPress SEO by Yoast) to improve your site’s SEO)

Other things you can do to improve SEO, increase engagement and drive more web traffic to your business are to add a forum, newsletters, comments, and social features. Here are a few more WordPress plugins that can help:

  • BuddyPress – Use the BuddyPress WordPress plugin to run a social community on your website.
  • bbPress – Set up your own online community forum on your WordPress site.
  • E-Newsletter – Send email newsletters, track results and manage subscribers from your WordPress dashboard, without requiring a 3rd party subscription.
  • Disqus – Disqus lets you power discussions and increases user engagement on your website.
  • Monarch – Add social sharing features and buttons to your website or blog.

WordPress users can easily add social sharing to their site with WordPress plugins

(WordPress users can easily add social sharing to their website using free or inexpensive WordPress plugins)

Ways To Generate Leads & Enquiries Using WordPress

Let’s discuss now how to improve sales and generate leads and enquiries.

Add A Newsletter

Adding an email newsletter is an excellent way to retain and grow your readership. Adding an email newsletter provides several benefits including:

  • Sends targeted traffic to your site
  • Keeps readers from forgetting about you
  • Provides practical tips and advice
  • Provides you with a highly targeted marketing channel
  • Allows you to offer special products or services to a select audience
  • Provides new opportunities for improving interaction
  • Provides you with an additional way for readers to share your content

A proven strategy for attracting new subscribers to your newsletter is to provide them with content of high value and give them a free gift in exchange for their details. This could be a handy guide, tips for improving health, fitness and well-being, access to health calculators, discount coupons, access to videos, podcasts, etc.

Provide Contact Forms

Contact forms provide an easy and simple way for readers to get in touch. A contact form also lets visitors raise concerns, contact specific departments, ask for a quote, and more.

Contact forms provide a number of benefits and advantages, like:

  • Reducing spam
  • Set up automated responses
  • Gives you control over what is sent to you
  • You can keep your email address private
  • Different forms can be added to any post or page
  • Improves the professional look of your website
  • Convenient for site visitors

A popular WordPress contact form plugin is Contact Form 7.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Plugin

(Contact Form 7 WP Plugin)

This plugin allows you to add multiple contact forms on your pages and posts, customize the forms and the mail contents, add fields, and more.

Supports international languages, Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

Another feature you may want to consider if you want to set up a website for a medical center is to add sections to your contact form so users can select the practitioner they want to contact. This will make sure that visitors get their comment to the right area.


Adding maps to your website helps your visitors and clients find you.

Adding maps (e.g. Google Maps) to your website also provides many benefits, such as:

  • A map increases local SEO
  • Visitors can easily find you
  • Show location of events

Adding a map helps your visitors and customers find you

(Adding maps to your site helps your visitors and customers find you)

Here are just some popular plugins that let you embed, customize and display maps on your WordPress site:

WordPress Plugins & Themes For Improving Search Engine Optimization, Better User Engagement And Generating More Visitors To Your Medical Website

WordPress Medical Or Health Plugins

WordPress lets you add a number of plugins to your medical or health-related site to immediately add a range of functional tools for visitors. Here are just some of these:

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar Plugin For WordPress

(Booking Calendar)

The Booking Calendar plugin lets you add online booking services to your site. It provides an intuitive interface and flexible functionality. It is highly suitable for a range health and medical consulting businesses, e.g. medical practitioners, physicians, chiropractors, booking yoga classes, etc.

Booking Calendar Plugin - Overview

(Booking Calendar Plugin For WordPress – Overview)

This booking reservations plugin works out of the box. Your website visitors can check availability of services and book appointments easily. Site administrators and visitors receive email notifications. The plugin also lets you add a calendar or booking form to your website’s sidebar, and offers multi-language support. The plugin developers also provide a premium version with extra features and functionalities.

For more details, go here}:

Event Espresso – Event Registration And Ticketing Management

Manage Event Bookings Via The Web With Event Espresso Plugin For WordPress

(Manage Event Registrations Automatically Using Event Espresso For WordPress)

If you run medical or health events, then you need a plugin like Event Espresso.

The Event Espresso online event registration plugin for WordPress allows you to easily schedule your event and start processing online registrations in a few minutes

Event Espresso - WordPress Event Management & Registration System

(Event Espresso)

Event Espresso is a flexible and feature-rich plugin that gives you complete control over the event registration management process.

