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Plugin Sniper – WordPress Plugin Detection Tool

Plugin Sniper – WordPress Plugin Detection Tool

Have you ever come across a WordPress site and wondered what plugins they are using? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what WordPress plugins are being used by your competitors?

(To learn if a website is powered by WordPress, see this tutorial: Is It WordPress? How To Tell)

Here is a useful market research tool that can help you ‘reverse engineer’ what plugins other WordPress sites are using …

Plugin Sniper

(Plugin Sniper – Find out what plugins a WordPress site is using)

Plugin Sniper lets you find out what plugins a WordPress site is using.

You can research sites and their plugins online by visiting the tool’s website …

(Research what plugins WordPress sites are using online)

The PRO version of the plugin also lets you research what kinds of plugins businesses in certain niches are using …

(Search WordPress sites by categories and location)

Depending on your services, knowing what plugins other businesses are using can help to improve your website’s results, or give you valuable information on ways to approach them and offer ways to improve their results.

The video below shows how the plugin works:

(Plugin Sniper)

For more information, go here: Plugin Sniper


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