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New WordPress Version Release – WordPress 4.9 Tipton

New WP Version: WP 4.9 – Tipton

WordPress has just released WordPress v. 4.9, named “Tipton” in honor of jazz musician and band leader Billy Tipton.

(Billy Tipton. Image: Wikipedia)

If you plan to edit your existing WordPress theme, WP version 4.9 Tipton, released on November 16, 2017 contains major theme customizer improvements, code syntax highlighting and error checking for a cleaner and smoother website building experience, plus a new Gallery widget, improvements to theme browsing and switching, and more.

(WordPress Theme Customizer)

Here are just some of the changes you will see in WP 4.9:

Improved Customizer Workflow

In version 4.9, WordPress introduces new features to improve your website’s design. This features include:

Coding Enhancements

WordPress 4.9 also introduces a number of coding enhancements, such as:

Widget Updates

New Image Gallery Widget

WordPress 4.9 lets you add an image gallery to your sidebar using a widget …

(Image Gallery Widget)

Add Media To Text Widget

(Add Media To Text Widget )

WordPress 4.9 lets you embed images, video, and audio directly into the widget along with your text.

Site Building Improvements

(Search & Preview WordPress Themes From The Customizer)

WordPress 4.9 offers a number of site building improvements, including:

(Menu Instructions)

To learn more about using WordPress text widgets, see this tutorial:

WordPress 4.9 – Additional Bug-Fixes And Enhancements

In addition to all of the above, version 4.9 also includes many other enhancements and bug-fixes.

Important WP Update Tips

We recommend doing the following before upgrading to any new version of WordPress:

If you don’t want to back up your files yourself, then consider using professional WordPress assistance services, or use WordPress backup plugins.

You can read about a great WordPress backup plugin that can automate your backup process here:

(WordPress 4.9 Tipton)


Note: Some images shown above have been sourced from WP 4.9 release material.