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Building Reputation With Testimonials And User Reviews

Build Your Reputation With Testimonials And User Reviews

Are you stuck in a cycle of doing what you’ve always done to attract and retain new customers, and getting the exact same disappointing results? Most business owners don’t need to be told that generating new business can be confusing, time-consuming and quite hard. Just trying to keep your business afloat requires a lot of your time, money and energy, and sometimes this can feel like it’s just not worth the effort.

In today’s online and social-driven economy, you cannot afford to ignore the impact of online consumer behavior, especially if they are posting negative comments about your business.

Ignoring what your clients may be saying online about your business could be a costly mistake!

By the same token, you may also be doing your business a great disservice if you don’t publish the positive things your customers are saying about your products and services. Testimonials, user reviews, and case studies are persuasive ways of helping you market and promote your products and services online and should be included in your content.

In this article, you will learn how to create better results online with compelling client testimonials.

Customer Reviews

P.T. Barnum, the great American businessman and showman, once stated that “Nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd.”

P.T. Barnum understood the power of “social proof”. Using social proof as content is a powerful and effective way of getting your business promoted. Quoting genuine reviews and testimonials from existing clients is satisfied customers are far more persuasive for attracting new clients than anything you have to say about your own products or services.

There is clearly an untapped source of business growth potential that most small businesses simply do not utilize, or utilize correctly … testimonials and reviews from your satisfied clients!

Testimonials and consumer reviews are fantastic for building credibility for your services and products.

Marketing studies conducted by many leading research firms all seem to point to the same inevitable conclusion: testimonials and user reviews eliminate doubts potential customers may have about products or services that you are trying to sell, help with product selection and increases conversions of visitors into sales.

Below are just some of the stats available to support this:

(Source: eConsultancy.com)

Adding Client Testimonials And Reviews – Managing Online Reputation

Adding positive reviews and testimonials to your site from people who are thrilled with the results they’ve obtained by using your services is important for growing your business and creating a solid online reputation.

Customer testimonials and user reviews, however, can work both ways and affect your business both positively or negatively.

You see, people may not be saying bad things about your services directly to your face, but they could be posting negative comments on Facebook, or a discussion group or forum about a bad experience they’ve just had with your business and this could be costing you business.

This is where online reputation management becomes vital to your online success.

Misconceptions about engaging in online reputation management practices, such as the process being too complicated or too time-consuming (or the belief that you just don’t need to worry about it) may be harming your business without you even being aware of this.

See this article to learn more about a WordPress plugin that allows you to legally and ethically manage user reviews:

How To Create Testimonials – Useful Tips

User reviews, testimonials, and case studies are effective ways of helping you promote and market your products and services online and should be used in your content marketing. When you quote responses from clients in your content, you:

Here are some useful tips on how to create powerful client testimonials:

How To Get Testimonials From Customers


If you have just completed a service for someone, or a customer says they are really happy with your product or service, ask them for a testimonial.

Follow these useful guidelines for requesting testimonials:

Offer To Publish A Link Back To Their Site

Offer to post a link to their website in exchange for their testimonial. This is often enough of an incentive to get clients to provide a testimonial. It also makes an implicit statement to visitors that your testimonials are real and can be verified.

Include A Testimonial Request In Your Auto Responder/Newsletter Messages

If you have a subscriber list, include a request for a testimonial in one of your autoresponder broadcasts. Preferably, this should be done after your clients have had a chance to measure the results of using your products. Use words like “I need your help” in the subject of your message and make the point of your email or message specifically about asking subscribers to provide honest feedback, a testimonial, or a review of your services.

Use LinkedIn

The LinkedIn “Recommendations” feature allows you to solicit testimonials from other members for your profile. The process for requesting and providing recommendations is simple and user-friendly and the person providing the recommendation receives a link to their profile. If you get a positive recommendation on LinkedIn, ask their permission to reprint it on your site (and offer to publish a link back to their website in exchange).

Create A Client Testimonials Page On Your Site

Create a “Testimonials” page and place a “more customer testimonials …” link to your main testimonials section throughout your content sections.

Useful Tip: You can measure how effective testimonials are by how long visitors remain on the section of your pages or posts where you have added your testimonial content. A great tool for measuring what visitors are doing on your site are “heatmaps”.

We have written an article about a heatmap technology you can add to your sites to monitor visitor behaviour here:

Testimonial Plugins

If you use WordPress, you can use a plugin to add, edit and display testimonials. Some plugins also allow you to add a form to your pages where users can submit testimonials.

Once your plugin is installed and set up (with instructions for using the testimonials submission form – if available), you can then refer customers to your “Testimonials” page.

Check out the plugins below:

Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials is an easy-to-use free plugin that lets you add testimonials to your sidebar as a widget, or embed them into posts and pages using a shortcode. The Easy Testimonials plugin also lets you add a list of all testimonials or output a random testimonial, and include images with testimonials, which is great for adding a photo of the testimonial author, a logo, etc.

The plugin also can be upgraded to a “pro” version that has additional features and developer support.

Go here to download the plugin:

Testimonials Widget

Testimonials Widget is a free WP plugin that lets you randomly slide or list selected portfolios, reviews, quotes, or text with videos or images on your WordPress site. You can insert testimonials using a shortcode, theme functions, or widgets with category and tag selections and specify different display options such as random or specific ordering.

The plugin comes with a range of additional features via a premium version, including built-in functions for better search engine results and technical support.

For more information about using the plugin, go here:

Testimonials WordPress Plugin

This premium WordPress plugin provides plenty of great features right out of the box, including:

To download the plugin, go here:

To learn how to add testimonials in WordPress, see the tutorial below:

In Conclusion …

Testimonials and customer reviews are great sources of content that can help your business in terms of adding credibility, building authority, improving online reputation, and growing your sales funnel. Always ask for feedback, reviews, and testimonials from your clients, and publish positive content about your business on your site.


The articles below are a great source of information on creating effective users testimonials and were also helpful in providing research and information for sections of this article:

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