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What To Do Before Installing WordPress

This tutorial is part of our WordPress installation step-by-step training series, where we show you how to install a WordPress site or blog with no coding skills required.


There are several steps you will need to complete BEFORE you can install the WordPress CMS on your own domain.

Preparation Before Installation – Checklists

If you have not already done so, please review our website planning tutorials, as these will help you better understand the process and ensure that your site can be installed as quickly as possible and with minimal disruptions.

Getting Your WordPress Site Up And Running – Costs & Timeline

WordPress Installation Costs

If you plan to perform the WordPress installation yourself and follow our Digital Business Blueprint, here’s what you can expect to pay in addition to your time:

As you can see, the cost of a DIY WordPress installation can be as little as around $60 per year, plus your time.

WordPress Installation Timeline

As the diagram below shows, installing WordPress only takes a few minutes. Configuring the settings after the installation takes a little longer (1-2 days or more), but preparing the initial content prior to launching your site is what takes the longest time …

(Launching A WordPress Site – Timeline)

WordPress Installation Stages

We have divided the tutorials in this module into 3 stages to save you time and help you avoid any problems with your WordPress installation:

  1. WordPress pre-installation checklist
  2. WordPress initial content checklist
  3. WordPress installation process

Stage 1 – WordPress Pre-Installation

The WordPress pre-installation tutorials take you step-by-step through the tasks you need to complete and the things you need to have in place before you can install WordPress.

Stage 2 – Initial Content

The initial content checklist will help you get all the content you need for your new WordPress site or blog together to ensure that your new blog or site can be up and running quickly after installation.

Stage 3 – WordPress Installation

After completing the above phases, we will then take you step-by-step through the actual WordPress installation process.

WordPress Pre-Installation Checklist – Overview

Before you can install a WordPress site on your own domain, here are the steps to complete:

Step 1: Register A Domain Name

Step 2: Set Up A Web Hosting Account

Step 3: Set Up Nameservers For Your Domain Name

Step 4: Decide Where To Install WordPress

Step 5: Set Up A Google Account

Step 6: Have Your Initial Content Ready

Once the above steps have been completed, you will then be ready to proceed with your WordPress installation.

Are you ready to get started? Great! Then choose one of the options below to continue …

Learn How To Register A Domain Name

Skip This Step (I Have A Domain Name)


"If you're new to WordPress, this can stand on its own as a training course and will stay with you as you progress from beginner to advanced and even guru status." - Bruce (Columbus, Ohio)