We have written a comprehensive article on Event Espresso. For more details, go here:

Calculator Pro Calculators

Calculator Pro Calculators Plugin For WordPress

(Calculator Pro Calculators Plugin)

Calculator Pro provides a free collection of over 400 calculators that you can display on your website and embed into your posts, pages, or sidebars using shortcodes. Internationalization is supported.

Note: Most of them aren’t specifically designed for health or medical-related applications, but there are a few you can include in your site, including:

  • Body Statistics – e.g. Blood Alcohol Calculator, Durnin/Womersley Skinfold Body Fat Calculator, GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) Calculator, Ponderal Index Calculator, Protein Calculator, etc.
  • Calorie – e.g. Calorie to kJ Calculator, kJ to Calorie Calculator, Calories Burned Swimming Calculator, etc.
  • Fitness Tests – e.g. Push-Up Test Calculator, Treadmill Test Calculator, etc.
  • Miscellaneous – e.g. Advanced One Rep Max Weight Lifting Calculator, Cigarette Savings Calculator, Ovulation Calculator, Target Heart Rate Calculator, etc.
  • Nutrition – e.g. Calcium Calculator, Macronutrient Calculator, etc.
  • Weight – e.g. Ideal Weight Calculator (kg), Weight Loss Calculator, etc.

For more details, go here}:

Calculated Fields Form

Calculated Fields Form Plugin For WordPress

(Calculated Fields Form)

With Calculated Fields Form you can create forms with dynamically calculated fields to display the calculated values, including:

  • Health & Fitness Calculators
  • Ideal Weight Calculator
  • Pregnancy Calculator
  • Calorie Calculator
  • And more

The plugin is also available in a premium version with extra features.

For more details, go here}:

Weight Loss Tracker

Weight Loss Tracker Plugin For WordPress

(Weight Loss Tracker Plugin)

Weight Loss Tracker is a free plugin for WordPress that lets logged-in users record their weight periodically. The results are then displayed in a graph and table.

Weight Loss Tracker Plugin For WordPress - Graph

(Weight Loss Tracker – User Graph)

The plugin allows users to insert target weights and supports various weight formats: Metric (Kg), Imperial – Stones & Pounds, Imperial – Pounds only.

For more details, go here}:

Simple BMI Calculator

Simple Body Mass Index Calculator

(Simple Body Mass Index Calculator WordPress Plugin)

Simple BMI Calculator installs a widget on your sidebar that can be configured and customized to match your theme.

In addition to Simple BMI Calculator, there are a number of plugins you can check out that perform similar functions:

  • BMI BMR Calculator  A mobile-friendly Body Mass Index and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) calculator that saves calculation data for logged-in users and gives an overview to the administrator.
  • BMI / IMC Calculator  A simple calculator to show your users their Body Mass Index
  • Calotor Calorie Counter – Lets visitors calculate their basal metabolic rate, based on their age, sex and weight.
  • And lots more

For more details, go here}:

Drug Interaction Data Plugin

Drug Interaction Data Plugin For WordPress

(Drug Interaction Data Plugin For WordPress)

Drug Interaction Data will retrieve and display drug information, including what the drugs are used to treat and what other medications the drugs are known to interact with.

Drug Interaction Data - WordPress Plugin - Information Screen

(Drug Interaction Data WordPress Plugin – Results)

Drug information can be displayed on your site. The data is provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the U.S. National Institutes of Health and converts common names of drugs to their standardized RxNorm name.

For more details, go here}:

PubMed Posts

PubMed Posts

(PubMed Posts Plugin)

This plugin adds a dashboard widget that creates posts from PubMed articles, and a search widget that helps visitors find posts with specific data. An editor that changes the layout of data in the post content is also included with the plugin.

PubMed contains over 25 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, online books and life science journals.

For more details, go here}:

MJM Clinic

MJM Clinic WordPress Plugin

(MJM Clinic WordPress Plugin)

This versatile plugin was designed to add functionality to medical and health care related websites that provide information about health conditions and symptoms.

For more details, go here}:


Treato - WordPress Plugin

(Treato – WordPress Plugin)

Treato lets you display information about drugs on your site and see what read what patients are saying about different drugs.

Treato gathers and analyzes experiences sourced directly from patients written in online forums and blog posts, then aggregates the posts to generate useful insights about users’ medications, diseases and symptoms. Users receive valuable insight about side effects, drug comparisons, which drugs people feel work, and more from over 2.2 billion collected posts.

