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Copywriting Course Content Marketing Strategy Tutorial Writing Guide Launched

WPCompendium.org, a WordPress and digital marketing resource website, launched a new 120-lesson course for anyone interested in writing website or blog content for effective marketing and traffic generation purposes. The course covers various aspects related to content strategy, writing tips, finding ideas and more.

Round Corner, Australia – September 12, 2017 /NewsNetwork/ —

WPCompendium.org, a website offering a large variety of WordPress and internet marketing resources, launched a new copywriting and content marketing step-by-step course. Covering everything from beginner’s writing tips to sourcing ideas and traffic generation strategies, “Infinite Content Creation: A Practical Step-By-Step Course On How To Create Endless Content For Your Website Or Blog!” was recently launched on Amazon as an e-book and is also available as a free email course from the website.

More information can be found at https://wpcompendium.org/books/infinite-content-creation-endless-content-ideas-for-your-website-or-blog.

Internet content quality is one of the most important criteria for how much users trust a particular online domain. Studies have shown that websites with quality content generate considerably more traffic and have higher engagement rates compared to websites with automatically-generated or poorly written text.

The new e-book offered by WPCompendium.org was written by Martin Aranovitch, owner and founder of the website, in an effort to help blog and website owners create unlimited content for improved marketing effectiveness.

The course features 120 lessons covering important elements such as content strategy and planning, finding new ideas, writing tips and suggestions, guidelines for writing various types of articles and blog posts, as well as different content marketing strategies. Readers will also find resources on how to outsource their content writing jobs effectively, in order to benefit from professionally produced content.

Course author Martin Aranovitch emphasized the importance of the practical aspects of the course: “‘Infinite Content Creation‘ is not just a course of ideas, it’s a course of action. I have many years of experience creating articles, blog posts, tutorials, guides, reports, e-books, e-courses, videos, etc. and I understand the difficulties and challenges most website owners face when it comes to generating new ideas on a regular basis and turning these into published content.”

“Infinite Content Creation: A Practical Step-By-Step Course On How To Create Endless Content For Your Website Or Blog!” is currently available on Amazon as an e-book and as a 120-part free email course on the website.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

Contact Info:
Name: Martin Aranovitch
Email: media@wpcompendium.com
Organization: WPCompendium.org
Address: PO Box 48, Round Corner, NSW, 2158, Australia

For more information, please visit https://wpcompendium.org


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"Learning WordPress has been a huge stumbling block for me. I've been looking for something that covers absolutely everything but doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Thank you so much ... you have just provided me with what I have been looking for! Truly appreciated!" - Tanya