For more details, go here}:


HealthTap Plugin

(HealthTap Concierge Plugin)

HealthTap Concierge allows users to locate and book a virtual consult with real doctors via text chat or HD video from any mobile device, computer, or smartwatch.

With With the HealthTap Concierge plugin for WordPress installed, users can type in a health question and based upon their location and type of question, they will receive a list of doctors in their geographic area who specialize in that particular topic. They can then select a doctor, chat over video or text, or send the doctor their question.

For more details, go here}:


TrendMD Plugin For WordPress

(Trend MD – WordPress Plugin)

This plugin lets you add the TrendMD recommendations widget to your site. The TrendMD recommendations widget is used by scholarly publishers to increase their readership and revenue by allowing people to discover, read or cite scholarly content from your journals or websites through personalized recommendations.

For more details, go here}:

WP Nutrition Facts

WP Nutrition Facts Plugin For WordPress

(WP Nutrition Facts Plugin For WordPress)

WP Nutrition Facts is a free WordPress plugin that lets you insert a nutrition facts table into your posts and pages, allowing your site visitors to learn about the nutrient content of food in a standardized format and make better food choices.

WP Nutrition Facts - Nutritional Facts Label Creation

(WP Nutrition Facts – WordPress Plugin – Create Labels)

WP Nutrition Facts uses the Canadian Food Inspection (CFIA) nutrition labeling regulations.

For more details, go here}:

WP Ultimate Recipe

WP Ultimate Recipe

(WP Ultimate Recipe – WordPress Plugin)

If you own a health or fitness-related business that provides nutrition or healthy eating advice, a great way to add content that will engage your readers is to add healthy recipes.

Plugins like WP Ultimate Recipe let you publish recipes on your site.

Other WordPress recipe plugins include:

  • Recipe Card – Create and publish beautiful recipes with nutrition facts that your readers can print, save and review.
  • EasyRecipe – Lets you easily publish recipes on your site with features like cut & paste, plain text recipe auto conversion, Google Recipe View formatting and preview button, live custom formatting, automatic ratings and conversion from other recipe plugins.
  • ZipList Recipes – Easily format recipe text and add images. Includes additional SEO and Google Recipe View formatting features.
  • And many more.

For more details, go here}:

Awesome Fitness Testimonials

Awesome Fitness Testimonials Plugin

(Awesome Fitness Testimonials – WordPress Plugin)

Awesome Fitness Testimonials allows you to showcase fitness and wellness testimonials, reviews and case studies on your website.

For more details, go here}:

Exercise Images by Everkinetic

Exercise Images by Everkinetic WP Plugin

(Exercise Images by Everkinetic)

Exercise Images lets you add a database of exercise diagrams to your site.

Exercise Images WordPress Plugin - Catalog

(Exercise Images Plugin – Catalog)

For more details, go here}:

In part 3 of this guide, we will be discussing WordPress themes that are suitable for medical and health businesses.

The Complete Guide To Building And Growing Your Health-Related Presence Online Using WordPress


This is the end of part two of this guide on ways to build your health or medical-related business web presence.

To continue, click this link:



"These tutorials have so much information and are easy to understand. If you use WordPress or plan to in the future these will help you with everything you need to know." - Valisa (Mesa, Arizona)

Grow Your Medical Or Healthcare Business Online With WordPress – 3

This is part 3 of our series on growing a medical or health-related business online and provides a comprehensive list of WordPress themes suitable for medical or healthcare-related businesses.

Best Website Themes For Healthcare Businesses

This is Part Three of our detailed article on ways to build your medical or health business web presence.

So far, we have covered the following areas:

  • Challenges Medical And Health Services Professionals Face Online
  • Opportunities For The Health And Medical Profession In The Online Economy
  • Your Web Pages
  • Improve The Content On Your Website

In this section, we discuss more ways to grow your health or medical services online by looking at the best healthcare & medical-related WordPress themes for a business:

WordPress Themes For Professional Healthcare And Medical-Related Centers

WordPress offers lots of high quality themes to help build any type of medical or health-related website, including websites for doctors, physicians, surgeons, dentists, specialists, medical centers, hospitals, and every other type of health care field or facility imaginable.

To get the best features and professional look for your website, we recommend choosing a theme specifically suited for health-related businesses.

Below is a list of themes for medical services and health practitioners that are highly configurable and professionally designed. Most of these themes include plugins, shortcodes, widgets and page templates for doctors, client testimonials, FAQs, contact, schedules, etc. All of the themes below will help give your medical practice a polished and professional online presence.

Medica Pro

Medica Pro Theme

(Medica Pro WP Theme)

This premium theme for WordPress is a clean, flat theme that makes an impressive website for medical services. It can be a blog, a website, or both.

It includes several widgets that increase the theme’s functionality. It contains page templates, including one for listing doctors, which allows you to add an image, a brief profile and social media links. There’s a page for testimonials and a contact page complete with contact form and Google map. You can also include a medical blog.

You can easily customize your theme from the options screen where you can adjust your colors, layout, social media links and logo. You have an unlimited choice of colors. It’s responsive so your content displays correctly on all mobile devices and screen sizes. The theme is also localized so your content will translate to the language your readers are using. Its clean code helps your website load quickly in any browser.

Medica Pro is a nice choice for medical professionals. Medica Pro includes an option panel that allows you to make customizations and adjust settings for your logo, links to social pages, color choices and page design layout. You have unlimited color options. Custom widgets are also included. It’s responsive to display your content properly on all devices. It’s also localization ready so the text can translate easily into the language used by your visitors.

For more details about using this WordPress theme, go here: Medica Pro WordPress Theme

Medicenter – Responsive Medical WordPress Theme

MediCenter Theme

(MediCenter Theme For WordPress)

MediCenter Theme was designed to work well with all types of medical centers and related websites.

This theme includes predefined custom headers, over 20 page templates, 6 home page layouts, wide and boxed layout, and an AJAX contact form to save users time waiting for the page to reload. It also includes the Visual Composer Page Builder plugin with 60+ page builder components and Built-In Schedule (Timetable) Manager, which allows you to add various departments and a list of doctors (or other practitioners), define the days of the week and work hours, add your description or additional tooltip and present all the information in timetable format.

Built-In Schedule (Timetable) Manager - Medicenter

(Built-In Schedule (Timetable) Manager – Medicenter – Responsive Theme)

You can customize your theme easily from the settings section where you can adjust your layout, colors, icons, fonts and logo. It’s a responsive theme so your content displays correctly on small screen sizes.

Shortcode elements include sliders, pricing tables, carousel, testimonials, notifications, accordion, announcements, tabs, icons, lists, etc. There are several layouts for home pages, blogs, galleries and more to choose from, plus a full-width slider.

For more details, go here: MediCenter


MedicalPress Theme For WordPress

(MedicalPress WordPress Theme)

This premium WordPress theme is a clean theme that loads fast and looks highly professional. It’s a great theme for health clinics, hospitals, surgeons, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and every type of medical and healthcare organization.

MedicalPress includes four different appointment forms. It includes two sliders including the Revolution Slider that will display images, links, videos, and more. MedicalPress offers multiple layout options so you can present your content in 1-4 columns. It includes three different home page designs, plus shortcodes and templates to manage featured sections, appointment forms, facilities, services, practitioners, FAQs, testimonials, galleries and more. It also features a back to top of the page button.

You can customize your site however you like using an extensive set of theme options. MedicalPress includes the Visual Composer plugin for free so you can drag and drop page elements to create your own layouts. It’s a responsive theme so it works correctly on small screen sizes. It’s compatible with WooCommerce to process any type of sales or payments online. It includes one sample child theme.

More information: MedicalPress WordPress Theme


Medi - WordPress Theme

(Medi Theme)

This is an elegant premium WordPress theme with a drag and drop homepage that’s focused on the medical field. Medi includes several pre-made layouts and lets you add Personnel, Services, and Slider content types. Lots of custom widgets such as content widgets, social networking, Flickr, etc. are included. There are multiple color schemes to choose from and you can choose a different color scheme for each page.

It’s responsive and Retina ready to look great on all screens. It’s also speed optimized to give you fast-loading web pages. It’s translation-ready and search optimized.

More info: Medi Theme



(Care Theme)

Care is a theme aimed at medical practitioners, dentists, and various other health-related fields. The theme includes a schedule manager, Revolution Slider plugin, multiple blog layouts, pre-defined background patterns, unlimited headers and sidebars, parallax effects, and loads of extra features, including:

  • Powerful Timetable Builder
  • Pre-styled Elements & Advanced Customization Options
  • Post Format Enabled Blog
  • Unlimited Sidebar Creation
  • Updates Right From Dashboard
  • And more …

It includes a custom layout creator for all post types. Care lets you design the layout however you want using the the Visual Composer drag and drop page builder plugin. It includes an advanced option panel to customize the site. Google fonts are included. It’s fully responsive and Retina ready. You can choose your content width. It includes scalable vector icons.

More info: Care – WordPress Theme


Dentist WP Theme


Dentist is an elegant theme for dental services or any other health-related practice. It includes over 80 shortcodes to add many features to your site including columns, elements, custom widgets for social sharing, comments, etc., includes custom post types and formats, a filterable portfolio, sliders, many color options, and more. Stock photos are also included. Page templates include FAQ, Archives, Full Width Page, Filter Pholio Page, Testimonials, Home Page, and more. Custom post types include Testimonials, Portfolio, Our Team, etc. It also includes four gallery scripts: Isotope, Accordion, Slider and Carousel.

This theme is built on the Cherry Framework and is fully editable using advanced options. You have complete control over colors, styles, widths, sidebar layouts, sliders, and lots more. It includes Google Maps, back to top button, and more. It’s also 100% responsive, multilingual ready, and SEO optimized to help you rank higher in search engine results.

To learn more about using this WordPress theme, go here: Dentist WordPress Theme


HealthPress - WordPress Theme

(HealthPress Theme)

HealthPress is a clean and responsive premium theme that was made for anyone in the medical profession or healthcare including hospitals, health clinics, medical practitioners, dental services, veterinarians, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, psychologists and other types of healthcare and medical businesses.

It has page templates and special features for managing services that include doctors, home page, client testimonials, gallery templates, schedules, blog posts, FAQs, etc., with multiple templates for each. The theme also includes 4 appointment forms and has 2 different kinds of sliders including Slider Revolution. The gallery will show 2-4 columns. Various post types are included.

There are extensive theme options for layouts, colors, fonts, etc. It supports custom backgrounds. There are a number of widgets including maps, and AJAX contact form with CAPTCHA, AJAX appointment form with CAPTCHA, newsletter subscription, footer information, footer location, recent posts with thumbnail widget, and a quick contact form widget. All PSD files are included with the theme.

Go here for more information: HealthPress WP Theme


Alean - WordPress Theme

(Alean – WordPress Theme)

Alean provides a clean theme for medical businesses. It uses a white background with a compact slider design that’s clean and fully responsive. It features custom sidebars with multiple layouts. You can also choose from no sidebar web page layouts for full-width content. It includes Google Maps, a contact form, a dynamic content loader to load content without reloading the page, a social share bar that stays on the screen when readers scroll, supports ECWID (ecommerce widgets) and WooCommerce, anti-spam without CAPTCHA, multicolored related posts, and more.

The Alean theme is built on the SMT 2.0 framework and offers loads of configuration options. It is search engine optimized. There are many advanced editor options, allowing you to add originality in the design of your posts and pages. It has translation options so you can translate your content into any language. Alean is a most suitable choice for medical practitioners and healthcare providers. It offers both a FREE and paid versions.

SMThemes, the theme developer has also created various other themes for WordPress that are perfectly suitable for anyone in the medical profession or healthcare including hospitals and clinics, doctors, surgeons, dentists, ophthalmologists, veterinarians, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and all types of health and medical businesses.

For example:

Go here to learn more about using this theme: Alean


Eyesite - WordPress Theme

(Eyesite WP Theme)

Eyesite is a simple, clean theme suitable for all types of health and medical practices. It’s a good choice as an information page and can be expanded with third-party plugins to include many different features. It’s responsive to fit any size screen. It’s also customizable so you can modify the colors and fonts. Eyesite lets you create a a website with blog, a single page, or just a blog. A premium version offers additional color options and fonts.

To learn more about about this WordPress theme, visit the theme website: Eyesite Theme


Avada Health WordPress Theme

(Avada Health WordPress Theme)

Avada is a fully responsive and versatile multipurpose theme that lets you easily build, configure, and run any kind of website you want without touching code, including a website for a medical or health-related organization.

To learn more about the Avada theme for WordPress, go here: Avada

We hope that you have found this guide on ways to improve your medical website using WordPress useful.

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